She tried to ignore the feel of his eyes on her as she lathered sunscreen onto her unsurprisingly pale skin. It wouldn't do to get a sunburn, but she was starting to wonder what was so captivating about her motions.

"S-senpai?" Mirai mumbled as she squared herself to face him on her towel, hoping that the blush in her cheeks could be chalked up to sun exposure. It was an exceptionally sunny day at the beach, after all.

Akihito didn't even bother to look ashamed of his blatant staring. "Yeah?" His eyes remained stuck to her, though they seemed to be glued to her face instead of the skin she rarely showed off. That was both a comfort and a disappointment.

Perplexed by his thoughts - and especially by the strange expression on his face - she extended the sunscreen to him. "You need some of this, right? That's why you're staring at me?"

He hesitated a moment before taking the bottle out of her small hand. His fingers brushed against hers slightly and she still couldn't help but be in awe of the ease he seemed to have around her. For most of her life, people gave her a ten-foot bubble and obviously displayed an aversion to any physical touch when it happened on accident or couldn't be helped. The fact that Akihito seemed completely unfazed by her dangerous ability, even if he was immortal, always left her in a bit of shock.

"Thanks," he supplied warmly, though he suddenly frowned at her. "Where are your glasses, Kuriyama-san?"

"Eh?" The question was so abrupt that she was thrown off guard. "I left them at home. I didn't want to lose them in the water."

His expression became stricken. "You don't have them with you?"

She glowered and turned her eyes to the children playing in the waves, deliberately refusing to look at him. "Isn't that what I just told you, Senpai?"

There was a moment of silence and she sat there with her knees curled to her chest on the blanket, an umbrella casting shade over their spot on the sand. She knew that he wasn't done - he could barely hold his tongue when it came to glasses, the obsessive idiot - and so she sat in anticipation, daring him to say a word.

He was so predictable. "You look weird without them."

With a loud sigh, she stretched out her legs and pointed her toes tot the surf, willing him to look at something other than the place where his one true love would be perched on her face. She was in a bikini for crying out loud! "You're seriously unpleasant."

To her surprise, he smothered a chuckle at the dark expression on her face. "Today, I guess my bespectacled beauty is merely a beauty."

Her cheeks began to brighten with color again but she easily kept her scowl in place. "Nice try."

A smile broke across his face and he stood. "I respect your decision for keeping them safe, Kuriyama-san."

She huffed. "Is that all you care about? My glasses?"

"Of course not," he rebuffed instantly, extending a hand down to her. "I'm exceptionally fond of your glasses, but I like you. Admittedly, the two of you make a good pair."

She made it look like she was reluctant to take his hand, but, again, his open invitation for physical contact with her made her thrill with anticipation. Senpai was such a warm person, despite everything that he had to deal with as a half-youmu. She could feel the heat of him run up the length of her arm as he pulled her to her feet.

"Let's go for a swim," he suggested eagerly.

Mirai was glad that she'd applied the sunscreen earlier, and tried to keep her thoughts present instead of dwelling on the fact that Akihito was still holding her hand.