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No matter what Pepper said, he felt responsible for what had happened. His weapons, his creativity wasn't supposed to be with people with short fuses and limited intelligence. And lately, he had begun counting the army in it too. He stared himself in the mirror and exhaled loudly sagging his shoulders in a grim posture.

If this was the work he had to do; to make sure that his weapons weren't in the hands of terrorist, then so be it. He would do it alone, away from prying eyes of the military and his secretary.

"Prep the suit, Jarvis. We are going on another ride!"

Tony Stark was in his element as he fired repulsor beams on weapons crates and watched with grim satisfaction as they exploded.

"What have we got Jarvis?" Tony asked as he took off the ground once and surveyed the surroundings.

"Armor power is down by 15 percent after using the twin repulsor beams, which I recommended against."

"I meant on the ground." Tony rolled his eyes as he looked around trying to figure out how to penetrate the bunker. They had learnt the lesson of not keeping missiles oh so casually outside for everyone to see.

"Fourteen hostile regrouping. I would recommend moving quickly to neutralize the two on the top." The heads-up display zoomed in showing the two men going for the 50 caliber machine guns.

"Easy-Peasy!" Tony said and zoomed directly in the line of their sight. Grabbing the large bundle of metal and swinging it across his face. His metal mask had blackened from smoke and fight making the bluish white eye slits glow ominously against the setting sun. The man cowered below raising his hands in a submissive posture.

He looked like he was about to pee in his pants as Tony picked up AK-47 rifle and broke it in half.

"BOO!" Tony said and laughed as the man's eyes rolled upwards and he collapsed on the ground.

"WARNING. INCOMMING PROJECTILE!" Jarvis voice tuned out by the sound of blast which knocked Tony off of his feet.

"They actually managed to shoot me!" Tony spluttered out.

"You are in a hostile environment sir!" Jarvis said, his sarcasm clear in his tone.

Tony flung the grenades crate towards their general direction and fired a repulsor beam at it. The resulting force shattered everything in its blast radius. The dust settled down after a moment and Tony allowed himself to relax.

"Either these guys seem less menacing or they don't make the bad guys as they used to!" Tony said as he dusted his hands in theatrical fashion.

"Show me a way in, Jarvis." Tony said as he walked towards the bunker. The metal reinforced door had hold true despite the blast, only the paint job had come off revealing the silver color of metal.

"The door appears to be the only entrance to the bunker sir."

"Right! Divert the power to chest RT." The beam of white energy burned the metal leaving a thick, round hole in the middle.

"This is a 38 by 80 inch door with a bolt-on frame and a step-over threshold." Jarvis said as analyzing the metal door frame.

"Was, Jarvis… Was." Tony said as he put his hand inside and opened the latch from within. The door creaked open and Tony took an involuntary gulp seeing the darkness below. If he didn't need Khan alive, he would've gladly put this place six feet under. Pun intended.

"Thought's Jarvis?" Tony asked as he fired flare to illuminate the path below.

"Power down by 46 percent. Recommend recharging."

"Uh-huh. Tell me more." Harry said with a strained voice to the man who had arranged the marriage of Natasha Romanoff with Alexi Shostakov, a champion test pilot. When he decided to call Alexi, a reaper, had politely informed him that he was still in the land of living. He called a bunch of other 'Seniors' and he had found this guy, whose name rolled off of his tongue like a particular brand of Russian Scotch.

Her history was bad, or as he was now calling it, like him. Orphaned at young age, by hospital fire, then used exclusively by Russian Intelligence for their work.

The only difference between her and him was only the manner in which they were used. He was set up for execution while she was used to execute others. And what a long list it was. Harry supposed he should feel pity and to an extent, he did.

"They were happily married for couple of years. The KGB began to sense a change in her. She began showing slight hesitation to go out in the field. I presumed it was born out of some sentiment that she thought she shared. The comfort of marriage. I could almost understand it, working for the KGB." The ghost hovered looking slightly guilty. "I ordered KGB decided to fake Alexi's death and used the grief for our purposes. Natasha's resolve deepened and she continued her education with the Red Room Academy, finally being appointed the title of the Black Widow."

"The Black-Widow." Harry mumbled out. It oddly fit when he pictured her. It felt odd to him that he felt comfortable with her. But the deeper he thought about it, the more it made sense. They said killing someone changed something fundamental within themselves. Harry could feel it. Death left a mark like a physical thing that Harry could sense. He always felt comfortable with mass-murderers and cold-blooded killers.

