"GOAAAAAL!" a red-haired hockey player yelled with so much power that half of the people on rink had to put hands over their ears. Lavi Bookman, the captain of Delta Pirates looked around with a goofy grin on his face. He skated away from his teammates, who looked at him with respect. He had been the captain of Delta Pirates ever since he turned 16 years old. That makes it four years now, on row. Another respected player, Kanda Yuu, skated after him while whacking his back with a hockey stick.

"You stupid rabbit," Kanda growled under his breath. "You're lucky to still have your tongue attached. You're way too loud!"

Lavi blinked few times and he sat on a bench, behind boards. He took a sip from his water bottle after taking of his helmet. "Yuu-chan, you're being too stiff nowadays. You should find yourself a girl and get some! You'd be more relaxed in a whim."

Kanda remained to keep his pokerface as he watched other players on ice. Lavi was just too dumb and he was always thinking with his all and mighty sword of glory. "That guy sucks," Kanda said as he stared at the new guy who had trouble even skating around the ice. He really needed some cold-hearted training. "Why did he even attend our team... fucking idiot."

"Krory, huh?" Lavi smiled with amusement. He also glanced at the tall man who had the looks of a vampire. "He just needs some training, that's all."

Lavi and Kanda sat in silence, listening as their coach kept rambling about importance of rules in this indoor ice rink. It was one of the biggest in Canada and they just couldn't afford to have new players mess around the place and teasing other teams, and figure skaters.

After the training hours were over for now, Lavi and Kanda made their way to the changing rooms. Both of the men were in the shower when Lavi finally opened his mouth. "Are we going to pick up Lenalee too?" Lavi asked curiously from Kanda.

Kanda glanced Lavi over his shoulder and nodded. Lenalee Lee and Kanda had been childhood friends for a long time and all three of them lived in the same neighbourhood. "Lenalee is going to stay longer today though," Kanda said annoyed, "she got a new figure skater who just moved here from London."

"Is that so? More hot babes, huh..." Lavi grinned as he dried himself into his towel. Man. He always liked to stay and watch girls on ice. Not that he really liked the guys who act like gay while dancing there. Lavi was kind of surprised by the fact that Kanda had actually paid attention to Lenalee's talks about a new girl on the national team.

"Actually... That hot babe is a boy," voice said behind them and they turned to look at the new player, who had a wide grin on his face. Daisya Barry had been here for a week now and had kind of a cocky attitude towards his seniors. Lavi liked Daisya, but no one, no one will interrupt his thoughts about hot and cute females.

Lavi clicked his tongue and swung his small bag onto his shoulder. "You saw him?" he smirked.

"Yeah... He looked like a freak though," Daisya commented, furrowing his eyebrows. "I only saw him from afar though."

Kanda collected his stuff when he was finished with his hair and motioned Lavi to just follow him. "See ya tomorrow Daisya!" Lavi yelled from the corridor. Freak? That'd be very interesting. Lavi always had a habit to pick on males who were figure skating. It was for ladies, not for boys.

As the two boys got to the rink next to their own bigger rink, they already saw an unknown figure practicing on the ice. There was two girls and one guy sitting two rows behind them as they found their own regular seats. Lavi smirked but didn't say a word to Kanda yet. Mainly because Kanda got to say it first.

"He really looks freaky, not to mention gay."

Lavi bursted out laughing at Kanda's statement. "You got that right, Yuu~"

Lenalee Lee was standing behind the board and eyeing the new skater on ice. Everything she had been told about Allen Walker, was true. He was a true angel on ice, a prodigy. Lenalee glanced at the older Bookman, Tyki Mikk and Anita. "What do you think?" Lenalee asked from three coaches. Older Bookman was mainly retired hockey player but he had always had an eye for figure skaters. Bookman was also known for coaching Lavi ever since the boy was able to walk and hold a hockey stick.

Tyki Mikk was a professional figure skater in Canada, but known for his bad past. He had been dealing some weird stuff from place to another and Lenalee still suspected him to have some shady business going on. Especially with young boys.

Anita, the main coach and professional skater smiled gently at Lenalee.

"I think he had the talent ever since he was able to walk," Anita said as she turned her eyes back to Allen. "I'm glad he decided to come to Canada. We need skaters like him."

