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Guest: Will work on it

Rider Paladin: Thank you. I've been thinking a lot about how the prison break would happen and I had thought about how it was supposed to go. I had to rewrite a lot of stuff to make sure it is correctly done. And yeah I needed Kate to have an awesome moment because she will play a role in the future and this will be the first step and what her future with Peter will be

Four Months ago

Somewhere in New York

In an old suburban neighborhood, a middle-aged woman is seen walking on the streets with a bag of groceries. Revealing to be a healthy Lydia Hardy. Walking past a park and sees a child playing with her parents happy. Putting a smile on her face as she walks. Holding her groceries as she's near her house Lydia is blocked by a figure wearing a hoodie. Revealing herself to be Felicia as Lydia was surprised to see her

Lydia Hardy: F-Felicia?

Felicia Hardy: …Hi mom

Lydia Hardy's House: Kitchen

In the kitchen, Lydia made them both a cup of coffee as she hands one to her and sat with her. The two drank as they attempt to speak

Lydia Hardy: ...

Felicia Hardy: …Mom. I-

Lydia Hardy: I saw you in the papers last month

Felicia Hardy: Of what?

Lydia Hardy: Of you and that Spider-Man in that museum, and after that there hasn't been any mention of you

Felicia Hardy: …I took some low-paying jobs. It's not much but I got less attention

Lydia Harfady: To hide from him?

Felicia Hardy:

Lydia Hardy: You still can't see it can't you

Felicia Hardy: What's to see when I'm against someone that left dad in prison

Lydia Hardy: Your father got an innocent man killed and you don't think he shouldn't take responsibility for it?

Felicia Hardy: He could have run away and not get himself arrested

Lydia Hardy: And how would you run away from something like this? To make any excuse to justify taking a life of someone? How would that make anyone feel?

Felicia Hardy:

Lydia Hardy: That's one of the problems with your father. He never wanted to give it all up. Had he just retired as I told him your father would not have been in the position he is now

Felicia Hardy: And give up everything that made you both what you are?

Lydia Hardy: This is about our family Felicia

Felicia Hardy: This is also about the legacy you and dad both made for yourself. A legacy I was inspired by to do

Lydia Hardy: But there's more to it then just stealing valuables. This is about maintaining principles. There's a limit to how far we go and we are both in a position where we can't do what we use to

Felicia Hardy: Well isn't it why you have me? To continue what you both left off?

Lydia Hardy: But without understanding the consequences our actions would do to others how can we be any different?

Felicia Hardy:

Lydia Hardy: I don't condone you Felicia, but need to understand that everything we did back then was more simple. We didn't have to worry about who we steal, but now everything has changed and we need to consider what really matters

Felicia Hardy: At the expense of our livelihood? Our legacy?

Lydia Hardy: At the expense of keeping this family together. Which you both seem to have a habit of getting yourselves in trouble

Felicia Hardy: Is that why you chose to split?

Lydia Hardy: I chose to keep my distance so that he could realize what's more important. The life we both thrived in or the life we'be built together from

Felicia Hardy: …He hasn't changed you know

Lydia Hardy: If he didn't then he shouldn't have carried a gun to steal

Felicia Hardy: He still loves you mom. That has to count for something

Lydia Hardy: So why he never showed up at my doorstep?

Felicia Hardy:

Lydia Hardy: Your father had many qualities that I loved about him, but his pride is what got in the way of what is really in front of him. And that's what I see in you

Felicia Hardy: …You'll believe that I'll make a mistake?

Lydia Hardy: ...I believe you'll do something I don't think your father will approve. Like that Spider-Man you've started to take interest in

Thinking about the mention of Spider-Man she looks at the photo and feels quite saddened by what happened since the museum since what happened with her father

Felicia Hardy:

Lydia Hardy: ...What is he to you?

Felicia Hardy: …He's…He's someone I feel I could have made a connection too. Someone I could feel free without having anything to worry about

Lydia Hardy: And is he?

Felicia Hardy: …No. He's something more, and that's someone I don't know if I could be with

Lydia Hardy: And that's the predicament. No one is what you'd expect. No matter how much you wanted it. That's another thing you learned as a thief

Felicia Hardy: He's not a thing mom

Lydia Hardy: But you are interested in him aren't you? Like all the others you've been interested in. Like that one boy for example

Felicia Hardy: That was high school

Lydia Hardy: And yet he was the one I would have liked for you to be with. Instead, you went with an airheaded fool because he was more handsome looking

Felicia Hardy: Except this isn't high school and he's not like that. It's just that…He didn't want me to free dad

Lydia Hardy: And why do you think that? You know what he did

Felicia Hardy: I know, but I just can't see him like this in bars. Especially now in his age

Lydia Hardy: Your father would avoid many things, but this is the one he would not accept. He acknowledges that and took responsibility for it. And besides, would it have been better for him if he did run away? The authorities would still hound him and would make his life even worse. He would not sleep and will only fill his life with more worry. That would also involve me and you. Would you really allow that?

Felicia Hardy:

Lydia Hardy: You're a smart girl Felicia, but you are just too over-confident that you underestimate what's going on around you. And that makes you easily exposed for weakness

Felicia Hardy: You think I'm that easy?

Lydia Hardy: Remind me how did it go with this Spider-Man fellow?

Felicia Hardy:

Lydia Hardy: That's what I mean

Felicia is left wondering what to think about Spider-Man as Lydia drinks her coffee and speaks to her daughter as she sits quietly

Lydia Hardy: …You know what you should do now?

Felicia Hardy: What?

Lydia Hardy: Nothing. Let your father serve his sentence and hopefully, with some good behavior his sentence could be reduced

Felicia Hardy: That would take months. Maybe years for him to get out

Lydia Hardy: But he will be cleared for good behavior and would make up for his time. After that, we can discuss what we will do next

Felicia Hardy: And what do you suppose I would be doing till then?

Lydia Hardy: How about going to college for that matter. Like you should have been doing before his arrest

Felicia Hardy:

Lydia Hardy: You're a bright girl, Felicia. You could have a chance to actually do something with your life

Felicia Hardy: And waste the skills you both taught me?

Lydia Hardy: To benefit your skills so you could have a better future. One that could actually have you making a real difference

Felicia Hardy: …I don't know about that

Lydia Hardy: Your skills can only take you so far, but you cannot rely too much on skills alone. You must have the intelligence to master any obstacle in front of you. Experience can teach you much, but studying can also benefit you

Felicia Hardy: Well with the record I have right now I'm not even sure any college would take me, and even if I did would there be any guarantee I would get a job. Let alone pay for my own debt

Lydia Hardy: You can study in any college you can afford. The fancy ones may have their perks but you won't be brought down by student loans. And for a job you can apply for some outside the US if you could. Last I heard Wakanda is open for some foreign employment. Maybe London could be good

Felicia Hardy: Or Paris for that matter

Lydia Hardy: Heheh. Yeah. The place where I met your father

Felicia Hardy: Heh. I know. You've always talked about it

Lydia Hardy: Paris holds a special place for both of us. It was also the place where I conceived you

Felicia Hardy: And you ruined the moment with that

Lydia Hardy: Heheheh

Felicia Hardy: Heheh

Lydia Hardy:

Felicia Hardy: …You really mean what you said?

Lydia Hardy: About what?

Felicia Hardy: Us wanting to move there

Lydia Hardy: …Well, France is now an economically booming country with new opportunities arising, and one of the few states that are now coming out of recessions. Compared to what is happening in the United States with everything that's going wrong it would not be a terrible idea to consider

Felicia Hardy:

Lydia Hardy: …Stay for a while, Felicia. Besides, it's been a long time since you came back and have a good chat while drinking coffee

Felicia Hardy: Heh…It is pretty nice

Lydia Hardy: So stay for a while. Maybe you could actually think about what you should be doing. Perhaps some sleep will do you good

Felicia Hardy: That…actually sounds good

Lydia Hardy: See. Even mothers have better ideas

Felicia Hardy: Heh. And still look good

Lydia Hardy: Damn right. Now how about I make you some home cooked meal

Felicia Hardy: Sound's great

Lydia Hardy: Good. Wash yourself up and I'll be ready

Felicia Hardy: And mom

Lydia Hardy: Yeah?

Felicia Hardy: …Thanks

Lydia Hardy: We're still family Felicia. That's never gonna change

Felicia Hardy:

Lydia Hardy's House: Kitchen

Inside, Felicia is washing her face at the sink as she looks at herself in the mirror. Thinking about what her mother said to her but couldn't help but think about Spider-Man and the fight in the museum she had with him. Still wondering why Spider-Man would let her father stay in prison and why he despised him. While she did grew to hate Spider-Man since her father stayed in prison Felicia still cares for him. Feeling confused, but also thinking about what her mother said to her

Felicia Hardy: …Family…How will that help? With all this going on…would that really be it? God dammit

Lydia Hardy's House: Hallway (Upstairs)

Felicia came out and walks towards the hallway. Turning to see the photo of her younger self with her parents who are still together. Thinking about all the good times she had with them and how she enjoyed the life they had as she sees her parent's bedroom

Lydia Hardy's House: Parent's Bedroom

Felicia enters the bedroom and smiled as it is exactly how she remembered it. Sitting and resting on the bed thinking about all the good times she has with her parents. Looking at the photos that were placed on the table as she gets up and approaches. Picking up the photo and smiling to see a picture of her when she was born. Leaving a smile on her face as she sees them happy together

Felicia Hardy: …Heh. God that was an embarrassing moment for me

Felicia places the photo back where it is but suddenly sees an envelope with a medical logo on it. Surprised and curious about it Felicia picks it up and reads it. Leaving her completely shocked to see what she is reading. Her mother revealed to have a brain tumour and it's appearing to grow

Felicia Hardy: W-What!?

Felicia quickly left the room to speak to her mother

Lydia Hardy's House: Kitchen

Felicia Hardy: Mom! What is-

As she enters the kitchen Felicia was shocked as Lydia is on the floor unconscious

Felicia Hardy: Mom! MOM!

Few Hours Later

St Mary Ann Hospital: Hallway

Sitting in the hallway, Felicia is being met with the doctors who tell her about her mother's condition

Felicia Hardy: W-What?

Doctor: We can't really explain it but it's strangely started to grow. It manages to stop right now, but we still can't explain it

Felicia Hardy: How is she now?

Doctor: Right now she's stable, but we will have to let her stay here so we can monitor her condition. If anything happens we will have to consider the possibility of an early operation

Felicia Hardy: …Alright

Doctor: I'll keep you informed if anything happens

The doctor leaves as Felicia is left alone by what has happened. Unaware of her condition as is left to wonder how it could have happened. Leaving her completely worried

Ryker Island Prison: Phone Booth

Felicia is in prison and speaks with her father who was surprised to hear of Lydia's tumor

Walter Hardy: What?

Felicia Hardy: You didn't know?

Walter Hardy: No

Felicia Hardy: Well she does and it's growing

Walter Hardy: That shouldn't be possible

Felicia Hardy: How?

Walter Hardy: Because she never appeared to have any illness. Or any kind for that matter. For her to suddenly have a brain tumor. That can't be right

Felicia Hardy: Well she has it now and the doctors think it could be serious

Walter Hardy: …I see

Felicia Hardy: I still have money since mom has no insurance to cover it

Walter Hardy: You sure you're going to be okay?

Felicia Hardy: Yeah. Totally. There's nothing I can' handle

One Week Later

St Mary Ann Hospital: Lydia Hardy's Hospital Room

Opening her eyes heavily, Lydia turns to see Felicia sitting next to her bed with her eyes closed. Extending her arm and woke her up

Felicia Hardy: Hmm…

Lydia Hardy: Hello sweetheart

Felicia Hardy: Mom. How are you?

Lydia Hardy: Still the occasional headaches I've been having

Felicia Hardy: The doctors said you'll be having them a lot until the operation. Right now it looks like you're in no danger

Lydia Hardy: That's still not helping

Felicia Hardy: Heheh

Lydia Hardy: What time is it? It's still morning?

Felicia Hardy: Afternoon. It's 4:28 now

Lydia Hardy: Really? So why am I still tired

Felicia Hardy: You know why. I can call the nurses for something to eat

Lydia Hardy: No. I feel like a cup of coffee would do me some good

Felicia Hardy: With some chocolate chip cookies?

Lydia Hardy: You know which one I like

Felicia Hardy: I'll get you some

Felicia got up and is about to leave, but not until Lydia says something to her daughter

Lydia Hardy: Felicia?

Felicia Hardy: Yeah mom?

Lydia Hardy: …I hope I'm not a burden to you

Felicia Hardy: You're not a burden. You're my mom, and what you said to me before. We're still family. That what matters. Even though I could have used my money on other things

Lydia Hardy: No doubt you would spend it on entirely nice things

Felicia Hardy: Guess we're no different then

Lydia Hardy: Heheh

Felicia Hardy: Heh

Lydia Hardy: …Thank you

Felicia Hardy: Always

Felicia left the hospital room as Lydia is left alone. Looking at the table next to her is an old photo of her with young Felicia and Walter. Lydia reaches out to grab it, but suddenly her visions started to get blurry as her headaches started to get more painful. Causing her to accidentally drop the photo as her right eye suddenly turns red as blood started to pour out

Lydia Hardy: W-W-What…I-is-

St Mary Ann Hospital: Waiting Hall

Getting a cup of coffee and a snack as she walks back Felicia then notices a news footage of Spider-Man stopping a bunch of criminals. The sight of him both happy and concerns her as she's never been able to speak with him since then

1 Hour later

A worried Felicia is still shocked by what occurred as she's sitting with tears showing. The doctor then appears to her. Revealing to be Doctor Nicholas Bromwell

Felicia Hardy: Doctor!?

Nicholas Bromwell: Felicia Hardy?

Felicia Hardy: What happened? What the hell just happened in there!?

Nicholas Bromwell: That's the trouble here miss. We don't know

Felicia Hardy: Don't know? Are you kidding me!?

Nicholas Bromwell: We still can't explain it. With the condition, she's in before it shouldn't have been possible

Felicia Hardy: So how could this have happened now? I thought you could treat this!

Nicholas Bromwell: In its stage before we can easily. Now we could still have it removed, but I also feel it could have an impact on the brain

Felicia Hardy: Like what exactly?

Nicholas Bromwell: Possible memory loss, a change of behavior, partial loss of brain function in some parts. It's serious but I think if we don't do something sooner maybe something grimmer could occur to her

Felicia Hardy: ...

Nicholas Bromwell: We can try to remove some parts to slow it down and I'll call the surgeon team on it. But we still can't deny that something is completely wrong

Felicia Hardy: How wrong?

Nicholas Bromwell: The way the brain tumor grew. It's unnatural. It should not have grown like this so fast. This is...This we just can explain

Felicia Hardy: So what do we do?

Nicholas Bromwell: Honestly. You better hope and pray for a miracle to happen

Felicia Hardy: ...

Nicholas Bromwell: Do not strain yourself. I will do whatever I can to help your mother. Nothing will happen to her under our watch. That I can promise you. Alright?

Felicia Hardy: Thank you

Doctor Bromwell walks off to prepare for the procedure, but Felicia was left feeling confused but still stunned by what has happened. Feeling hopeless on what to do she takes out her a sense of regret by what she's thinking of doing Felicia once again looked at her mother completely weak and helpless as she noticed the blood on her eyes. Refusing to let her suffer anymore she turns to her phone and made the call

New York:

Brooklyn Bridge Park, Dumbo, Brooklyn

In the middle of the night, an upset Felicia sits on a bench alone. Feeling no other option as she held her phone as an unknown individual wearing a hat and coat approach and sat next to her

Felicia Hardy: …I did everything I thought possible. I thought I had more time for this to work itself out, but I guess I just asked too much. I never even think how all of this would go through. With my dad being in prison for god knows how long and my mom in a hospital bed with a tumour that's slowly killing her…This is what's left of me. The ones that matter to me more than any piece of jewellery are slowly disappearing right before my eyes and I don't know what to do. With the rate that's going the doctors are not even sure how long she has. Even if they tried to remove it they don't what damage it would have on her. They just…don't know how it could have happened. I wish I knew, but I can't wait for answers right now. My mom is going to die and I want her to live long enough for my dad to come and see her. That's all that matters right now and I'll do whatever it takes. That's why I came to find you. Because you're the only one smart enough to save her, and I'll do whatever you need just so long as she lives. And I want a guarantee that my dad will get out

?: …That will cost you

Felicia Hardy: I'm willing to make my pay whatever way possible

?: I'm not asking for money. What I require is your service. Will you do what is needed?

Felicia Hardy: …Whatever it takes

?: ….Good

Coming out of his coat are metal tentacles as one is placed on her shoulder. Revealing to be none other than Doctor Octopus with a smile on his face

Doctor Octopus: Well my dear. There is something I require from a certain someone. How would you like a trip to Hong Kong?

Present Day

Doctor Octopus's Lair: Elevator

Returning to base, the group are in the elevator as they wait. With Black Cat standing silent as her father, Walter Harvey, is seen behind her as Scorpion restrain him. The new members of the Syndicate start talking about the base

Antonio Rodriguez: Wow. How down is this?

Shocker: It's an old we repurposed, but it served its purpose

Quentin Beck: Better get used to it. This is how the Master Planner works

June Covington: Well it better has a really good lab for me to work in

Shocker: Oh he does. Far better then you could have asked for. Especially the new suit you ask for

Matthew Gilden: That's real good. Hoping for some fire power

Beetle: Well I'm sure you'll enjoy it

Black Cat: ...

Walter Hardy: ...Is this really it, Felicia? Is this really how you want this to go?

Black Cat: Dad, please. This is the only way

Walter Hardy: Your mother won't approve of this. I won't approve of this

Black Cat: Dad

Scorpion: Be quiet or else-

Black Cat: Don't

Black Cat turns as she sees Scorpion putting a blade on Walter's back. Moving her hand to prepare to release her claws. As Beetle and Shocker noticed

Beetle: Well this didn't take long

Shocker: Can it you two. Not here

Kateri Deseronto: Would you rather both risk this operation for an old man?

