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Kise stepped out of the modeling studio, having just finished another one of his photo sessions. Ever since his swimsuit shoot, his popularity had skyrocketed and nearly every teen magazine wanted his face (not to mention, his body) on their covers. Of course, with the increase in fame also came an increase in responsibility... which was why, rather than going to his home to relax as he would've liked, he was having to make a stop at the bookstore to pick up a practice book for math instead.

Earlier that day, his manager had warned him about his studies. As if it wasn't bad enough to have his teachers nagging him, now his modeling career depended on his grades, too! It was frustrating, but he knew that what his manager had told him was no exaggeration.

"You really need to put forth a serious effort... you have a lot of jobs scheduled after your exams, and remedial classes will take up too much of your time..."

Basketball and his usual classes were already consuming more of his time than his agency would have liked, considering the fact that he was their new up-and-coming star. It was important for him to keep a well-balanced schedule if he wanted to be a model, athlete, and student all at once. In addition, any failure on his part reflected poorly on the agency he represented. Of course, it went without saying that he was expected to make decent grades. What would his fans think if their role model was hopeless at school? It just didn't fit well with his 'perfect' image at all.

Perfect... how Kise had grown to detest that word. And yet, it was always used to describe him. In basketball, he was called the 'Perfect Copy,' giving him no excuse to mess up. In the modeling world, he earned fame for having 'perfect' looks, meaning he could never be caught looking anything less than flawless in front of others. The truth was, he didn't feel perfect at all. He knew he was just like everyone else, even if it felt like the whole world had such high expectations of him.

'Well, maybe not Kurokocchi...' he thought with a slight smile.

Kuroko was the one person who Kise was sure would never kiss-up to him or put him on a pedestal. For as long as they had known each other, Kuroko always acted indifferent towards the other boy. When he wasn't ignoring Kise, he would be chiding him with straight-faced lines such as, "You've really gotten weak since middle school" or "You can't act so childish in front of others, Kise-kun." Strangely enough, it was kind of comforting to think that no matter how popular the model got, Kuroko's attitude towards him remained the same.

'Hm... I wonder what he could be doing now...'

It had already been some time since he last saw his former teammate. Thinking back to that day, Kise hadn't realized how absent-minded he must have seemed, carelessly leaving his schoolbag in his friend's room. He hadn't realized he was missing something until he was already at the door of his own house... how embarrassing! Of course, Kuroko scolded him for it, telling the blond that he really needed to be more careful with his own belongings.

'Maybe I do need to focus more,' Kise thought, chuckling at the memory.

Before entering the bookstore, the model yanked a knitted cap over his hair and hid his eyes behind a pair of dark sunglasses. There seemed to be a fairly large crowd at the store today, and he didn't want to risk being recognized.

Upon entering the store, the sound of enthusiastic chatter filled his ears.

"Oh my gosh, it's him!"

"Wow, he looks so hot!"

Kise quickly hid himself behind a shelf, wondering if he had been recognized by some fangirls. When the squealing continued, he cautiously peeked his head out, only to realize that the girls' attention was being directed towards a celebrity style magazine.

'Oh, that's right! The new issue just came out!'

Unsurprisingly, the latest issue of the magazine was gaining plenty of attention. The cover featured Kise modeling a pair of fitted black jeans, giving his signature smile to the camera while eagerly showing off his upper-body. Inside the magazine were even more photos of him in the same pair of jeans, doing various playful and seductive poses, as well as some shots of different outfits by the same designer brand. In addition to the photos was an article about "Japan's favorite new idol," plus an exclusive interview on his life and future career plans. Any devoted fangirl would be sure to make it a part of their collection.

Kise let out a small smile. Even if he wasn't in the mood to humor his fangirls today, he still appreciated the fact that they enjoyed his magazines and bought them with such dedication. Suddenly, in the corner of his eye, he noticed someone... someone who wouldn't be easily noticed by others, but who he could not mistake for anyone else in the world.

'Kurokocchi...?!' his mind shouted, unable to believe the sight before his eyes.

Sure enough, the Seirin player was there, his lack of presence preventing those around him from noticing a very out-of-place boy between the many rows of female-targeted magazines. Unalarmed by the squealing hoard of fangirls, he walked to where the new magazines were, picked up a copy, and began to flip through it.

