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Italics- Inner speech/thoughts

"Letters to Subaru"

Chapter Eleven: ADDICTED (2) HER- Part Two

"Subaru's mom."

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry for my bad conduct prior. " Thalia blurted while bowing.

"No worries, dear. I can see that you're in love with my son."

"Nonono….I mean yes…yes…I kept saying the wrong words."

"Isn't she adorable, Love?" Christa giggled.


"Karl, you're going to hurt her feelings."

"Guess what, I'm leaving. I'm getting bored of your conversation." Karlheinz stood up from his seat; gave Christa a peck on her left cheek before he left.

"It can't be wrong. Ayato and him they are indeed blood-related. Just take a look at his attitude...Tougo? No, it can't be him right?"

"That's my husband. He's just not good at conversing with stranger."

"No worries, Mrs Sakamaki."

"You're making me blush, dearest. Well, you can address me as Christa or Mother." Christa smiled while taking Thalia's hands.

"Ever since, Subaru told me that he's in love with a girl… from his speech I knew that you're the one for him, Thalia. When a girl's in love, you can tell by the looks of her eyes. My child, just by mentioning my son's name your eyes are glowing."

"Correct me if I'm wrong, Subaru was born to meet you. Can't you see that Subaru's more cheerful than before? My child, I can sense that your relationship with Subaru will be shaky. It won't be easy for you where you'll have to choose between Subaru and Yuma."

"Despite, all the lovers' quarrels and numerous obstacles you're going to face… your heart never lies to you."

"Auntie Christa, are you alright?" Thalia asked worriedly as her usual crimson eyes turned grey.

"In retrospect, you're the one that decides the ending."


"I trust your judgment, Thalia. Do you mind showing me your room, while choosing the perfect gown for me?" Christa smiled.


"I must be daydreaming again; her eyes are back to normal."

"Subaru specifically mentioned that I'm able to find a gown to my liking in your closet for my upcoming anniversary party."

"Anniversary party… When and how did it happen?"

"It just happened. We're inviting you guys to join in the fun together with one of his apprentices Joma or Yuma. I'm just bad at memorizing names."

"Yuma, is he the guy you're trying to warn me prior… Auntie Christa?"

"What are you saying? I'm positive that I didn't utter a word about Yuma. You must be daydreaming or maybe it's one of Reiji's potion side-effects…illusioning." [1]

"Forgive me, Thalia. Well, I just wanna see how Subaru will react to the upcoming situations."

"You're right, I still feel drowsy. Let's keep this a secret between us."

"Shall we make our way to your room?"

"This way, there's nothing much in my closet just my usual dresses. You should find Yui-chan instead; I believe she has the dress you'll need."

"I have faith in my son."

-Meanwhile at the library….-

"Yuma, over here." Kou shouted while waving his hands with Ruki on his right.

"What is it this time round, Kou? Just make sure that my trip to the library is worth it, just when I finally gotten the time to chew on my sugar cubes. "Yuma replied annoyingly.

"You bet. I just found out your crush's number and her so called boyfriend. I know you want it so badly."

"You do?"


"Alright, that's enough. Text me later, I don't want the whole world to know her number."

"Possessive aren't you? I like your style. We got to show the Sakamaki's who's the boss."

"Kou. Don't you ever forget that they happened to be our benefactor's sons? We confront them like a gentleman not a coward. If you want to win a girl's heart over, prove to her you're a reliable man and she's the only love of your life." Ruki interrupted while closing his personal diary.

"Besides, there are a lot of women out there. I don't see a need to steal Subaru's girl's heart."

"You're a party pooper aren't you, Ruki? Can't you see that Yuma's in love with her. As his brother the more you should show him your tremendous support. Maybe this was one of the reasons why you're still single."

"For your information, 'Forever' is a very long word…." [2]

"I'm a neutral party; just stating the fact." Ruki answered while defending himself.

"What did I miss?" Azusa blurted as he just returned from the bathroom with blood dripping from his arms.

"You came just in time for the voting to take place, Azusa." Kou wrapped his arms round his neck as they made their way to Yuma's side.

"Apparently, our leader over here thinks that we're the bad guys. So tell us, Azusa would you rather support Ruki's idea to stay behind the screen and let Subaru Sakamaki and Thalia live happily ever after or lend Yuma your strength in defeating Subaru."