Black Cat: Tell her to put the blade down or else there will be a mess

Shocker: Fine. Scorpion. Put down the blade. There's no need for it here

Scorpion: ...Fine, but he behaves

Shocker: Black Cat. Will the old man behave himself?

Black Cat: ...Just don't do anything, dad. Please

Walter Hardy: ...

Walter chose to restrain himself as Scorpion noticed and puts her blade away. Black Cat felt relieved but sees her father looking at her with disappointment

Black Cat: ...Dad-

Walter Hardy: Don't. Just don't. You've disappointed me enough as it is

Black Cat: ...

Doctor Octopus's Lair: Main Base

Returning to the base as the elevator door opens, Black Cat enters the facility with the rest of the villains and the new recruits. With Walter Hardy who is being forcefully brought in by Scorpion. As Doctor Octopus appeared to meet them

Doctor Octopus: Ah. Welcome. I heard about the performance in the news

White Dragon: Well I hope it's good

Shocker: We had some difficulties, but the mission is a success

Doctor Octopus: Good. Mason, how are you?

Phineas Mason: Better now that I'm out

Doctor Octopus: Electro, how are you feeling? Any problems?

Electro: No problems. Infact, I feel unstoppable. Like I can do anything

Doctor Octopus: That's good to hear. And Quentin Beck. Dmitri Smerdyakov. Welcome back

Quentin Beck: Good to be back

Dmitri Smerdyakov: Can't say the same about Tigershark

Doctor Octopus: Well that was disappointing, but hopefully a new recruit will fill the role well. Speaking off how is the new recruit?

Shocker: Handle the job like a pro. The new girl did good

Doctor Octopus: I'm happy to hear that. Well done my dear. You have proven yourself to be a most valuable ally to the Syndicate

Raptor: Thank you

Doctor Octopus: And I'm glad to see some new faces joining our ranks

Antonio Rodriguez: Well you are hiring, and I heard a lot of good things from Mason. Hopefully, you would deliver what I hear

Doctor Octopus: And I will not disappoint

Richard Deacon: You better. Or else this whole thing would have been for nothing

June Covington: Well he better start with a lab I could use

Doctor Octopus: Shocker?

Shocker: I'll take her to one

Terrance Sorenson: Well this will be fun

Matthew Gilden: Hopefully

Leopold Stryke: Well I just want a new suit to work with. Got anything?

Speed Demon: Oh you'll love it

Kateri Deseronto: Would like some new armors to use as well

Beetle: So what are we gonna do with the old geezer then?

The Syndicate looked at Walter Hardy as Black Cat stood in his defense as Doctor Octopus moves forward

Black Cat: You know we had an agreement, Doc Ock

Doctor Octopus: I do. Which is why we'll discuss it in my office. Your father will come with us

Black Cat: Fine

Doctor Octopus: Scorpion, bring Mr. Hardy with us

Scorpion: Very well

Doctor Octopus: All of you disperse. I have matters to attend first

The rest of the villains disperse as Doctor Octopus and Black Cat, along with Scorpion and Walter Hardy, head to his office. But Doctor Octopus sees Rhino appearing quiet as he walks off. Calling him

Doctor Octopus: O'Hirn

Rhino: Y-Yeah?

Doctor Octopus: You're being quiet

Rhino: No. Nothing's wrong doc. Just things on my mind. Nothing important

Doctor Octopus: ...Very well then. Well will be discussing matters later

Rhino: Yeah...Sure

Doctor Octopus walks to his office as Rhino walks off. Hiding a sense of concern in his face

Doctor Octopus's Lair: Doctor Octopus's Main Office

Doctor Octopus enter his office with Black Cat and Scorpion. As Walter Hardy was brought in with them

Doctor Octopus: Well I am pleased with how this operation turned out

Black Cat: You should, but there's now dead prisoners and guards lying around, and now the cops will pay attention to us now. No doubt they'll bring more assistance to help them after what happened

Doctor Octopus: That is precisely what I was counting on my dear

Black Cat: What?

Doctor Octopus: Tell me. After what happened with the Avengers. During the attack that left the world in tatters. What happened to the organization known as SHIELD?

Black Cat: I don't know. Nobody pays attention to that

Walter Hardy: It was disbanded. Dismantled piece by piece and being absorbed into the US military to create a new organization in its place. Serving as an extension of US hegemony around the world

Black Cat: ...

Doctor Octopus: Good Mr. Hardy. I see you know your history

Walter Hardy: I should, because it is also the organization that our government loves to put money in. lower and middle class in the process. And thanks to that mess in the prison they'll be coming in force. Still don't see the point to this money in. lower and middle class in the process. And thanks to that mess in the prison they'll be coming in force

Doctor Octopus: They have SHIELD tech. Tech they use for their operations and what I will need for my plan. If the mayor decides they will come in full force with that tech, and I will have my army ready

Black Cat: That's why you got these guys down there. They're your new recruits, and they'look be getting new powers too?

Doctor Octopus: Improvements I will grant them. Even you if you desire

Walter Hardy: You mean turn others like my daughter into an experiment!?

Scorpion: Be silent you

Black Cat: Dad!

Doctor Octopus: What I offer is an opportunity to join my ranks and power shall be granted by those who is willing

Walter Hardy: And there is a price to be paid for it

Doctor Octopus: A price your daughter has already paid, and now she stands more powerful than ever before

Black Cat: I did what I needed to do to get the job done

Doctor Octopus: And I you even more if you continue to work for me

Walter Hardy: Felicia no!

Scorpion: I said be silent!


Walter Hardy: AOW!

Black Cat: Dad!

Scorpion: Speak again and I will break that arm off

Back Cat: Let him go you!

Scorpion: Make me

Doctor Octopus: That's enough Scorpion. Release him

Scorpion: ...Hmph

Scorpion released his arm after squeezing it but fell down on his knees. As Black Cat watched him being harmed as she sheath her claws. Doctor Octopus stood to watch while being prepared

Black Cat: Your ugly green insect just hurt my dad

Doctor Octopus: Apologies Miss Hardy, but Scorpion is being strict here

Black Cat: And I'll rip off her arm if she does it again

Doctor Octopus: Well that depends on you if you behave

Black Cat: You think I'll just be another one of your lacky?

Doctor Octopus: Well you have played your part

Black Cat: I want my father out of prison. And now he's out you better fulfill the other part of the deal

Doctor Octopus: That arrangement can be dealt with once you finish the task at hand

Black Cat: No no no no no. I did what you asked for. I got you that tablet. I did all your dirty work. I got your villains out of prison. This arrangement is done

Doctor Octopus: Oh really

Black Cat: Give me what I want and fix my mom. So we can be on our way

Walter Hardy: What?

Black Cat: Just fix my mom and let us be

Walter Hardy: Is that why you did this?

Black Cat: There is no one else that can save her dad. The doctors couldn't help her because they don't know how. Doc Ock is the only one smart enough to fix her. Who else can save her?

Walter Hardy: You sold your own soul to a man for this reason

Black Cat: It's our family dad. If need be I'll pay whatever price it'll take to keep us together

Doctor Octopus: Oh it's true Mr Hardy. The incident at the Vandemere Hotel is an example of that

Black Cat: What?

Walter Hardy: What are you talking about? Those people died from a gas exposure

Doctor Octopus: It is called "The Devil's Breath". A gas exposure of my design from an ancient Chinese tablet that I've studied. A tablet your daughter mentioned bringing to me earlier contains an ancient formula I've successfully replicate and use the entire crime families that were there on that day. Hearing it you must have known the result of what happened that day

Both Hardy's stood in shock of what they hear, as Black Cat appeared horrified after realizing what she has done, and Walter stunned by it

Walter Hardy: W-What?

Black Cat: N-N-No. That. That can't be

Doctor Octopus: I must say this whole experiment was quite enlightening. To create new forms of science based on ancient formulas that would have been described as magic. I actually quite enjoyed it

Black Cat: N-No

Walter Hardy: Felicia. What have you done?

Black Cat: I-I didn't know. I swear!

Doctor Octopus: But didn't you say you'd pay any price to get results? Even if it means sacrificing lives in the process

Black Cat: No. You promised me!

Doctor Octopus: I promised that I'd help you and your mother, but that also requires you to do the job I tell you to do

Walter Hardy: You leave my daughter out of this

Doctor Octopus: You are in no position to make demands Mr Hardy. Now you Miss Hardy. Either you do as I say or else there will be consequences

Black Cat: You mean help you kill more people?

Doctor Octopus: ...If there needs to be

Black Cat: ...I can't let you do that

Doctor Octopus: Well you are in no position to decide


Black Cat: Well how about I make you when I RIP OUT YOUR THROAT!

Doctor Octopus: A pity



Walter Hardy: FELICIA!

As Black Cat used her new abilities to sheath her claws and prepare to strike against him Doctor Octopus took out a switch and press it. Triggering a shock impulse inside and causing her tremendous pain. With Walter watching helplessly as he's been restraint by Scorpion


Walter Hardy: FELICIA!

Scorpion: Don't think about moving

Walter Hardy: STOP! PLEASE STOP!

Doctor Octopus: This is what happens if you defy me. You should have known when you injected one of my serums inside you

Doctor Octopus releases the button as the shock impulse stopped. Black Cat slowly got up in pain and turns to him

Walter Hardy: Felicia

Black Cat: W-What. Did you me?

Doctor Octopus: A countermeasures. Just in case you choose to rebel

Black Cat: But you...You promised me. WE HAD A DEAL! YOU WOULD FIX MY MOM!

Doctor Octopus: Well I wouldn't worry about that right now. Your mother won't die that quickly as I've made sure of it

Walter Hardy: Made sure of it? What are you talking about! ?

Doctor Octopus: The tumour inside Mrs Hardy's head. I was the one that put it in her

Walter Hardy and Black Cat were suddenly left shocked and horrified by what he just said. As Doctor Octopus revealed to be the one that put the tumour in Lydia Hardy's brain

Black Cat: ...You did what?

Walter Hardy: You...put a tumor...In my wife?

Doctor Octopus: An artificial one. Created using cells from the host and apply additional components to allow a slow and effective process and growth in the subject's brain. While not functioning like the real thing it does, however, deliver the same results. The only difference is that it has a component that will harden if not properly treated. The doctors that helped Mrs Hardy only slowed it down as it'll grow again more painful and lethal. Affecting muscle memory and behavioral patterns through its nerve system. Next time it happens she might not even remember either of you

Black Cat: ...

Walter Hardy: ...Why. WHY DID YOU DO IT!?

Doctor Octopus: The Syndicate. The Sinister Syndicate needed new skills and new innovations to progress my plans into fruition, but I need new recruits that have the requirements I'm looking for. Your daughter is one of them, but I knew she won't join willingly unless she has a reason to. You Mr Hardy are one, but your wife is another. And I can't afford to lose a skill that valuable, and her ties with the arachnid cause further distraction. I must say I'm quite pleased with it


In anger, Black Cat attacks Doctor Octopus. Sheathing her claws to strike. Nearly reaching his throat until Doctor Octopus presses the button. Activating the shock impulse inside her and causing Black Cat immense pain as she tries to move



Walter Hardy: FELICIA NO!

Doctor Octopus: Calm down Felicia. I do not wish to waste a valuable asset


Doctor Octopus: I'd still honor our arrangement had you behaved, but honestly I highly doubt you'd had the stomach for this


Doctor Octopus: Scorpion. Take Mr Hardy away. I have what I need right here

Scorpion: Understood

Walter Hardy: NO! FELICIA!

Black Cat: D-DAD!


Doctor Octopus used his metal tentacles and restraint Black Cat as he takes her while she screams for her father

Black Cat: Ack!

Doctor Octopus: Come with me, my dear. We now have work to do

Black Cat: NOOO!


Black Cat: DAD! DAD HELP!


Black Cat: DAAAAD! DAD! DAD!

Walter Hardy: FELICIA!

Black Cat: DAD!

Doctor Octopus's Lair: Lab

Coming out of the elevator, Doctor Octopus brings the restraint Black Cat into his lab. As she struggles to break free from his grip

Black Cat: AGH! LET ME GO!

Doctor Octopus: A pity that you chose to reject my offer. You would have gained so much more from this


Doctor Octopus: Oh I know. That's why I think this would suffice

Black Cat turns and sees a tank being opened. Realizing what he's going to do as she struggles as hard as she could

Black Cat: No. NOOOO!

Doctor Octopus: Relax my child. This will be over soon


Black Cat: NO!


Black Cat: Ugh!

Doctor Octopus threw Black Cat inside the tank as it closes. Trapped inside as she sees him on a control panel turning on the system as some pillars inside appeared in the tank. Realizing what he intends to do as she tries to scratch her way out



Doctor Octopus: Don't bother. The materials in these tanks prevent any damage to it. You would need super strength if you would have a chance of breaking out


Doctor Octopus: You are a is precisely what I want. You will make a perfect addition to my Syndicate

Doctor Octopus presses a button as metal tentacles from the pillars inside the tank come out. Tightly restraining Black Cat's body as she can't move. Completely angry and desperate as a sight of tears in her eyes



Doctor Octopus: Relax my dear. You won't feel a thing after this

Pressing another button, the metal tentacles inside straighten her body as another pillar inside appeared with extra tentacles. Only this time with sharp needles at the end. Frightening her as she sees them

Black Cat: No. OH GOD NO!

Doctor Octopus: Now before I begin. I would just like to say-


Doctor Octopus: Welcome to the Sinister Syndicate

Black Cat: NOOOO!



Black Cat screams as the needles pierced in her vital parts of her body. With her mind being affected by new nanites entering her body as the tank is filling up with liquid. Paralyzing her as the process starts. Mr Negative appears behind holding a container of genetic serum with a spider symbol

Mr Negative: You know I could have used my powers on her

Doctor Octopus: I thought of that, but I feel this is beneath you. Your powers are more suited for something more worthy

Mr Negative: You are too kind

Doctor Octopus: But that's not else you wish to speak about

Mr Negative: This serum with a spider symbol on it. You seeking to add a Spider-Man in our ranks?

Doctor Octopus: While I despised the arachnid his skills alone is something to be admired about. A skill that will combat any obstacles that stand in our way. I figured with his death it wouldn't hurt to add one to our ranks. The one you hold contains the genetics of a newly created species of spider

Mr Negative: All done by the late Doctor Warren I see. Giving each member a genetic trait of a different species

Doctor Octopus: With the results of both Scorpion and Raptor being a success it's only right that the Syndicate expands by including new members of our ranks. I already have an idea which species would fit Mr Rodriguez. But that still leaves a few members short. The young girl you brought did perform her task perfectly. Now we must find others that will serve our plan

Mr Negative: Then I guess I better start searching for viable candidates

Doctor Octopus: Please do. Our next phase is upon us soon. We best prepare.

Mr Negative: And the recruit we had in mind?

Doctor Octopus: Let's wait for an opening. It's only a matter of time now. The rise of the Sinister Syndicate will soon begin

As the two plan for the next stage a small Beetle drone is seen hiding in plain sight. Listening to their conversation

Doctor Octopus's Lair: Hallway

Beetle is seen standing as he listens to Doctor Octopus and Mr Negative's conversation. As Shocker sees him standing

Shocker: Hey. What you standing there for?

Beetle: What? Oh nothing. I have a feeling this will go very well

John F. Kennedy International Airport: Arrival Hall

Standing on the arrival hall in the airport as the flight from London has already arrived, George Stacy stood waiting as the passengers from the plane came from the door and greet their loved ones. But then sees a familiar face as he and the person approach to each other. A young man in his 20's with short blonde hair and quite muscular as he wears a jacket with a t-shirt and jeans while holding a backpack. His oldest son, Phillip Stacy

Phillip Stacy: Dad

George Stacy: Welcome home, son

The two embrace in a sense of relief. Feeling glad that he is now here with him

George Stacy: So how have you been?

Phillip Stacy: Pretty good. Uncle Arthur and Aunt Nancy said hello

George Stacy: Good. I'll make sure to call them

Phillip Stacy: Gwen. Is she-

George Stacy: She's okay, but she's in a coma

Phillip Stacy: What?

George Stacy: She suffered head injuries, but she's out of danger. Right now we're just waiting for her to wake up

Philip Stacy: Shit. If only I was here. Maybe I could have-

George Stacy: There's nothing you could have done. And it's okay. She's out of any danger now. Let's just be glad of that

Philip Stacy: But still

George Stacy: Don't think too much of this. It's fine. Just think of the fact that she's alright. Be glad of that

Philip Stacy: ...Gwen...

George Stacy: She'll be fine. Thank god she is. Let's be glad of that

Philip Stacy: ...Yeah

George Stacy: Come on. I'll take you to see her. Your mother would be happy to see you too

Phillip Stacy: Yeah. Can't wait

George took Philips bag as the two walk to the car. Heading to the hospital to see Gwen

Bishop Manor: Bathroom

In the aftermath of the prison outbreak, Peter is seen wearing only a towel as he washes his face. Rubbing his eyes as he turns towards the mirror. Thinking about what has happened as his thoughts are on Felicia and her decision to side with the villains. Realizing that the prison the villains were held also has her father, but wonders if she knew what she's willing to risk it for

Peter Parker: ...Is it really worth it Felicia? Is it...really worth doing what you did?

(Knock) (Knock) (Knock) (Knock)

Hearing the door knock Peter opens and sees the Bishop's family butler, Jeeves, standing with some clothes for him

Jeeves: Master Parker

Peter Parker: Oh, hey. Is that for me?

Jeeves: Yes. Your clothes are in the laundry and you'll have them back later in the evening. So in the meantime, you will wear these

Jeeves handed the clothes to him as Peter notice they're a bit bigger

Peter Parker: These can fit me right?

Jeeves: I'm afraid we don't have anything of your size. The only closest I could find is Master Cunningham's clothes

Peter Parker: Cunningham?

