"So what do we do?" Kitty asked nervously.

"We come up with a plan." Scott said taking charge.

Lance scuffed at this idea. "Oh yea great idea genius. While you're thinking of this great plan of yours who knows what Magneto could be telling Rogue. She could attack us next time she sees us."

"Scott I hate to say it but Lance is right." Jean said ignoring the glare from him. "We need to come up with some sort of quick action."

"Ja and get Rogue out of there quickly as possible." Kurt added.

"Apparently that big guy was eager to help us or he wouldn't have said anything to Lance right?" Tabitha asked. "So we find a way to get a hold of him."

"Right we just call Magneto's hide out and ask for the big metal dude?" Bobby asked shaking his head. "Not gonna happen."

"Look I know of a place okay. We leave tonight, keep your guard up at all times. For all we know Sabretooth would be following them or something."

"Leave him to me." Logan growled.

"So we better suit up." Scott said standing up and stretching a bit.

"I will contact Evan and see if he can rally the Morlocks in case we need back up." Ororo said as Xavier nodded. "Get a hold of Leech as well, just as a precaution."


"Well?" Pietro asked as he leaned against Piotr's doorframe.

"Tonight." He said as he took a clean change of clothes from his drawer and headed to the bathroom.

Pietro sighed as he closed his eyes thinking. It was a chance they had to take. Now all they had to do was sneak out without his father, the big kitty, or Rogue seeing them. "Hey Petey."

He looked over and glared at who called him that, his heart flipped for a second as he saw her. Her hair was wet and clung to her face as she used a towel to dry it. No make up worn on her face, and she was wearing baggy clothing. "Rogue… hey didn't I say not to call me that."

"Yea but ya get away with callin me 'Roguey' so all fairs in love an war rahght?"

Pietro smirked. "Right."

"So what are we doin tonaght?"

"Actually the guys and I were going to see a movie, sort of a guys night out." He said hoping not to hurt her.

"Fahne bah me." She said smiling. "Just as long as ya bring me home some popcorn."

"It's a promise."

"Well chere is ya wanted popcorn, Gambit could easily make it fer ya." The swift Cajun said coming up behind her.

Pietro narrowed his eyes at the red-eyed Cajun. "Shouldn't you be getting ready for the 'movie' Cajun?"

"But I am." He said grinning.