"Look at that triple lutz," Tyki smirked and leaned against the boards. He had always been interested younger males, and Allen was just the one for him to lure. 18-years old boy who had looks of an angel was something he couldn't forget easily. If he was able to skate that beautifully, Tyki wasn't sure if he'll be able to keep his fingers away from him long.

"Allen!" Lenalee squealed after that jump and skated towards him. "That was amazing! You're younger than me and you can do triple lutz so perfectly, not a single flaw in there," she complimented and shook his hand. "I'm Lenalee Lee, we were talking on the phone yesterday. You arrived today morning, am I right?"

Allen jumped a little when he suddenly had a girl fawning over him. He put on his nicest smile and shook Lenalee's hand. "Yes, Ms. Lee. I'm very pleased to be here. Still, this place is so much bigger than I imagined. London's ice rinks are so much smaller."

"I can show you around if you want, boy," Tyki grinned behind borders and waved his hand. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Walker. My name is Tyki Mikk and I will accompany you a lot in here."

Lavi and Kanda stared at the scene. "Is it just me, or is Tyki on this... Walker's back already?" Lavi asked with so much amusement. Poor little boys always got a piece of Tyki when they came to 'his' rink. Not that Lavi cared much. He sighed quietly and flipped his hair away from his visible eye. He should get the bandana on later.

"Tch," Kanda stared at weird scar on Allen's face. "He is so freaky."

Three people behind them sighed heavily and soon after went down the stairs, towards the rink. Lavi looked after them. Did they get upset what Kanda and he had talked about? Lavi furrowed his eyebrows. It wasn't his fault this Walker looked weird, at least from bigger distance. "Does he have a scar or something... or is that a tattoo?" he then wondered out loud, but never got an answer.

Anita shook hands with Allen as the boy came next to the borders. "You have such a talent, Allen. You make it look so easy and you're not even breaking sweat. Welcome to Canada."

"Thank you," Allen said politely and looked at his three friends who were coming down the stairs. "Is something wrong?"

A girl called Fou pursed her lips and then slammed her hand into a wall. "That red-headed and long-haired bastards..." she muttered quietly which made Allen to move his gaze towards the seats. Oh, those two. He had seen their hockey practice earlier inside the other rink. Not that anyone was aware that he was watching. What could Allen do about his curiosity? He had always liked watching ice hockey. He wasn't much of a hockey player though.

Lenalee sighed quietly. "Those two over there are my friends... The one with red hair and eye patch is Lavi Bookman, grandpa Bookman's grandson in other words. The one with dark blue hair is Kanda Yuu. My childhood friend. They can be a little mean. But what can you do, they think that figure skating is for gays. Plus, if you really get to known to them, which I make sure you do, they are the greatest friends you could ask for. Lavi has this most awesome side and Kan-"

"Oh," Allen said quietly, cutting the conversation and proceeding to take off his black skates. Lenalee seemed a little offended by Allen's lack of interest in her friends. Lavi and Kanda were absolutely amazing. She touched her hair quietly and thought about her words. Maybe Allen is just very sensitive person? He needs time to adjust here. And this many people here is probably making him stress too. Lenalee sighed again. Okay, maybe tomorrow is a better day for everyone, for those two hockey players too.

Fou sat next to Allen after she had recovered from a small shock. "Bak and Lou Fa came to see you too!" she said with a smile and slammed Allen's back. "I knew you were good, but to be THAT good. Wow, you little shrimp."

"Shut up Fou," Allen laughed quietly and stuffed his skates to his black training bag. "It was just a practice."

Lenalee motioned Kanda and Lavi come down too. They will be taking Allen home anyways. And no, she hadn't asked about it yet. But there was no other option! There was no way in world she would let Tyki take Allen home. "Kanda! Lavi! Come here and meet my new friend, please?!" she yelled so that boys could hear her clearly.

Lavi and Kanda didn't dare to move at first, but when Lenalee added 'please' at the end of her sentence, they had to come down. Just because her kicks were something they didn't want to experience too often. As they came down and saw everyone quite well, Lavi was quite surprised by Allen's looks.

He did not look freaky, actually more like unique. But not freaky. Lavi quickly turned his gaze to Lenalee who was smiling sweetly at them. "We will take Allen home too, not buts Kanda!" she said and hugged Allen who seemingly stiffened when arms circled his small body. Lenalee took a note of that and let Allen go quickly. Okay, no touching? Maybe it's weird for British people?