Jeeves: The fiancé of Lady Katherine's older sister. These are his clothes

Peter Parker: Oh. Well thanks for picking these

Jeeves: Actually it was Lady Katherine who picks these for you. She said it would look good on you

Peter Parker: ...Heh. Of course she'd pick these

Jeeves: ...Lady Katherine seems to care for you a great deal

Peter Parker: ...Yeah. She's been great. Practically saved my life today

Jeeves: ...She had her reason doing what she did, and it's that spark that made her what she is right now

Peter Parker: I know. I saw. And it's hard to believe that I'm with someone like her

Jeeves: ...She's in her room. Don't keep her waiting

Peter Parker: ...Thank you

Bishop Manor: Kate's Room

In her room, Kate is on the phone with her friends as they talk about what happened with her and Peter

Josephine Bricklemoore (on phone): Are you kidding me?

Kate Bishop: Nope. I'm not breaking up with him, but he is suggesting we distant ourselves just for a while until this whole thing is over

Priscilla Ironwood (on phone): And are you?

Kate Bishop: With what's going on right now. I can't

Josephine Bricklemoore (on phone): And why? What's so important for you to stay with him!?

Kate Bishop: I...can't say much, but whatever is happening right now. It's going to get worse

Priscilla Ironwood (on phone): You mean it isn't over?

Kate Bishop: No. It's gonna get worse, and I think there maybe a reason why. I think it involves my dad

Josephine Bricklemoore (on phone): What do you mean. Is your dad's in trouble?

Kate Bishop: I don't know, but I intend to find out

Josephine Bricklemoore (on phone): And you believe in what Peter said?

Kate Bishop: He gave me a reason why I should

Britney Amber Fox (on phone): Why? What else did he tell you?

Thinking about what Peter said to her, Kate chose to keep it a secret in an attempt to prevent her friends from getting involved. Including his identity as both Spider-Man and Ronin. Even though a part of her feels hesitant to lie to her friends

Kate Bishop: ...I...can't say

Britney Amber Fox (on phone): What?

Josephine Bricklemoore (on phone): You can't or you won't?

Kate Bishop: Peter made me promise. Until he knows what's going on he can't say anything much. I have to trust him

Josephine Bricklemoore (on phone): That's dangerous Katie. You know what you're risking

Kate Bishop: I know, but I can't lose him. If something does happen then he's going to need my help

Britney Amber Fox (on phone): Wow. How in love are you with this guy?

Priscilla Ironwood (on phone): I'm quite surprised, but are you sure about this?

Kate Bishop: Positive

Josephine Bricklemoore (on phone): You'll regret this decision

Kate Bishop: Seriously Josy. What's with you being so negative?

Josephine Bricklemoore (on phone): You know why. You realize what's going on out there? We just heard that a number of people got killed. Surprising it was by the group Janice was with, and that Peter himself has gotten involved...I don't want to see you get hurt out there. Hell I'd kill you in the spot I'd you're in any danger

Britney Amber Fox (on phone): I'm strangely agreeing with Josy on this. I mean this is getting insane

Priscilla Ironwood (on phone): Are you even sure it's even a good idea?

Kate Bishop: Look you guys. I get it, but I'm smart enough to know what I've gotten myself into. But I can't back away from this. Even if you guys tried to convince me this won't change my mind

Josephine Bricklemoore (on phone): ...This won't change a thing you know. We'd be worried sick.

Kate Bishop: I wouldn't ask for good friends if you didn't

Priscilla Ironwood (on phone): And we will. Because you matter to us

Britney Amber Fox (on phone): Damn right. You're practically like a sister to us, and nothing's gonna change that

Kate Bishop: ...Thank you, guys. I mean it

Josephine Bricklemoore (on phone): Well you better let us know if anything happens. We don't want to spend an entire week worrying

Kate Bishop: I'll keep you guys informed if anything happens. And thanks. Bye

Hanging up the phone, Kate sits on her bed and lays down in her thoughts. Thinking about how much has happened today. To find out that Peter is Spider-Man and Ronin, to what is going on with Missy and her family trouble, and to how she went and helped Peter using his own web-shooters. Looking at them on the table as she picks one up, Kate looks at the web-shooters and examins them. Seeing and feeling how it was made, Kate appeared impressed with them as Peter himself appears in the room. Noticing him with the clothes she has given him

Peter Parker: Hey

Kate Bishop: Wow. You look good in those

Peter Parker: You look even better still

Kate Bishop: Don't I always?

Peter Parker: Well a good shower and a clear head sharpens the view from here

Kate Bishop: Heheh. Oh that is good

Peter Parker: Well I try. These felt pretty loose though. How big is this guy your sister's marrying?

Kate Bishop: Well he does eat healthy and work out alot. So you wouldn't be that far

Peter Parker: Ouch

Kate Bishop: Heh

Peter Parker: ...So. You're holding on to them

Kate Bishop: Yeah. They're impressive. You really made these?

Peter Parker: Yep. Put them together with whatever I can find. Usually with some toys, used watches, and other gears I can find for it. Had to experiment on the functions and designs to get the webs to shoot at a long distant

Kate Bishop: That is impressive. You could have actually made something out of this

Peter Parker: Yep, but there's also risks if I do

Kate Bishop: Supervillains?

Peter Parker: You have no idea how much has been going on. I mean there is alot that you haven't noticed that I need to get you up to speed

Kate Bishop: Well that I can't wait to hear

Peter Parker: ...And...How you holding up?

Kate Bishop: I'm okay. Nothing I can handled

Peter Parker: ...You sure?

Kate Bishop: ...No. I mean holy crap!

Kate sat on her bed. Feeling stunned after thinking about how she went into a prison in the middle of a breakout. Peter then walks and its next to her

Peter Parker: Kate

Kate Bishop: I mean...Holy crap! I just ran into a prison! Where a breakout just happened!

Peter Parker: What were you thinking? You shouldn't have ran into something like that

Kate Bishop: I know, but I couldn't just stand by and do nothing...I don't want to feel so useless

Peter Parker: ...You were never useless to me

Kate Bishop: Well you don't know what I've been through. Before all of this

Kate thinks back while she held Peter's web-shooters in her hands

Kate Bishop: ...Malin Turner

Peter Parker: What?

Kate Bishop: The girl I mentioned at my school. That's her name...Heh. And because of you I'm now reminded of her again

Peter Parker: Sorry about that

Kate Bishop: Don't be. It's good that I do. Makes me think what I've done so far since then

Peter Parker: ...

Kate Bishop: I had everything given to me. I was literally a queen at that school. All my looks, all the boys, all the popularity, and even more. Even became the head cheerleader and offers for a modeling job from a number of agencies. I had it all given to me, but there was never one I've ever earned for myself. And with Malin...What I had didn't feel like I deserved it. Had to give up a number of things and try to earn it my own way. Studying sucks, but thanks to Priscilla it became enjoyable. Modeling became another, and lucky for me I landed the biggest modeling job I've could have ever asked for. And with an agency many would kill for to get. Now I'm wondering if it's even enough

Peter Parker: ...What do you want to do?

Kate Bishop: ...I want to do more. More than just earning things for myself. I want to do something that can make a difference. Like actually make a difference. So that I can feel like I've made amends to those that are important to me. Make amends for her. Kinda like what you said to me

Peter Parker: "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility"

Kate Bishop: Yeah...That

Peter Parker: ...You are amazing

Kate Bishop: I'm not that amazing

Peter Parker: Yes you are. You...completely impress me. Perhaps even better then I could have expected

Kate Bishop: But I'm not doing anything heroic compared to you

Peter Parker: You don't need powers to make a difference. Doing what you're good at to make the difference is good enough. In your own way, it's quite heroic

Kate Bishop: Heheheh. Well thanks. Glad someone thinks so. Wondering how far I could do with my modeling job

Peter Parker: Well out of curiosity since I've forgotten to say, what modeling agency what it?

Kate Bishop: Covet Agency

Peter Parker: ...Covet? As in Covet magazine?

Kate Bishop: Yep. Heard of it?

Peter Parker: At my school from my class

Kate Bishop: Oh...

Peter Parker: ...So that makes you...A Covet girl

Kate Bishop: Yep

Peter Parker: ...You are way out of my league

Kate Bishop: Hah. Seriously?

Peter Parker: Seriously. Me having a Covet model as my girlfriend is something only a guy can dream of

Kate Bishop: And what guy would that be?

Peter Parker: A high school science nerd in an average life

Kate Bishop: Except that life involves you shooting webs. Not that average in my opinion

Peter Parker: Heh

Kate Bishop: ...Here

Peter Parker: Thanks

Kate gave back his web-shooters as Peter held it wondering. Kate then speaks about it

Kate Bishop: ...It felt awesome you know

Peter Parker: Can't help it can't you?

Kate Bishop: Well I need something to protect myself when I get in there

Peter Parker: Well you still shouldn't have come

Kate Bishop: If I didn't then you would have been struck by that cat lady

Peter Parker: Well...That I can't argue with

Kate Bishop: Admit it you were impressed

Peter Parker: Heh. Okay. I admit you got me out of a pickle. Thank you

Kate Bishop: You're welcome

Peter Parker: ...I overheard you talking to your friends

Kate Bishop: ...Oh

Peter Parker: I don't blame them

Kate Bishop: I know...But that still won't change my mind

Peter Parker: And that's the part I'm worried about, and seeing who your dad is working with I'm starting to get an idea on who it is

Kate Bishop: And that's why you need me in this. With my dad involved that makes me and my family involved too. And you'd be stupid if you think I'll let you do it alone

Peter Parker: ...

Kate Bishop: You need me Peter, and you can't go in this alone. You may have your other superfriends, but that still isn't enough. Like you said. I don't need powers to make a difference. Doing what you're good at to make a difference is good enough. And there's no way you can stop me from this

Peter Parker: Kate

Kate Bishop: We're in this together. And there's nothing that can stop us now

Peter sees Kate's mind now set as she held her hand as the two locked eyes. Both feeling anxious but felt it's what they need to do as they held hands. Looking deep in their eyes as their faces started to move close, until they are interrupted as Jeeves knocks on the door and enter the room

Jeeves: Lady Katherine

Kate Bishop: Yes, Jeeves?

Jeeves: Your family has returned home

Kate Bishop: Oh. Thanks then

Jeeves: Would Mister Parker like to stay for dinner?

Peter Parker: Me?

Jeeves: If you'd like

Kate Bishop: Peter?

Peter Parker: ...Maybe another time. Had to go home or else my Aunt will worry

Kate Bishop: You sure?

Peter Parker: Yeah. Got alot of stuff I need to take care off first

Kate Bishop: Okay. Jeeves?

Jeeves: I'll get the car ready

Kate Bishop: Thank you, Jeeves

Peter Parker: Hey, thanks man

Jeeves: My pleasure

Peter Parker: And question. What's your first name?

Kate Bishop: ...

Jeeves: ...

Peter Parker: I just thought we're becoming tight here that maybe I would know your first name since...If it's okay

Jeeves: ...

Peter Parker: If not then that's cool. I guess

Jeeves: ...It's Wooder

Peter Parker: ...Huh?

Jeeves: My full name is Wooder Jeeves

Peter Parker: ...Wooder...? Your first name is Wooder!?

Kate Bishop: Hahah! Yeah. I had that thought too. I even made jokes of it too

Jeeves: Please don't start

Peter Parker: Wooden Jeeves. Old Wood Jeeves. Wooden J. Pine Wood Jeeves. Hard Wood Jeeves. Plain Wood Jeeves. Wood You Cut it out Jeeves. Mountain Dew Wood Jeeves. Wood Shop Jeeves! Wood End Jeeves! Wood you call it Jeeves!

Kate Bishop: Pff! Hahahahaha!

Jeeves: ...I'll get the car ready

Kate Bishop: Hah! Yeah. And I'll see them. Just stay here and hide, Peter. I don't want my mom or my sisters getting some strange ideas when they see you

Peter Parker: Why? I wouldn't mind seeing them

Kate Bishop: Wearing clothes belonging to my older sister's future husband after you took a shower? With your clothes still in the laundry?

Peter Parker: ...I'll stay here

Kate Bishop: Good

Jeeves: And I'll make sure your laundry is finished to take home with you

Peter Parker: Hey thanks, Wood. I mean Wooder! Crap!

Jeeves: I'll go

Peter Parker: Sorry!

Kate Bishop: Heheheh!

Bishop Manor: Main Hall

Kate comes out of the room with Jeeves as they walk down the stairs and greet Derek Eleanor, Susan, and Heather as they return home

Susan Bishop: Can't believe I had to finish early.

Derek Bishop: Well we do have to be safe

Susan Bishop: But I didn't get time to finish my work. Now it'll be just another headache for me

Eleanor Bishop: But you have a computer, dear. You can just e-mail your work

Susan Bishop: And spend my time working while I could have focused on my wedding?

Heather Bishop: And I get to watch my TV shows while you get locked in your room tiring your eyes with paper

Susan Bishop: Shut it you!

Derek Bishop: Calm down girls. I'm sure all of this will work out in the end

Kate Bishop: Hi mom. Dad

Jeeves: Good evening, Mr and Mrs Bishop

Eleanor Bishop: Jeeves. Katherine. You're back

Derek Bishop: Thank goodness. Welcome home

Kate Bishop: Hey you two

Susan Bishop: Well hello to you too

Heather Bishop: Hello Kate

Kate Bishop: Any troubles coming back?

Eleanor Bishop: Not too much thanks to your father here

Derek Bishop: Well I have to make sure nothing serious happens

Kate Bishop: So how'd it go?

Heather Bishop: I had to stay there for hours with mom because Susie here couldn't get her work done on time

Susan Bishop: I was busy with a call for my wedding

Heather Bishop: While you are working. While I was being more bored by one of your co-workers

Susan Bishop: Hey. Lindsay's pretty nice

Heather Bishop: She mentions her hair alot and her poodle!

Eleanor Bishop: Alright girls. Enough. And what about you Kate? Come home safely?

Kate Bishop: Y-Yep. Totally okay. no problems at all

Jeeves: Lady Katherine, however, did bring a young gentleman over

Kate Bishop: Jeeves!

Kate was stunned that Jeeves mentions Peter. As Eleanor, Susan, and Heather were quite surprised by the fact that Kate brought a boy to their home

Eleanor Bishop: ...

Derek Bishop: I'm sorry, but what?

Kate Bishop: Um. Well I-

Susan Bishop: You brought a boy home with you!?

Kate Bishop: ...Yeah

Heather Bishop: You brought a boy home from school?

Kate Bishop: Well-

Jeeves: He's not from Hawthorne

Kate Bishop: Jeeves!

Eleanor Bishop: What!?

Susan Bishop: Seriously?

Derek Bishop: You brought an unknown boy home

Jeeves: He's actually aquainted with her for months and is in Katherine's room right now after taking a shower

Kate Bishop: JEEVES!

Peter Parker (inside Kate's room): God damn you, Jeeves!

Jeeves: That's for the wood jokes boy!

Susan Bishop: In her room!? In her room right now?

Derek Bishop: After a shower!?

Heather Bishop: Ooh

Kate Bishop: ...Mom-

Eleanor Bishop: Will the boy come out?


Kate Bishop: ...Peter?

Peter Parker (inside Kate's room): Sure

Coming out of the room, Peter walks downstairs and meets Kate's mother, father, and sisters. who were quite surprised by him. Susan seemingly notice him wearing her fiancee's clothes Walking to greet them

Kate Bishop: Mom. Dad. Susan. Heather. This is Peter. Peter Parker. From Queens

Peter Parker: Uh, hello. It's nice to meet you guys

Heather Bishop: ...Hi

Susan Bishop: Wait, Queens?

Eleanor Bishop: Behave, sweetheart

Peter Parker: And you must be Mr. and Mrs. Bishop. It's finally nice to meet you guys

Eleanor Bishop: Hello there

Derek Bishop: Nice to meet you, young man

Peter Parker: And you must be Susa. Kate told me about you, and congrats on the wedding

Susan Bishop: Hello, and thanks...Are those clothes Brent's?

Peter Parker: ...Yes

Susan Bishop: Why is he wearing Brent's clothes? Where're his clothes?

Peter Parker: ...Uh

Kate Bishop: Well. The thing is-

Jeeves: Mr. Parker was taking a shower and Lady Katherine provided him with the clothes that were left

Kate Bishop: JEEVES!

Peter Parker: Seriously dude!?

Jeeves: And I'm getting his laundry right now. Excuse me

Jeeves walks off getting Peter's clothes. Leaving Peter and Kate with her family as their curiosity now risen

Peter Parker: ...Umm

Kate Bishop: Uh

Eleanor Bishop: ...Why did he take a shower?

Peter Parker: Uh

Kate Bishop: We...had a mess done, and some was spilled onto him. I said he could use the shower and had his clothes washed

Peter Parker: Y-Yeah. Exactly

Heather Bishop: Is it a fun mess?

Peter Parker: What?

Kate Bishop: Shut up you

Susan Bishop: So you gave him Brent's clothes?

Kate Bishop: He's got plenty, and he'll bring it back

Peter Parker: I could laundry it for you

Susan Bishop: Please do

Kate Bishop: No you don't. It's fine

Peter Parker: Really?

Kate Bishop: Yes

Eleanor Bishop: ...Do I know you from somewhere?

Peter Parker: What?

Derek Bishop: Strange. I feel like I've seen you before

Kate Bishop: That's because you have. All of you

Susan Bishop: Wait. What!?

Kate Bishop: Remember Hilton Towers were Silver Incorporated hosted? Were that Beetle guys attack? This is him. He kicked that door down and saved us

The entire family looked at him, and after being reminded by Kate they now started to remember him from the Hilton Towers incident

Eleanor Bishop: Wait. I think I remember him. He was that boy who helped you when that flying man attacked

Derek Bishop: Yes. I remember. You're that boy

Peter Parker: Uh, yeah. I am

Kate Bishop: Yeah. And he even saved Sable Manfredi and works for her

Susan Bishop: Seriously? Wow

Heather Bishop: He must be a hero

Kate Bishop: Oh you have no idea

Derek Bishop: A boy this young working at a high profile company? And from Queens? Impressive

Eleanor Bishop: And you've been with him for months? Why didn't you mention him?