"K-Kurokocchi... Kurokocchi is... reading it?!" Kise quietly stammered to himself.

Suddenly, he felt self-conscious. He never thought Kuroko would read one of his magazines and see all of his photos and interview responses. It was one thing for fangirls to read those magazines, but... 'Kurokocchi' was different! It was too embarrassing to wonder what Kuroko must have thought about his seductive poses and fanservice-y responses. Kise imagined that he was probably scolding the model in his mind, wondering why he wasted his time posing for silly magazines rather than dedicating more of it to improving his basketball skills... maybe then, Kuroko would be able to take the Kaijou player's attitude more seriously.

'Sorry, Kurokocchi, but I need to keep the fans happy!' Kise mentally apologized, his face red at the thought of Kuroko's judgmental gaze on his photographs.

Just then, he noticed that Kuroko was no longer there. He blinked his eyes and scanned the crowd, wondering where the shadow player could have gone off to. Perhaps Kise's mind had been playing tricks on him all along.

"Right, there's no way he would be there..."

As his voice trailed off, he noticed a figure standing next to him, holding a shopping bag in his hands.

"K-Kurokocchi?!" he cried out in surprise. He looked down at the bag in the other male's hands, barely able to make out the magazine's cover through the plastic.

Kuroko lifted a finger to his lips.

"You don't want to call any unwanted attention to yourself, right?" the smaller male said, glancing over at the fangirls.

Kise nodded before lowering his tone of voice.

"Ah... I was just surprised to see Kurokocchi buying my magazine," said Kise, chuckling.

"A lot of people buy magazines with your face on it," Kuroko pointed out, as if Kise had been too slow to ever notice that before.

"Well, yeah, but..."

"Then?" He cocked his head to one side, giving the model a blank stare.

What Kise had wanted to add was that the people who mostly bought his magazines were girls. However, no matter what Kuroko's reason was, the model couldn't help but feel that bringing something like that to his attention would make the mood unnecessarily awkward. After all, he was the only one making a big deal out of it... it was better just to drop the subject, right? Still, his curiosity was killing him.


"Well, I'll leave you to your shopping, then..." Kuroko finally said before leaving through the door.

"Wait, Kurokocchi!"

Kuroko turned around, giving the model a puzzled look. Kise himself wasn't quite sure what he wanted to say.

"Um... I was just going to buy a practice book for the upcoming math exam... but if there's a copy of it at your house, I don't have to waste my money on a new one!"

"That's true..." Kuroko said, not slowing down his pace.

Kise continued to walk by his side, stuffing the cap and sunglasses into his pockets once they were far away enough from the store.

"You're heading home now, right? I can just look for it in your room real quick!"

"Kise-kun... it's bad manners to invite yourself over like that..."

"Come on, Kurokocchi!" the model sulked. "We're friends, right? It's not a big deal!"


Kise wondered how Kuroko could still have that calm and distant expression, as if he truly hadn't done anything out of the ordinary. Again, he felt like asking about the magazine, but wasn't quite sure how to begin. 'Are you my fan? Do you like my clothes? Are you curious about what I do?' No matter how Kise tried to start in his mind, none of the questions seemed like they fit what could really be going through Kuroko's thoughts. He knew that if he tried one of those questions on him, the blue-haired boy would just reply with a flat "No" or "Stop joking, Kise-kun." This was something he wouldn't reveal easily, leaving the blond to go over the possibilities more and more in his mind. If only he could figure it out...

Finally, they reached Kuroko's home. The same as last time, it was empty, save for the two basketball players. After putting the bag down, Kuroko led his guest to the bookshelf.

"Thanks, Kurokocchi!"

"No problem," the smaller male mumbled in response, stepping away for Kise to scan through the titles. He took a seat on the floor, watching as the taller athlete began his search.

After a few minutes of looking, Kise came to the disappointing conclusion that none of the books seemed to be the one he needed.

"I guess you don't have it... hm... oh! Maybe somewhere else?"

"It wouldn't be anywhere else..." mumbled Kuroko from his spot on the floor.

"I'll just check, anyway!"

