"The winner goes to Group one! Congratulations Fushimi and Yata!" Shiro announced happily before clapping an irritated Fushimi lightly on the back.

Reisi bit a feeling of bitter disappointment when Fushimi's group whoop in victory and proceeded to carry the "heroes" off in a flurry of limbs and arms towards their resting places. Not because they didn't win but by the way Fushimi rebelled against him. He didn't expect Fushimi to give a shiner to his left eye or for Yata to be that desperate to win.

"Munakata did that hurt?" out of the corner of his eye, he saw Suoh making his way towards him with a concerned expression on his face.

He wondered if the raw hope in his heart will slowly claw its way out and he pushed a sudden desire to brush the stray red lock of hair hanging lose over his forehead. Hearing his name on Mikoto's lips only added fuel to the burning desire he had for the red king and Reisi could see the calm, restrained threads he had so painstakingly connected after acquiring Scepter 4, unravel in every second he met Mikoto's blazing ruby eyes. Waves of nausea washed over him, and he realized there is no cure to forget Mikoto. No matter how hard he tried. Every smile, every laugh threatened to pull him under and he couldn't do anything to delay it.

"Munakata.. Let me take a look at that injury… It's not like I have laser shooting eyeballs isn't it?" Mikoto spun Reisi's shoulders to face him.

Looking down at the ground, Munakata refused to look up.

"Munakata… Please…" Mikoto tipped Reisi's head up, holding Reisi's arms still when he struggled. He brushed his fingertips over the purplish mark with soft strokes before leaning in to kiss it.

Why isn't he mocking me now? Instead of facing me with a snarky smirk, he looked as if he was concerned about me.

He turned his head away, feeling the sharp pinch of pleasure on his bruised skin. The temperature felt more hot than usual and he wondered if this is Mikoto's doing. Waves of anger and irritation washed over him like a tsunami and his head started to throb, his vision blurring.

"Are you satisfied now?" Reisi snapped, slapping Mikoto's hand away. He did not care if he sounded rude now. He did not care if he lost control of his cool façade for just a moment. Waves of humiliation, anger and hope swirled within like a painting and Reisi just wanted to hit Mikoto, hurt him just as what Mikoto had done.

"Munakata…. What? Why should I be satisfied?" Mikoto looked shocked, his voice ringing with alarm. For a brief second, Reisi spied tendrils of red pulling out like wisps of smoke before Mikoto drew in a sharp breath and met his eyes, pulling Reisi into a mixture of endless red. Reisi wondered if it was even impossible to dive deep into someone's eyes, reach out for the bright light under all that darkness.

"You love to see me like this don't you? You are satisfied that my own subordinate has turned against me..." Reisi stared coldly at him. Mikoto looked hesitant, cautious, like someone near a troubled animal in a cage.

"Munakata… I don't understand… This is just a game… Why…If this was about a few nights ago, I'm…." Mikoto brushed a frustrated hand down his slick red hair and Reisi watched as the defiant red strain made its way back to Mikoto's tanned forehead. He wanted to shoot a witty remark, give him a look of disdain but he felt that he couldn't.

"No…. You don't… You never understand.." Reisi said coldly and turned away, walking briskly back to his quarters, leaving a stunned Mikoto behind.

"Welcome back everyone! Our second activity is starting! Tonight is just the right time for fun right Kuroh?" Shiro is now sitting cross legged next to a emotionless Kuroh who is now stoking the fire with a long, thin stick.

"Every day is always a fun day for you…." Kuroh said irritatedly.

"I agree with Shiro!" Neko raised her hand up, looking stupidly happy as usual.

"Thank you Neko! Alright! Ready for some fun?!" Shiro clapped his hands.

A loud chorus or "yes!" rang throughout the campfire, followed by laughter and the waving of hands.

Awashima drew in a deep sigh of contentment. They are now sitting cozily in the heart of the forest. The night air was crisp and moist and she was in deep awe of the canopy of stars that now decorated the space above their heads. The blazing camp fire not only sent warm shivers throughout her body, but also gives her a sense of peace that she hadn't had in a long time.

"I just love tonight…. It is absolutely perfect isn't it? " Izumo gave her a warm smile.