Kate Bishop: Well. Because-

Peter Parker: Because she just wants to be sure first before anything serious could happen. First impressions are everything

Kate Bishop: Y-Yeah. That's right. I wanted to give you guys a good impression on him

Derek Bishop: With what the boy displayed that day, and already in the workplace at such a young age, well there's no need to make a good introductions. Put a there, young man

Peter Parker: Uh, thanks

Derek extended his hand as Peter grabs and the two shakes. Kate, however, felt concern as Derek observes him

Derek Bishop: Wow, that is a strong grip. It's nice that at least one of my daughter's boyfriends have that

Eleanor Bishop: I never got a chance to think you that day

Peter Parker: Don't worry about it. Just doing what I do best

Heather Bishop: So are you two serious?

Peter Parker: Yeah. I guess we are

Jeeves: Mr. Parker

Peter Parker: Yeah?

Jeeves: You're clothes are done, and I have a car waiting for you outside

Peter Parker: Sure. I'll be there

Derek Bishop: You're leaving?

Peter Parker: Yeah. It's sort of late and my phone's out of batteries

Kate Bishop: Yeah. His folks will worry

Derek Bishop: Okay then. Perhaps another time? What do you think, Katherine?

Kate Bishop: Yeah. Well if you're not too busy

Peter Parker: No. I can…I can make time

Eleanor Bishop: Great. Then how about we invite you to Susan's engagement party

Susan Bishop: Huh!?

Peter Parker: What? Really?

Kate Bishop: Is that okay?

Eleanor Bishop: Of course it is. Isn't it Susan?

Susan Bishop: Heh. Are you serious?

Eleanor Bishop: Well you did say your sister could use a plus one to your wedding

Kate Bishop: Mom!

Peter Parker: Really?

Derek Bishop: Well why not. I am curious to get to know the young man some more. If Katherine's interested

Peter Parker:

Kate Bishop: …Yeah. I wouldn't mind that

Peter Parker: Then…I'll be there

Kate Bishop:

Peter Parker: …I'll go now

Kate Bishop: Yeah…I'll walk you

Peter Parker: Great

Kate Bishop: Great

Susan Bishop: Just go already! This is becoming embarrassing

Both Peter and Kate blushed as her family noticed something obvious as she takes him to the door. The family, however, noticed something different when Kate is with him. Something they've never expected to see from Kate with her other ex-boyfriends

Susan Bishop: Did you all see that?

Heather Bishop: I did

Eleanor Bishop: Well this I did not expect

Derek Bishop: What is?

Eleanor Bishop: You didn't see the face she made?

Susan Bishop: Oh she is so into him

Heather Bishop: I would too He's cute

Derek Bishop: Well he's…Wait, what?

Bishop Manor: Outside Driveway

Peter and Kate are outside as they see Jeeves waiting with the car ready. Noticing something on what happened

Jeeves: I take it things went well inside with your family?

Peter Parker: Oh yeah. I had a real fun time. Also, did you know the clothes I was wearing was Kate's sister's fiancée's clothes?

Jeeves: Well yes, I did. Although it is quite strange because it felt damp

Kate Bishop: And you never mention it to me?

Jeeves: Oh I just thought I could just wait and see how long you'll notice

Kate Bishop: What!?

Peter Parker: Oh you are good

Jeeves: Whenever you are ready, Mr. Parker

Jeeves went in the car as the two said their byes while mentioning what had happened inside

Peter Parker: Well…This was unexpectedly…enjoyable

Kate Bishop: Yeah…Did not plan for that

Peter Parker:

Kate Bishop: …You didn't need to come though. After all you've been through

Peter Parker: But I want to. Besides, it'll allow me to keep an eye on your folks if any danger comes

Kate Bishop: God. How could my dad be involved in this?

Peter Parker: I don't know, but I'll find out

Kate Bishop: Well that won't be enough. Guess you'll need me on this after all

Peter Parker: No. Not after what happened today

Kate Bishop: Well tough, because you can't get rid of me after what happened today. Especially after you told me

Peter Parker: Well I'm now regretting it because now I know nothing will stop you

Kate Bishop: Well my family name does have a history, and with my family involved I can't turn away from this

Peter Parker: …I'll do what it takes

Kate Bishop: I know. And I'll be there if you needed it

Peter Parker: …Thank you

Kate Bishop: Now go. Your folks are worried about

Peter Parker: Right. Yes…Bye

Kate Bishop: Bye

While both felt a sense of uneasiness with what's going on, and the fact that her family members might see them, both Peter and Kate move close and embrace each other. While only for a brief moment the two held tightly before letting go. As Peter got in the car as the two waved byes

Bishop Manor: Inside (Living Room)

Inside, Eleanor, Susan and Heather looked through the window as they see Kate standing and waving. Feeling that there's something more going on with the two. While Derek is sitting on the couch and is about to turn on the TV

Susan Bishop: Oh that is starting to get my interest

Eleanor Bishop: Well I find it quite adorable

Heather Bishop: Will we tease her more with this?

Susan Bishop: Hell yes

Derek Bishop: Alright. Just let her be. We don't want to judge

Eleanor Bishop: But for your daughter's safety you would be curious about the boy

Derek Bishop: For another time when it comes

Turning on the TV, Derek sees the news report about the prison break from Ryker's. Leaving Derek feeling stunned as he sees the scene of the injured being carried out. Feeling a sense of guilt from what he did for this. The rest of the family watch what happened

Eleanor Bishop: Oh my goodness

Susan Bishop: Can't believe something like this still happen

Heather Bishop: Mommy. Daddy. Will we be in danger?

Eleanor Bishop: Of course not dear. Nothing will happen to us. We'll be completely safe. Right dear?

Derek looked at his family with worry with what he's now involved in. Concerning about their safety as he lies to them

Derek Bishop: O-Of course, dear. Nothing bad is going to happen to us. We'll be alright. But I'll call some extra security just to be safe

Susan Bishop: Well as long as nothing interrupts my wedding

Eleanor Bishop: I'll put some ice cream on the plate

Heather Bishop: Yay!

Eleanor, Susan, and Heather got out of the couch as Derek still sits and watch the news. Unable to get over the fact of his role in handing the prison layouts to the Master Planner. Seeing the injured and perhaps the deceased being carried out like this starts filling him with guilt by what he's done. Appearing from behind is Kate who also sees the news as she approaches her father

Derek Bishop: Katherine

Kate Bishop: It's sad isn't it? For this to happen

Derek Bishop: Yeah

Kate Bishop: Will we really be alright?

Derek Bishop: Y-Yeah...Not to worry. We'll be safe. I'll make sure of it. Speaking of which I need to finish something in the office. No rest for the wicked

Derek got up and walks to his personal office, but not until Kate mention something

Kate Bishop: Ryker's Island. Didn't Bishop Industries help install some security systems in there?

Derek Bishop: Y-Yed. Yes we did

Kate Bishop: Weird. I thought they could prevent something like this

Derek Bishop: Must be a fault in the equipment, but these are supervillains. The system is not advance enough to handle this kind of incidents

Kate Bishop: ...The news didn't mention supervillains

Derek Bishop: ...Oh. W-Well perhaps it could have been. We all know what's been going on here. Now excuse me I have some work to finish

Derek walks away to his office as Kate sees what Peter said could be true. Feeling a sense of disbelief as she looks at her mother and sisters with worry and looks back to the of the prison break. Wondering what could have happened that made her dad involve in this incident and why

Kate Bishop: Oh god, dad. How? How did you become a part of this?

Bishop Manor: Derek's Office Suit

Entering his office and walking towards his desk, Derek sits as he thinks back on what has been going on. Feeling completely trapped as he looks on the table of photos of his family. With one being the photo of him and his wife in their wedding day. Leaving him with a feeling of both shame and upset that this has happened. Feeling hopeless and regretful that he's putting his family in danger as tears starting to show in his eyes

Derek Bishop: ...Oh god. Oh please god don't let anything happen to my family. Don't let them suffer...because of me...

Inside Limousine

Looking back as the Bishop home is gone from his sight, Peter couldn't help but feel worried about Kate. Feeling unsure what to do as Jeeves looked at him through the mirror

Jeeves: Feeling alright, Mr Parker?

Peter Parker: Yeah. Just concerned about Kate

Jeeves: Well you should. You were lucky I didn't mention the incident to her family or else they'll immediately kick you out

Peter Parker: Why didn't you?

Jeeves: Because it would upset Lady Katherine. And she has become quite fond of you

Peter Parker: ...Thanks Jeeves

Jeeves: Any time. Just make sure you keep her out of harms way

Peter Parker: Don't worry. I'll make sure it won't come to that

Jeeves: I'm holding your word on that. Or else they'll be consequences to come

Peter Parker: Heh...So how long have you been working for the Bishop family?

Jeeves: Oh for many years since Mr Bishop's father. Worked my whole life that I became part of the family. I have family back in England that are doing well, but the Bishop family felt like my second family. The girls felt like my own children. So you how skeptical I am with you. But seeing you looking tense makes me feel you're worried for Lady Katherine's safety

Peter Parker: Well. With everything that's been going on. I don't know what to do now. Will I do whatever I can to stop this, or will I risk losing something important to me?

Jeeves: ...I may not know of your line of work, but you do what you can. Otherwise risk a much worse fate to come. That's all there is to it I'm afraid. Just make sure you don't lose what's important. Or lose everything in front of you

Peter Parker: ...

Sable's Skycadia Penthouse: Sable's Office

In her office, Sable sits at her desk on the phone as she hangs up. Seeing the papers of the Midtown shooting and news reports on screen of the Ryker Prison break. With her father, Silvio Manfredi, pouring a glass of whiskey

Sable Manfredi: Got word from one of my men. This cannot get any worse

Silvio Manfredi: There's no use thinking about it. We both no who it is

Sable Manfredi: Doctor Octopus is back. Of course we know who it is. All of his guys are locked up there. Now they're out there's no telling what his next move is

Silvio Manfredi: Which is why we need to inform the men and be ready for when he attacks. Knowing the Doc he'll probably have something up his sleeves

Sable Manfredi: That man always does. I need to make some calls and get ready

Just as Sable is about to make some calls Meiko enters the room

Sable Manfredi: Meiko?

Meiko Yin: Apologies Mistress, but I've received word from City Hall. Mayor Waters wishes your presence tomorrow after the funeral arrangements

Silvio Manfredi: Did she say why?

Meiko Yin: No sir. Just she needed to discuss with you involving security matters

Silvio Manfredi: Sound's like she wants extra muscles

Sable Manfredi: She's worried. Probably because she doesn't want to look weak on camera tomorrow. She's already being criticise for lack of funding on public sector after those cuts she did a few months back. Now with this she needs a show of force to appear she's serious. Ultimately that would cause problems along the way

Silvio Manfredi: Like our operations in the city

Sable Manfredi: And the people she intends to bring back will cause more problems. Even if we do this legally there will be some suspicions about our requirement. No doubt they'll use our past against us

Meiko Yin: Would we try to influence Mayor Waters further?

Sable Manfredi: We could but we're not the only ones that influenced her

Silvio Manfredi: More competition. Great

Meiko Yin: So what would we do now?

Sable Manfredi: We be prepared and on high alert but we remain patient and anonymous. Wait for an opening and we can act

Silvio Manfredi: There's also one other thing we need to deal with

Sable Manfredi: What's that?

Silvio Mafredi: Peter Parker

Sable was caught off guard as Silvio turns to her about it and what to do

Sable Manfredi: …What about Peter?

Silvio Manfredi: I admit the boy has shown great promise, but he's still a boy who is in over his head. So I ask you, Sable. Should he even have a place here now after what happen? Or should he even have a place at all?

Sable Manfredi: You know why I brought him in

Silvio Manfredi: He's a young man. But not old enough to be considered one just yet

Sable Manfredi: You saw what he's capable off

Silvio Manfredi: But you also saw what it gave him. The attack on his school is just the beginning for him. There will be more in his way

Sable Manfredi: That won't happen

Silvio Manfredi: Are you sure? You think adding more men would help with something like this? Especially with Doctor Octopus now building his army?

Sable Manfredi:

Silvio Manfredi: Don't get me wrong. I like the Parker boy. I find him quite interesting to have around, but what we put him through will lead him to a path that'll be unavoidable. Would we want that?

Sable Manfredi: …You worry for him

Silvio Manfredi: You as well. And for good reason

Sable Manfredi:

Silvio Manfredi: This will not end well for him. Just like your mother

Sable Manfredi: What happen to mother…! What happen to her…That was the moment we had to fight back

Silvio Manfredi: And you've proven yourself why you're my daughter. I wonder though as to why bring a kid like him knowing what will happen?

Sable Manfredi: …I didn't expect to feel something for him

Silvio Manfredi: I do. He reminded you of him. Little Stefano

Sable Manfredi:

Silvio Manfredi: You know what's about to happen. Best to cut him loose

Sable Manfredi: …Meiko?

Meiko Yin: While he does show promise I couldn't help but feel your father might be right. However, there is still the matter involving the harbour seas and a business competitor that needs to be dealt with

Sable Manfredi: …One job

Meiko Yin: I'm sorry?

Sable Manfredi: One job. That is what I'll give him. After that he'll be let go

Silvio Manfredi:

Meiko Yin: …I'll get the preparations ready

Meiko left the room to be ready. While Silvio looked at his daughter with concern and curiosity. Wondering what will happen with Peter if it involves his final job

Silvio Manfredi:

Sable Manfredi: …I have faith in him, father

Silvio Manfredi: …You better hope he pulls through. I don't want another body that would come back to haunt us

Sable Manfredi:

St Mary Ann Hospital: Gwen's Room

Returning back from the airport, George brought Philips to see Gwen as he was left stunned by what he sees. With Helen seen sitting next to her bedside as she got up and hugs her son tightly

Helen Stacy: Philip

Philip Stacy: Mom

The two held tightly as George looked at her daughter. Still asleep and unsure when she'll open her eyes

Philip Stacy: How did this happen?

George Stacy: I don't know the full story, but she was kidnapped and injured by a couple of supervillains. Luckily, she's still alive

Helen Stacy: But would she open her eyes?

George Stacy: Helen-

Helen Stacy: This is all your fault!

Helen looks at George mad by how this occurs. Accusing him for what has happen to Gwen

Philip Stacy: Mom

George Stacy: Helen

Helen Stacy: I heard what happened. You were there at Ryker's with them. Those costume peoples

Philip Stacy: Wait, what?

George Stacy: It's true, but my association with them shouldn't factor to this

Helen Stacy: You involved us into this! All because of Spider-Man

Philip Stacy: Mom. Spider-Man is gone

Helen Stacy: That still doesn't excuse him for what was brought to us

George Stacy: Spider-Man helped keep this city safe, and if it wasn't for him this city would have been in chaos

Helen Stacy: But look what your involvement with him has brought us! To her!

George Stacy: There was no other way! There never is. Why do you think crime is rampant before Spider-Man? Before the Avengers? Before any of them? Would we really let someone else or any of their kids die?

Philip Stacy: Dad!

Helen Stacy:

George Stacy: …I'm a cop. We protect and we serve. That's why I wear this badge every day. To keep the people I care about safe from harms way. To be responsible to a city that I grew up in. To take care of what this city and its people stand. If anything goes wrong, if we become selfish, if we turn the other way, and we let innocent people die in our watch then what is the point of wearing a badge? You have no idea what I was left with, and if there's no other option then what am I left with

Philip Stacy: We have laws for those. Isn't that what they're for?

George Stacy: The law is the law, but it's not always justice. Not unless you have those that abuse their power for their own selfish gains. To not be responsible to a city that took care of you

Helen Stacy: But why them? Those costume vigilantes you've associated yourself with?

George Stacy: …If the law can't bring justice against the corrupt. If we are limited to keep people safe in the streets. Whose left? I know it's not what you wanted to here, but working with Spider-Man actually made more of a difference to this city than what I'm left with. And I can't be a cop with what I'm limited to or lose the trust of the people I'm supposed to keep safe. If I don't have that then I wouldn't be standing here and still wear this badge

Philip Stacy: But there are laws that enforce this kind of thing. Legislations. Governments that ensure that

George Stacy: And how can we sure if the people in power would be fair to those they're supposed to serve? It happened before, and people died because of it

Helen Stacy:

George Stacy: What happened to Gwen. We don't know the full story yet, but it would have been a lot worse had they not been there

Helen Stacy: …Look at our daughter and tell me if that's really true

Helen walks out of the room in sadness as Philip follows, but not before he tells his father

Philip Stacy: ...Is it really that important to you? Risk all of this?

George Stacy: I wouldn't be doing this if I knew what's at stake

Philip Stacy: But is it worth what Gwen is right now?

George Stacy: You know I would never allow this

Philip Stacy: And look where we are right now. Good job so far

Philip walks off to his mother as George is left in the room. Looking at his comatose daughter and stood feeling upset that this happen to her. Unsure what to do as he stood in silence with concern and worry

Next Day: Morning

Cassandra Webb's Shop

Inside her shop, Madame Web is humming as she cleans some of the items in her store. Just as she's finishing up a mysterious figure in a hoodie with a hat and a bag opens the door and enters the shop. Madam Web stopped and turn to see him. Recognizing the figure as he lifts his hood and removes his hat

Madame Web: Norrin Burchall

Norrin Burchall: Cassandra

Madame Web: Suh, di Norn outta prison

Norrin Burchall: Escape actually. But you already know why I'm here

Madame Web: ...Yuh things upstairs. Yuh kno weh mi put dem

Norrin Burchall: Much obliged

Norrin heads to the back to retrieve his things, but Madame Web speaks to him involving a personal matter

Madame Web: Yuh nuh visit yuh family?

Norrin Burchall: ...I'm a wanted man and a murderer with an accusation of corruption, Cassandra. You'd think they want to see me? Besides, there are much more important matters to attend to

Madame Web: ... Yuh fambly still tink bout yuh

Norrin Burchall: Stop...Just stop

Madame Web: It nuh too late to lef dis an guh back

Norrin Burchall: Enough, Charlotte…My path has already been set. Nothing matters now

Madame Web: ...

Norrin Burchall: ...I met the boy. The girl too. Just as you predicted.

Madame Web: Ave dem eva been wrong?