It was always possible that Kuroko had misplaced it, and it was getting too late to go back to the bookstore or try to borrow it from someone else. Without paying any mind to his friend, Kise began checking the rest of the room.

'Wait... it looks like there's something behind here...' he realized, noticing something peeking out from behind the shelf. Perhaps the book he needed had fallen there when the room was last cleaned. But as he kneeled down and reached behind the shelf, he realized that it wasn't the practice book he needed... rather, it was a magazine with his face on it.

'My beach photoshoot?!'

As he pulled it out, he realized there were some other magazines back there, too... all recent ones, featuring Kise on the front.

"Um, Kurokocchi...?" Kise began, pulling the magazines out from their hiding place.

He turned to look over at the seated boy, only to be met with the same, silent gaze as usual. Kise hesitated, unsure of what to say.

"Wow, I had no idea you were... such a big fan of my work!" he suddenly cried out. "So that's why you were buying my magazine today, too! It's really surprising, but... I guess you really do have an interest in what I do besides basketball!"

Though it was unreal to think about, he couldn't help but to feel somewhat flattered by the thought.

"You should've told me earlier!" he continued rambling on excitedly. "I could've gotten you free copies of these! Well, I guess it's not too late to still autograph them for you, right?"

"Kise-kun, don't be ridiculous..."

"What? I was wrong? But if you're not one of my fans, then why else...?"

Suddenly, it hit Kise.

"Kurokocchi... does this mean you like... me? "

Just saying it outloud felt unbelievable. As far as Kise was aware of, Kuroko had never showed interest in anyone else. The 'Kurokocchi' he knew never looked at girls... or boys, for that matter. So why would he have an interest in Kise? Before he could continue wondering about it, the Seirin player spoke up.

"I... I don't know how to describe it," he mumbled. "The Kise-kun I know from basketball doesn't normally give me any unusual thoughts... but seeing you in photographs makes me feel... different."

'Different?' Kise pondered over the word. 'He couldn't mean...!'

"Kise-kun, you're making a strange face."

"S-sorry, Kurokocchi, it's just...! I didn't think you thought about me in that way!"

"I don't," said Kuroko, shaking his head. "Only when I see you like that." He pointed to the magazines in Kise's hands. "But I know the real you isn't as..."

"As what? Sexy? Sophisticated? Mature? Charming? That's really mean to say, Kurokocchi!"

"You said it, not me..."

"But, that's definitely what you were thinking, right?! That's what everyone thinks! Ugh!"

He dropped the magazines abruptly and shoved them away, unable to stand the sight of his artificial 'model-self' anymore. From the way the blond was sulking, there was no way anyone would believe he was the same cool and handsome young man as the one in featured on the front of popular magazines.

'Of course I can't be as perfect as my own photographs...' he thought miserably.

Kise hated to be beaten, but it was even worse when he realized he had been beaten by his own self. Kneeling on the floor with tears lining his eyes, he had on the same helpless look as if he had just lost a decisive basketball match. He really felt hopeless, but what else could he do? Wait... perhaps there was still a chance to prove Kuroko wrong.

"Well... I can be sexy in real life, too, you know!" Kise suddenly huffed.

Kuroko gave him a puzzled look, wondering just what on earth the blond was talking about.

"I... can give you even better feelings than a stupid picture..."

"What are you...?" Kuroko began to ask, but was caught off-guard by the sight of the model suddenly standing up.

Kise hesitated for a few moments. He still wasn't quite sure what he was doing. Without wanting to think about it for too long, he began to unbutton his shirt. Although he had taken his shirt off around him plenty of times before in the Teikou locker room, it felt a bit strange doing it now. Still, he would rather have someone look at his 'real' self, rather than a photo in a magazine. He wasn't quite sure if he fully understood Kuroko's feelings, but he knew that whatever feelings he had were directed towards a fake. He wanted Kuroko to see the real him, and then decide if he still felt the same way. If not, then the Seirin player would be left lusting after an unattainable illusion forever. Kise couldn't stand the thought of leaving things that way. Even if the whole world went on doing the same thing... he couldn't let Kuroko fall under the same spell.