"N-no, Ms. Lee, it's quite okay. Walking will be good for my health and it's not that long walk anyways," Allen lied as he waved at Bak, Lou Fa and Fou. They had a bus to catch so they were in a small hurry. Fou showed a sign of calling Allen later today to make sure he is okay. What great friends Allen had. Too bad they lived pretty far away from him, so this was more like an exception.

Tyki patted Allen's shoulder with a sly grin. "I can take him home."

Anita smiled with Bookman. Allen already had so much new friends inside the hall. Things were going smoothly to her eyes so it was time to sidestep for now. "I will be going now. We'll see you tomorrow at 8 am sharp, Allen and Lenalee."

"Good night, Anita!" Lenalee chirped and turned her attention back to the boys after Anita had left the building with Bookman. "Oh no Tyki, you're not taking him home," she hissed protectively and pulled Allen towards her. This means war.

"What does it matter? They're both gays anyways."

"Lavi!" Lenalee kicked Lavi in the shin and sighed quietly. "I told you Allen... But once you get to known to him-"

Allen put up his hand to silence Lenalee. "I said it is okay. I will be going with Tyki since your friend obviously doesn't accept me easily. Maybe it's too sudden to break your friendship bubble with me", Allen said with a weak smile and rubbed back of his head. He understood. Those two boys were very masculine and Allen knew it was best to give them some space.

Lenalee glared at Lavi. "Do something," she whispered to the so-called rabbit. Lenalee didn't want Allen to get raped on his first night at Canada. They were supposed to make Allen enjoy, not being tormented by someone like Tyki Mikk.

"I... Uhm..." Lavi mumbled and stared blankly at Allen. Staring at the boy, he soon became to realize something. Even if this boy had the sweetest smile, it didn't reach his eyes. Lavi saw it. He thought something was wrong with him. Maybe he could try to be nice with him. Even if he seemed gay for dancing on ice. "Kanda has a butt heater in his car."

Lenalee facepalmed. That's all Lavi was able to pull off? Maybe saying sorry would've been okay too. "Lavi..."

Allen bit his lip. He didn't want to laugh at Lavi's desperate try to get him out of Tyki's grasp. But maybe that was the reason why he gave up. Lavi was acting so pathetic. "Fine. I'll come if Kanda has a butt heater because that is the most important thing in the middle of summer."

Kanda kicked Lavi's arse too. "You fucking idiot."

Tyki sighed in defeat and ruffled Allen's hair. "See you tomorrow then, boy. Have a good sleep. Tomorrow your training from Hell will begin."

"Go-good night Mr. Mikk!" Allen hurried to say and then stared at three people in front of him. "Uhmm... Are we going now?"

Lenalee nodded and dragged Allen along with her and boys. "My god Allen, you really are small. And just call us by our first names. No need to be polite. We're around same age anyways. Canada is so different from England, I bet!"

"I'm not that small," Allen said with a cracked smile as Kanda unlocked his car. Allen sat into the backseats with Lavi. "I'm still growing for sure."

Lenalee turned her head from the front seat to look at Allen. He was being too adorable because of his height complex. "So! Where do you live?" she asked from Allen. As Allen was telling the address awkwardly, Lenalee's eyes widened.

"You lied!" she whined and pursed her lips. "That is 25 miles away! And on the same street with us but... Our apartments are pretty cheap. So I guess I understand why you got there. Are you living alone or something?"

"N-no, I actually live with my dog, Timcanpy," Allen told nervously. He didn't yet know if his guardian, Cross Marian, would show up to his house. He shivered a little. The thought of having him in the same house again was terrifying.

Lavi gaped at Allen with disbelief. This boy had lost it somewhere. Did he really plan to walk 25 miles? Well, Tyki would've saved him but... Or raped, however you prefer to call it. These British men really were weird then. "You're weird, beansprout!" he smiled and relaxed on his seat.

"Beansprout..?" Allen glared at Lavi, who told this weird compliment. "Shut up you damn pirate."

It was nearly 10PM when they had stopped to Kanda's house. Everyone just sat silently in the car, until Lavi broke the silence with an awkward laugh. "Okay… So… You live next to Kanda and me, huh?"

Allen turned his gaze to Lavi, who tried hard to keep conversation going. What was wrong with this guy? First he insults Allen about being gay (kind of an insult) and then he tries to act all nice and cool. "Yes".