Norrin Burchall: No. But now we have what we need when the time comes. The pieces are now in place

Norrin walks into the back to get his things. While Madame Web looks disappointed and turns to an old photo of her younger self with a figure of a young Ezekiel smiling with her. Wondering the life it has now brought her

Madame Web: ...Dis a nuh ow it should be it?

Forest Hills Cemetary

As the weather appears damp and gloom, a funeral is taking place as a number of reporters and citizens of New York witnessed the families of the kids that have died in Midtown High. Among them is Mark Allan and his dad, Wilson Allan, who mourns on his son's shoulder. Another is Glory Grant, Kenny Kong, Randy Robertson, Sha Shan Nguyen, and Flash Thompson along with his family. The scene felt depressing and sad as the coffins of the deceased kids from school are being brought and placed to be buried. Peter stood silently with Nico and Aunt May as they watch the coffins going down. Seeing Liz's coffin go down caused Peter to think about all the things he has let Liz down, and remember the final time she spoke with her as she died in front of him. Upsetting him further as he sees the Watson family in tears as the coffin of Mary Jane Watson being buried. Remembering all the times he has spent with her and how close he was with her. Still in disbelief that she is now gone. Seeing him upset, May placed her hand on his shoulder and Nico held his hand

Peter Parker: …?

May Parker: Peter

Nico Minoru: You gonna be alright, Pete?

Peter Parker: …No…No I'm not. I…I still can't believe it. Liz. Mary Jane. Gone

May Parker: Oh sweetheart

Both Nico and May comfort Peter as he watches the soil being dropped on the coffins of both Mary Jane and Liz Allan. The Watson family deeply heartbroken, with Madeline Watson breaking down in tears. Along with Wilson Allan as he watches who sees her daughter being buried, as Mark tries to comfort him. But turn and sees Peter as he looks back. Knowing each other's identity, the two are in acknowledgement of each other as they stayed silent. As they hear the endless cries around them. Nearby are the police officers that are standing as they too bury their dead. Among them standing is George Stacy with Stan Carter and Michelle Gonzales. Watching as their fellow officers were buried, but Michelle sees the mayor putting a face for the journalists and cameramen on scene

Michelle Gonzales: …This is an embarrassment

Stan Carter: What is?

Michelle Gonzales: People died. Kids. A number of civilians. And almost every cop that was brought in one place. And the mayor there is putting her act for the camera

Stan Carter: Michelle

Michelle Gonzales: My brother died, and no one's going to mention that Jean was a traitor

George Stacy: Michelle-

Michelle Gonzales: Cops were killed, captain. All our friends

George Stacy: I know, but now is the time to mourn. We'll discuss it later

Michelle Gonzales:

Stan Carter: …I heard about your daughter, sir

Michelle Gonzales: Yeah. Hope she's okay

George Stacy: …Thank you both

Stan Carter: I heard about Captain Watanabe. She gonna be alright?

George Stacy: She'll make it through…She always does

With cameras and journalists recording and commenting on the funeral, Mayor Waters displays a somewhat sympathetic face for the cameras as she made a speech

Jillian Waters: To my great sadness that this has occurred. We bid farewell for the loss of life that has struck before us. Our brave men in uniform that united in order to protect the city they've dedicate their lives to serve. And the young generation that would have shape the future of this great nation were taken away from us. This is a sad day for this great city and the loss of life will never be forgotten. I will ensure that what happened that day will never happen. That is why I've announced an emergency meeting to be taking place tonight where I will make my announcement for what will be the factor that will ensure the lives of every New Yorker with their safety and security

Mayor Waters finished her statement as she walks off to her limo. While a number of journalists were calling for answers. Among the crowd of journalists is Whitney Chang who stood silent as she watches with David Hine and Richard. A. Jennings who just finished his reporting

David Hine: Knowing the Mayor it sounds pretty obvious

Whitney Chang: A curfew and extra security. Possibly the National Guard. Or the Army if we're unlucky

Richard. A. Jennings: I would expect much. I mean what's there to make it more obvious

Whitney Chang: Something much worse than it already is. If she involves her friends in Washington

Richard. A. Jennings: That'll be a worse case

David Hine: Hey guys. Is that Christine?

Richard. A. Jennings: What?

Whitney Chang: Where?

Looking around, the three sees WHINN Reporter, Christine Everhart reporting near were the burial is taking place. Giving her news report on camera

Christine Everhart: Today was a sad day for regular New Yorkers as the deceased of the young kids who were killed in that dreadful villain attack at the school in Midtown. One must wonder how could this be prevented with lack of police work? One must wonder what Mayor Waters's next plan will involve after this. And with the announcement planned for tonight is anyone's guess. But one thing is for sure. That whatever he intentions these vigilantes pose they are certainly not making this city any safer. This is Christine Everhart. Reporting live from Forest Hill Cemetery

WHINN Cameraman: And cut. We're off

Christine Everhart: God damn I feel like it's going to rain. Where's my umbrella?

Whitney Chang: Christine Everhart

Christine Everhart:

Recognizing the voice, Christine turns and sees Whitney Chang standing along with David and Richard

Christine Everhart: Whitney Chang?

Whitney Chang: Hey

Christine Everhart: And is that David?

David Hine: Hey Christine

Christine Everhart: And…Richard

Richard. A. Jennings: Christine. Been a while

Christine Everhart: It is. You look great

Richard. A. Jennings:

Christine Everhart: An you. David

David Hine: Uh. Hi

Christine Everhart: So I see you're all doing well

Whitney Chang: So did you. Getting paid well?

Christine Everhart: You know what network I work for remember? And it does come with added benefits

Whitney Chang: Only if you're willing to become a sell-out

Christine Everhart: My you haven't changed abit. Still believe in that old crap

Richard. A. Jennings: At least we're standing by our principles

Christine Everhart: And what good did it ever bring exactly?

Richard. A. Jennings:

Whitney Chang:

David Hine:

Christine Everhart: Journalism is not journalism if it's not what the people wanted to hear. And that cost viewers

Richard. A. Jennings: Well it's better to have a good story for one hundred people than a bad story for one thousand

Christine Everhart: Heh. Ever an idealist

Whitney Chang: Doesn't mean it's not true. You yourself once believe that

Christine Everhart:

WHINN Cameraman: Christine. We're being called back

Christine Everhart: …Yeah. Okay

Richard. A. Jennings:

Whitney Chang:

Christine Everhart: …We'll see you guys again. Later

Christine walks off as she's being called back. The three watch and took notice how different she's now become since they last saw her

David Hine: She hasn't changed much

Whitney Chang: Yeah she has. She used to be a good journalist

Richard. A. Jennings: She was a journalist. Now she's just a mouth piece. I expected better from her

Whitney Chang: We all did

Outside Forest Hills Cemetary

With the funeral ending, Peter with Nico and his Aunt May walked out of the cemetery as he's met with Flash and his family

Flash Thompson: Hey Parker

Peter Parker: Flash?

May Parker: Rosie. Harrison

Harrison Thompson: Mrs. Parker

Rosie Thompson: Hello. May. You're doing well

May Parker: And little Jesse

Jesse Thompson: Hello Mrs. Parker

May Parker: My you've grown. Isn't she Peter?

Peter Parker: Yeah. You doing alright?

Jesse Thompson: (blush) Y-Yeah. I am

Rosie Thompson: And you must be the new girl

Nico Minoru: Yeah. It's Nico. Nico Parker. Peter's cousin

Flash Thompson: Funny. Didn't know Parker got a cousin

Peter Parker: Well a lot's been going on

Flash Thompson: I can imagine

Harrison Thompson: Well we should go. Don't want some cameraman get the jump on us

Rosie Thompson: Alright. So are you all coming?

Nico Minoru: To where?

Rosie Thompson: We're meeting up with Eugene's friends and their parents. A lot of us are going to be there

Harrison Thompson: And Eugene here would like if you'd come, Peter

Peter Parker: Really? You sure about that?

Flash Thompson: Well the gang are going to be there, and we felt since you knew Liz well enough that you should consider meeting up with us. Your Aunt and cousin can come too

Nico Minoru: Oh nice

May Parker: What do you think? It would be nice if you could

Peter Parker: …I'll…see if I got time to show up. Where we meeting?

Flash Thompson: Where else? Harry's place

Peter suddenly stayed silent after hearing the gang and their parents are meeting at Harry's place. With his first thought being that he hasn't been to his place or spoken to him for a while. With Flash noticing his skepticism to come

Peter Parker: …You're going to Harry's place?

Flash Thompson: Look Pete. I get you two had problems, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try mend things with him. Especially with what just happened, and you know what he's been through since then

Peter Parker: But that doesn't mean he needed me. Harry and I are not in speaking terms

Flash Thompson: But at least he tried to mend things with you that day. Last I heard Gwen tried to get you two to talk

Peter Parker:

Flash Thompson: If there's a chance to fix this then it's now. So don't be a dick about it and just man up already

Peter Parker: …Since when did you become wiser?

Flash Thompson: Since I started paying attention

Peter Parker: Courtesy of Sha Shan?

Flash Thompson: Heh. Yeah

Peter Parker: …I'll think about it

Flash Thompson: Harry's place. Tonight. Come early if you could

Peter Parker: I said I'll think about it

Rosie Thompson: Well it's time we go

Jesse Thompson: Bye

Harrison Thompson: Hope to see you all

May Parker: We will

Flash Thompson: Seriously. Be there

The Thompson family is seen leaving as the Parkers wave bye while thinking about meeting up with them, with Peter thinking if he should go and visit Harry's place. Then George Stacy walked up to greet them

George Stacy: Mrs. Parker

May Parker: Captain Stacy. Hello

George Stacy: How are you and the kids doing?

May Parker: We're handling ourselves, but it's hard to see all of this

George Stacy: You young lady?

Nico Minoru: Well. I barely know some of them. But…I don't know. This feels unreal

May Parker: What's even shocking that one of those awful people is a young girl. What could have caused her to be a part of this?

Peter Parker:

George Stacy: Well with all the ones dealt with there's only when she will be prosecuted

May Parker: And what of Gwen? How is she?

Nico Minoru: Yeah. She's going to be okay?

George Stacy: She's still in a coma, but alive none the less

Peter Parker: …Does…the doctor know when she'll wake up?

George Stacy: It's hard to say. All the doctor said we should wait until she heals. Then we'll know

Peter Parker: …I hope she wakes up soon

George Stacy: Me too, but I'm glad she's alright. I wouldn't know what to do if something happens to her

Sable Manfredi: It's natural you feel that way. After all, what shouldn't a parent fear the life of their child

Walking towards them is Sable Manfredi who appeared from behind George Stacy. As a limo is seen with Meiko Yin standing. Along with Mitchell Han with his car

George Stacy: Sable Manfredi

Sable Manfredi: Hello Captain Stacy. And May. Good to see you again

May Parker: Hello Sable. It's good to see you too

Sable Manfredi: And hello to you too

Nico Minoru: Hi

Peter Parker: Ms Manfredi

Sable Manfredi: Hello Peter. I hope to see you. How are you holding up?

Peter Parker: I'm managing. Thanks. And Mitch?

Mitchell Han: Hey Pete. It's been a while. The gang says hey too

May Parker: And who is this?

Peter Parker: Aunt May. This is Mitchell Han. A colleague of mine

May Parker: Oh. Well then I's very nice to meet you too

Mitchell Han: Nice to meet you too, ma'am

George Stacy: I take it you have a purpose here?

Sable Manfredi: I take it Mayor Waters told you to come at her meeting involving the announcement for tonight? She invited me too. Looks like we'll be working together

George Stacy: Does that mean your father would be involved?

Sable Manfredi: He's merely observing, but I'm not here for that. I'm here hoping to speak to Peter here

Peter Parker: Me?

Sable Manfredi: I was hoping to speak with you involving an important matter. My men can drop your folks back home if you like

Peter Parker: Aunt May? Nico?

Nico Minoru: I guess it's okay

May Parker: Well if it's no trouble

Sable Manfredi: It's no trouble at all. Isn't it Michell?

Mitchell Han: Yeah, boss. I mean I would be alright with that. And I like Peter enough to something for him

Peter Parker: Thanks, Mitch

George Stacy: You sure about this?

Peter Parker: It'll be okay. Trust me

George Stacy: …Okay. I'll be seeing you later on. Especially you, Ms. Manfredi

Sable Manfredi: I'll be seeing you tonight, Captain

Mitchell Han: This way Miss

May Parker: Thank you, young man

Nico Minoru: See you back home, Peter

Peer Parker: Sure. Captain Stacy?

George Stacy: I'll see you soon, Peter

Sable Manfredi: Come with me, Peter

Peter went inside the limo as it drove off. With May and Nico entering Mitchell's car. George Stacy is then approached by Stan and Michelle

Stan Carter: That's Sable Manfredi

George Stacy: It is

Michelle Gonzales: So what are we going to do about her?

George Stacy: For now. Nothing. I'll handle this matter. Both of you should go home

Stan Carter: What?

Michelle Gonzales: Captain. We can still help. With what happened at Ryker's you need back up

George Stacy: And I will, but not now. Right now, we need to keep our head down and wait until the moment comes. Then when it does, I'll need you both prep and ready. Can you both do that?

Stan Carter: …Yeah

Michelle Gonzales: Alright, Captain

George Stacy: Good. Besides, I'm going to see Captain Watanabe in the hospital

Stan Carter: Well she'll be more likely to get in on the action soon

George Stacy: Oh you have no idea. Go get rest you two. There's aot of work that needs to be done

Captain Stacy walks off as both Stan and Michelle did the same. With no one watching, Stan reached out and held her hand, and Michelle held his hand tightly. Meanwhile, Randy is seen appearing upset as his parents, Robbie and Martha Robertson tries to comfort him as they walk towards the car. Discussing with him as he decides to meet with the others at Flash's house

Robbie Robertson: You sure about this son?

Marth Robertson: We can just go home if you like

Randy Robertson: Yeah. We're all seeing each other. Best we meet up and see how we're holding up. They're expecting me anyway

Robbie Robertson: …Alright. We'll drop you off

Randy Robertson: Thanks dad

Marth Robertson: Son. Is that Sally over there?

Randy Robertson: What?

Randy looked over and was surprised to see Sally standing. Randy looking at her and appear mad at her, as Robbie noticed what he's thinking

Robbie Robertson: We can go, son

Marth Robertson: You don't need to speak with her if you want

Randy Robertson: ...No. I need some answers out of this

Robbie Robertson: You sure?

Randy Robertson: Yeah. I need closure from this

Marth Robertson: Alright

Unpleased to see her, Randy proceed and walks toward Sally unhappy. Sally herself, however, appeared sad and filled with regret as her ex-boyfriend approaches. The two stood in front of each other, with Randy maintaining a distance from her. Still mad at her as Sally realizes

Randy Robertson: …Sally

Sally Avril: Hey…Rand. You look good

Randy Robertson: Is that all you wanted to say?

Sally Avril: Randy, I just…I just wanted to see you again

Randy Robertson:

Sally Avril: I-I know. I know I'm the last person you wanted to see, but…I just-

Randy Robertson: You don't deserve to be here

Sally Avril: …Randy-

Randy Robertson: You've been seeing Jason behind my back? For how long!?

Sally Avril: Randy

Randy Robertson: Answer me! How long!?

Sally Avril: …Months

Randy Robertson: Months!?

Sally Avril: I just. I don't know. It just. With Jason. It just felt that I matter again. Like I mean something again

Randy Robertson: You mean be in control again like you always have. Get to decide what you want! When you want! Because you wanted to feel like a queen again

Sally Avril: I know. I-I wasn't thinking straight!

Randy Robertson: YOU FUCKED HIM!

Sally Avril:

Randy Robertson: YOU'VE BEEN FUCKING HIM FOR MONTHS BEHIND MY BACK! And right here! Right now! You think this is going to change anything!?

Sally Avril: …I'm sorry

Randy Robertson: Don't

Sally Avril: I just. I just wanted-


Sally Avril:

Randy Robertson: …Ever since we were together you've always had problems. Problems I thought we could work out. But this…This I never thought you would be capable of!

Sally Avril: Randy-

Randy Robertson: And do you know what makes it even worse? I'm not surprised by it. Because this is precisely what you would do! Not giving a damn about who gets hurt! Trying to save yourself any kind of embarrassment that's coming your way while everybody else is treated like shit. Have everyone else take the blow while you get away scot free

Sally Avril: I never meant for this. I never meant for any of this

Randy Robertson: BUT YOU DID! You did! And you never realized how much it hurt. But you know what also made it even worse? That you did it to one of your friends

Sally Avril:

Randy Robertson: Why? Why do that to Liz!?

Sally Avril: Randy-

Randy Robertson: Why!

Sally Avril: …They were…fighting. It's been going on for a while. Jason…Jason and I…We met up and…We fool around for a while and…we just did it. It became weird, but…I don't know. We just. Just-

Randy Robertson: You couldn't stop, because he give you so much attention? Because that's what you needed

Sally Avril: It's just…I just. You and me

Randy Robertson: You know what makes this more ironic? I actually thought we could make this work still. Maybe something we could work out

Sally Avril: We can. Randy we still can!

Randy Robertson: No. We can't. You made that decision clear after what you did, and there is no way it can be undone. It's done

Sally Avril: Randy, please. I...I'm so sorry. Please. I...I can fix this

Randy Robertson: No you can't. You can't. There's no point to it

Sally Avril: Randy. I-

Randy Robertson: And you what else that can work? I blame you for Liz's death. It's your fault that she's dead. And she died broken and alone because she has no one else to mourn with. You did that, and you wouldn't even imagine or understand how much it hurts. Because in the end you were never her real friend to begin with. You were never anything to begin with

Sally Avril: ...

Randy Robertson: We're done Sally, and I hope I never speak to you again

Leaving an upset Sally standing, Randy turns his back and walks away. Feeling ashamed to even look at her, but Sally couldn't help herself as she attempts to stop him. Speaking her mind to what she really felt


Randy Robertson: ...