Once his shirt was off, the blond remained as silent and serious as if he were doing an actual photoshoot. He leaned his body against the floor right in front of Kuroko, propping his head up with one elbow and giving a small smirk to the nonexistent camera. If he pretended he was just doing another advertisement for jeans, his pose and lack of shirt didn't feel too out of place. He could just think of it as another type of modeling job. However, despite his best attempts to seem as calm and collected now as he did in photoshoots, there was a slightly strained expression on his face. He couldn't help but to feel somewhat awkward, even if he had done similar poses in front of a camera before. Sure, it was one thing to take his shirt off for a magazine, but this was a totally different situation! Having only one pair of eyes looking at him just felt... weird... especially if he thought too long about who they belonged to. He couldn't help but to wonder just how long his dear 'Kurokocchi' had been keeping his perverted side a secret.

Without saying a word, Kuroko reached his hand over to Kise's chest, looking as if he were in a trance.

"K-Kurokocchi?" the blond stammered.

The other male said nothing. Instead, he brushed his fingers over the model's muscles, his movements as faint as a ghost's. Though his mouth remained a thin, flat line, his eyes were smoldering with an intense lust that the usually reserved boy had never shown in front of his friend before.

Kuroko added more force to his touch, pushing down on Kise's chest with both hands, so that the model was laying with his back flat against the floor. He climbed into his lap, surprising his friend with his forcefulness.

"Kurokocchi..." he whined again.

Kise bit back a slight moan as his former teammate continued to explore his upper body with his hands. Even from such light movements, he was beginning to feel his body heat up. After all, he had never had someone touch him in this way before.

Kuroko seemed fascinated by the sight of Kise's body this close. Deciding to be a little bolder with his movements, he pushed against one of the model's nipples with his finger. The sudden touch sent a pleasurable jolt through Kise's body. He bit his lip, feeling his face embarrassingly heat up under Kuroko's mesmerized gaze. Enjoying the reaction he elicited from the blond, Kuroko began to curiously tease the other nipple as well.

'I never thought Kurokocchi was this lewd...!' Kise's mind screamed. But no matter how 'lewd' he found it, it was also incredibly arousing. Who would have guessed that the straight-faced basketball player knew how to do such things? Most people simply assumed he was as innocent as he seemed on the outside.

Without warning, Kuroko's hands traveled downwards, earning a surprised reaction from the model.

"K-Kurokocchi?! What are you doing?!"

"What do you think I'm doing?" Kuroko responded in his straight-faced way, even with his hands resting just slightly over Kise's bulge.

"But...!" the blond continued to protest, but was soon cut off.

"I want to see every part of Kise-kun's body."

Having come this far, there was no use in hiding what he really wanted. It was now or never. With the object of his lust right in front of him, he could no longer deny himself the urge to touch every inch of his body, even the parts that other guys were not supposed to show an interest in.

Taking his stunned silence as permission to keep going, Kuroko undid his pants and began stroking him.

"Kurokocchi...!" the model cried out.

'His hand feels really good...' thought Kise, blushing furiously as his friend continued to touch him.

"Aren't you enjoying this, Kise-kun?" asked Kuroko in his calm, direct voice.

Kise stammered over his words for a few seconds before finally blubbering out something that barely resembled a 'yes.' Kuroko continued his movements, his eyes never leaving the model's face. He wished he could etch this scene into his memory forever... a scene that no camera could ever attempt to capture perfectly. Without a doubt, no magazine would be enough after this. He was quickly falling under the spell of what the real Kise was like... a Kise that no one else had ever seen, and that he longed to keep for himself. Each time he bit his lip, turned his head, or whimpered for his 'Kurokocchi' to keep going, the blue-haired male found himself needing to elicit even more delicious reactions from the pretty-faced athlete. He quickened his pace, causing the model to buck into his hand and moan louder.

"Ah, Kurokocchi..."

Even with his mind in a pleasurable haze, Kise realized that he hadn't touched Kuroko at all. He moved his hand to the front of the other male's pants.

"Don't you need help with this?" teased Kise.

Kuroko gave Kise a somewhat surprised look. Kise wanted to touch him? He couldn't imagine why the blond would want to do such a thing. He didn't think Kise had any feelings towards him... certainly, he didn't think his physical appearance elicited lust in others the way the model's body did. But he thought wrong.