Voldemort, a mass-murderer believing in some trumped-up notion and Albus Dumbledore who loved spinning intricate web of manipulations and wouldn't hesitate to kill in cold blood if he had to. Not to mention other criminals he had caught. Thinking back, he shared an odd sense of familiarity with killers on the loose. He hadn't even hesitated drinking amongst their company while working cases.

"Whatever I did. I did it in the name of country and the betterment of my people." The silvery image brightened making him almost solid. It felt like the holographic projection back at Tony Stark's house, only amplified. He could sense and odd inversion of veil, as if it the region surrounding the spirit actually the death dimension. Like the dimension leaking into this one.

"I suppose it makes everything all right and justified. Morality is too overrated anyways." Harry said sarcastically. There was a sudden chill in the room and Harry raised a pointed eyebrow. "Do go on, it is most interesting."

"She came in the eyes of the West after angering influential people and after a while, she just never returned. It was towards the end of cold war and our regime had broken into smaller pieces. She tangled with some of the Hydra Assassins preventing some killings the last I heard."

"Hydra? I thought they were destroyed-" His breath hitched and he came to a sudden halt. He could feel the souls passing over and their dying screams of pain and agony, before it drowned in the other side of veil. The reaction was stronger, too strong than what he was used too. He could hear whispers and a sudden flow of information about their general lives.

"Shut up." Harry said with a quiet authority, irritated by the whispers and their garbled confusion. The whispers ceased at once and Harry allowed himself to relax.

Was this because he was this close to dimensional rift or was it something else? He had to wonder. He knew one thing for certain. Something was happening in Afghanistan and a certain board member from Stark Industries was also present here with his personal army.

Tony Stark was definitely heading in for a trap. Again.

"Well, Kravchenko. It was very disturbing talking to you. Good-bye."

Harry failed to notice the portal not closing on its own.

Unlike Tony, Harry liked darkness. It clung around him, like a second skin letting him own it and manipulate it as he wished. He had hoped that Tony had understood a subtle hint of letting military handle some things instead of doing everything on his own.

He weaved a ward around the place, which would keep the army occupied for a while and headed down the dark passage, silent and undetected.

He was surprised as he came across pile of bodies that were alive. Tony had shown considerable restraint in not killing them. Although, from the moans and whimpering, Harry thought they would rather be dead instead of in pain.

What type of technology had Tony Stark created? It could kill when he wanted and incapacitate, rather painfully when he desired. He'll have to find out how it could fare against his magical defenses.

He looked straight, and could see flashes of muzzle fire and walked to see what was happening.

Tony's luck was wearing thin. He was under heavy fire and not of normal kind. Electromagnetic grenades had already disabled most of his weapons and they didn't seem to come back online anytime soon. The flash and smoke grenades had disoriented his focus completely. Additionally, Jarvis was reduced to basic functions as there was no signal down below and thus, no connectivity to main server.

The smoke cleared out and Tony saw a missile lying innocently on the ground.

"Oh no not again." He said seeing Stark Industries logo on it. He was flung away, a moment later and crashed solidly with the stone wall.

"Fuck." He cursed out. They hadn't even given him time to retaliate. He made a move to get up but was pushed back with a kick in his chest. There were at least ten men with their laser pointed at his metal head.

In came the swarming face of the leader Khan and the smile on his face was deeply disturbing. A part of his face had burnt off and the other half had a lot of scars on it. Without any sort of warning, he started delivering heavy smashes with the rifle butt. Slowly but surely, a part of mask came off.

Thick dirty fingers latched on to the gap and with a roar, Khan tore the mask open.

"You have killed all of my men, Tony Stark!" Khan said, grabbing his head and moved closer looking directly in his eye. "And I will enjoy killing you with my bare hands!" He started trying to physically crush his head and the metal case it was in.

At a distance, Harry saw the most disgusting thing he had ever seen. It looked like Khan was making out with Tony and he looked like he was rather enthusiastic about it. Were they trying to rape him? He had to wonder.

"Please." Tony whimpered out, softly. "For the love of all that is holy, brush your teeth!" He was about to throw up. With a well-placed hand on his abdomen, Tony fired a repulsor. Khan bounced all the way up and crumpled down on the ground.

Things happened too quickly for anyone to control.

The guards pointed their guns at Tony, while Tony took up Khan at his human shield. The next moment, everyone froze up as a high frequency sound reverberated throughout the cave and then, everyone straightened up and fell to the ground like a pile of sticks.

Harry could only watch and Obadiah pulled out a gun and pointed at Tony. He tried desperately to move against this strange type of technology which had freeze up his muscles. A moment later, Obadiah pulled a trigger and the sound of a gunshot sounded throughout the cave.