Sally Avril: ...You were going to leave me! ME! WE WERE THE BEST COULD OF MIDTOWN HIGH! It didn't mean anything to you, but it meant something to me! The popularity. The attention. To show I'm better than everyone else. I never had that growing up. I was a nobody! I meant nothing to anyone! Do you know what I looked like before all of this!? Before Midtown!? A pale, dull, ugly, fat, and dumb girl that no one pays attention to. Always been making fun off because I look nothing like the in-crowd. I had to change! To be something people can actually look at me and say that I matter! That can be something more than this piece of nothingness! Before arriving I had to change myself. To not be like the girl I was. I spend every single day trying so hard to change myself. By the time I arrived I was noticed! I was recognized. I mattered. I was part of the in-crowd. I was popular. Look at how far I've come! And it got easier becoming that person. And to see it just slip away! I…I can't lose that. I can't lose how far I've gotten or else I'll be that same person I was! That was the one thing I was afraid. To be that person again. To be nothing. To be abandoned again. I'll be nothing to anyone. Not even to you. You wouldn't even care about the old me. No one does

Randy Robertson: … That's where you're wrong

Sally Avril: ...

Randy Robertson: …I wouldn't care. I wouldn't care what you look like or what you are. If you're good enough to be something more then you should have made an effort to be something rather than pretend to be someone else. If you made an effort then you have been noticed. I would have noticed. Maybe even liked that Sally. But now, not this. Liz was your friend and you betrayed her. You got Liz killed, and maybe I'm Realizing why

Sally Avril: What do you mean?

Randy Robertson: …Did you backstabbed her because its Liz, or is it because she's slowly starting to remind you of the person you once we're

Sally Avril: ...

Randy Robertson: …You got her killed. It's your fault she died. I don't know what will become of you, but this will be the last time you'll hear from me

Sally Avril: ...Randy

Randy Robertson: …Goodbye Sally Avril. Nice knowing you

Making his peace, Randy walks away. Leaving Sally standing as she sees what she feared would happened as Randy finally ends their relationship and walks away. As she is left feeling upset and alone as Sally stood in despair and sadness

Somewhere in New York:

Inside Sable's Limo

As the vehicle continues to drive through on the road, Peter is seen inside with Sable and Meiko. Along with Silvio Manfredi while he holds a glass of bourbon and takes a sip

Sable Manfredi: Sitting comfortably Peter?

Peter Parker: I am. Thanks

Sable Manfredi: …Peter, I-

Silvio Manfredi: Before we begin, I would like to express my condolences after what happened. It must be hard for you

Peter Parker: …Thank you

Silvio Manfredi: We've seen the reports about this. Now this is something we did not expect. But that still doesn't excuse what they did, but with that we are wondering about you

Peter Parker: About…me?

Meiko Yin: Its no secret that you have proven yourself to be an invaluable member of this group, but recent events have now caused us to rethink your position with us

Peter Parker: …Oh

Sable Manfredi: Don't get us wrong. You have proven yourself loyal, but now we are thinking if it is wise for you to continue

Peter Parker: …And…would I?

Silvio Manfredi: Well that is what we've been discussing and we feel that you should be allowed when needed, but my daughter here has a different opinion

Peter Parker: You do?

Sable Manfredi: Since this organization will have to participate in more legal matters, I suggested one job in mind that will be your last

Hearing this, Peter was left feeling surprised by this and starts wondering

Peter Parker: My last? Why?

Sable Manfredi: Don't take this the wrong way. You have proven yourself loyal, but this incident has made us starting to think about your position. And personally, I felt you could continue your role here, but my father insisted that either you receive a different position or we would consider letting you go

Peter Parker:

Silvio Manfredi: Don't take this the wrong way, Peter. I truly admire your dedication to our operation, but you are young and in high school. And it's best if we find something that doesn't involve you at the end of a gun. So, if you want than you can do one more job, and after that you shall be rewarded with anything you want. Meiko?

Meiko Yin: As you know Peter. Silver Incorporated has connections to a number of institutes and organization. If you have a personal pick, we would gladly put a good word on you

Peter Parker: R-Really?

Silvio Manfredi: If you want, and personally I would take it

Peter Parker: …I might need to think about it

Silvio Manfredi: Well I-

Sable Manfredi: Of course. Take your time with this

Peter Parker: …Okay

Forest Hills Cemetary

Walking in the cemetery as the weather is still damp, Sally Avril sees the tombstones of all the students that have dies, with some of the relatives starting to leave in tears, as she now stands in front of the tombstone of Liz Allan. Still saddened and in disbelief that she's dead. Full of guilt by what she did to her and what she allowed to happen. Speaking to her as if they were still friends

Sally Avril: ...Hey Liz. It's been a while...Figured I get myself something good to wear for this occasion. Although I'm not wearing any makeup...That's kind of a first for me. Cemetary isn't my kind of thing that I would show up for. Too depressing for my taste. At least you now have a city that loves you. Far more then anybody asks for. I'm pretty jealous to be honest. Jealous that you have more love then anybody else. Guess you did deserve that love. More then me...To be honest...I was jealous of you Liz. You were the best thing everybody had. Good friends. Good family. You have the life anyone could have asked for. I envy you Liz. More then that I was jealous of you. More jealous that you had the life I wanted. You deserved it all because of how much you stood out to people. But me? I don't know if I could. I mean I don't really understand how things could have worked. Truth is I don't really understand how anything works now. It's all a complete mess. But what I do that you don't deserve this. Deserve to get hurt like this. You don't deserve to die like this. All alone like this with no one around...I never got a chance to say goodbye, but I don't know if I could because I can't help the feeling of what Randy said. That you're dead because of me. And now I'm starting to think...Maybe he's right...And now I stand in front of you and it reminded me of how much I've failed you as a friend. And what I did to you...Oh god

Sally's eyes begin to shed tears as she starts to cry. Remembering Liz's face and realising it being the last face she'll remember of her now that she's gone

Sally Avril: *sob* *sob* Oh god I'm sorry. *sob* I'm so sorry Liz! *sob* I-I never wanted to see you get hurt. Not like this. *sob* *sob* I just...I just wanted to be noticed more. To be popular...More then you. But not like this...You *sob* You don't deserve this, Liz. You don't deserve to die...Not like this. Not alone...You were loved, Liz...Loved by so many. And me...I just *sob* I just wanted to be popular. Like all the others. High School was supposed to be our new beginning. My beginning. I wanted to matter like I never had before, and hanging out with you made me notice more...Guess that's why I wanted to be friends with you. It's why I pretended to be your friend, but knowing you more...Made me feel I wanted it to be your friend for real...I loved having you around. Almost as if we became sisters. But as you lose those that mattered around you...I took advantage of that and I betrayed you. And the worst part it is that you don't deserve it. You don't deserve any of it. You were let down. They let you down...Like...I let you down. I let you down I didn't realize it. That's not what you deserve. You...You had this spark inside you Liz. A spark that I could never compare with. The way you interact with people. The way you interact with me...I don't think I'll ever deserve it. Not after the way I treated you...You were like a sister to me and this is not the end you deserve. You deserve better than this. Just like you deserve a better friend...I'm sorry Liz...I am so...So sorry...I love you Liz Allan. And I will truly miss you

Wiping away her tears Sally says her goodbyes as she leaves in sadness. As she walks off Sally still thinks of Liz and remembers the good times she had with her. Leaving the cemetary, but suddenly stops and sees Jason Ionello standing outside

Sally Avril: Jason?

Jason Ionello: Sally. Been waiting for you

Sally Avril: ...

Jason Ionello: What's wrong?

Sally Avril: ...You didn't call me back

Jason Ionello: Yeah...Well you know how things are. Can't have too much attention around yourself


Sally appears angry at Jason. Noticing no sign of distress on his face

Jason Ionello: ...Sally-


Jason Ionello: ...What do you expect me to say?

Sally Avril: Are you kidding me!? Does she mean nothing to you!?

Jason Ionello: I-I I mean yeah she's good for something


Jason Ionello: Well what do you have to say about this!? You didn't give a damn about her either!

Sally Avril: ...You're right. I didn't care for her, but she still means something to me. I thought she could have meant something to you

Jason Ionello: For a while maybe, but we were never really happy together

Sally Avril: So why stay with her?

Jason Ionello: Well why not? A popular girl like her with all that looks and money are bound to get you somewhere

Sally Avril: …What?

Jason Ionello: ...

Sally Avril: What did you say?

Jason Ionello: Sally...What I said. I-


Shocked by this, Sally angrily slaps Jason's face as she looked at him in disgust. Now knowing he was merely using Liz in the process

Jason Ionello: ...

Sally Avril: …Were you using her? As if she's some kind of prop!? And for her money!?

Jason Ionello: No. No, I didn't! I took her out. We've been on dates, and I did what I could to make her happy!

Sally Avril: …Not according to her. Thinking about it you didn't even make an effort or even try

Jason Ionello: Sally. You know how she is. You could have thought she would have been better

Sally Avril: Were you even serious about her? Did you even really cared for her?

Jason Ionello: ...Yes. Of course, I did

Sally Avril: …Did you say you love her? Even if it's a lie?

Jason Ionello: …Yes

Sally Avril: …Swear it

Jason Ionello: …Sally-

Sally Avril: Swear it to her grave! SWEAR IT NOW!

Sally angrily yells at Jason demanding an honest answer from him. Only to see a face of silence from him as he no spoke a word. Upsetting Sally as she now realizes the truth

Sally Avril:

Jason Ionello:

Sally Avril: …I'm so stupid

Jason Ionello: …Sally, I-


Jason Ionello: Sally-


Jason Ionello:

Sally Avril: How could I!… How could I…? *sob* Oh god

Jason Ionello: Sally, I know what you're thinking but...I did care for her. Just as I care for you

Sally Avril: The why didn't you answer me when I called you!?

Jason Ionello:

Sally Avril: You want to run away. Run away and not face anything! I NEEDED YOU AND YOU CHOSE TO SHUT ME OUT!

Jason Ionello: What am I suppose to do!? I've already got enough problems to deal with!

Sally Avril: And I don't matter to you!?

Jason Ionello: I never said that!


Jason Ionello: Sally, just listen to me!


Jason Ionello: SALLY STOP!

Sally was walking away, but Jason grabbed her arm tightly. As Sally tries to break away from him but sees the anger in his eyes

Sally Avril: LET GO OF ME!

Jason Ionello: You listen to me! I have been through a lot of shit before I came here, BUT YOU OF ALL PEOPLE WILL NOT RUIN THIS FOR ME!

Sally Avril: LET! GO OF ME YOU JERK!


Sally Avril: FUCK YOU!


Sally Avril: LET GO OF ME!


Sally Avril: LET GO OF ME!


Jason Ionello: I SAID QUIET!


Sally Avril: Ugh!

Jason Ionello: Huh?


Sally Avril: AUGH!

Jason Ionello: Sally

Sally Avril: Aaagh!

In anger, after he was slapped by her Jason punched Sally hard on her face as she falls and her head landed on a nearby stone as a cut was formed and cried in pain. Jason was left stunned by what he just did as a sad and angry Sally gets up with a bruise on her eye and her head started to bleed. Showing both anger and sadness

Jason Ionello:

Sally Avril: …What…did I ever see…in you…?

Jason Ionello: …S-Sally, I-


Jason Ionello: Sally-


Jason Ionello: Sally, I-I'm sorry-

Sally Avril: I lost my boyfriend because of you. I lost my friends because of you. And I…I lost…Liz…Oh god

Jason Ionello: Sally


As tears flow from her face, Sally ran feeling the complete shame of herself for what she has risked and lost in the process. Feeling the need to cry as loud as she could but run as fast as she could. Jason then stood motionless. Unsure of what to make of it or what had just happened. The weather turned even more bleak as silence is filled with thunder and rain

Cassandra Webb's Shop

Entering the store, Peter looks around to see if Madame Web is still here. Deciding to look at the back and sees her on the table with a bowl of biscuits and two cups of tea. Picking one as she takes a sip

Madame Web: Peta Parka. did wondering wen you'll arrive

Peter Parker: You've been waiting for me?

Madame Web: Mi ave. Glad mi spidas did able to reach yuh

Peter Parker: Wait. That was you?

Madame Web: It yea

Peter Parker: How'd you do that?

Madame Web: Well it pan of mi abilities. It wah mek mi kno suh well

Peter Parker: …You can control the spiders?

Madame Web: Speak to dem. Mi merely aks dem an dem offa to help. It nice wen yuh aks dem politely. Dem cya even show yuh things yuh don't expect. Moments did dem nuh happen…Yet

Peter Parker: …Did you know?

Madame Web: Bout wah happen at yuh school? mi duh, an mi sorry dat it ave happen

Peter Parker: Do you? Because it's sounded like you know more than what's going on

Madame Web:

Peter Parker: …Did you know? That is was going to happen? My school. My friends…Gwen Stacy…Liz…MJ…?

Madame Web: … Wah moments Peter? Moments like a string inna web. One string make an more strings follow. Strings wi all attach to, an di choices wi mek wi ave dire consequences. Consequences mi see from yuh

Peter Parker: …You knew

Madame Web: … Mi did, an mi did haffi

Peter Parker: YOU KNEW!

In anger, Peter was about to attack her, but Madame Web suddenly launched a stinger from her right arm. Pointing near his heart as she gets up


Peter Parker:

Madame Web: …Calm yuhself Peta. There a reason wah mek mi neva tell yuh

Peter Parker: W-What the? How?

Madame Web: …Yuh nuh di ongle one who cya climb up to walls

Peter was left completely surprised as he realizes that Madame Web also has spider powers as she retracted her stingers back into her arms. However, he still remembers why he came in the first place

Peter Parker: …You're like me?

Madame Web: Yea. From a lang time ago

Peter Parker: But still…

Madame Web: …Mi kno, an mi wudda tell yuh lang ago

Peter Parker: But why? You knew this was going to happen and you never told me. Why?

Madame Web: …Cuz you'll still fail an they'll still dead

Peter Parker: You don't know that

Madame Web: Oh mi duh. I've aready seen it. An no matta wah yaah duh you'll still fail, an there wi be many more bloods being spill inna yuh hands. A mountain of death wi be pan yuh

Peter Parker:

Madame Web: …Yuh still haven't learn nuhting yet, an di mistakes you've make along di way wi be yuh downfall

Peter Parker: Then why? Why lead me to this?

Madame Web: Cuz dis did di ongle way to change di event dat mi ave foreseen

Peter Parker: What event?

Madame Web: Di event dat wi lead to more death an destruction. Di destruction yuh ave now prevent, cuz di people dat did suppose to ave dead still alive

Peter Parker: But not MJ and Liz? Or any others?

Madame Web: Dem wi dead regardless of wah yaah duh. Di ongle difference dat dem wi nuh suffa nor commit acts dat wi lead to dis world's destruction

Peter Parker: What are you talking about?

Madame Web: …Cum. It time now dat mi show yuh. Wah mek mi broadcast yuh here

Madame Web gets up and walks towards a door as Peter follows. Walking downstairs, Madame Web comments on Peter involving a question she mentioned before

Cassandra Webb's Shop: Stairwell (Downstairs)

Madame Web: Yuh memba Peter?

Peter Parker: Remember what?

Madame Web: Di question mi say to yuh. Pan di fos day we've meet. Di genetics or di powas

Peter Parker: Did the genetic allow the spider to give me the powers, or did the spider give me the power before it died. Yeah, I remember. Why?

Madame Web: Tell mi. Inna world wid being dat cud fly or change a simple man inna an unstoppable being, ave yuh eva tink yuh did di ongle one dat ave spida powas

Peter Parker: Well isn't it? I am technically the only one that can stick to walls

Madame Web: Well den. Wah eff mi tell yuh dat yuh nuh, an dat there did othas besides yuh dat cud duh di things yuh duh an more

Peter Parker: What? You mean there are others besids you? With spider powers?

Madame Web: Well of course. Many inna fact. inna different parts of di globe inna different cultures, but always di same. It wah mek dem story still mattas even to dis day, an di cost dat it brings

Peter Parker: And you know this how?

Madame Web: Simple. Yuh predecessor…was mi husband

Peter Parker: What?

Madame Web: Wi here

Arriving at what appears to be a basement, Madame Web leads Peter to a wall as a paint mark of what appears to be a spider on it

Peter Parker: This is what you're here to show me?

Madame Web: No dis a

Touching the paint mark, Madame Web's hand started to glow. As the paint mark glowed and opened a door as a radian of light burst through. Surprised and amazed Peter as he looks around

Peter Parker: What the?

Madame Web: Dis way, Peta


Entering the room, Peter was left stunned to see a number of artefacts of different cultures. African, Aztec, Sumerian, Asian, and many more. All of which bear symbols of the spiders. And in the middle is an ancient circle with golden webs, as parts of it glow through. Surprising Peter by what he's seeing

Peter Parker: I…don't believe this

Madame Web: Surprise? Mi kno yuh wudda

Peter Parker: What…is this place?

Madame Web: Mi sanctuary. Mi place of enlightenment. Mi sight to dem deh mi cyaa si. An di thread of which many stories baan. Stories of all dem deh dat bare di mark of di spida

Peter Parker: What? You mean these guys are?

Madame Web: Yea. Dem yah a yuh predecessas. All throughout di ages inherited di totems of di spidas

Peter Parker: Totems?

Madame Web: Inna every existence there a totem based pan an animal. An animal becomes a symbol to dem deh dat bare its identity. An wid it inherits its powas. An dat sometimes forge alliances. Most of di times it creates confrontation. Fi yuh it di pretendas

Peter Parker: Pretenders?

Madame Web: During yuh time as Spider-Man you've encountered individuals dat bare di identities of known animals. Docta Octopus, di Lizard, Vulture, di Rhino. Even di Black Cat. Each bare a totemic identity an embraced it. Howeva dem identities merely dress up. Baring di identities of di totems, but neva it powas. Dat wah makes dem pretendas. Yuh pan di oddah hand re nuh

Peter Parker: And what does that make me?

Madame Web: Di real ting. A living embodied of di totem itself. Yuh now stand as a bridge to both a spida an a man. Howeva despite yuh abilities yuh nuh yet reach yuh full powa

Peter Parker: My full power?

