"Lavi?" Allen asked again, looking at Lavi's dangerously silent fa├žade. He carefully backed away from the taller boy. Lavi was scaring him. It was like his whole aura turned black and dangerous in matter of seconds. "Di-did I say something wrong...?" he asked, waving his small hand carefully in front of Lavi's face. "I swear, Tyki will not be a threat to you."

Lavi just stared into wall that was painted peachy color. He didn't quite know how he should bring this out to Allen. Lavi eyed Allen carefully for few minutes. "You don't know him. Allen, this is just one of his strategies, to get under your skin. You don't get it! I've seen it happen," Lavi tried to reason with Allen, who just sighed quietly, "I know you are getting all friendly with him now that you're practicing for Championships, but please, please listen to me, just this once."

"Why don't you listen to me, just this once?" Allen groaned quietly, walking to his kitchen. He expected Lavi to follow which didn't happen. Well, that was weird. "Lavi, having Tyki in a picture could be just a coincidence. It doesn't prove anything. He might not even be part of the Noah. We jumped into conclusions way too quickly and it was my fault that he ra-"

Lavi groaned when he heard Allen's rant, walked to the kitchen and shut Allen's mouth with his hand. "Don't even dare to say that out loud. It wasn't your fault. How can a rape be someone's fault? Jesus Allen! He is already crawling underneath your skin and you don't even notice!" he yelled at Allen, whose eyes seemed to tear a little. Lavi regretted already yelling at him. "I'm sorry... You should be more careful around him."

Allen moved Lavi's hand away, looking him in the eye. "Don't you have better things to do?" he asked quietly, giving him a sad smile, "just do what you've always done before me. Have fun with your friends. Don't worry so much. That's just silly, you know..."

"You are my friend, Allen," Lavi still tried, taking a hold of Allen's hand. He was trying to remember the old conversations they had before this. "We're the same, right?"

"We're not the same," Allen admitted, closing his eyes. They were so different in so many ways. "Even if we share the same past, it doesn't make us the same. We're so different in character. Maybe... Maybe our friendship doesn't work. We are both on ice, yes, but that doesn't make us the same either... I mean... Sometimes you need someone like you next to yourself, right? To understand."

"And Tyki is the same as you? Don't make me laugh. We can be different in character, but we can still understand each other. I used to have a saying... Two silly people can't be friends because they only do stupid things. And if both of them are stupid, they will never learn. So... Someone has to be smarter than the other. That means they are different but still understand each other," Lavi said desperately. Why was Allen acting like this? Why was he so keen on Tyki all of sudden? What happened to their friendship? He furrowed his eyebrows.

Allen chuckled a little. "That sounds just like you Lavi Bookman," he whispered, opening his eyes to look at Lavi, "but I really have to go now. I'm already a little bit late from the appointment with Tyki. I'm sorry, I really am. Maybe we can catch each other on another day?" he asked. But Allen knew that was a lie. He would come up with more excuses. "I'm a little bit busy too, you know..."

Lavi knew it also; Allen was lying to him. After he would walk through that door, Allen would make sure they wouldn't catch each other anymore. There must be a reason. "I can take you. You don't have to walk," Lavi tried, but Allen's sharp look was more than enough to make Lavi stop on his tracks, "why are you doing this?"

The white-haired boy couldn't look into Lavi's eyes anymore. "Things change. People change. As well as feelings. I have to focus on what is important right now. You should do that too. Focus on what is important."

Lavi looked at Allen's hurt expression. What they just now discussed, would stay inside this house. It wouldn't spread out. Lavi's and Allen's friendship was broken in pieces. The one that Lavi worked so hard on. All his work had gone to waste. Lavi gritted his teeth and left from the house. "Mikk," he spat quietly when the Portuguese man had parked his car where Lavi's car would usually be. Allen's yard. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"I just came to see what was taking so long. Me and Allen are busy with training, so if you'll excuse me," Tyki said as he came out of the car and brushed past Lavi. He grunted quietly when Lavi stopped him by grabbing his shoulder harshly. "What now, bunny?"

"What do you want from Allen?" Lavi hissed through his teeth. It was quiet on Allen's porch. It was just two grown-up men staring into each others' eyes. "I asked you a question, Mikk. What do you want from him? What is your goal? What did you do to him?!"