Tony's breath, which was already coming in short gasps sped up even further when Obadiah leveled a gun in his general direction. His heart stopped beating when Obadiah pulled the trigger in almost casual way.

His eyes closed instinctively when blood sprayed on his face but simultaneously, relieved that it wasn't directed at him. Part of him, relieved that Obadiah had come to rescue him. But then, why weren't the guards attacking Obadiah like they did to him. Why was he here anyways? And then, it came to him. No one had ever accused him as being slow. He was in denial.

"You remember this one, right?" Obadiah kicked Khan's body aside and came closer to Tony. "It's a shame government didn't approve of this. There are so many applications for causing short-term paralysis." Obadiah said, moving his head to meet his eye.

"Ah. Tony. When I ordered a hit on you, I worried that I was killing the golden goose and all. You see it was fate that you survived that. You had one last golden egg to give." Obadiah said taping the metal suit. "You have finally outdone yourself Tony. Oh! It's beautiful. It is your ninth symphony; your legacy."

"Finite!" Harry thought furiously, not liking one bit of being paralyzed. Although the effect was less, at this distance and yet, he had a hard time shaking off its effects. He didn't want to alert anyone to his place. "Finite Incantatem! Dammit!" Is this what his friend's felt like when they had complained that he always attracted trouble? He was cursing Tony Stark again. Harry took a deep breath, ignoring the monologue. "Rennervate!"

Instantly, all muscles fired up, progressively from top to bottom and Harry was up and about. Instantly, he cast the same spell on Tony and binding spells on the security forces that were stirring up, once again. With a well-aimed switching spell, Harry took away the small device that Obadiah had used it against everyone. With a careful hand, he put it in a plastic case and into his pockets.

Obadiah was continuing with his speech and Harry saw no reason to interrupt it. With several flicks of his wand, he vanished the firing pins in the weapons lying on the floor.

'No need to give ammunition to the wrong kind,' Harry thought and headed to the mounted machine guns and took them off one by one and put it in his charmed pockets.

"A new generation of weapons, based on your designs!" Obadiah took out papers and waved it around. "It will help stir the world back the course, with the balance of power in our hands. Too bad you had to involve Pepper and that detective in this. I would have preferred that they survived." Obadiah began to laugh. It was a soft chuckle with a deep malicious tone in it.

"How ironic Tony. Trying to rid the world of weapons, you gave it the best one ever."

Tony instantly got up, and levelled his hand ready to fire a repulsor. Unfortunately, it didn't come out. Obadiah took out the gun and began emptying the clip, aiming at Tony's head. But no bullets came out. It was funny really, seeing both fumbling with their respective weapons.

"You fuck with me Obi, fine! I can take it. But threaten Pepper, and my friends. Wrong move." Instantly, Tony moved, with a speed Harry didn't think it was possible to deliver a punch directly in his face. Obadiah flew in the air and landed on the ground.

Harry breathed a sigh of relief. He had thought he would have to interfere but it seemed alright. Tony Stark was made up of some strong stuff. Just as he was about make up his mind to leave, Obadiah got up and began to run. Tony ran to catch up with him but found his left leg unresponsive.

"Shit!" Tony said. "Jarvis status report! Jarvis? Come on, we can't let him get away! Damn!" Tony said hurriedly. With a sigh, he performed a hard reset. With a slight limp, he inched forward not wanting Obadiah to get away.

"Yes!" Tony said to no one in particular. The next second, he was flying away from the underground cave, but at much less speed. Harry followed him performing series of apparitions. He came upon a clearing, and instantly saw a private plane on Tarmac. Tony wasn't too far behind. Abruptly, he stopped, instead of catching up to the Obadiah who was trying to catch the plane.

Harry could see Tony fumbling about, something in his right arm. Suddenly, a missile came out of the metal contraption; size of a small water-bottle. Harry could see the red laser dot around the Obadiah, this time of night. The silver moonlight gave just enough visibility.

Harry could feel the hesitation in Tony's eyes. This was his mentor and a life-long friend. He was also the last link he sort-of had, to his parents.

"Good-Bye Obi." Tony said, softly. The missile took off, and hit his mark. He hadn't intended that Obadiah be blown to bits. But with the reduced suit capability there were fewer manual over-ride options available.


Tony turned around and he could see a massive built up of armored vehicles, their lights turned off. He looked to the opposite side to see his company's jet, firing off initial thrusters.

'That's my cue!' Harry thought and vanished, just as Tony took off to the sky.

Harry appeared back to his house and found an Death standing besides the black void on his floor.

"I don't feel so good!" The humor fell flat as Death pinned him with a glare. Harry took an involuntary gulp and had to ask himself. 'What did I do wrong.'

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