Madame Web: Di powas yuh currently ave. Yuh cya sense danga. you're strong an agile. an yuh cya stick to walls. But that's nuh whulla it

Peter Parker: …I can do more?

Madame Web: Yea. As you've aready seen mi stingas, but yuh nuh pan dat point just yet. Howeva, dat moment wi be arriving fi yuh soon

Peter Parker: And you know this how?

Madame Web: Dis

Madame Web shows Peter the ancient circle with the golden webs, as he looks closer and grew fascinated by it

Peter Parker: What is this?

Madame Web: This…Is wah show mi yuh story. Wah cud, wah should, an wah cya. A Sight Weava

Peter Parker: Sight Weaver

Madame Web: Yuh familiar wid di ability to si inna di future? Dis a like dis. Except it shows more

Peter Parker: This thing…can show the future?

Madame Web: One of many. Each affected by di choices make an di path being taken. Sometime even di smallest moment cya ave a big impact pan yuh future. Did different moments cya lead to different outcomes. An like everything else, dem yah moments cya ave an effect pan nuh just one but many. It dis dat mi see yuh, an di choices dat ave been make

Peter Parker: …Magic. You're taking about magic?

Madame Web: Inna way. Yea

Peter Parker: …I don't believe it. I've seen enough fakes to know it can't be real

Madame Web: I'd kno you'd react like dis. Den test it

Peter Parker: How?

Madame Web: …Touch it. Any string

While looking with scepticism, Peter decides to move closer and moves his hands to it. Slowly as he suspects a trap, but his spider-sense started to react differently as his hand moves closer until he touches one. A spark of light suddenly burst into his eyes


Peter Parker: What…the!?


Vision 1:

Peter suddenly sees a vision of himself in the Silver Spoon café. Sitting alone on the table in sadness. Until a familiar face sits with him

?: Hey tiger

Peter Parker: MJ?

Revealing to be sitting with him is Mary Jane Watson, who is still alive

Peter Parker: What are you doing here?

Mary Jane Watson: I'd figured I'd stop by to see how you're doing

Peter Parker: …I'm doing alright

Mary Jane Watson: You sure?

Peter Parker: Yeah…I mean…I guess I could have done better

Mary Jane Watson: …Pete…You did the best you could. And what happened with Gwen

Peter Parker:

Mary Jane Watson: …She made her choice. We just didn't think it would be…this. And when she…

Peter Parker: …Yeah. And I still can't stop thinking about it

Mary Jane Watson: Peter-

Peter Parker: I pushed her away, MJ. And for that I didn't know…All I wanted was to spare her

Mary Jane Watson: Spare her from what?

Peter Parker: You know what

Mary Jane Watson:

Peter Parker: …I didn't want this for her. It's why I had to push her away

Mary Jane Watson: But you would have known it wouldn't have mattered. She'd still be with you if she knew

Peter Parker: How would you know about that?

Mary Jane Watson: Because Peter…I would too

Peter was suddenly taken aback as Mary Jane moved her hand closer to his hand and held it tight as the two looked at each other deeply in silence



Peter Parker: (Pant) Huh!?

Returning back from what he saw, Peter started to shed tears in his eyes as he's filled with disbelief by what he just saw after touching the gold web. Madame Web took notice

Madame Web: Sum'ady yuh recognize?

Peter Parker: That…That was Mary Jane…Alive?

Madame Web: Di web cya show many things. One did moments cya lead to different outcomes fi di future

Peter Parker: You…You mean there's more?

Madame Web: Touch dat web an si fi yuhself

Seeing a different part of the web, Peter slowly reaches out, but is unsure what he will see, until he touches it as a spark of light brightens in his eye


Peter Parker: Huh?


Vision 2:

In the second vision, Peter sees a version of himself walking on the beach as he sees the Coney Island fair from afar. Thinking back his time from there. Until suddenly, Peer sees Liz sitting on a bench facing the fair. Walking towards her from behind and greet her

Peter Parker: …Surprised to see you here

Surprised to hear his voice, Liz stood up and turned to see Peter standing

Liz Allan: P-Peter

Peter Parker: Hey Liz…Good to see you

Liz Allan: You too…

Peter Parker: …Sitting by yourself?

Liz Allan: Yeah…Figured I need some time to myself with all things considered

Peter Parker: …You want some company?

Liz Allan: You sure that's a good idea, Pete?

Peter Parker: Well…nothing so far has been a good idea. Just…trying to wing it and see where it goes

Liz Allan: Heh. That sounds familiar

Peter Parker: …So…You don't mind?

Liz Allan: …Sure. Wouldn't mind company after all

Peter move and sat on the bench with her. As they sit the two thinks back on everything that has gone before and where they are now. Feeling unsure as both tries to speak up

Peter Parker:

Liz Allan: …Peter…I-

Peter Parker: I'm sorry

Liz Allan: …What?

Peter Parker: …I'm sorry, Liz…Of everything…I…I thought things could work out. I thought you would be okay if I wasn't in your life anymore…But I was wrong…I didn't think how you felt…I didn't even think of anything…I just…I thought things could be simple…Maybe things can work themselves out…I was wrong…I focused on the thing I believed I wanted instead of what I had in front of me

Liz Allan:

Peter Parker: …I never meant to hurt you, Liz. I know it's too late to say it, but…I should have been there when you needed me the most…I should have considered your feelings more…And Mark was right…You deserve better. More than what I could have offered. I…I just…I wish I could just start over…Do it right…For you…

Liz Allan: …I loved you, Peter

Peter Parker:

Liz Allan: …I still do…I just…I want you to look at me the same way you looked at her…It's just…

Peter Parker: …I know…And I'm sorry…

Liz Allan:

Peter Parker: …I just want to protect you…To spare you…from me…

Liz Allan: …Because of what I found out?

Peter Parker:

Liz Allan: …Mark told me. He also told me that you saved him

Peter Parker: …Liz-

Liz Allan: I won't tell anyone, Peter. I promise. And I wanted to let you know…that I understand…Why you had to keep it a secret…Especially with what happened to Gwen…

Peter Parker: Liz-

Liz Allan: It's okay, Peter. I understand…And I forgive you

Peter Parker:

Liz Allan: …Don't blame yourself for what happened. And don't worry about me holding you back

Peter Parker: W-What?

Liz Allan: If I stay with you Peter…I'll just be a distraction to you, and with what you're facing I think it'll be better this way

Peter Parker: Liz…

Liz Allan: …Bye Peter…I…I truly hope…you find what you're looking for

Getting up, Liz walks in silence with sadness on her face as Peter. Watches her with guilt and wonders what to do



Peter Parker: …Liz

Madame Web: …There still one more

Peter Parker: Why…? Why showing me these?

Madame Web: To mek yuh understand

Peter Parker: Understand what!? That the people I cared about all knew my identity and promised to keep it for my sake

Madame Web: Fi sum'ady who wishes to protect couldn't wait an si di full picha of waah inna front of yuh

Peter Parker: And what does that mean?

Madame Web: … Yuh didn't account di oddah one

Peter Parker: …Gwen…

Madame Web: … Like mi say. There still one more. Touch it. Ova there

Looking at the web she's pointing, Peter reaches it and touches the web as his eye's glows. Showing him the third vision


Peter Parker: Huh…


Vision 3:

In this vision, Peter is seen wearing a suit and walking on a grass as the whether appears dim as the sky is about to rain, as he stands quiet until he speaks. Appearing as if he's speaking to someone

Peter Parker: …Hey…Sorry I'm late. Just figuring out what to wear. Thought I'd make myself presentable for you…You kinda like that. Heh…Harry…sends his regards…MJ was supposed to be here, but she's packing for Chicago…Her mom wants her and the whole family move back…She said she wanted to be here, but her mom wanted to leave as soon as possible. Beats the traffic I guess…I know she misses you…We all do…I do too…And I'm sorry

Standing in front of his reveals to be a tombstone as it's revealed he's in Forest Hills Cemetery. And on the tombstone is the name "Gwendolyne Stacy". As tears are starting to show in Peter's eyes

Peter Parker: …I'm sorry…Oh god. I'm so sorry Gwen. I (sob) I'm so sorry!

Peter bends down on his knees and held the tombstone of Gwen Stacy in sadness

Peter Parker: I'm…I'm so sorry. I (sob) I promised him. I promised your dad I'll take care of you! And I (sob) Oh god I'm sorry Gwen! (sob) I'm so sorry! I…I should have done more! I should (sob) I should have done better. I should have paid attention. I should have…I should have (sob) …You don't deserve to die like this…Not like this…Gwen…

Peter continues to cry for Gwen as the whether started to rain. As rain drops over the cemetery as it covers his tears. Mourning for he girl he is still in love with



Peter Parker: …Gwen. Oh god

Peter started to shed a tear after seeing the grave of Gwen Stacy. Remembering the previous two visions he sees and realizes when he didn't notice

Peter Parker: …She died…Gwen died in all of them

Madame Web: … An yuh notice nuhting from them?

Peter Parker: …I failed her. They. Mary Jane and Liz were both alive. The outcome was different, but…they were both alive, but Gwen dies. She dies

Madame Web: An now shi lives thanks to yuh. But regardless, yuh bredren wudda suffa a much worse fate den death

Peter Parker: How? How could she have suffered something much worse? How could any of this!?

Madame Web: Cuz yuh choices lead to di position to weh shi now. But compare to dat shi wudda dun sup'm unforgivable, an di outcome shi should ave receive wud still result inna di same fate as always

Peter Parker: You don't know that!

Madame Web: Oh but mi duh. I've aready seen it, an it all dun by yuh hands alone. Yuh lead dem to di positions to weh dem now

Peter Parker: Still. You should have warned me. You knew about this and you could have warned me

Madame Web: An more people wud suffa from di choices yuh wudda ave make. It wouldn't matta eff you're di Spida or di ninja. Yuh actions allow dis cuz yuh can't seet. Di bigga thread dat a make from yuh

Peter Parker: What bigger thread? What do you mean by this?

Madame Web: Wen a spida touches dem deh it bonded wid di web neva cuts. It stays wid dem an wid it creates more thread wid every action dem mek. Dem yah actions random. Sometimes by accident, but still lead to di same route by di actions of dem choices. Sometimes it dun by di spida itself. Yuh being di one dat controls dem fate. Which wah mek mi intervened

Peter Parker: What?

Madame Web: Yuh may nuh realize it, Peta, but yuh actions nuh ongle created routes fi dem, but there certain dem deh dat yuh helped forged dem fates. Each of dem yah actions you've make fi dem cya ave dire consequences. Nuh just to yuh but to dem deh round yuh. An di visions yuh si from di people yuh care bout wi ultimately be yuh downfall

Peter Parker: …They can't. I don't believe that

Madame Web: Den touch di webs near to di ones you've touch aready. Si wah wud become of dem had dem live

Wondering about her words, even if he wishes none of them to be true, Peter turns and touches one of the webs near the one before as his eyes glow


Peter Parker: What…the?


Vision 4:


Spider-Man: AAAAGH!


Spider-Man: UGH!

Peter sees a vision of himself, but as Spider-Man as an adult, as he's been thrown through the wall. Completely injured and struggling to get up as a long fiendish arm suddenly appear and grabbed Spider-Man by the throat and lifts him up. Revealing to be a mutated Living Vampire in armour

Living Vampire: Grrrrr

Spider-Man: Michael! Please! Snap…out of…it!

?: It's no use, Spider-Man. He's under my control now. They all are

Coming out from the destructions are what appears to be mutated version of the Sinister Syndicate. With members being the Rhino, a new Scorpion, Kraven the Lion, The Lizard, the Vulture, and Doctor Octopus. All mutated and in advanced armour. But coming through them is a familiar face that Spider-Man never thought to be true. As she stood with a cold look on her face

Spider-Man: Liz…Allan

Liz Allan: You know you had this coming, Spider-Man. You knew this was going to happen when you had our father killed

Spider-Man: Please…I…tried to save him

Liz Allan: Save him!? IT'S BECAUSE OF YOU MY FATHER'S DEAD! And not just him…My own brother too! You took away EVERYTHING FROM ME!

Spider-Man: Liz…please

Liz Allan: No. This is the part were you will die for what you've done. Nothing you can say will change my mind

Spider-Man: But…the city!

Liz Allan: Will be destroyed, and once it's done I will rebuild it in my image as Alchemax emerges on top. And with my connections to the media, news outlets, law enforcements, the mayor and city hall and my money buying up congress and senators I'll be running the US from the shadows. And once the war starts the world will be mine. And once I do every superbeing on the planet will be dealt with. Permanently. Starting with you

Spider-Man: No


The mutated slammed Spider-Man on a window as it's starts to crack. With Liz moving closer with an evil smirk on her face

Liz Allan: It's kinda fitting actually. You took away something from me. So I'll be taking away something from you. And once I dealt with you your friends will suffer the same fate

Spider-Man: I…won't let you!

Liz Allan: Too late. I've already won. And there is nothing for you to stop me

Spider-Man: Liz Allan!

Liz Allan: Throw him

Living Vampire: RAAW


Spider-Man: AAAAAGH!

The Living Vampire threw Spider-Man through the window as Liz Allan walks to see as she stood victorious as she begins to destroy New York and blame Spider-Man for its destructions. Displaying an evil smile on her face



Peter Parker: …No…NOOO!

Peter stood completely shocked by what he just saw. Couldn't believe that the Liz Allan he knew has turned into something worse as she leads the Sinister Syndicate. With Madam Web noticing what he saw

Madame Web: …Sum'ady familiar?

Peter Parker: …It was Liz Allan…And she…How?

Madame Web: Like mi say. Yuh actions created routes fi dem. Routes dem themselves neva tink to waak, but there it. All make by yuh

Peter Parker: No…This…This can't be. How can I?

Madame Web: Har route nuh di ongle one. yuh prepare to si anotha?

Peter Parker:

Madame Web: Touch di web an si

Feeling both shocked and curious after seeing a vision of Liz, Peter proceeds to touch another web as his eyes glowed. But to his surprise saw something unexpected


Peter Parker: Is…that?


Vision 5:

Peter sees his adult self as Spider-Man completely injured but standing as he walks towards were the battle is taking place. As the surrounding area is filled with destruction and flames, with the sound of battle up ahead as he walked pass some of the injured heroes and allies that have fought in the battle. Then suddenly a winged figure was thrown in mid-air and landed on the ground. Revealing to be Nico as the Oni Maiden


Oni Maiden: Uggh! Uh

Spider-Man: Nico? NICO!

Spider-Man rushed to her side to check, and sees Oni Maiden's body completely filled with cuts and bruises with an extremally deep wound as she's barely breathing. Spider-Man looked at her with fear and worry

Spider-Man: Nico! NICO!

Oni Maiden: Uh,,,P-Peter

Spider-Man: Hang on, Nico! You're going to be okay

Oni Maiden: She…she's…

Spider-Man: …Nico…NICO!

Oni Maiden's eyes closed as she fell and her breathing slowly stop. Spider-Man looked at her with shock and sadness

Spider-Man: …No…Nico…No…


Spider-Man: Huh!?

Spider-Man hears the scream of someone in danger, and while he feels he shouldn't leave Oni Maiden alone Spider-Man gets up and moves forward into the storm of smoke and ash. Pressing through he reaches a platform with seven pillars were a beam burst into the sky displaying a ring of fire and blight. As he presses on Spider-Man suddenly sees a familiar figure in a serpent-like mask being tossed into the air and landed on the ground

Spider-Man: Norn?


Norn: Ugh! Agh

Spider-Man: NORN!

Spider-Man quickly rushes to his side and finds him completely bloodied and injured as he struggles to breathe

Norn: (Cough) God (Cough) Fucking (Cough) (Cough)

Spider-Man: Hang on! I'll get you help

Norn: Too (Cough) late (Cough) (Cough) Peter. I-


Spider-Man: Huh!?

Norn: Ghhkk (Cough) (Cough) (Cough) (Cough) (Cough) Agh…Aaaaah…

Spider-Man: No. Nononono. NOOO!

Suddenly out of nowhere, a sharp glowing blade appeared and stabbed Norn in the chest as he bleeds and dies right in front of Peter. Completely as he turns to see a feminine figure walking forward. While holding from her hand is a half bloodied and torn body of someone Spider-Man recognize and was shocked to see. A half dead body of the Molten Man, as the figure held his body from his hair as she drags his corpse

Spider-Man: M-Mark. MARK NO!


Spider-Man: …Why…WHY!?

?: …You know why

The figure threw Molten Man's body towards him. As Spider-Man looked at the body of someone he considers his friend now presented dead in front of him. Spider-Man started to shed tears that everyone he knew is slowly dying, as the feminine figure walks towards him as he gets up


Spider-Man: …I made a mistake…But this I never thought you of all people would do this

?: …We all do things we don't expect, but I guess we don't expect how we god here. We just do. Isn't that what you did…Tiger?

Spider-Man: …Mary Jane

Appearing before Spider-Man is an adult Mary Jane Watson. Now wearing a cape attached with a demonic amulet. With black sleeves and top and a black loincloth with black long-knee boots. Bearing horns with demonic eyes that appears burning as she looked at Spider-Man with the face of a friend. No longer the Mary Jane Watson he knew. Now stands the Goblin Queen


Goblin Queen: Silent treatment, are you?

Spider-Man: …You shouldn't have taken it. What he offered you…What he did to you-

Goblin Queen: What he did was free me to become what I've always am. What I've always wanted to be

Spider-Man: But you…You killed Mark

Goblin Queen: I know. So?

Spider-Man: He loved you. And you killed him?

Goblin Queen: He served his purpose

Spider-Man: His purpose?

Goblin Queen: You know where everything leads, Peter. We all have a part to play in it

Spider-Man: But this…Not like this. You're better than this

Goblin Queen: No I'm not. Perhaps I never was

Spider-Man: Don't say that

Goblin Queen: I am. Or else you would have known about my past. What I had to deal with to get this far


Goblin Queen: Still trying to find the good in me, but that will not get you anywhere now. Not where we're standing

Spider-Man: …Mary Jane…

Goblin Queen: …I loved you Peter. I always have, but we both knew it would come to this. And this is were you choose. And one of them involves you forcing to take that choice

Spider-Man: …Don't make me do this

Goblin Queen: Oh I'm afraid it's done. Question is will you take it before I kill you?