Kise couldn't help but notice just how attractive Kuroko was up-close, especially when showing his forceful side. Sure, there were a few times when he thought Kuroko was 'cute,' the way someone might think of their little brother, but that was all. Kuroko was smaller than him, with puppyish eyes and a sweet face, so he'd have to be lying if he said he didn't find those characteristics adorable. He never thought anything of it. But now, seeing that same 'cute' athlete do such erotic things made Kise want to give him the same sort of pleasure he was receiving from him. He didn't want to be the only one losing control... he wanted to see if he could make the usually icy Kuroko melt as well.

Although he felt himself aching for release, he didn't want to finish before getting a look at Kuroko's body. Kise gently lowered Kuroko from his lap onto the floor and straddled him, switching their positions. By now, the smaller male had a slight blush creeping on his face. Kise couldn't resist planting a kiss on one of the reddened cheeks before he began to take off the other male's clothes.

"Kurokocchi has a very nice body..." Kise purred.

Though it got way less attention than Kise's body, the blue-haired boy's figure was plenty attractive. It was hard to deny the temptation of his smooth skin and lean muscles... even for Kise, who never thought he'd be looking at a guy that way.

"Don't say strange things, Kise-kun..." Kuroko mumbled.

"But it's true, Kurokocchi!" the blond insisted.

Kuroko wasn't sure whether to take Kise seriously or not. To him, it just sounded like another one of Kise's exaggerations. He was always mindlessly spouting nonsense about his wonderful 'Kurokocchi.' Why would this be an exception? Still, he knew that if Kise didn't mean it, he wouldn't be touching him as intimately as he was now. The Seirin player let out a slight gasp as the other male pressed his lips against his nipple.


The shorter athlete suddenly shut his eyes and turned his face away. While feeling like a huge pervert himself, it had never crossed his mind that an 'honest guy' like Kise could possess a perverted side as well.

'So cute!' thought Kise to himself. He sucked on the hardened nub, watching with satisfaction as Kuroko did his best to maintain control.

Kise began pumping Kuroko's lower half.

"Ah...!" he cried out.

Kuroko never imagined he could feel such a sense of pleasure. He knew that if this continued, he'd be sent over the edge soon. Not wanting it to end yet, he creaked open his bleary eyes and pushed a hand against Kise's chest, pausing the taller male's movements.



Kise looked at the Seirin athlete with concern. Had he done something wrong?

"There's... there's something I wanted to try..."

Though it was tempting to allow Kise to finish him off, there was something Kuroko felt curious about. It was something that he had fantasized about plenty of times before, but never thought could actually happen until now. Even now, there was still the chance Kise would refuse... but having come this far, he would feel more regret if he didn't ask.

"In the nightstand..."

Before he could complete his sentence, Kise was already there. He opened the nightstand and noticed there was a small bottle of lubricant inside. It was something Kuroko had gotten for himself recently, when he realized that just stroking himself was no longer enough.

"K-Kurokocchi, you mean... you want to go all the way?!" he cried, eyes widened at the thought.

Kuroko gave a silent nod.

'Well, if that's what Kurokocchi wants... it's not like I've never been curious about this sort of thing before, either, but...'

"Er, I don't really know what to do..." Kise admitted, embarrassed.

Despite being the calmer of the two, Kuroko was just as inexperienced and nervous as Kise was. He wasn't quite sure how sex between two guys felt like... but he did know a little about what was supposed to happen, and had tried to imagine what it would be like doing that kind of stuff with the model who sparked his lust. He recalled images of himself from just a couple nights before: laid out on his bed, holding one of his magazines open to a photograph of half-naked Kise with his one hand, while the lotion-slicked fingers of his other hand jabbed against his entrance.

"I'll show you."

Kuroko took the bottle from Kise's hand. Without wanting to meet eyes with the other male, he laid down on his bed and spread the contents over his own entrance. He could feel his cheeks burning as the blond watched him... after all, it was hard not to feel awkward doing this sort of thing in front of another person, especially a person who up until recently was nothing more to him than a friend. But the lust burning in him was overpowering any shame he might feel. Thinking about how amazing it would feel to actually have Kise inside of him was enough to make him bear the humiliation he was putting himself through.