Tyki grabbed Lavi's hand and moved it away from his shoulder. "Why don't you turn into heartless again, Bookman Jr," Tyki suggested, brushing his shoulder a little, "I think it suits you better. That anger inside of you won't give you a long life. Caring about unnecessary people makes you seem old and weak. I thought you were better than that. Giving out your heart can make you invulnerable. I suggest you to do that."

Lavi grew quiet. Tyki was right. It was so much easier to pretend that you didn't have a heart. That didn't change the fact that he had learned to care. Lavi turned his back to Tyki. He had to make an end to this somehow. Just somehow. Tyki would break Allen again.

"Deak!" a small boy puffed his cheeks, "you're cheating. That's not fair."

"Rabi," Deak smiled and hugged the smaller boy. He loved his little brother more than anything. "You cheated first. Cheating in poker is bad. In some countries, you could lose your life. So I gave you a small payback."

Rabi groaned and pulled out his water gun. "You will pay for this Deak!"

Deak laughed and ruffled Rabi's hair. "I love you, Rabi."

Allen got up from his bed, blinking his eyes. Who were those two boys? Allen felt a small pang in his heart, like he should know the younger boy. "Just a dream..." he mumbled quietly, looking at the clock. Allen had a free day today. "Maybe I'll just lay back down," he whispered and did as he said. Allen blinked a little when he stared at his ice-skates. Why they were in his room? He didn't usually bring them to upstairs.

Allen decided to ignore them and turned on the television, to see what was going on in the world. It didn't take long for Allen's day to be completely out of place.

"The Championships for figure skating are getting closer day by day, but a tragedy has taken it's place in Canadian figure skating team. One of their star skaters has been found dead this morning from the practicing rink. Tyki Mikk was one of the most-"

Allen grew pale as he heard the news. But he saw Tyki just yesterday? Why was his memory so hazy? Okay calm down, Allen told himself and stared at the television. Allen turned the volume bit louder. He wanted to hear. What if this was just a dream? Just a bad dream?

"No matter how you look at this, Tyki Mikk was murdered. The police is still looking for more evidence but there has been a signs of battle. We don't yet know if Mikk was killed from self-defense or was someone really out for his blood. The cause of death is still unknown but we believe that his throat was cut and someone left him bleeding to his own de-"

Allen turned off the television. Why didn't he remember anything from yesterday? He should! He could help the police if he remembered! Allen felt his eyes getting wet again from tears. Death followed him everywhere. This was his fault. Maybe if he hadn't suggested to train yesterday... It was Allen's choice. "Shit," he cursed and punched the wall.

The boy woke up from his thoughts when he heard small rocks hit his window. Allen wiped his tears and opened the blinds. Lavi. Allen proceeded to open the window. Lavi looked pale too. "I think we both just heard."

Lavi let out a shaky breath. "The police is coming to your house, Allen. You were the last one who saw him alive," he tried to explain to Allen, who seemed to grow even more pale, "just tell them what happened."

Allen motioned Lavi to come in through the door and he closed the window. He hurried to downstairs just in time when Lavi had already let himself in. "That is the problem. I have no memory of last night," Allen confessed to Lavi, whose eyes grew big.

"You gotta be kidding me!" Lavi almost yelled to Allen. This made Lavi rethink everything. He didn't kill Mikk. Someone did it for him. None of his teammates were at the rink. It was reserved only for Tyki and Allen. "Where are your skates?"

"I didn't kill him!" Allen yelled to Lavi in panic, "I swear!"

Lavi grabbed Allen's shoulders. He was shaking again. "How can you swear if you don't remember anything from last night?" he asked in disbelief. Lavi lifted Allen's shirt. He knew it. Bruised all over. "Allen. Listen to me now, okay?" he asked, trying to calm him down. Or maybe himself.

Allen lifted his hand to cover his mouth. He didn't want to cry again. "I killed him, didn't I?" Allen whispered quietly, looking at Lavi's serious face. When Lavi didn't answer to his question Allen started to feel sick. "Oh my god."

Lavi left Allen to downstairs and went to his bedroom. Just as he thought. Lavi grabbed Allen's bag and took the skates out. Dried blood had messed the blades. He didn't know how in the world he could save Allen from this pinch. Then it hit him. These weren't the skates Allen usually wore. So his new ones were in the right place, clean. He already had a plan forming in his head. No matter how crazy it was, it could work. "Allen! We need to cut your throat!"

