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Chapter One

Darry- 4

Sodapop- A few minutes old

Darry was bored. Ms. Rapstead buried her face in a house renting magazine as he stared at a hairy mole on her nose. She had started coming to his house ever since his mother got pregnant. Or, as Darry liked to put it, ever since she swallowed a basketball. The woman peered down at him behind her glasses.

"What are you looking at?"

Darry shrugged. Mrs. Rapstead huffed and tugged at her tight skirt, muttering about immature children. Darry wished he knew where his mother had gone, and his father too. All of a sudden she had started yelling something about a baby, and Mr. Curtis had driven them all here. That was all he remembered.

Darry wrinkled his nose. The whole place smelled of nasty medicine. A few minutes passed, and he started watching the people to kill time. A tall man and a brown-haired girl complained about stomach pains. A woman that looked like his mother -basketball and all- and her husband were rushed down the hall. This was incredibly boring. Darry stared at the floor. It was so shiny. So white. So… slideable. The young boy grinned as an idea formed in his head. As Mrs. Rapstead began to snore, Darry pulled off his shoes and slipped them under the plastic chair. He padded past some nurses huddled over the front desk and some more pushing carts. Then, he started sliding. This felt wonderful. Nurses shouted and stepped out of the way. Now someone was paying attention to him! Darry felt an extra charge of energy, filling every limb of his body until he could burst-

"Oof!" Darry ran into something large and firm. "Sorry," he mumbled, and looked up. His face turned red. It was his father, who couldn't help but chuckle.

"Well, son, were you having fun?" he asked.

"Yeah, sorry," Darry admitted. "I was really bored, and-"

"It's all right. Come with me, Darry. There's someone I'd like you to meet," Mr. Curtis returned gently. Darry gulped. Was this about the baby his parents were always talking about? His father led him into a big room with lots of machines and a big, metal framed bed. There was his mother! He scurried over to her excitedly, but when he reached her side, he noticed she was holding a blue blanket with something inside. What on earth was it?

"That must be the baby," Darry concluded, earning laughter from the others in the room.

"That's right, Darry," Mrs. Curtis softly. "This is your baby brother, Sodapop."

"Sodapop?!" Darry exclaimed as surprise rippled across his face, but soon it turned to interest as he added, "That's a cool name!" He was beginning to like this baby already.

"Would you like to hold your new brother, Darry?" his mother asked. Darry nodded, and Mr. Curtis helped him hold Soda, showing him how to properly support his head. Darry was surprised at how little the baby weighed, and how dark his blue eyes were- the doctor explained they were eventually going to turn brown as he left babyhood- and how wiggly he was. Sodapop lifted his arms and waved them about, as if grasping something magical and unseen. I've got a brother now, Darry thought in awe. He traced the baby's cheek with his finger. And then, as if by magic, the corners of Soda's mouth lifted up ever so slightly, as if he were trying to smile.

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