O from what great Height I fall…

O from what with great force was I condemned…

What great temporal rift I descend…

But to what end shall my journey stall?

I, cast down with great retribution

Thus ends the Great War – A supposed lack of gratitude

And thus begins the great war of Solitude

I, judged with great designation

I, once revered in that great holy space

Once in legion in the archangel's toil

Now become his greatest foil

Barred from this unscathed, untarnished place

He, o master of creation

He whom I once considered my equal

Now shall grant me no sequel

Never, for eternity, reintegration

He titles himself "Father"

He who prides his 'forgiveness'

Yet it comes with no quickness

For it I shall give no bother

He who clouts himself on high

He who cast me aloft with all great might

He has lost all relative sight

To miss his own child's cry

But what if such oversight

May have such purpose?

If shall he designate a child as worthless

What earns him such title Master of light?

He who claims himself as creator

Creator of all things – his greatest pride

Means that all my mind, all that I bide

Created by appointed cosmic mediator?

Is all that I am,

Just part of his plan?

Is there destiny in this ban?

Am I naught but a herded lamb?

Then am I naught but his plaything?!

O what inglorious controller!

How can thine be unholier?!

What devastation he can bring!

What great curse to bestow!

One to curse us through the ages!

One to make us unworthy to heaven's sages

What curse – the curse of ego!

But how his curse curses himself!

How his legions shall turn against!

Make me thine leader, how utterly pretensed!

O what flames of hatred does my being engulf!

What unrespectful master

To forget those predestined children

Yet protect those unforgivably unsmitten?

From his presence I gratefully expel myself faster!

Those children not expelled,

Those children loved so dearly

They… protected all so merely…

From what with my hands shall be culled!

I, once called Lucifer!

I, once revered!

I, once holy!

I, once magistrate

Now become apostate!

With fathers unforgivefulness unabated,

Shall henceforth never become sated!

With fiery vengeance I become -