Harry Potter and the Fifth House

You Lose Sixty Seconds of Happiness

Chapter Three: One Time In First Year

Sirius shivered as his bare back touched the leather of the seat. Lupin laughed from the chair next to him.

The artist had left them in the room, saying that he would go mix the colors Sirius' tattoos would require.

"You are sure about this right?" Lupin questioned.

"You've asked me that a million times," Sirius answered. He quirked an eyebrow, "Do you not like the idea?"

"I don't particularly like the idea of someone else having a place on your body."

Sirius stared him for a moment before saying, "I could ask him to set up a date to put another one on."

"I was joking Sirius." He tapped to fingers on Sirius' hip. "It's a great idea. James is probably laughing his butt of wherever he is."

Sirius laid back. "I hope so. I want to show Harry but I don't think they'll be healed by the time he leaves for Hogwarts."

"Okay." The door swung open and they looked up to find the artist coming back in. "We're doing a doe and a buck right? Magicked to move around as they want?"

Sirius nodded. "Yup."

The woman grabbed the stool that was next to Lupin and set her stuff down on the table. Latex gloves snapped against her wrist. "Let's get started then."

"Whoa," Ron said, his voice filled with awe as his eyes tracked the buck as it moved around Sirius' shoulders. "That's so cool. Did it hurt?"

Sirius shook his head, "Not really. I fell asleep half way through it. Didn't even stir when he started on Lily's."

Ron glanced over at his mom. As if reading his mind, Molly shook her head, "Not while I'm alive Ronald."

He clicked his tongue in disappointment. "That's not fair. Bill has all those piercings."

"Not a single tat though," Bill pointed out. He ruffled Ron's hair, "Don't worry about it Ronnie. You've got plenty to look forward to this year, even without ink."

"Like what?" Ron challenged. "A million potions essays and looking all over the castle for Luna's shoes?"

Hermione elbowed him. "She only lost them once."

"And it took us a whole day to find them," Ron insisted.

Trying to diffuse the situation, Harry said, "Shouldn't we be getting on the train? We'll need to get an empty carriage if all of us are going to fit."

"Harry's right. You should all get going." Charlie shifted his weight onto one foot, smiling as he nudged Ron. "I'll see you soon shrimp."

Ron arced an eyebrow at his brother. "You're coming home for Christmas even though you were here for the cup? I didn't think you could take that much time off."

"I'll likely see you before then."

"Before Christmas? But that's-"

"All right. That's enough. It's supposed to be a secretly Charlie." Mrs. Weasley reached for Ron, smoothing out the stands of hair still sticking up from Bill. "Away with you now."

Ron opened his mouth to question what was supposed to be a secret only to be cut off by Remus speaking to Harry, "Alright then. Make sure you go see your mom and dad before the feast so they know you got there okay."

Harry nodded. "I will. Make sure Sirius doesn't let his tattoo's get infected."

"Hey! I'm not that irresponsible you know!" Sirius tried to protest.

Remus gave a nod."I'll be sure to watch over him."

Mrs. Weasley wrapped the three of them in a tight hug and then pushed them towards the train. "Be careful you three. Fred, George don't get in too much trouble."

Fred grabbed Hermione's hand, helping her onto the train, as he answered his mother, "That would be boring though, mom."

"And boring is no way to go about the year," George agreed.

"But what is the secret!"

The doors slid shut and the last thing Ron saw before Hermione started dragging him down the hall was Charlie's smug smile.


"In here Harry!"

Harry pushed the door of the teachers apartment open the rest of the way and walked in.

When he entered the main room he found Charity and Snape sitting at the small table. They each held a mug with steam rising from it.

His mother smiled at him softly and began to stand up. "Come in honey. I'll go pour you a cup as well."

"I just came to check in," Harry answered. "I haven't finished unpacking yet. The common room has been a bit crazy with the announcement at dinner."

Snape eyed him over the top of his cup as he said, "None of you are seventeen."

"It's still exciting though," Charity put in and settled back into her chair. "If this had happened when we were in school, I'm sure we would have all been talking about it as well.

Snape made a soft sound before taking another sip from his cup. "Regardless of how interesting it is, you would not be participating even if you were seventeen. You've had more near death experiences in the past three years then more people do their whole life and I have had enough worrying about you to make up for the ten years when you weren't with me."

"Agreed," Charity declared and raised her glass.

Blaise scratched the top of his head as he shuffled towards the table in the Great Hall.

"You're looking a little worse for wear."

Blaise glared at Dean, sitting between Hermione and Seamus, and growled, "Why are you two even over here?"

Dean shrugged and snatched a waffle smothered in whip cream and strawberries from the plate. "Fred, George, and Lee Jordan are talking about ways to get past the age restrictions for the tournament. I brought Seamus over here to prevent the spread of the idea. He might burn his face off completely if he messes one of those up."

"One time," Seamus huffed. "Blow one thing up in first year and you never live it down."

"One time," Blaise echoed. "Yeah...one time sure."

Neville shoved his elbow into Blaise's ribs. "Ignore him, Seamus. He always crawls out of bed with the mannerism and look of a troll."

"Worst boyfriend," Blaise murmured. "Absolute worse."

There was a laugh from behind them.

Harry sat straighter in his seat and smiled. "Cedric!"

"Hey Harry," Cedric greeted. He shoved himself between Blaise and Neville and grabbed a piece of sasuage. "Blaise, Neville isn't the worse boyfriend until he tries pressuring you into risking your life."

Hermione questioned, "Anthony wants you to do the tournament?"

"More then that," Cedric drawled, "I think he's trying to be supportive? I mentioned offhand yesterday that I'd like to do it but I probably wouldn't get chosen. He's being a little overly pushy."

"But you could die," Neville stated. "Why would he want you to do something that dangerous?"

"Because I want to." Cedric pointed his fork at Neville. "Mutual confidence in each other is the first step to a successful relationship. Never forget that."

"We are not a good example of a successful relationship." Anthony bonked his fist against Cedric's head. "And don't come over here to complain about me to my protegee."

"I'll just complain about you to my protegee then." Cedric winked at Harry.

"Uh huh. Come on, hot shot. We've got our first classes." Anthony pulled Cedric to his feet and then patted Neville's shoulder. "Good luck to you too. Come to me if you have any problems, okay?"

Neville just nodded, his mouthful of food.

"Do you think we'll be like them when we're older?" questioned Harry as the two older boys left the great hall. "Do you think we'll still be having that much fun in seventh year?"

Dean answered, "As long as Seamus doesn't blow himself up before then."

"It was one time, Dean!"

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The next few chapters (this one included) will be unbetaed since Emma is taking exams and such.

So Sirius' tattoos are based loosely on a curse placed on Natori Shuuichi from Natsume Yuujinchou. The curse is in the form of a black lizard and it moves around his body as it pleases. Here we have Sirius getting movable tattoos (a buck for James and a doe for Lily) that work under the same concept!

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