Harry Potter and the Fifth House

You Lose Sixty Seconds of Happiness

Chapter One: Quidditch Dreams

Harry Potter woke up to screaming, with a pain in his forehead and a feeling akin to fear churning in his stomach.

"That was mine you prick! Give it back!"

He tried to ignore the shouts, reaching feebly for the ends of the dream that was slipping farther and farther from his grasp.

"Ronald! Do not call your guests names!"

There had been a snake and...two men? One of them was Peter and the other...the other had spoken in a voice that belonged to...

"I didn't even invite Blaise! He just showed up."

Voldemort. That had been Voldemort's voice in his dream, hadn't it?

"Still bitter about you inviting everyone except me to stay with you the week before the Cup."

He squeezed his eyes tight, trying to remember the rest.

"Blaise, Ron, you really should stop fighting and just eat your breakfast."

"I can't eat when Blaise keeps trying to steal my food! It's like school started a month early!"

Harry sighed and let his eyes open again as the dream slipped away completely and he was left with nothing but a faint idea of what had happened. He dug his palms into his eyes, rubbing away the sleep that lingered there, before swinging out of the bed and walking down the staircase towards the voices.

When he reached the voices, he made his way to the kitchen where he found Ron, Hermione, Neville, and Blaise sitting around the Weasleys' kitchen table as Molly fluttered around behind them.

Ron swore under his breath, swatting at Blaise's hand as he reached across for Ron's plate, "Stop stealing my food!"

Harry tilted his head, "Are you staying now too, Blaise?"

"Oh!" Molly glanced up from the pot she was stirring. "Good morning, Harry. A letter came from your mother this morning but I didn't want to wake you up."

Harry took the letter she held out towards him with a small smile, "Thank you."

She redheaded women returned his smile with a ruffle of his hair, "Now you just sit down with the others and I'll get you a plate."

"'m not staying," Blaise answered Harry's previous question as the teen sat down. He spoke around a piece of toast, no doubt stolen from Ron. "Just dropping Neville off, since we won't see each other until school starts again. She's barely four months in but mother has Robert and I running around making sure the nursery is perfect."

"I'm sure she just wants you and your step father to bond a bit," Molly declared as she set a plate in front of Harry. "Despite how close you are, a lot of things can change in families like yours when another child comes into the picture. She just wants to make sure that you know Robert adores you, even if he'll have a child of his own now. Are you sure you don't want a plate, Blaise?"

"I'm fine. I really should be going soon," Blaise answered, with a wave of his hand.

Hermione interjected, "You're really not coming to the Cup then? You love Quidditch so much, though."

Blaise shrugged, "There's no helping it really. Robert's going to be leaving for his last dig of the pregnancy and someone needs to make sure mum is okay." He glanced over at Harry. "I know why Neville and Hermione are staying here, but what's up with you? Doesn't Professor Snape like Quidditch?"

"They have teachers meetings for the next two weeks and the full moon is next week so I can't stay with Sirius and Remus."

"Enough talking, children," Molly interrupted. "Eat your breakfast before the twins wake up and decide to steal it."

The hallway was quiet as Severus and Charity walked down it. The only sound was the fall of their feet against the Hotel's carpet.

Charity sighed before finally speaking, "You're still upset."

"I am not upset," Snape answered. "I just think it's an illogical decision. I'm more than qualified for the job, and finding a potions master is much easier, but instead it's two weeks until the start of the school year and we are still without a Defense Against the Dark Arts professor."

"You're upset," she repeated. She clasped her hands behind her back, "I don't think Potions Professor is bad though. You're good at it and you enjoy it when you aren't busy hating everyone."

"I do not-"

"You do," she interrupted. "It kind of reminds me of a puppy I used to have. He'd pout for day if I didn't give him what he wanted."

"Charity, do not compare me to a -"

"You are significantly cuter than a puppy though."

Snape halted, staring at her as she walked to the end of the hallway and disappeared inside her hotel room. His cheek flushed a bright red and he muttered under his breath, "There's something wrong with that woman."

Neville huffed as he reached the top of the hill, coming up last. He glanced around quickly, finding Mr. Weasley talking to a man his age.

"Who is-?" he began, walking towards the spot where Hermione was standing with Harry and Ron.

Before he could finish his question, there was a shout from behind him before an arm grabbed him by the shoulders and tugged him close.

"Neville!" a voice declared as a hand rubbed against his head, musing his hair. "What's up, kiddo?"

"'Not that much younger than you, Anthony," Neville answered as he managed to squirm out of the grasp.

"You're a fourth year and I'm graduating," Anthony answered. "That's a pretty significant difference."

"Stop being a jerk, Anthony," Cedric declared as he passed the duo, walking towards Harry. "It's not too late to have your mother come get you."

Anthony sneered, "You're a horrible person for threatening to make me miss the Cup."

"That's not what you said last night."

"Horrible!" Anthony echoed, throwing his hands up. "Absolutely horrible." Neville couldn't help the giggles that erupted from his mouth. Anthony's gaze snapped towards him. "Think he's funny, eh Neville? I'll show you funny."

"All around then," Mr. Weasley shouted just before Anthony could leap at Neville and mess his hair up any farther. "We'll be leaving soon."

Anthony clicked his tongue. "You just wait, Longbottom. When we get to Hogwarts, I'll show you what you'll get for siding with my boyfriend over me. Your amazing wonderful mentor who has seen you through so many late night potions study sessions."

Neville just laughed as he slid into the circle between Harry and Anthony.

He missed Blaise, just a bit, when he heard Cedric let out a fond, "You're an idiot, Anthony" over his and Harry's heads.

"Hermione! Neville, Ron, Harry!" Harry looked away from Ron, having been speaking to the redhead as they carried the water, to find Luna Lovegood running towards them. Colin Creevy, a friend of hers from Gryffindor, trailed after her. Luna was the youngest Tigerlily, now a third year while the rest were fourth years. "Good morning, everyone."

"Good morning you two," Hermione responded, a small smile on her face. "Just the two of you?"

Colin nodded, "Astoria won't be getting here until the match is about to start."

"Must've bought pretty expensive seats." Ron glanced around at the others. "Did anyone happen to hear when Draco would be here?"

Harry shook his head. "He said he would be coming but he didn't give me a time or anything."

"He's likely not staying the night," Neville murmured. "He's coming with his dad after all."

There was a pause, each of their stomachs twisting a bit at the possibly of meeting with Lucius rather than Narcissa, before Hermione cleared her throat. "We should get this water back to the tent. The others are waiting for us."

E/n: Sooo Yeah! The Second part is starting and I'm super excited and super anxious.

Lots of people are going to die in this part, so starting it has made my stomach churn a bit, but this book will also have lots of romance since the boys (and Luna and Hermione) are older now.

I hope you'll all stick with me (And Emma our Fantastic beta) for the remaining four books.

Next time: Life is all about Quidditch, Camping, and maybe a Death Eater or two