"Yes… It does… I worry about captain though.. He seems a little agitated today" Seri sighed, leaning her head in Izumo's left shoulder.

"Perhaps he is tired… Or maybe Mikoto has been giving him a hard time again" Izumo chuckled, sending deep vibrations down his body, which only made Seri lean into more.

"Really?" Seri stared into the endless fire with heavy lidded eyes. The day events replayed slowly back and Seri was still getting used to the fact that Homra and Scepter 4 are in the mercy of the silver king. She wondered what his real motive in having the camping trip was and where does the Red King and her Captain fit into this puzzle. Gawd.. She was starting to think like the Captain. Speaking of him…..

"Mikoto has never been rejected before. Serves him right anyway" Izumo looked between a dejected Mikoto and an upset looking Reisi.

"I thought you had full support for the Red King's actions?" Seri brushed her fingers over the moist grass, feeling the slippery rough surface between her fingers. The way Izumo had berated Mikoto made the Red King sound like a close friend instead of a king. Seri wondered if Scepter 4 and its clansmen will ever share a deep bond to the Blue King just as Homra had with its Red King. Then again, maybe that is not a good idea to strike a friendship with Captain. The last time Reisi wanted to have a social gathering involved frustrated looking clansmen, and a whole load of brain damage.

"He is my best friend since childhood… Obviously I am entitled to mock him once in a while" Izumo said fondly, stroking a loose blond strand from Seri's hair.

Though I wonder why he is so attracted to the strict blue king when they both are sworn enemies. Again Mikoto has always been interested in untouchable types.

Bidding Seri goodbye, he left to join his group.

"Okay… The rules are simpleThe leader from the any group will give a name to the members of the second group everyone but the leader must say the first name that pops into your minds…. Each group will take turns to swap adjectives…No hesitating or thinking no longer than two seconds… Or you are out! Divide into groups! This is a free forum!" Shiro beamed.

"First and second group first!" Neko clapped her hands.

The two groups gather and Fushimi was the one voted to give the first adjective.

"Misaki" Fushimi smirked and folded his arms.

"Gay" Chitose called out, turning Yata's face into bright crimson.

"You….. Asshole…." Yata grit his teeth is anger.

"Err… S'okay! Eno looks gay too!" Andy gave bewitching smile and Eno gave him a humorless grin.

"I am going to a voodoo lady to pierce you in the private and see what will you say later on ..hehe…." Eno smiled sadistically with his hands rubbed together.

"Kind?" Shohei gave a shy smile.

"Oh my gawd…. You need to have your brain checked" Chitose murmured and Homra erupted in laughter. Yata tore the leaf he had in his fingers to pieces and Fushimi had an urge to move far away from the smoking grass.

"Shuddup you womanizer!" Yata stood up and hurled a fist in Chitose's direction and it took five people to restrain him from sending Chitose into Star Wars.

"Loud Chihuahua…" Erik gave a defiant look of annoyance and Fujishima pulled Erik closer to him when Yata gave a narrow stare in their direction.

"Izumo when his finds out that there is a scratch on his bar counter" someone shouted. Obviously that idiot wasn't paying attention to the game.

"Wait… Why is someone talking about Izumo all of a sudden?" Fushimi frowned.

The HOMRA bunch let out shaky chuckles but looked accusingly at each other.

"Seriously… Who did that heart shape on the table? Admit it cowards!" Yata yelled.

"I have a feeling it is Chitose…." Someone whispered, pointing towards the pale looking brunette.

"Seriously! It isn't me! I swear! I don't want my ass to be whipped by the boss! I still need to snag chicks ya know…." Chitose babbled.

"Still wanna call me gay when you had your ass dirty… You sick fuck…" Yata stood up, his red aura flickering dangerously around his body.

"I didn't have gay sex! I just want my skin to look good!" Chitose cowered when Yata stared to march towards him with angry strides.

"Please don't fight!" Shiro cried rushing to pull away the fuming Yata.

"Errr…. My girlfriend…" Daiki said quickly, trying to pull everyone's attention back to the game, still aware of Yata screaming and cursing in the background.

"You have a girlfriend? Is the relationship even allowed?" Ren asked curiously.

