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CHAPTER 5: Truths

"So Lucius, what was up with Violet when she turned invisible?" was a simple question that caused two gasps to sound out in surprise on the car ride home. Now that Naruto had finally calmed down enough to think properly after that… experience at the Parr's house, he decided to ask his parents what the deal was with Violet turning invisible at the start of their visit.

Of course Naruto already knew the reasoning behind it as he gathered that she must have powers similar to his own. What confused him however was the fact that his adoptive parents acted as though it was completely normal. This led to a number of questions that at the moment, Naruto wasn't able to answer… bugger him if he wasn't going to try and find out however.

Stopping the car on the side of the road, Lucius looked over his shoulder at Naruto and spoke.

"… Naruto, There is a secret me and Cana have been hiding for your own protection. However I believe it would be more dangerous for you to only know parts of that secret and not the whole thing…" He then paused while he looked at Cana for confirmation and after receiving a nod from his wife he continued where he left off.

"… When we get home we have something we want to show you about my past and about the Parr family in general" Seeing that was all he would be getting for now, the blonde merely nodded his head and Lucius began driving home once more. The only difference being the tension in the air.

Climbing out of the car, Naruto couldn't help the nervous shiver that ran up his spine as he knew that he would now receive the knowledge he had wanted ever since that second trip to the library with Lucius where he had discovered the heroes of the past. As the three entered the building, Naruto followed his parents into the living room where Lucius began searching for a remote in the drawer.

Confused by this, Naruto decided not to speak up as Lucius finally found the one he was looking for as he turned around and pointed at the… wall on the opposite side of the room.

"uh… Lucius, I don't thinks that's going to wor…k" The boy was silenced however as the room opened up like what you see in spy movies when the lead role goes to get his gun/s. Only instead of guns, Frozone's super suit was shown.

"… Awesome" This one word spread a grin across Lucius's face which was quickly dispersed by Cana when she hit him over the head, although a small smile could be seen on her face as well. Walking up to the suit Naruto stated.

"So you were Frozone… no wonder you always got so jittery when I mentioned him or any other super heroes of the past." At this Lucius gained a sheepish look while his wife now took on a rather pointed look as she tried to decide if she was proud of her son for being so observant, or to be angry at how bad her husband was at hiding his past.

"… Hmmm so let me guess, Mr Parr was Mr Incredible and his wife Mrs Parr, was Elastigirl." Lucius and Cana now just nodded as they wondered how Naruto had figured that out.

"Even though he has… filled out a bit, Mr Parr still holds remarkable resemblance to his super hero counterpart… after all his mask didn't really cover much. As for Helen, well it was her hair style that really made it obvious alongside knowing for a fact that she did in fact have some kind of super powers." His two adoptive parents felt their jaws drop as they wondered how a 12 year old boy could figure out what the world could not.

"… So anyway, I know Violet has the ability to turn invisible but does she have any other abilities that you know of? And doe either Dash or Jack-Jack have powers as well?" At these two questions, the two finally broke out of their stupor and Lucius stepped forward to answer them.

"From what I know Violet also has the ability to create force fields of her own, Dash… can run really fast and Jack-Jacks powers are unknown." Naruto merely nodded his head as the two adoptive parents began wondering how on earth he was taking all this in so well. Deciding to find out, Cana asked Naruto how he was coping so well to which he replied.

"Ahh that would be because I have a power of my own" Naruto said this in such a way one would never expect he was talking about something as amazing as he was. Cana and Lucius felt their jaws drop once more as the word left the boys mouth. Seeing this Naruto quickly ran off before his adoptive parents could get a word in and just as quickly returned with a candle from his room.

Setting the candle on the ground in the middle of the room, Naruto walked back a bit before motioning for Cana and Lucius to direct their attention to the candle. Once he saw that they had, he began concentrating his power and soon enough the candle was lit as his adoptive parents gasped in surprise.

"You can control fire?" Cana asked only to be confused as Naruto shock his head before he replied.