"What!?" Allen asked as Lavi ran back to downstairs with bloody ice skates. He didn't see any future to Lavi's plan. Before Allen could say anything, Lavi had knocked him unconscious.

"Sorry, Allen. This will save you, I promise," Lavi whispered, as he cut Allen's throat with the ice skate. No matter how hard it was to do, there was no choice. Now Lavi just hoped Allen wouldn't remember that this happened. Lavi went to the door, busted the lock and knocked down different pieces of furniture. After that, Lavi dialed number. "I need an ambulance."

Lavi was sitting next to Allen's hospital bed, not even feeling quilty. Why should he? He had saved Allen's future by cutting his throat open. Now the police had non-existent serial killer who targeted figure skaters. Lavi couldn't believe his luck though. FIve minute plan turned into a great success. But what Lavi didn't understand was the fact that Allen had killed Tyki. Why? How? And how did he not remember it?

Lenalee hurried to the Allen's hospital room as soon as she could. "Brother told me that they will secure mine and Allen's houses starting today. How is Allen doing?" she asked as she sat next Lavi.

"Allen is doing great! The cut wasn't lethal, so he was in luck," Lavi said and lifted Allen's shirt, "it was also sure that Allen didn't know his attacker because the lock was broken, the culprit wasn't invited to the house."

After Lavi's explanation, Komui came to the room also. " , I must say that I'm impressed by your observation skills. You are surely made from Bookman. But there is one thing that puzzles Cross Marian and me. Timcanpy was in the house at the same time."

Lavi gulped. He had completely forgotten about the dog. He didn't think through! Think Lavi, think. Be careful with your words. "So the culprit was someone they knew?" he asked carefully. Shit. Things were going to get complicated now.

"Or they knew how to deal with dogs," Lenalee said, looking sternly at his brother," that isn't anything new. I think Timcanpy isn't trained to be a guard dog."

Lavi fiddled Allen's bed sheet. This wasn't looking too good. Good thing that Lenalee covered up pretty good. It was like she knew what was going on. But she didn't see anything? Right? If Lenalee saw what happened, he would have a lot to explain later and then Allen's secret would come out too. Would be better if Allen didn't remember anything. It would save him from everything.

Komui sighed quietly. "No matter how I look at this case, it's weird. The cut was made in a different way too. In Allen's case, the killer knew how to cut someone's neck without killing them instantly. The killer was able to avoid the most important veins and it was carefully cut. In Mikk's case, the blade had cut the throat harshly, spreading blood everywhere."

Lenalee furrowed her eyebrows. "Are you implying that it might've been an accident back at the rink?" she asked with confusion, "I mean, when you do pair skating, it is dangerous if you're not paying attention..." she continued, looking at Allen's sleeping face. But if it was an accident, why was Allen in this state?

"That's what we thought at first. That there was an accident at the training. Allen could've accidentally cut Tyki's throat while doing a special trick, whatever you call it, and panicked after he realized what happened," Komui said with puzzled voice, looking at Allen's bruises, "but we don't have enough evidence. No eye witnesses, no video tapes, just Allen who has possibly a concussion. We just have to hope he regains his memories from yesterday and today."

"Wait, Komui. Is Allen a suspect?" Lavi asked with confusion. He was so sure this could work out. Lavi was now sure that Allen was the one who killed Tyki, and this had to stay as a secret. Allen didn't belong to a prison. He was sure Allen was just guarding his life. Plus, Allen did a favor for him, actually.

"Why are you so confused? Allen has a motive and he was the last one to see Tyki alive. Lavi, don't get your heart mixed to this. We might need your observation skills later with Bookman so I really hope that you don't think too much with your heart now."

Lenalee got up from her chair. "Brother, don't drag Lavi into this! He has enough to worry about," she said, dragging his brother to the door. She was right now too tired to put up with his brother's ideas. "We know, that Bookman has helped the police a lot and Lavi too, but we really need to think what is important right now. And that is getting Allen fixed and ensuring our safety."

