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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hello There. This is Silentman87 and I'm here to bring you my own version of what can be described as the most awesomest Marvel series that should never have been cancelled. Like many I was a huge fan of the Spectacular Spider-Man series that I wish a Season 3 would have been made, but since it's not here we are. I've been reading alot of fanfic in here and I like them, but the only thing is that after reading many comics involving the Spider-Man I feel that something different and new needs to be added, and so I thought about video games and the Ultimate Universe and I thought about this story that a part of me has to write this. My version of this series is much more outside of the Spider-Man world and on it's own as it involves heavily on Peter Parker and what he does, and also the characters in this are new as they are from other comic series along with a character I've been interested to include. I'm going to make this a sort of action oriented, but it's going to be a challenge for me to get the action scenes right.

And while I am planning to make this story it's going to take a long time before I ever get the chance to finish it as I have not thought of an ending to this and I have other stories beside this I'm writing. So what I'm doing here in this chapter is present a sort of prologue/preview to the changes to what I have in mind. To the rest of you...Enjoy

From the city of New York under the guise of the night under a full moon, a robbery was taking place in a local store as three robbers robbing the place as they are about to make their escape, with the alarm still running, until a spider-signal was lit on them as they recognize who it was

Robber 1: Oh crap!

Robber 2: It's Spider-Man!

Spider-Man: Yep it's me! So I see you guys are doing a little shopping here! What you get!?

Robber 3: Gonna squash you like a bug freak!

Robber 3 attack Spider-Man with a baseball bat

Spider-Man: (Spider-Man Jumped over Robber 3) You know that was a little-bit offensive (Spider-Man web-pull and grab the baseball-bat from Robber 3) I mean come on! At least I'm trying to be polite here! But you have to be a jerk here! (Spider-Man threw the baseball bat at Robber 2) All I did was getting some me time here, but you had to just ruin it for me! (Robber 3 attack, but Spider-Man kicked and webbed him on the wall) I mean just seriously look at you guys, I'm mean come on! Is this the only thing you guys are good at!? (Spider-Man slide under Robber 1 and web-pull him down from behind, bends his legs and kicked him up to the ceiling and sealed him in webbing) Because if it is, then shame on you! (Spider-Man webbed Robber 2 on the ground) See ya! Hope prison can give you guy's time to think of you life!

Spider-Man web-swings himself out of the area as a police car arrived, with Stan Carter and Jean DeWolff coming out as they saw Spider-Man swinging off, leaving behind three robbers webbed up

Stan Carter: Well it looks like he bagged another round, better call it in

Jean DeWolff: Typical of him

Stan Carter: What?

Jean DeWolff: What do you mean what!? Don't you see what's going on here!?

Stan Carter: All he did was stop a couple of criminals

Jean DeWolff: Which he hounded more of them every single night

Stan Carter: Are you starting this again?

Jean DeWolff: He's literally going from one street to another, finding whatever criminals he can throw a punch at!

Stan Carter: He's keeping the streets safe

Jean DeWolff: He's keeping the people terrified of him, and they don't feel safe with him around

Stan Carter: Okay seriously, what is with your beef with Spider-Man anyway? After everything he's done

Jean DeWolff: He going to make things worse and I don't even know why anyone would be okay with this!

Stan Carter: Well maybe because he's doing things that we are not able to do at all

Jean DeWolff: What is that suppose to mean!?

Stan Carter: Come one Jean, you know what I mean. We tried to follow the law so that we can do our best to help people, but now that it's impossible because there are always people that can manipulate us

Jean DeWolff: Do you actually believe that!?

Stan Carter: We were defending Lincoln and he was the Big Man this whole time, and who else could be a criminal that we've been defending?

Jean DeWolff: …What about the incident with the Green Goblin?

Stan Carter: …He was a super-villain Jean. You really want to sympathies with someone like that?

Jean DeWolff:

Stan Carter: You know what I think? Spider-Man should have done more like that

Jean DeWolff:

The words from Stan has somewhat surprised Jean as a squad of cop cars appear

Next Day: Morning

Parker House: Peter's Bedroom

Peter puts on his new clothes, wearing on top of it his costume, and prepares to leave as he looks at paper some drawing for redesigning his new Spider-Man costume

Peter Parker: Okay, gonna need some dark blue and perhaps some bright red to make it stand out more. Maybe a redesign for my web-shooters, and maybe come up with some new gadgets. Like a Spider-Tracer

Peter's Aunt May called from downstairs

May Parker: Peter dear! Are you ready for school!?