"I….I….I…. don't know. If I make the wrong move will you guys hate me forever?" Azusa mumbled while taking a few steps back.

"Azusa, make your choice now." Kou called while glaring at him.

"Kou, please don't hate me."

"It's now or never. Before I ignore you for good." Kou threatened.

"I don't know…I don't…kn-ow…. don't force me... ANY LONGER!" Azusa let out a scream while cutting his palm to ease the pain.

"Seriously guys, I do not need anyone's help regarding this matter. End of discussion, I really appreciate it, Kou." Yuma blurted.


"Azusa, it's alright. No one's blaming you. You're still our best friend."



"Anyone up for a drink?" Ruki suggested.

"Count me in." Kou commented.

"Nah, I still prefer my sugar cubes over drinks."

"I don't think that I'm joining you guys, I just want to be alone for the time being." Azusa muttered before leaving them behind.

"Well done, Kou." Yuma blurted while staring at the leaving figure.

"It's not my fault, stop pushing all the blames to me. Ruki, he's at fault too."

"Look, none of these would have happened if you didn't interfere with Yuma's issue."

"Whatever, I'm leaving. Don't forget, you still owe me a drink."

"Your actions reminded me of a dear friend of mine since young. I met him when I was still a human." Yuma said.

"Still in contact with him?"

"No. It's been almost 10 years since I last saw him, I wonder if he remembered our friendship."

"I'm sure, he does. So what's his name?"

"Shu…Shu Sakamaki."

"Sakamaki… are you sure about it? Is Subaru related to him?"

"I don't know…"

"Shu, are you the one who burned down my village?"

-…Back with Christa and Thalia…-

"There… these are all the gowns I can find."

"Look, you guys are already sharing the same closet and best of all staying in the same room." Christa answered while picking the gown she likes the most.

"No...No… it just happened that Sarah wanted to sleep in the room next to Subaru's, the room I used to rent from the Sakamaki's. Long story short, I'm having cash-flowing problems and I can no longer rent the room."

"The closet, apparently there's only one in his room unlike Laito's and Shu's as told by Sarah. The ideal choice was to share since Subaru doesn't have much clothing to begin with."

"Really, I just counted and re-counted… there's more than one closet in this room together with this bed I'm sitting on."

"There is?"

"Oh gosh, I swear that I didn't saw them prior. Since when did these arrived?"

"I can see that you guys are all ready for the mating season that's going to take place in four days time, so am I expecting good news after the mating season. "

"Auntie Christa!" Thalia blurted while blushing.

"There's nothing to be embarrass of, besides we're all women. Knowing my son well enough I bet he has yet to claim you. It's alright, I only want to you as my daughter-in-law. If you were to excuse me, I shall go and check on Karl. Thanks for the gown."

"Sure. You're welcome."

-…In Sarah's room…-

"Fold this end before tucking it underneath." Karl said while helping Sarah to fold her lucky paper star.

"Wahh, you're awesome… grandpa."

"What are my rewards for helping you?"

"Hmmm… I shall give you a brand new stack of paper so that you can fold it yourself before placing them in a glass jar. Oh yes, grandpa… you must fold at least 100 lucky stars before giving it to Grandma Christa and tell her how much you love her."

"My little devil, who taught you this?"

"Uncle Ayato. I heard from Auntie Yui that uncle Ayato has already folded 5000 lucky stars. My aim is to beat him. You're going to help me out right, grandpa?"

"There you are, I was looking for you my love." Christa called.

"Quickly, hide them under my blanket. "

"Uncle Ayato said that, if you let the person find out before you finish folding them your wish won't come true." Sarah whispered.

'What is your wish, little devil?"

"I want to visit Ryoutei Night Academy and see for myself the life of a vampire in school. I'm bored when uncle Subaru and daddy are not around."

This fanfic is not based on the game and anime...^^

[1] - One of Christa's abilities- apparently she can foresee the future since wiki doesn't show what kind of abilities she has.

[2]- Not sure if you guys can get the joke, one of my classmates told me about it.


2 Days to Karlheinz and Christa's Anniversary Party;

4 Days to the mating season...

6 Days to Thalia and Yuma's first encounter...

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