Lavi let out a deep sigh when Lenalee and Komui disappeared from the room. So Allen was still in the list of suspects. It wasn't surprising, really. But this could have some positive effect on Allen's side. Lavi rubbed Allen's hand, looking at his peaceful face. "I'm really sorry I had to do it buddy."

"Sorry?" Allen coughed a little, hissing at the pain on his neck. He stared at the red-haired bunny in front of him. "What... what happened?" he whispered quietly. Looking at Lavi's surprised face, Allen chuckled a little. He looked so funny when he was surprised. The chuckle died down quickly though. It hurt, and he was super confused.

Lavi huffed, not letting go of Allen's hand. Now he should explain, or lie, what had happened. "You and Tyki were assaulted. After you left the training hall yesterday, Tyki was killed. Today morning when I came to inform you, the lock of your door was busted and I saw you at the door step, bleeding. So I called an ambulance. And now we're here."

"Oh my god..." Allen whispered, covering his mouth. That's why he was here and his throat was killing him... Or maybe healing him, now that Allen thought about it again. It also explained why he didn't remember anything. "You... You saved my life..." Allen mumbled, touched by Lavi's antics, "I was so rude to you yesterday..."

"Wait. Do you remember something about yesterday?" Lavi asked taking a hold of Allen's chin gently. He stared right into his eyes. He would not miss out a single lie this time. "What do you remember?"

Allen jumped a little at Lavi's sudden outburst. "I remember having an argument with you... Then Tyki came to pick me up and he was acting really weird. After that we went to the ice rink and I don't remember anything anymore," Allen said truthfully and pursed his lips, "next thing I knew, I was here with you."

Lavi took a deep breath. So Tyki was acting weird? So it was very likely that Allen was defending himself, hit his head and left home in daze. That was only a possibility. "Everything will turn out okay Allen... You just need to rest now," Lavi promised. Maybe he was trying to convince himself, he wasn't really sure which it was.

Allen looked at Lavi's face. He felt weird. Like something was off. But he just guessed it was normal after everything he had been through. So he closed his eyes and did as Lavi told: rest. "Thank you... Rabi."

Lavi blinked in slight shock, and tore his eyes away from Allen. How did he knew his old name?

"We need a new pair for Allen."

Anita didn't give mercy. It had been three weeks after the assault at rink and now they were already back to their training programs. She was stressed beyond belief. The death of Tyki was already a tragedy but now they needed someone to fill his place also. "Bookman! I need a man skater, NOW."

Bookman grumbled, looking at his hockey team. Almost every single one of them hated figure skating and most of them wouldn't agree on anything he'd suggested... if it was about figure skating with another guy. Anita was trying to get someone from the team. "It can't just be anyone. He needs to know how to skate. Are you implying that...?" he asked in disbelief. This was going to be a big problem.

"Yes, I am implying exactly that. Your players already know how to skate fast. All we need to do is show them the elegant way of skating and little bit of our coaching! Please, Bookman. We need a player," Anita said, walking to the hockey players' rink. She was going to announce it with Lenalee. Maybe it could work that way. "Okay, maybe a little more than little bit of coaching."

Allen sighed quietly. His neck was still wrapped with bandage. They should've just cancelled the whole pair skating. Allen knew that Anita wanted to show them something extraordinary but losing Mikk was a huge tragedy at this point. It could've only worked between them, as much as Allen hated to say it. It was the only way at that time. He looked at the players' disgusted and terrified faces. "You know, Anita. I think we should stop thinking about that performance."

Anita snapped her head towards Allen. "You have suffered because of the performance. Tyki died. He would not like if we decided to drop out now. So we will not drop out. I will travel to another country if needed. We will do it. Lavi, get us a skater, now."

Lavi sighed. "Listen, Ms. Anita. We are hockey players, not figure skaters. I understand why the team doesn't want to cooperate on this one. It will kind of... ruin their reputation... I care about my team and I don't want to put them in hard situations. I think your skating team should have more guys than Allen?"

"I have chosen our new skater," Anita smiled to Bookman, pointing at his grandson, "Lavi will join our training right now. He has time to train for his own championships too after ours. It's just one show number. I won't be stealing his time from the ice hockey."

"HEY! I never agreed to do anything like that!" Lavi roared inside the rink, while the whole team was laughing at his misfortune, "I will not turn into one of those fancy ballerinas!" he complained as much as he could. He even put his best puppy face. "Panda, please, say something!"