Kanda got off from the car along with everyone else and took everyone's bags out of the trunk. "Do we have to pick you up tomorrow?"

"No!" Allen almost shouted and then hid his face behind the training back. "I-I mean… I'm more than capable of walking that distance. I'm used to walking around a lot, so it's nothing to worry about!"

Lenalee gave Allen a weird look as she urged Kanda to carry her back to her porch. "Allen… Is being polite just part of being British, or do you have something else on your mind?" she asked with slight concern. Maybe it was just her, but she thought something was definitely off with Allen.

Lavi stayed with Lenalee, kind of interested to hear about Allen. He was sure, that Allen wasn't ordinary. He didn't think that Allen came to Canada just to ice-skate on bigger rinks. When Allen didn't answer anything, Lavi was the one to break the silence, again. Maybe he felt obliged to protect Allen a little bit. He didn't seem to be comfortable talking about him being way too polite. "Would you like a cup of tea, Mr. Walker?" he asked, trying to mimic British accent as best as he could.

Allen's eyes widened as he turned his gaze to Lavi. Was he actually trying to make him feel like home? That was actually kind of nice, to take conversation somewhere else. "Uhm… Yes, that would be nice," he complied and waved goodbye to Lenalee. Allen followed Lavi to his house and left his training bag to the porch.

"Actually, I don't have any tea," Lavi confessed with a big grin. He looked Allen's face fall into a little disappointment. "I think coffee is a little bit too late already… How aboooout…"

"Glass of milk and cookies?"

Lavi's grin widened and he took Allen into his kitchen. "This is my palace," he introduced his kitchen, going straight for the fridge. "So? What brought you to Canada?"

Allen waited until he got some cookies and milk. "To join with the professional ice skaters?" he asked Lavi with an obvious voice and bit into his chocolate chip cookie. Dear lord, this Lavi knew how to bake cookies.

Lavi inspected Allen with his only eye and hummed quietly. He had to admit, Allen had talent and Anita probably wants him to join championships too. "There is Russia too. It's closer."

Allen cursed under his breath. This Lavi was pretty clever, wasn't he? He needed to think a good comeback right now. "Have you ever been to Russia?"

"Yes," Lavi said, smile starting to fall from his face. What this little beansprout was trying to hide?

Now Allen felt like an idiot. Shit, of course he had to visit Russia at some point of his life. "They want to kill gay people," he said quickly. His stomach started to feel cold, so Allen took some more cookies. Now Allen had practically confessed that he was a gay. Great! Things were going so smoothly.

Lavi saw right through Allen at that point, but decided not to push it. There has to be other reason. Lavi counted some miles in his head and came to one conclusion: Russia wasn't far enough from England if Allen was trying to run away from something, or someone. "How's your family?"

"At home, in England," Allen lied straight through his teeth. "Why are you so interested anyways?"

"I just want to know what my new friend is like, where he comes from, what are his intentions, can I trust him… Stuff like that," Lavi said with true intentions. "Do you like my cookies?"

Allen was glad that Lavi had finally dropped his interrogation for now. "Yes, they are absolutely wonderful," he told Lavi with a small smile on his face. Allen started to get up from the chair and he finished his milk too. "Thank you for offering me these cookies and milk."

"Heyyyyy, wait now," Lavi whined and touched Allen's pale hand. He wasn't going to give up this easily. "Can I walk you home?"

Allen sweatdropped and pointed at his house from the window which was two meters away from his. "I think I can survive," he said and walked away from Lavi, wishing him good night and leaving through the door. As Allen closed Lavi's front door, he felt relieved. That Lavi… He was way too smart for his own good. Allen bit his teeth together and marched to his house.

Lavi stayed at kitchen, staring the empty milk glass in front of him. This was going to be so interesting. Allen was a challenge. This made him smile a little. He liked challenges.

Allen went inside his house and shut the door quietly. He slid down to sit on floor. "Shit," he cursed and punched the floor softly with his hand. Goddammit! Lavi. Lenalee. Kanda wasn't interested in his life all that much, but those other two. Lenalee gave up quite quickly but Allen was sure that Lavi wouldn't give up so easily. Well good luck with that, Mr. Bookman. Allen rubbed his temples and later got up. He needed to unpack too.