"Not fire but heat. I can control the heat around me and create fire from this however my own body is not fire proof so without a suit of my own I can't use it to its full ability as currently I do not wish to die due to incineration."

Now nodding their heads in understanding the room was filled with an uneasy silence. It was interrupted a few minutes later by Naruto however as he excused himself while saying he should get to bed as he had Baseball that next morning. After he left however the two adults found themselves conversing over the manner of just how to go about their adoptive son's abilities.

In the end Lucius decided it would be best for him to take Naruto to see Edna Mode after Naruto's game the next day to see about getting a suit for his boy. After that he would try his best to help his new son in any way he could. 'After all it would be better for him to at least have control over his powers, and a way to prevent it from harming himself than to accidentally cause someone harm by mistake' were the thoughts running through both Lucius and Cana's minds.

Lucius then went off to make an appointment with Edna for the following afternoon.

The next morning, Naruto woke up after one of his training sessions with Kurama with a smile on his face as he was happy that his new parents knew a little more about him personally and was in a good mood for the game later on. Getting up and ready for the day, Naruto soon found himself at the baseball pitch where he swore he saw Violet once again but lost her almost immediately after he spotted her. Now knowing she could turn invisible however he knew that he wasn't seeing things and she really was watching him from the stands.

This only gave him even more incentive to do well as his 'Manly' instincts took over as they demanded he show off in front of her.

Naruto wasn't the only one to notice the girls disappearing act however as Cana had also noticed the girl turn invisible when her son looked her way. She couldn't help but giggle to herself before she sighed wishfully while wondering where the old days went.

Impress he did as Naruto soon found himself having a lot of fun as he managed to get home twice with the second time being a home-run. It was safe to say that Naruto was happy with his batting and didn't allow that to be dropped as he didn't let a single ball pass him while fielding at shortstop.

After the game Naruto found himself searching the small group of parents that had come to watch their kids play and was happy to get a glimpse of Violets rosy cheeks before she used her powers once more.

It seemed that although she promised to tackle her problems from now on, her romantic feelings for Naruto at least would take some time.

After the game Naruto was left surprised as he found out about Lucius's plan for the afternoon as they began their car ride out into the surrounding countryside. Eventually the trio arrived at what Naruto could only describe as a money waster. He could not wrap his head around why one person would need such a big house.

Coming up to the front gate, Naruto noticed a video screen come up with a security guard on it. Lucius quickly told the man that they did in fact have an appointment before they were allowed in. Driving up to the house that was located on the top of the hill, Naruto was further perplexed as he noticed all the extravagant things lying around that looked as though they had almost never been used.

"Hey, Lingerie-Chan, why would someone need so much stuff?" Naruto's 'innocent' question got him a scowl from Cana and a smirk from Lucius before the woman decided to answer him, albeit in a dangerously sweet voice that sent a small shiver of fear down the boys back.

"She doesn't need it Naru-kun; she just has it because she can basically" Now waving her hands around in an exasperated fashion.

"Still if I had all that money I would probably do the same thing… and maybe even score a better husband?" She continued while gaining a cheeky smile at the end while Lucius grabbed his heart in mock hurt while almost crashing the car.

"And who would this 'better husband' be?" Lucius asked in an exasperated voice while taking both hands off the wheel to use as quotation marks to further show his point. Cana just looked out the side window for a second as she took on a slightly wishful look.

"I don't know, I always thought that super hero by the name of Frozone was pretty hot" She stated while turning her head back towards Lucius and closing in on him.

"Yeah I heard he was a pretty amazing guy" Lucius replied as he started to lean towards his wife. It was at this point that Naruto became pissed at the fact that the two were completely ignoring the fact that he was still in their presence and allowed a truly evil grin to take form on his face before he focused his heat abilities on the car's front tires causing them to flatten suddenly and the two adults to clash heads with one another.

The boy took control of his laughter when he experienced a death glare from both the adults in front of him as he quickly made his way out of the parked car and ran towards the front door of the mansion.

… Maybe he shouldn't have done that.


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