Peter Parker: I'm coming!

Peter hides his designs as he left the room to go downstairs as he met with his Aunt May in the kitchen

Peter Parker: Hey hey! How my most favorite Aunt in the whole wide world

May Parker: Oh Peter. Now breakfast is on the table so eat up

Peter sat on the table as he and May had breakfast, until she started to talk about Peter's new semester at Midtown High

May Parker: So Peter, you new term in school. Are you excited?

Peter Parker: Excited is not the kind of word I was thinking

May Parker: …Peter

Peter Parker: Yeah Aunt May?

May Parker: …I know it hasn't been an easy year for you. It hasn't been an easy year for the both of us

Peter Parker: …Yeah…I know…

May Parker: It's just…I'm just worried about you dear

Peter Parker: Why?

May Parker: You've been quite distant recently, and even Mary Jane notices it, and I haven't heard you mention about your friend Gwen or Harry lately

Peter Parker: …They sort of have their thing, and it's best that I don't interrupt them

May Parker: …You mean not do anything you regret as you watch the girl you like be with your best friend

Peter Parker:

May Parker: …Peter…I know it's hard to not be with the person you love. I know because I was like that once in my young age, but you can't let this affect you from having a life you can really enjoy. I'm worried about you Peter, even Mary Jane is worried about you

Peter Parker: …I know Aunt May…I'm just…I needed some space before I can make any decision

May Parker: I know dear, I just don't want you to feel lonely, that's all

Peter Parker: …Thanks Aunt May…

New York Harbor

Inside a warehouse near the harbor, a man is seen standing as he saw a car entering and stop, as one man open the door and a man inside came out to meet him, later revealed to be Parker Robbins as he approached the man with a British accent

Parker Robbins: You Albert Jenkins?

Albert Jenkins: I am

Parker Robbins: Good and I take it you know what the job is going to be?

Albert Jenkins: A pure and clean simple bullet to the head type. So who's the lovely chap I'm about to target?

Parker then pulls out a file and revealed to him the name of the target, who is female

Albert Jenkins: Hmm…She's pretty

Parker Robbins: She's also your target. Her death will pave way for my empire to grow, and with the money I'm paying you I expect that you do it clean

Albert Jenkins: Heh, well this could be interesting. Consider it done

Midtown Manhattan Magnet High School: Math Class


As class finishes, Peter is met by one of his classmates, Carmen El Alaoui, who gave back his notes

Carmen El Alaoui: Hey Peter. Thanks for the notes you gave me

Peter Parker: Hey no problem. Glad they were of help

Carmen El Alaoui: You kidding me. I still don't even get algebra until I know how they work

Peter Parker: Well you did look like you were drifting somewhere

Carmen El Alaoui: Yeah. Got alot of stuff going on back home

Peter Parker: You going to be okay?

Carmen El Alaoui: Yeah I'll be fine. Just gotta finish some homework of mine in the library

Peter Parker: Alright. Let me know if you need anything from me

Carmen El Alaoui: I will. Take care of yourself man

Midtown Manhattan Magnet High School: Hallway

Peter then heads out from class andwas about to head home. Until suddenly he saw Liz Allen, who is now with her new boyfriend, Jason Ionello, as she hangs out with her friends. Randy Robertson, Sally Avril, Kenny Kong, Glory Grant, Flash Thompson, and Sha-Shan Nguyen. Seeing Liz's face again reminded Peter once again the last time they talked face-to-face

Peter's Flashback: A couple of month's ago

Peter was about to heads outside until he accidentally ran into his ex-girlfriend, Liz Allen, who slowly put on a mad face

Peter Parker: Liz!

Liz Allen: …Peter…

Peter Parker: Umm…how are you?

Liz Allen: …What do you want?