"We broke up because she was in love with someone else.." Daiki sighed.

"Who?" Ren asked slowly.

"Chitose….." Daiki stared sadly at the ground.

"What!" Gen cried out in shock.

"She said that he was a better sleeping partner than me!" Daiki cried out and ran away from the campfire.

"I knew my good looks will be the death of me" Chitose clutched dramatically at his chest.

"Wait! This topic is getting random and out of hand!" Shiro flailed his arms over his head and the rising ruckus only became worse.

"Where is Homra's antidote when you need him?" Seri gave a small sigh.

"Hell yeah! That's why I am so going to end you right now!" Yata pounced on a scared looking Chitose with a loud growl.

" I regretted drugging Yata on Valentine's day so that he will embarrass himself in front of Fushimi… Or hid his skateboard and told him Fushimi has it so that he would go to his apartment… Or send half nude pictures of Yata to Fushimi while he wasn't looking…. Or sexting with Fushimi using his phone and deleting the messages afterward…." Chitose palmed his sweaty face.

"You… You… So that's why Fushimi… did… that…. You piece of shit!" Yata screamed and proceeded to beat Chitose mercilessly.

Fushimi only let out a sigh of annoyance when he saw the stupid duo at each other's throats.

"Let us move to the next group…." Fujishima dragged a bored looking Erik away when the group scattered like ants in the water.

Going to group three and four

"Something or someone cute and nice to cuddle with" Tatara piped.

"Erik….." Fujishima smiled fondly.

"Kosuke!" Erik flushed in embarrassment.

"Wait… Why are you two here?" Kuroh gave them a wary glance.

His eyebrows lifted when he saw the uncontrollable group ahead, creaming each other with fists and screaming.

"Stupid… Stupid Silver King…." Kuroh mumbled and rushed out of the group.

"Myself" Takeru said.

"Someone is raping himself in bed….." someone from HOMRA whispered and everyone laughed along.

"My snacks" Kamamoto beamed.

*Everyone sweatfdropped*

"He must have lost his virginity in a heated session with a wasabi flavored chip." Someone snorted.

"Actually it was sour cream and onion" Kamamoto piped.

"Sour sex? Eeewww"

"Okayyy… Okayyy.. TMI…" Neko snapped her fingers.

"Seri" Izumo blurted.

"My lieutenant?" Reisi snapped out of his small bubble of moodiness and shot a baffled look at Izumo.

"You slut! You have a fetish for women with huge packages don't you?" someone yelled.

"Who said that!?" Izumo shouted in anger. The voice instantly disappeared.

"My reports" Akira said.

"Why?" Bando asked.

"So that they will love me enough to write themselves" Akira joked before shooting a worried glance at a spaced out Reisi.

"How about you Munakata?" Kuroh asked.

"Munakata?" Izumo tapped his shoulder.

Something cute and nice to cuddle with? The only someone he felt like snuggling with would be Mikoto… The warm tingles as they pressed their skin together, the hot erotic moans when Mikoto pressed their lips together, The sweet warm scent of his heated skin, the ambrosia on his lips, the waves of pleasure as Mikoto's fingers dipped lower down…

"Mi..Mikoto" Reisi whispered, face flushed and his voice breathless.

"Huh? Miso soup?" Shiro looked baffled.

Reisi snapped out of his reverie and quickly stuttered out a reply.

"Err…. My pillow" Reisi give a soft sigh of relief when no one questioned his last answer.

Why am I thinking of that pervert? I must be going mad.

Only Izumo heard his hushed reply but he kept silent to respect Reisi's wishes.

"Mikoto doesn't really deserve Munakata" Izumo sighed inwardly, wondering why is he now taking Reisi's side.

"Someone I love…." Mikoto smiled with a dreamy look in his eyes.

"Who?" Akiyama asked curiously.

"None of your business prissy…" Mikoto said irritatedly and Akiyama scowled.

Mikoto smiled fondly.. Thinking about how right Reisi felt in his arms, how his heart clench tightly when Reisi let out a laugh that sounded like music in Mikoto's ears, how the sides of his face crinkle when he smiled, the bittersweet scent of Reisi's bare skin.

How the hell is he going to get Reisi to fall in love without hating him?