"Watch your tongue!" Allen snapped at Lavi, grabbing the front of his shirt. He will not take that bullshit again. "First of all, this isn't some easy dancing you can do on your toes. Secondly, this is dead serious and dangerous. If my skate hits your balls, you're done. That is a very different from ice hockey when you have all these armors to guard you. Is this still one of your ballerina ideas?"

Lavi gulped. This Allen was sometimes so scary. But he was glad Allen was turning back to normal after everything that had happened. "You know, beansprout," he chuckled, "you might be turing me gay."

Anita hit Lavi's helmet. "Get your armors off. You can keep your helmet if you want to at first. I think it's better. We don't want anyone else to have concussions anymore. Are we clear?"

Bookman shook his head. Anita was powerful woman indeed. He glanced at Lavi's bickering with Allen. Maybe a little bit of figure skate training would improve Lavi's flexibility in hockey too. "Lavi, try to think what you can use in ice hockey too. Observe while learning. We might have an upper hand on spring."

After Lavi had changed into different ice skates, he got to ice and almost toppled over. "What the hell man?" he growled as he looked at the tips of blades. These were dangerous! His mind flashed back at what happened few weeks ago. He just had to trust Allen. It's not like he was scared or anything, but Allen almost chopped Tyki's head off and he doesn't even remember it. Good thing Komui and Cross had finally given up for now. One of the unsolved cases that they will open up later.

"Yeah... you have spikes in your skates now, Lavi," Allen said as he skated next to him. He looked at the taller boy in front of him. "You use them to perform different positions, spins or anything. You have to know how to use them, otherwise you will fall down just like that or you just... slide," he explained and smiled at Lavi's puzzled face. Allen was sure Lavi didn't understand a word he just said. "I'm sure you'll learn fast."

"Don't try to make me feel better," Lavi grinned, putting on the bandanna Allen had given on his birthday. He tried to make a small spin, but failed miserably. "Maybe you have to change that choreography a little," he suggested, glaring at the spikes, "I hate you... needle things."

Allen gave his hand to Lavi, laughing at his comments about the choreography and skates. "There is no need to do that. You can do the choreography perfectly by the end of december. I will bet my head for it."

Later that evening, both boys were sitting on Allen's sofa. Allen was sitting on Lavi's lap, face to face, chest to chest. The position looked rather suggesting, but that was the only way Allen was able to keep Lavi in one position. This bunny wasn't able to stay in place at all. The training had probably been way too harsh for him...


"Sorry," Allen mumbled as he pressed the ice bag more gentle way against Lavi's temple. Of course he had wanted to take the helmet off in the middle of training, saying he doesn't need it. Allen sighed. And now he had to nurse Lavi, because the little kid Lavi was. "You really did the spin in the end... But it didn't end nicely."

Lavi chuckled at Allen's small remark. The last spin was going so well and then the spike hit the ice and he fell. And of course, hit his head into the cold ice. "You're a good nurse," he smiled, looking Allen's face carefully, "but that concerned look makes you look too sad."

Allen quirked his eyebrow. "Do you want me to laugh at your pain?" he asked, moving the bag onto Lavi's bare shoulder. Bruises there too. "You're unbelievable."

"Does this mean our little fight is over?" Lavi asked from Allen, who seemed to smile little wider now. He hummed quietly when Allen started to laugh. It was for sure, a good sign.

"What fight?" Allen asked sweetly from Lavi. He decided to forget it too. Along with other bad things. "I don't want to remember anything bad anymore. I just want to cherish what is in front of me and what is waiting in the future. It's not like it was the first time someone tried to kill me," Allen said as he moved the ice bag to the other shoulder.

Lavi cringed a little. Figure skating sure was dangerous. "That was a good answer," Lavi admitted as he looked into Allen's silver orbs. The smaller boys was so warm compared to the ice bag on his shoulder. "Do you think I can be a good ballerina?"

"It's not ballet!" Allen moaned, hitting Lavi's head gently with his hand. Very gently. "Idiot. Don't make me hit you again," he chuckled quietly, dropping the ice bag on Lavi's bare stomach on purpose. "Oops."

"Shit that's cold take it off!"

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