Peter Parker: Ur…I…wanted to say…I'm sorry

Liz Allen:

Peter Parker: …Liz…I just don't want any bad vibe going on between us, but…maybe…maybe…

Liz Allen: You broke up with me

Peter Parker:

Liz Allen: …You broke up with me…I loved you Peter and you just broke up with me…and after everything I've been through, with my grades going down, my own parents arguing in my own home which I'm worried they would split and luckily for me they make up in the end, and my own brother turned into some molten guy and in jail with no hope of trying to cure him, and to make it even more worse…you Peter Parker…I needed you…I needed you so much and you just threw me away like I was nothing

Peter Parker: Liz

Liz Allen: I needed you and you broke up with me...I can't believe you did that and I...I...

Liz then started to display a sad face

Peter Parker: Liz...Believe me it's not like that

Liz Allen: Oh is it!? Tell me, did you break up with me because I wasn't good enough for you!? Or was it because you would rather be with Gwen!? Who by the way, is still with Harry Osborn! Even after his father died!

Peter Parker:

Liz Allen: …You are many things Peter Parker…But if there's anything I never expected you to become, is the fact that you are a grade-A selfish bastard who only cares about himself and never thinks about the people around him who are hurt

Peter Parker: That is not true Liz

Liz Allen: Then why did you break up with me after everything that's happen to me? I needed you and you turned me away. Isn't that the kind of responsibility you would expect from a boyfriend?

Peter Parker: …Liz…I'm so sorry…

Liz Allen: …It is too late Peter…just…don't ever speak to me again…

Peter Parker: Liz

Just then, Liz's new boyfriend, Jason Ionello, appeared as Liz returned to her normal self

Jason Ionello: Liz!

Liz Allen: Jason!

Jason Ionello: Hey there pretty girl! What's Parker doing?

Liz Allen:

Peter Parker: …Leaving…just leaving

Jason Ionello: Good, so walk away little nerd

Peter Parker:

Peter walked away and continues through the hallway, with Liz looking at him with a sad face

Peter's Flashback End

Peter is once reminded of his decision to end his relationship with Liz as he hides his emotions and walked away from it

Midtown Manhattan Magnet High School: Front Entrance

As Peter went outside he saw Gwen, now with long hair and still wearing her glasses, but also sees Harry as the two held hands as they left school. The sight of the two upset Peter until Mary Jane appeared behind to greet him

Mary Jane Watson: Hard to watch isn't it?

Peter Parker: MJ?

Mary Jane Watson: Hey Tiger, how you holding up

Peter Parker: I'm fine…it's just…

Mary Jane Watson: Wishing it was you that wants to hold hands with Gwen and not Harry

Peter Parker: …It's been almost a year since his Dad died, and Gwen was perhaps the only thing that's keeping him stable

Mary Jane Watson: Because she couldn't bring herself to see her friend fall emotionally that he would make some stupid mistake

Peter Parker:

Mary Jane Watson: …What are you gonna do now?

Peter Parker: …What I usually do…let go and just move on, and besides it'll be for the best

Mary Jane Watson: …That's…something I don't think I would do

Peter Parker: Why not?

Mary Jane Watson:

Peter Parker: This is about Mark isn't it?

Mary Jane Watson: …I visited him last week; they said that there is something in his body that gives Mark his powers. It would take only a super-scientist to cure him

Peter Parker: I'm sure they will find a way to cure him, whatever it is I know that someone can make Mark better

Mary Jane Watson: Heh, I hope you're right

Peter Parker: Yeah…

Mary Jane Watson: …Thanks for pep talk Peter

Peter Parker: Well you wouldn't be MJ without the smile on your face

Mary Jane Watson: Heh

Peter Parker:

Mary Jane Watson:

Just then, Liz appeared outside from cheerleading practice and saw Peter with Mary Jane, and notices them getting closer as they smiled on each other and what shocked Liz is seeing Mary Jane kissing Peter on the cheek, causing her to get mad as she went back inside while the two still talk

Mary Jane Watson: …I see the little turtle slowly coming out of his shell

Peter Parker: What is that suppose to mean?

Mary Jane Watson: I've seen you isolate yourself from everyone else and I notice you keep hiding from yourself. And that worries me

Peter Parker: ...I just don't think I was meant for this…I'm starting to think I would never find someone else. I mean who would be interested in a guy like me?

