A/N: A jealous, jealous Kuriyama.

Mirai glares pointedly at Kanbara as she marches off the set in her costume; the leotard doesn't cover enough of her flushed skin, hot with the glow of the stage lights. It's bad enough that he's the one buying these pictures of her (the only one who buys them), but it's downright embarrassing when he shows up to watch her model for the camera himself, watching with a calculated expression in the shadows of the room as if he's judging her.

She tells herself that's the reason for her anger, not because of the photos of other bespectacled beauties she found in his apartment when he invited her over for dinner last night, though.

"What're you doing here?" she asks bitterly, holding her arms against herself as he approaches with a smile.

"Here to pick up the next batch of photos," he replies with a wink. "I liked how your glasses were crooked in those last few shots; very charming. Cute cat ears, by the way."

"You're unpleasant," she snaps, her face growing rosy. He pisses her off so much! The palpitations of her heart increase as he leans against her dressing stall door, making the path to her clothes impassable. She reels back before she can bump into him, her head spinning because he smells good and it makes her mad. "Move."

He grins at her as if he can read her mind and she only becomes more rosy in the face. "Sure." Though he remains absolutely still.

She continues to scowl at him and its unfair because he seems to enjoy seeing her irritated.

"You're mad at me," he says suddenly, though confusion tinges the open expression on his face.

"What was your first clue?" she hisses. "Move, Kanbara."

"Tell me why you're mad and I'll move." He seems genuinely concerned about the fact that she's angry and it only ignites her temper further. How dense is he?

"I'm mad that you don't know why I'm mad." Her tongue is quick as a whip and she pushes the hair back behind her ear sharply. His body is still relaxed against the door, as though all the confusion he feels only creates the tension in his expression. Her heart trips over Kanbara as he reaches up to rub the back of his neck, pouting and quizzical as he averts his gaze to the side.

"Geez, I don't know what your problem is at all," he mutters, his eyes flickering back to her.

"Move," she demands.

With a hefty sigh - the sound is so pathetically mournful that she rolls her eyes - he steps away from the dressing stall and stuffs his hands into the pockets of his uniform. She sniffs and marches past, slamming the door behind her and turning the lock. She's slipping angrily out of the thigh-highs when he speaks.

"Is it because I buy all the cute photos of you?" he asks. His voice is muffled as though he's got his mouth close to the seam of the door, quiet enough that it disarms her a bit. She didn't think it would bother him this much; she's always irritated with him, in one way or another.

"That's unpleasant, but its not the issue here." Even she recognizes that its an outright admission that knowing he has photos of her doesn't bother her at all. It makes her blush, makes her feel annoyed with both herself and him, because it wasn't supposed to turn out this way.

"Kuriyama, you gotta give me something to go off of here."

She forgets completely that she's in a terribly exposing state of undress and unlocks the door, throwing it open to scowl at him. "Go away. Go home. Go fawn over your pictures of pretty girls in glasses. I don't want you here."

He's staring at her with wide eyes, unmoving and she follows his gaze when it flicks downward. Her face fills with color as she realizes that all she's wearing is the black leotard and she slams the door again, frantically turning the lock and leaning back against the wood, her heart sprinting, her breath shallow.

"Kuriyama," he says, but his voice is crooked somehow, as though the sight of her fractured it. She groans as she presses the heels of her hands to her forehead, wondering how much of a mess she must look like. Her hair is mussed, clothes nearly nonexistent, makeup smudged, glasses askew. A perfect disaster.

"You're the only pretty girl in glasses I fawn over," he tells her and he sounds transparently honest.

"Liar," she mutters loud enough for him to hear. "I saw those pictures last night."

There is a beat of silence and then he's incredulous and she feels the blood rushing to her face in full force. "Kuriyama, are you jealous?"

She gapes like a fish out of water, her jaw moving a few times before sound actual comes out. "N-N-N-No!"

"Open the door." He's quiet.

Her heart is beating so fast that her chest aches."N-No."

"Open the door."

"Go a-away."

"Open the door."

"You're unpleasant," she murmurs, but she's turned around and her hand rests on the door knob.

"Open the door."

She takes a deep breath, and unlocks the door before stepping away, her back against the wall. The flustered part of her is angry that she's listening to him but another part wonders what he's going to say. What his face looks like right now.

"I'm n-n-not jealous," she says.

The knob turns and Kanbara steps into the room, shutting the door behind him.

"Hiroomi dropped those pictures off as a joke, you know," he tells her immediately, turning to meet her eyes with a gaze that makes her feel warm down to her toes.

She rolls her eyes, but she can't deny to herself that she doesn't feel a bit relieved. "I don't care."

"You don't look so angry anymore," Kanbara observes after a silent moment. She shrugs noncommittally, still blushing, afraid to open her mouth at this point. "You know, I know that you're new at this dating thing, but so am I," he says softly. "If you've got a problem with something I'm doing you ought to tell me."

Mirai feels short of breath as he steps closer to her. "Y-You should throw away those pictures, then," she says in a tone that she means to sound blase, but only comes off as nervous.

He grins. "You are jealous."


"It's kind of hot," he says.

Her blush deepens as her eyebrows draw in even more sharply. "Y-You - !"

He touches her face, and his hand feels hot and she loses her train of thought, suddenly, swallowing the sudden jump of her heart. "I'm unpleasant, right?"

She's weak in the knees, painfully aware of her current outfit. "Unbearably," she breathes out obstinately.

His smile turns crooked and adorable. "Good. Under your skin is exactly where I want to be," he says as he fingers the strap of the leotard. "You're unpleasant yourself, you know that? What were you trying to achieve by letting me in here in this kind of getup? Don't tell me you're being lewd."

She thumps a fist against his chest. "Y-Y-You're so - !"

He turns cheeky. "Unpleasant, right?"

She could scream she's so frustrated. "G-Get out. So I can get dressed."

"Need any help?"

"K-Kanbara, I swear to -"

His mouth presses against hers lightly, so much of a feather touch that she's not sure he's kissed her. She stares at him with her angry eyebrows and her pout, drinking in how soft his eyes are when he's looking at her as he pulls away, feeling unexpectedly drunk off the attention. "You know you're the only bespectacled beauty for me, don't you, Kuriyama?"

"Yes, of course," she replies and her voice is much smaller than she means for it to be. "Doesn't mean I like the thought of you looking at other girls with glasses."

He cradles her face with both of his hands. "I told you those were Hiroomi's."

"But you had them."

"The instant I get home I'll throw them out."

She honestly expected more of a fight. "Even though they're pretty girls in glasses?"

He grins at her and leans down until their noses touch. "Why would I need pictures of pretty girls in glasses when the prettiest girl in glasses I know is my girlfriend?"

She blinks at him and then sighs as he pulls her against him. "You always say the right things," she mumbles. It's unfair - pissing her off and then saying things that make her feel like being close to him is the only thing that matters. He drives her crazy.

"Get dressed," he replies gently and then kisses her, a little harder this time. "I'm hungry."

She follows his mouth to kiss him again, knowing that the moment she reaches up to clutch the back of his neck is the moment that they both lose it. Instead, she keeps her hands in tight fists by her side and separates from him, lingering for a moment before slapping him off.

"Get out, then," she says snappishly.

"You sure you don't need any help?" he asks, his hand on the doorknob.

She scowls and removes the cat ears headband, throwing it at him. He cringes away from the accessory with a laugh and leaves the room. The door shuts softly behind him.