When he felt that he had used enough, the blue-haired athlete put the bottle aside. He then pushed a pair of moist fingers inside of himself, whimpering slightly at the intrusion.

"L-like this," Kuroko instructed shakily, peeking up at him before removing his fingers.

Kise felt like he had to be in a dream. He would have never imagined Kuroko looking as sinfully appetizing as he did now. He wondered how many times the smaller male had done this to himself, not to mention, how many times he must have fantasized about Kise while doing so. How he regretted not finding out about this side to 'Kurokocchi' sooner!

Kise positioned himself so he was face-to-face with Kuroko on the bed. With an eager expression on his face, he took the bottle and spread some lotion on his fingers before gently urging them into the Seirin player.

"Ah, K-Kise...!" Kuroko panted out.

Encouraged by the sweet sounds he was making, Kise pushed them in deeper. Kuroko let out another moan, wrapping his arms around the larger male. He still couldn't believe how everything Kise did to him filled him with so much pleasure, even more than when he had done similar things to his own body.

After feeling sufficiently stretched out by Kise's digits, Kuroko decided he couldn't wait any longer.

"K-Kise-kun, I'm ready," he said.

Though it was tempting to continue playing with his 'Kurokocchi,' Kise realized that he too could barely resist waiting any longer. He removed his fingers, only to replace them with a larger body part.

"Ngh...!" Kuroko cried out, tightening his grip on Kise's back.

Feeling Kise enter him was better than anything he could have imagined. Though it had started out as an unusual sensation, the pleasure began to gradually build up, making Kuroko feel unlike ever before.

Kise let out a deep grunt as he felt himself around Kuroko's warm entrance. Again, he regretted having missed out on this for so long. The Seirin player had such a tight little body, it was taking all of the self-control Kise had to refrain from plunging into it too hastily. No... he wanted to enjoy his sweet blue-haired admirer for as long as he could, taking his time as he filled his needy body with slow and gentle thrusts.

"K-Kurokocchi..." Kise groaned.

He thrust a hand in between their bodies, reaching for the smaller athlete's neglected manhood. Kuroko let out a delicious sound as the other male rubbed his front. He know it was impossible to prolong the feeling for much longer, but he wished the pleasure Kise was giving him would last forever.

"Nghh, K-Kise..." he began shakily. "I'm..."

One final plunge was all it took to send Kuroko's body into pure ecstasy. He let out a final cry before releasing into Kise's hand. Kise followed only seconds afterwards, holding his 'Kurokocchi' tightly as pleasure washed over his body. Once it was over with, he detached from the shorter male's body and laid down next to him, feeling somewhat breathless after the intense activity.

"Ah, Kurokocchi... that was really good," said Kise. With a warm smile, he placed a tender kiss on the other male's forehead. From Kuroko's sated expression, the blond could tell that he felt the same.

"Mhmm..." was all Kuroko responded with.

"That's all you have to say, Kurokocchi?" Kise pouted slightly. "Aren't you going to tell me how much better the real thing is?" He couldn't help but to smirk slightly, confident that Kuroko had to agree.

"You talk too much, Kise-kun."

"Eh?!" the blond wailed.

Shaking his head, Kuroko added, "You truly are helpless."

Kise's face fell at the straight-faced boy's cold words.

'Oh no... maybe I disappointed him!'

He thought back to their encounter from only a few minutes ago and began to go over what could have gone wrong. Maybe Kuroko had wanted someone more experienced... maybe he thought Kise made embarrassing faces... maybe he was starting to regret it. Just the thought of having let down the fellow athlete made Kise's eyes well up.

"Don't be mean, Kurokocchi..."

"It's true..." With just the faintest hint of a smile, he added, "...but I think I could get used to it after all."

As the blond hugged him tearfully, Kuroko realized something: this was the Kise he wanted to be with. His Kise. The Kise that cried when 'Kurokocchi' rejected him, the Kise that still longed for the nostalgic schooldays they spent together... this was the Kise that warmed his heart, that filled him with emotions he never felt before. Sure, he could be childish, careless, and over-the-top... but deep down, Kuroko knew he wouldn't change a single thing about him. As long as he had his Kise, he didn't need anything else in the world.