Mary Jane Watson: Peter, you are an amazing guy and I know any girl would be interested in you. And like they said, there are plenty of other fish in the sea; you just need to wait for the right moment to catch. Just wait and I know the right girl will be there for you

Peter Parker: …You really think so?

Mary Jane Watson: I know so, so don't be down on yourself okay?

Peter Parker: …Okay

Mary Jane Watson: Good, because I want the Parker I know to still be in there or else I'm going to drag him out

Peter Parker: Heheh

Mary Jane Watson: Hehehe

Peter Parker: …Thanks MJ

Mary Jane Watson: Anytime Tiger

Mary Jane then kissed Peter on the cheek again as the two looked at each other

Mary Jane Watson: I'll see you around

Peter Parker: Okay then

Mary Jane Watson: And remember Peter Parker. There's plenty of fishes under the sea

Peter Parker: Heh. I'll remember that

Mary Jane Watson: See you tomorrow

Peter Parker: Take care

Peter sees Mary Jane leaving through the front gate, but then he suddenly gets a call from J. Jonah Jameson

Peter Parker: Hello?

J. Jonah Jameson (On phone): Parker, good! Now listen, one of my photographers called in sick and I need a replacement for some event by the Silver Foundation tonight, and I expect you to be there asap

Peter Parker: What!? But…I don't have a suit

J. Jonah Jameson (On phone): Then get to it! This party can't wait itself! Get to it, Now!

Jameson hang up the phone with Peter puzzled of what to wear

Peter Parker: That could have gone worse

New York Harbor

Meanwhile in an abandon building, Albert Jenkins receives his new armor from his benefactor, who is speaking on com-link as he puts it on

Albert Jenkins: Hehehe, bloody nice mate. And I like the colour sceme, so this is an update from my previous ones?

? (com-link): More then that, it is a work of art that any man of war can dream of. It bears different functions to suit any operations, and for a young mercenary such as yourself. This is your ultimate tool

Albert Jenkins: Well then old boy, better get to work because the Beetle does not want to keep his client waiting!

Hilton Towers: Dining Hall

At night in an expensive event hosted by Silver Incorporated inside one of New York's skyscraper, Hilton Towers, Peter Parker appeared in a suit, along with some of his Bugle co-workers, while taking pictures of the rich and the wealthy, with the now reelected Mayor Jillian Waters a guest of honors. But suddenly, J. Jonah Jameson appeared towards him

J. Jonah Jameson: Parker!

Peter Parker: Uh, yeah?

J. Jonah Jameson: What are you daydreaming about!? Look lively because a lot of well know folks are here and I expect you to take some pictures that can embarrassed their pants off, and a couple of good shots from when you take pictures of Mayor Jillian Waters. So get to it!

Peter Parker: Uh, I'll do my best

Joan Jameson: Jonah!

J. Jonah Jameson: What!?

Arriving at the scene is Jameson's wife, Joan Jameson

Joan Jameson: Are you still going to antagonize the boy!?

J. Jonah Jameson: But Joan! I need good shots! The photos won't sell themselves!

Joan Jameson: Jonah

J. Jonah Jameson: But!

Joan Jameson: Jonah!

J. Jonah Jameson:

Joan Jameson: Apologies for my husbands behavior, he can be quite stubborn at some point

Peter Parker: Heh, its okay Mrs. Jameson. I've gotten use to old Jolly Jameson here

Joan Jameson: Hehe, Jolly Jameson. Well isn't that something

J. Jonah Jameson: Hmmm…

Joan Jameson: What was that dear?

J. Jonah Jameson: Nothing darling

Joan Jameson: Well don't take things too seriously and enjoy yourself young man

Peter Parker: I will Mrs. Jameson

Joan Jameson: And who knows, you might find a young lady you might like

Peter Parker: Well is it too late to say I'm looking at one right now?

Joan Jameson: Hehehehe. Oh I really do like Peter, you are very much a charmer

Peter Parker: I tend to try

Joan Jameson: Well I hope you enjoy yourself. Come Jonah, I have some people I want you to talk to

J. Jonah Jameson: Hmmm…

Joan Jameson: What that dear!?

