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Rogue sighed as she sat with her back against the wall of her padded cell. Through the thick glass she could see Logan on the table. The government officials were trying to get information out of him about the Sentinel attack. In the cell next to her was Evan, and next to Evan held Mr. McCoy. Prisoners because of their powers, she thought. Fred was still held in the green goo they had captured them in

A loud explosion echoed throughout the entire facility. As they got to their feet in the cells hoping it were the X-Men and the remaining Brotherhood coming to their rescue. "Watch out!" A guard yelled as they ducked for cover as another explosion came destroying the door.

"Must be Boom Boom." Evan said.

Logan sniffed the air. "Don't think so porcupine."

Four figures emerged form the smoke. "Well, what do we have here?" A familiar voice asked as the smoke cleared. Rogue's green eyes widened seeing Pietro standing with the three new recruits of his fathers.

"What do you want kid?" Logan asked glaring at him trying to get free still in case a fight was brought on.

"Hey we just figured you would like some help out."

"Somehow I doubt it." Evan said as Pietro zipped over to his nemesis cell. "You know we could always leave you here Daniels."

"Go ahead and try Maximoff."

Logan saw the big guy come towards him. He grabbed hold of the chains holding Logan down and broke them. "Don't know whether or not to thank you yet."

"Wait." He told him.

Fred had bust through the green goo and walked up angrily to Pietro. "You traitor!" He said holding him by the collar of his shirt.

"Fred if ya do that than tha rest of us will be stuck here." Rogue told him.

Fred glanced at the other former member of the Brotherhood and put Pietro down with a thud. "Let them out too."

"I was getting there." Pietro said standing up as he brushed himself off. "Stand back Rogue." He said motioning to the guy in the brown trench coat. Rogue recognized him from the attack before she was taken prisoner. He had handed her an explosive card. Doing as Pietro asked she watched and the guy winked at her as he pulled out the Jack of Spades, charging it up he tossed it at the glass. Rogue shielded herself from the flying debris.

"Don't need anyone hurt around here speedy." Logan said taking the table and tossed it against Evan's cell as Evan was now released.

The big guy turned his entire body into metal and hit the glass, which held Mr. McCoy releasing him as well. "My thanks and gratefulness towards you." He said.

"What makes you think we can trust you after what you did?" Evan asked Pietro angrily getting up in his face.

"Hey we rescued you didn't we? Before those X-Geeks could."

The guy with red hair glanced over at them from the door which he was keeping watch. "We better get going mate we got company."

"Gambit make us an exit." Pietro ordered.

"Don` hafta tell me twice." Remy said charging up another card and tossed it at the wall creating their get-a-way. "After ya chere." He said smiling at Rogue.

"But if they come an` we're not here..."

"We'll worry about that later Stripes." Logan told her.

They left the room as the guards piled into the room. "They escaped!"