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He should feel guilt.

But he really didn't and he could only briefly wonder why before he looked down into blue, pleasure-hazed eyes that almost seemed utterly empty.

"N-Nii-sama, it feels so good!" She squealed without any control as his hips thrust particularly hard and her slender legs tried to wrap around his waist, "So good!"

"Does it?" Itachi murmured, feeling his little sister buck against him when rubbed between her legs with his talented fingers, "Tell me, who do you love most?"

It was a demand made from pure jealousy (a selfish demand, he knew), but he feared that he was losing one of the two people who were most precious to him, and he simply could not allow that to happen.

It had almost happened already with the planned Uchiha coup that had been prevented just in time and since then, Itachi had let the whole village of Konohagakure that Sasuke and Kagome were off-limits.

But Kagome was extra special.

She adored him and showed it in a way that Sasuke never allowed himself and Itachi took advantage of it, even if it was the wrong thing to do.

However, she was starting to grow up and was now a Genin.

"Genma-sensei is sooo cool~!" Kagome had practically gushed in such an un-Uchiha way at one of their dinners and the disapproving glares from both Fugaku and Sasuke had gone completely over her head, "He even said he'll teach me the Hiraishin Jutsu soon!"

Itachi felt like he had been punched by an invisible force at the absolute adoration oozing from Kagome's tone for her new Jounin teacher, Shiranui Genma, but he never allowed it to show on his face.

Fugaku had shook his head in his usual way, Mikoto simply laughed at their daughter's enthusiasm, and Sasuke said that she was acting like a certain blond Dobe, but Itachi did nothing.

Except he planned.

His seduction skills were excellent; having seduced many enemies from past missions and even if anyone were to resist initially, he could always use his Sharingan.

But he couldn't with her.

"You, Nii-sama," Kagome beautiful blue eyes were wet with tears from the absolute pleasure that her beloved brother was inducing into her young body, "I love you the most, Nii-sama!"

Itachi let the corners of his lips turn up ever so slightly, finally allowing himself to enjoy the warm wet tightness that he should never have experienced.

It was wrong in every single way and he was taking advantage of the most innocent Uchiha who was ever born in their clan, but this was his way of keeping Kagome as close to him and him only as he possibly could.

There was no guilt involved.

And there never would be.