J. Jonah Jameson: Nothing

The two Jameson couple left as they meet with the guest

Peter Parker: (Unbelievable, to think jolly old J.J. can be tamed like that by his wife like that. Well I have to admit this is something I would not expect myself to be in. A fancy event filled with people who can actually afford things most people would dream off, and a perfect place to pull of whatever heist that's about to happened. And here I am taking pictures in my old suit I once wore in last years high school dance. Well at least I get some free food, and may some…)

As he took some pictures, Peter witness Betty Brant dancing with Ned Lee, and seeing how happy they were. Seeing those two, Peter thinks about how it should have been him and Gwen, but also thinks about what Liz said to him at school and knows he can't change the past

Peter Parker: ...I need some air...

As he looked on Peter decided to head outside the balcony. More of New York's wealthy individuals are seen arriving, among them is the Bishop family. With husband Derek Bishop, wife Eleanor Bishop. With their three daughters, the 23 year old Susan Bishop, the sixteen year old Katherine "Kate" Bishop, and the eight year old Heather Bishop

Derek Bishop: Alright everyone. Look presentable and behave yourself

Susan Bishop: We are already presentable and there are a lot of people that won't know about our behavior

Kate Bishop: I notice that much

Heather Bishop: It looks boring, why come here?

Eleanor Bishop: Come on girls, you know why we're doing this. Your father has invested a lot of money into this, and it's beneficial for his company to generate some income

Kate Bishop: So it's just another smile for the camera thing?

Derek Bishop: This is about maintaining our standards for us towards the public, and it will be something that you three girls with benefit from

Kate Bishop: You mean like Susan's big day?

Heather Bishop: Hehehe

Susan Bishop: Well at least I'm still with a guy I actually like

Heather Bishop: She got you there Katie

Kate Bishop: What's that suppose to me?

Susan Bishop: You know what I mean. You come across every guy that likes you, and you turn them down. You even turn down Brigham Fontaine? The most good-looking, brilliant, and the most athletic guy in all of Hawthorne Academy! Name any girl in your class who would want him as a boyfriend, hell even Dad liked him enough to want him as your boyfriend!

Kate Bishop: Look, I get it , and yeah Brigham is great…but he's not what I'm looking for

Heather Bishop: He's the most cutest boy in your school

Kate Bishop: Sure he's popular and all, but he's just not right guy for me

Susan Bishop: No guy is right for you little sister, and he's like how many?

Heather Bishop: Thirteen

Kate Bishop: Hey!

Susan Bishop: Really? I thought it was more then that?

Eleanor Bishop: All right girls drop it. I'm sure Kate has a perfectly good reason

Susan Bishop: Sure she does

Heather Bishop: Hehehe

Kate Bishop: Shut it you two

Derek Bishop: Alright girls, that's enough. The Mayor is coming so behave

Mayor Jillian Waters approaches and met with the Bishop family

Jillian Waters: Derek, Eleanor, I'm glad you've come

Derek Bishop: Jillian, it's good to see you

Eleanor Bishop: And you look very lovely tonight Jillian

Jillian Waters: Thank you Eleanor and I see your daughters are here, and I know one of them is going to tie the knot. Congratulation Susan on your engagement with Brent Cunningham

Susan Bishop: Thank you very much

Jillian Waters: By the way Derek, this is one of our sponsors I've been talking about

J. Jonah Jameson: J. Jonah Jameson here of the Daily Bugle, and might I say it's a huge honor to meet you Mr. Bishop

Derek Bishop: The honor is all mine Mr. Jameson

The Bishop family met and talk with all the guest, with word of Susan's engagement with the son of the Cunningham family, Kate then started to get board and went outside to the balcony

Kate Bishop: I'm going outside

Eleanor Bishop: Kate

Kate Bishop: What? It's not like this is the first time we've been in parties like this

Eleanor Bishop: But Kate

Kate Bishop: I just need some air Mom, and it looks like Dad is doing fine without us. So I'll catch up later to whatever we're doing here

Eleanor Bishop: ...