The boy walked into his small kitchen, only to find himself staring eye-to-eye with Lavi, who was leaning out of his window. That wasn't exactly very friendly staring competition. It was more like testing which one will give up first. Allen shut his blinds with irritated growl and opened his fridge – which was empty. This made Allen even more frustrated. He didn't have time to go shopping today. Timcanpy waddled to kitchen with his big paws, which were too big for him right now. Poor puppy. At least he had some food in his bowl. "Hey buddy."

Bling bliing… bling bliing… blingblingblingbling…

"WHAT!?" Allen yelled when he opened his front door. It was only 6AM and Lavi was already standing on is porch. Allen's eyebrow twitched. How dares he come here so early? And why did he come here in the first place?!

"Owwww, don't shout like that," Lavi whined and showed his basket which was full of ingredients. "I figured you don't have any food in your fridge. You can go take a shower and get dressed while I make us breakfast~"

Allen was ready to hit Lavi but sound of breakfast awfully good. "O-okay…" he sighed quietly and pointed at one box in kitchen. "There are all the kitchen supplies you need. I'll go to shower now. And if I see that you have touched anything else except that box, I will kill you."

"Yes sir!" Lavi grinned and skipped to kitchen. He set down his basket and looked around. Time to investigate a little. This was just a cover, of course. Lavi had a real reason to come here this early. He wanted to sniff around a little. Lavi made sure he heard that shower went on and after that, started his investigations on boxes that were already opened.

Lavi hit jackpot on the first try and found some kind of, box of memories maybe. He lift up a picture where Allen was with a man, most definitely his father. Lavi took a closer look at the picture. But this is not Allen, Lavi thought as he stared at the picture. In this picture, the little boy has brown hair. "How weird…" he muttered and looked other pictures where the same boy appeared every time with the same man. Lavi put the pictures back just the way they were and went to prepare breakfast.

All Lavi could think is that the brunette boy in picture was Allen's brother, or Allen had dyed his hair white, or… Lavi furrowed his eyebrows. Trauma. He would need to sneak around a little more to know about Allen's past and life. As Lavi was about to turn around from the stove to see more boxes, he came face-to-face with Allen. "Ah, Allen!" he smiled, "how was the shower?"

Allen made some space for them to eat at the table. "It was nice, thank you for asking," Allen answered and looked around the boxes carefully. Nothing seemed off place. Good. Lavi was obedient.

"What are you trying to hide so badly?"

Allen almost choked on his spit. He hadn't think this to the end, had he? He sighed quietly and sat onto his kitchen chair. "Why do you want to know so badly? Some people actually want to have a fresh start."

"Because past is what makes you who you are today," Lavi said and gave Allen a plate full of eggs, bacon and pancakes. He filled his plate too and came to sit in front of Allen. Both of the boys took their forks and ate in silence. Lavi kind of knew Allen's feelings about fresh start, but they both had probably different reasons. "I can see through you easily."

Allen nibbled his food quietly. Lavi had a point, but he didn't know that the boy in front of him actually saw through his lies. "I'm not ready to talk about my past and I'm not willing to share to share it with anyone, especially not with strangers."

"Okay, sorry. I understand your point."


Rest of the meal went in silence, but the silence wasn't too awkward. They both got what they wanted. Silent agreement that they might talk about this later. Maybe in days, maybe weeks, maybe months. Someday.

"So… Lavi," Allen started with a thoughtful expression on his face, "were you born in Canada?"

"Actually no, I was born in Alaska, Anchorage. My grandfather raised me and when I was 10 years old, I moved to Canada with him."

"Any particular reason why you moved from Alaska?" Allen asked and tilted his head to side innocently. See Lavi? This is how it feels to be interrogated.

Lavi smiled at Allen's antics. He wanted to play the same game, huh? Fine. "You know… Bears in Alaska are pretty scary and nights are lonely~"

Allen giggled at Lavi's words. What a way to avoid a question. Okay, that question was too private then and Lavi had something to hide too.

"I think we have to leave for our practice," Lavi said when he broke the comfortable silence around them. Kanda was waiting outside with Lenalee. "Are you ready for the day?"

"Yes I am," Allen smiled and got up from his chair.

A/N: I finally had time to write something that has been on my mind for months now. I need to let it out. I just need to. :3 I'm sorry for my crappy English and I will try to get better at it all the time. c: I'm not a figure skater, nor a hockey player but I love them both from the bottom of my heart. I hope I'll see you in the next chapter!