Susan Bishop: She's sure not happy tonight

Heather Bishop: Must be boy trouble

Susan Bishop: Nice one little sis

Heather Bishop: Heh

Hilton Towers: Balcony

Kate then breathe a sign of relief as she got away from the noise inside, but notices that someone else is also on the balcony. Peter Parker, as he was in his thoughts

Peter Parker: … (Move on Pete, just move on already. It's already been a year and Gwen's still with Harry, just let her go and move on with your life)

Kate Bishop: …Hmm…

Kate approaches as she joined Peter leaning on the edge of the balcony and looking at the city as she joined him

Peter Parker: … (I wanna scream. I just wanna jump and scream. Something, just give me something to keep my mind of her. Anything)

Kate Bishop: Escaping the noise inside?

Peter Parker: Umm, yeah, escaping the…Oh…

Peter Parker turned and is surprised to encounter an attractive girl next to him, as Kate started to talk to him

Kate Bishop: Oh what?

Peter Parker: Uh…nothing…Nothing at all

Kate Bishop: Hmm?

Peter Parker: Uh…enjoying the party?

Kate Bishop: Heh, not really. Been on more of them to know how boring they can be

Peter Parker: You've been on plenty?

Kate Bishop: Mainly my Dad's charitable events, a way to give back to society its needs

Peter Parker: Well it's better to be viewed as a somebody then just a guy that does nothing

Kate Bishop: Heh, yeah

Peter Parker:

Kate Bishop: …I haven't seen you before. First time being here?

Peter Parker: How'd you know

Kate Bishop: When you been in events like this and meet a couple of douche-bags you tend to know a few thing how some people would behave

Peter Parker: …That's...actually pretty awesome

Kate Bishop: You flatter me

Peter Parker: I actually came here with my boss for an assignment

Kate Bishop: An assignment?

Peter Parker: I…you know what it'll be kinda boring for you

Kate Bishop: Try me

Peter Parker: …I work for the Bugle

Kate Bishop: The Bugle!? You mean with that old guy who yells a lot!?

Peter Parker: You mean Jolly Jameson?

Kate Bishop: Hah, good one. Jolly Jameson

Peter Parker: Heh, yeah

Kate Bishop: Oh that guy with the weird mustache

Peter Parker: And the way he yells

Kate Bishop: Loud enough to bring down the room

Peter Parker: Or blow up the city

Kate Bishop: Hah! Good one

Peter Parker: Heh. Thanks

Kate Bishop: Heh…I'm Katherine. Katherine Bishop, but you can call me Kate

Peter was surprised as he had heard of the Bishop family being one of the most wealthiest family in New York

Peter Parker: Bishop? Wait, are you by any chance related to?

Kate Bishop: Derek Bishop of the Bishop Enterprise. He's my Dad

Peter Parker: Whoa…that's...that's awesome

Kate Bishop: Yeah…I get that

Peter Parker: I mean that's really awesome. I mean I've never met the Bishop family myself, but you guys have a reputation. A really good one too

Kate Bishop: Oh, and what's that?

Peter Parker: Heard you've been doing charity work and helping others in the street. Heck I heard you guys were the one that gave free education to orphanages and help the homeless

Kate Bishop: That credit goes to my Mom. It's her way of giving something back to the community, plus my Dad can use that for public image for his company

Peter Parker: But still

Kate Bishop: Yeah thanks

Peter Parker: I'm sorry. It's just-

Kate Bishop: No it's okay. It's real nice of you to say that. Besides, I guess I like to help people. Makes the experience more rewarding

Peter Parker: Well you have to admit you guys are real awesome, and I respect that

Kate Bishop: …Thank you…Really

Peter Parker: Your welcome

Kate Bishop: Heh…And you? Who is the man that' has praised me in this beautiful night

Peter Parker: …I'm…just some guy

Kate Bishop: …I don't believe you

Peter Parker: What makes you say that?

Kate Bishop: For starters most of the guys I tend to know try to make an effort to win me over by coming up with some ridiculous excuse and stories to impress me, and you Mr Some Guy is standing next to a beautiful girl who's related to one of the most richest families in this city and instead of trying to do something to win me over you're just behaving more casual and talked to me like I'm a normal girl. Which I actually don't mind because that means you are talking to me like a real person instead of trying to make a move on me

Peter Parker: I was just being polite

Kate Bishop: And that is something I don't mind because that means I'm talking to a nice guy who's honest unlike the other guys I've known

Peter Parker:

Kate Bishop: Come on Mr. Nice guy, I won't judge. You can tell me

Peter Parker: …My name is Peter…Peter Parker

Hearing his name cause Kate to be surprised as she heard of that name

Kate Bishop: …Peter…Parker!? You're Peter Parker!?

Peter Parker: You know of me?

Kate Bishop: You're the guy that takes pictures of Spider-Man!

Peter Parker: …Oh…that…

Kate Bishop: Oh my god I don't believe it; I'm actually meeting the Peter Parker, and you're my age! You're like really famous!

Peter Parker: I am?

Kate Bishop: You're like a celebrity! Heck, one of my friends even talked about how amazing your pictures are!

Peter Parker: They do?

Kate Bishop: How'd you do it?

Peter Parker: Oh...Um, well…it's a photographer's secret

Kate Bishop: Oh come on!

Peter Parker: Sorry, but I can't

Kate Bishop: Oh if I have a pen I would have asked for your autograph

Peter Parker: Seriously?

Kate Bishop: Seriously

Peter Parker: Wow…I mean…wow

Kate Bishop: You're not use to this kind of praise are you?

Peter Parker: No I'm not

Kate Bishop: Well I'm surprised someone like you never thought of yourself as big-shot photographer

Peter Parker: I'm just doing a job. I'm not doing this just for the attention or to get famous, but hearing about it I'm actually kinda flattered

Kate Bishop: And yet there's also a Bing web page of you

Peter Parker: ...There's a Bing web page of me?

Just then, Ned Lee appeared to call Peter in

Ned Lee: Peter

Peter Parker: Yeah Ned?

Ned Lee: Jameson wants you in right now, the host is about to arrive

As Ned Lee went back inside, Peter and Kate then looked at each other knowing they have to go back inside

Peter Parker: Well, better get in there

Kate Bishop: Yeah, back to the annoying privileged

Peter Parker: You don't seems to like hanging out with them

Kate Bishop: When they say money buys you happiness, that's not always true. Most of the people I've encountered are all the same, always thinking that they can own anything once they have money and they tend to brag about it. Take most of my ex-boyfriends, they do the talk but they don't do the act.

Peter Parker: Well I'm sure you'll find someone you like for who you like

Kate Bishop: Heh, I highly doubt that, but thanks it's sweet of you

Peter Parker: Anytime, and hey if you want anything just say and I'll be there

Kate Bishop: You're not trying to impress me are you?

Peter Parker: This is me being nice okay. No strings attach, no gimmick, nothing. Just me being a nice guy

Kate Bishop: ...

Peter Parker: If you have any doubt about me just say the word and slap me in the face. I'll allow it and you won't have to hold back

Kate Bishop: ...You've just earned yourself a point on my mark Mr. Parker

Peter Parker: Is that good?

Kate Bishop: You'll see

Both Peter and Kate went inside, but unknown to them Albert Jenkins is seen flying at his destination, now in the identity as the Beetle

The Beetle: This is Beetle nearing at the destination point

? (com-link): Once you get there; make sure you do this quick and easy

The Beetle: It will be done in a manner you will expect so I can go home and watch some footie

? (com-link): Make sure of it

The Beetle: I'm one it and it will be no trouble at all. Although I miss a pint

AUTHOR'S NOTE: And there you have it. The first chapter to the story I'm not even sure how it will end, but I'm working on it. Here I decided to not go for the Gwen relationship as what I have planed for her is something that's never been done much, but you'll see

Also here we have the introduction of the Bishop family, who will later become part of Peter Parker's life, namely his relationship with Kate Bishop, which will happen much later in the story, but right now I'm focusing on a plot and also another girl Peter will be in a relationship later on. This version of Kate Bishop is based on the 616 version, but will have a different origin as I'll show in the future later on

As for the villain here is named Albert Jenkins, who is this version's Beetle, and he's a British mercenary being given a Beetle suit, which is based on the Ultimate version. More villains to come which I'm going to make it big, and what Peter will do about it will require him to think of something new

Like I said it's going to be a while to finish it, but I'm working on it, so bare with me as I need some planning, so wish me luck

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