Spider-Man: …You know what I hoped? That we would try again. Make it work. Be as it was before…I miss the people we were back then

Goblin Queen: …Me too, Peter. Me too

Spider-Man and Goblin Queen stood ready to fight each other, and what he fears would be the death of either of them. As they both stood on a platform floating above New York, as demons reign over the city as it covers in bodies, blood, and screams. With ash and fire smelling in the air as the world is on the brink of a demonic invasion



Peter Parker: …Oh god…No…

Peter stood shattered after seeing the vision of Mary Jane as a demonic figure and could not believe it as he witnesses all the deaths that have occurred. As Madame Web noticed

Madame Web: Shock yuh?

Peter Parker: I just…I couldn't believe it…I can't believe it

Madame Web: An dat a ongle one path shi wudda taken had fate been cruel to har. Even eff yuh hadn't played a role inna dat path

Peter Parker: No…No that cannot be

Madame Web: An yet it happen. Both wud commit acts dat wud doom dis world to di brink an lead it dung a path of ruin. Even eff yuh try dat path wud still be set. Fi di fos wud use har influence to bring bout a global war of aggression dat decimate ova two-third of di population an bring bout global catastrophe, an dat a weh shi wi build har empire from di ruins an rule di world wid har corruption. Fi di second shi wi engulf di world inna flames as evil spreads an consume as yuh fight to tap it, an yuh win, but di world itself ave bled an deaths did cause dat wi tek years to heal. But also years more fi yuh guilt to quell

Peter Parker: And they all happen…Because of me?

Madame Web: … It haad to sey wid dem yah visions

Peter Parker: But I played a part in both of them, didn't I?

Madame Web:

Peter Parker: …I knew it…I knew this would happen. I mean of course I would let this happen…How can I? I just…I hoped there was another way for this. Just something were they can live happily…Is that even too much to ask?

Madame Web: …I'm sorry dat dem fates ave cum to wah yuh si. Problem yuh tink too much pan what's ahead an nuh of wah becomes of now…Yuh worry too much

Peter Parker: Well why shouldn't I? After what I saw…How couldn't I? I would have let that happen. To both of them. You're telling me that they were better dead?

Madame Web: …No. But fate leave its mark had di choices make set dem pan di path it wudda taken

Peter Parker: By me. I don't know what I did that caused it but I could have done something to prevent it

Madame Web: Like ow yuh cud ave prevent yuh oddah bredren from becoming wah shi had become?

Peter Parker:

Madame Web: There still one more fi. Har

Peter Parker: …Will she become what she already is?

Madame Web: Don't overthink. Don't assume. Don't judge. Don't believe wah yuh tink yuh kno. Just si. Afta words you'll decide

Feeling a sense of fear in his body, Peter gets up and touches one of the webs as his eye's glows. Ready's himself for what he's about to see


Peter Parker: What…is?


Vision 6:

Peter sees an adult version of himself as Spider-Man, and in a slightly redesign costume, but instead of any danger he sees himself swinging across Queens and into his own house while holding a bag of groceries and a flower. Landing on the back garden and into the back door. Spider-Man unmask and placed the groceries in the kitchen table. However, he hears the sound of typing coming from the living room towards and sees her while holding a flower

Peter Parker: …Aren't you supposed to be resting?

?: P-Peter?

Peter Parker: …You want me to call your dad agin?

?: I-I needed…to finish this before my next symposium. And I had to be in this meeting with my colleagues about our research. Even Doctor Connors offered to help. He even manage to get his own staff to join in

Peter Parker: Really? That's great

?: It is. We're close Peter. More than ever

Peter Parker: …You should really rest you know. You've been working non-stop. Plus your dad called to check up on you

?: Well I don't feel like stopping. Besides, I have a lot in my mind I wanted to write down before I lost it again

Peter Parker: …I-

?: How's your new tech? Did it work better?

Peter Parker: …It did. Help a lot of people with it

?: That's good to hear. In fact I wanted to go over with you on some ideas I wanted to try out. Maybe increase longevity on your webbing. Redesign your web shooters to include a coating system. Your suit could also use extra mobility for your-

Peter Parker: Stop…You know you got all the time you need. Plus, I'm here to help you. Got some ideas I've been thinking about. Also, I brought lunch to make

?: Oh…It's afternoon?

Peter Parker: …Turn around Gwen. Got you something

?: …Heh

Turning a lever. Gwen Stacy's chair turned around and sees Peter as she smiles. Revealing to be paralyzed and bound to a wheelchair with her skin slightly pale and shorter hair

Peter Parker: Hey pretty girl

Gwen Stacy: I look like a mess you know

Peter Parker: Nah. You still look good

Gwen Stacy: …Is that for me?

Peter Parker: Thought it would look pretty on you

Gwen Stacy: …Thanks. It's…really sweet

Peter Parker: Here

Peter walks over and gives Gwen the flower on her hand as she held it tightly. As Peter looks at her, he noticed a hint of sadness on her face and felt a sense of concern

Peter Parker: You're alright?

Gwen Stacy: …Are you alright with this?

Peter Parker: About what?

Gwen Stacy: …About marrying me?

Peter Parker: What? Why'd you say that?

Gwen Stacy: …I still think about that day. Even at nights I couldn't stop thinking about it

Peter Parker: Nightmares again?

Gwen Stacy: It's not just that. It's just…

Peter Parker: …Gwen…Talk to me

Gwen Stacy: …The day is getting close, and I wanted to be happy…But with the state that I'm in…

Peter Parker: Gwen-

Gwen Stacy: My hands can barely move, but not as steady as it was. And that's just not it…I can't move…I can't get up. I can't walk. I can't dance…I can't hold you…I don't know how I can cope if we were to have…And with my history…All the things that I did…Do I even deserve you?

Peter Parker: Gwen…

Gwen Stacy: I just…The more I felt like this the more I feel like…I'm a burden to you. Like you just stayed with me out of pity

Peter Parker: No…No I would never think that way

Gwen Stacy: But I…I'm I burden to you now as I still am before…Making you do things I never meant for you to do…I just…I don't want you to suffer the same fate as me…I…I don't want you to suffer because of me…I don't want my burden and mistakes to hold you back from what you can…You deserve to be with someone more than me…A cripple in a wheelchair who can't move…And with a history of being something worse…And for all my actions I am being punished for it…I just wondered if I would ever truly make you happy with the way I am now

Peter Parker:

Seeing Gwen genuinely upset as her face shows signs of fear, doubt, and worry by what her future will become with Peter as both a wife of a scientist and superhero. Fearing what she would do to him as she remembers her past mistakes, with one being a former villain herself, and how her choices caused Peter to lose as much as she thought. Looking at her, Peter then smiles as he takes out his phone and shows Gwen something on it

Gwen Stacy: …?

Peter Parker: …Take a look at this. What you think?

Gwen Stacy: Is…Is that?

Peter Parker: Yep. Was going to surprise you with this. Been working on it with Connors, Uatu, Bella and Grady with this. We were gonna surprise you with it

Gwen Stacy: W-What?

Peter Parker: Yeah. Because with everything you've done. We felt like we would do something for you. Here

Peter placed the phone on her hand as she held it tight while he lifts her arm. Showing her the schematics of the exosuit and its functions. Being completely thin that it's barely recognizable. With technology more advance than she anticipated. Seeing the sight of it and realizing how much effort Peter did for her made her shed a tear

Gwen Stacy: …Oh my god

Peter Parker: …Uatu got some friends in Japan that had something similar. Bella and Grady also had some friends in London that's pitching in. They say it could help a lot of people with disabilities and people who are paralyzed. We already got a company that's willing to fund it. And thanks to MJ wanting to sponsor it we'll be looking to to get more people involved thanks to her connections

Gwen Stacy: R-Really?

Peter Parker: Yeah…All because of you

Gwen Stacy:

Peter Parker: …On the day it happened. I wasn't fast enough to save you, and while I did you still fell and ended up like…this. So yeah…I was responsible for it and I was willing to do whatever it takes to help you…And yeah it took some time getting use to it. But that never stopped me because I made a promise to myself that I'll take care of you. Even in college I still do, but then you wanted to help me when I went out as Spider-Man. I was hesitant about the idea, but in the end, you proved me wrong. Because you're help didn't just save my life but you helped saved both this city and the people. But that's not all you helped. You also helped those other disabled students at ESU. Going to the Dean's office from time to time about how there's a lack of access for them to reach class on time or go home safely. You literally gave that Dean a piece of your mind. And that's where I saw the determination appear in you

Gwen Stacy: I-I wanted to get them help. Because I know it's important for them to have a future and not feel like they can't do anything as they are

Peter Parker: And you did, and because of that a lot of them are going to class on time and getting the real help they need. You help them gain a future for themselves with no trouble. And not only that you used those experience and vlog everything you did, and how you've learned to live with this. People looked up to you so much that they feel inspired by you. And since Doctor Connors hired you back you used his genetics research and gained major in neuroscience. A degree you used for your research in spinal cord regeneration, and it's working. And even after you stood up in front of congress you were blasted, looked down, and being made a joke. But that still didn't stop you. And you said the words that became something more

Gwen Stacy: … "I may not move. I may not stand. And I may not dance. But that doesn't mean I don't have a voice" …I made up those lines that day

Peter Parker: And that day made me feel something I've never felt in a long time…Proud…

Gwen Stacy:

Peter Parker: You said you worry that I'm holding you back. You're wrong. You pushed me forward. You made me stronger. You made me better. But most of all…You gave me back what I've lost…You gave me hope

Gwen Stacy: …Peter…

Peter Parker: …Whatever happens Gwen…I just wanted to let you know…That no matter what decision you made I will always be there for you…I always will be. If you needed a chair to sit on then I'll even carry you to where ever you want me to go. I'll even do that if you feel like dancing. Until you can move again, I can be what you want me to be. I can be your legs, your arms, your mind, and your shield. Because you Gwen Stacy are the greatest person I've ever met. You would suffer this much and still you would stand on your own two feet. That is something I can never do, and that is why I will always follow you. Till I take my last breath and see the one thing that I treasure the most

Gwen Stacy: …I…I…

Peter Parker: …I love you Gwen Stacy, and I'll always be with you…Forever…Always…The greatest and the most strongest person in the whole world…And thank you

Hearing this, Gwen was touched by his words as Peter moves close and embraced her. Wrapping his arms around her waist and resting his head on her lap. Gwen looks down and sees the man she will soon marry as she starts to shed tears from her eyes, with all her fear and doubts starting to wash away as she tries to move her hand to reach him. Moving slowly as she starts to cry as Gwen desires to hold him as tight as she wants. As Peter held her tight as Gwen cries harder



Peter Parker: …Gwen…Oh Gwen…

Peter was lost for words as he couldn't believe that the Gwen he witnessed is the same one he knew, but the sight of her paralyzed and in a wheelchair upsets him. Thinking how much Gwen has been through and how much she suffered from it. Madame Web comments on the vision and explains it

Madame Web: …Dat one nearly happen yuh kno

Peter Parker: …W-What?

Madame Web: Pan di day di identity Menace shi tek, wah yuh did suppose to duh?

Peter Parker: …W-What?

Madame Web: Tink back Peta. Wah yuh did suppose to duh pan dat day?

Peter Parker: …I was supposed to follow her. Just like what MJ asked me too

Madame Web: An had yuh dun dat den di vision yuh see wud be har future

Peter Parker: N-No…It can't be

Madame Web: It does, an a pity it

Peter Parker: W-What?

Madame Web: Inna dat vision, di gyal wud remain as Menace fi a few years til di fight gainst a known foe returns to finish yuh of, an inna moment of plea shi remembas di kindness yuh give, an di guilt shi give inna return. De girl comes to your aid in defence against dis foe, And as she saved your life and helped you claimed victory de foe made one attempt, and for a price her ability to move. Despite yuh jumping to har aid

Peter Parker:

Madame Web: It tek time to mek peace wid it, an inna him weakness shi turn inna strength as shi inspired many like har dat feel incapable, an as a forma villain shi helps build a support group fi dem deh who need a second chance inna dem lives as dem turn away from villainy. Di gyal becomes a voice fi both di disabled an fi di forma villains. Becomes a symbol as shi changes di world an him people round har from har wheelchair. An thanks to yuh support an dem deh round har di research shi spend har years studying bare fruit. Di birth of cellular regenerative medicine. A treatment shi use pan haarself as di feeling inna har bady dat shi had lose slowly returns. Moving har bady one again, an years lata shi moves wid ongle har walking stick. No longa bound to a wheelchair. Har research make many able to move again, an wid har connections helped reformed villains find jobs an a place inna society

Peter Parker: …She did all that?

Madame Web: Yea. An wid yuh support shi helped more lives inna har chair dan any who wud stand. Dat inspiration give yuh hope, an di people dat support har make har a hero inna dem eyes. To dem, to yuh, an to yuh son

Peter Parker: We…have a son?

Madame Web: Yea. Benjamin Richard Parka. A son who ave inherited both yuh powas an strength, an har mother's intelligence an wi. A son who wud change di world as both a spida an a scientist

Peter Parker: I…don't believe it. Wait, does that mean that…What I did now?

Madame Web: Yea. Cuz of di choices yuh ave dun, an since shi ave infused har bady wid more of dat poison dat future now gaan. Along wid di possibilities dat cud ave been make wid it.

Peter Parker: …I cost her this. Cost us our future. A future we could have gotten

Madame Web: An while it disappointing to lose dis possible future there nuttin to undo dis. Howeva, dat a no wah mattas now. Wah mattas di choice yuh ave make recently. A choice mi nuh expect

Peter Parker: And that is?

Madame Web: …Di gyal. Di oddah one. Di one dat you've meet pan di night weh we've meet as well

Peter Parker: …Kate…Kate Bishop?

Madame Web: Yea. An outta all di choices you've make di one moment yuh tek ave lead yuh to dat gyal. A gyal who yuh weren't even suppose to meet, an now har life intertwined wid fi yuh. Dat gyal wi ramp a role inna yuh future, an yuh choices wi determine har fate

Peter Parker: …No…No I can't

Madame Web: It aready dun, an shi wi nuh waak away from dis

Peter Parker: Why? Why wouldn't she?

Madame Web: … Cuz shi choose to, an since yuh tell har bout har father's involvement wid di villains, shi wi nuh ignore dis. An eff it means saving har fambly den shi wi waak through danga wid yuh. Dat a a choice you've now make, an dat a a choice dat cyaa be undone

Peter Parker:

Madame Web: Shi isn't di ongle one. Now di gyal yuh save curd of har madness, wah yuh ago duh wid har?

Peter Parker: W-What? You mean Gwen?

Madame Web: Shi free. She's spare. An kno wid all dem deh possible futures now pass har future cya guh eitha way. Wah yuh ago duh wid her?

Peter Parker: …I don't know

Madame Web: An dat Peta weh yuh should start

Peter is at a loss by what's going on as he's unsure what to do. Wondering what to do about Gwen after all this, but at the same time worries for Kate and what he has brought her into. As he's thinking, Madame Web picked up something from the table as Peter starts to wonder about something

Peter Parker: …You said predecessor. Was there one before me?

Madame Web: Yea. There did

Peter Parker: Who was it?

Madame Web: …Mi husband. A man trying to find purpose an find it him did. An him ave proven himself to be a warria wid di gifts he's receive, but him also shown to ave use dem fi fi him own benefits. Build fi him own empire an make fi him fortunes, but fi him duties nuh escape him an suh pursued fi him duties. Him fight inna many battles, an all di while him tries to maintain wah him had build. Til fi him choices lead him to mi. It did a meeting neitha of wi expect, but it did a meeting dat change both of wi. It become sup'm we've grow accustom wid, but dat did til it all fall apart

Peter Parker: …And who was he?

Madame Web: Here…A hint of who him

Madam Web handed Peter a frame as he looked on it. Revealing to be a certificate of ownership. With a symbol of a company he clearly recognizes. Which has surprised him

Peter Parker: …Origins…As in Origins Corporation?

Madame Web: Yea… Yuh predecessa name Ezekiel Sims. Di CEO an founda of Origins Corporations

Peter Parker: W-What?. T-Then that means

Madame Web: Wid mi husband's passing all powa an ownership of Origins did given…to mi

Peter Parker: You…own Origins? But then…why are you here?

Madame Web: Even eff mi run Origins an tun it inna a force of powa wah den? Powa addictive, an also corruptible. Dis a nuh a simple matta yuh cud mek out off. Even eff yuh ave gud intentions powa still corrupts, an eff mi allow Origins to fall inna di wrong hands dan it wi become a threat far more dangerous dan nuhting dat ave bestowed inna dis world. Sup'm new wid much care an responsibility mussi wise enuff to use powa fi waah intend. Or bring death an misery to dem deh unable to stand. Which wah mek it cyaa be mi

Peter Parker: Why?

Madame Web: Cuz mi ave seen too much, Peta. Too much mi ave experience, an di losses mi ave face. An wid di powa mi wield mi fear too much powa wi corrupt mi... An mi no longa di person mi once did to mek di right decisions. Ongle di decisions dat needs to be make wen othas cyaa. Even eff mi haffi carry dem souls inna di afterlife

Peter Parker: But to do all this. And alone?

Madame Web: Isn't dat wah you've dun before fi wi meeting? To dat gyal yuh should ave save before shi fall?

Peter Parker:

Madame Web: Yaah wah gud soul, Peta, but yuh still naive an a fool. An it cuz of dat yuh ave make more mistakes dan any man ave eva cud an still yuh nuh learn from dem. Even eff wid more powa you'll still mek mistakes much worse. It wah mek mi muss step inna to avoid it. Cuz deep dung yuh still nuh kno wah yuh should duh wid di responsibility of yuh powas, an di lives of dem deh round yuh

Peter Parker: … I thought it was the only way

Madame Web: An dat a one of yuh mistakes. Yuh tink. Neva believe. Neva hope. Neva confident. Yuh just tink. Dat a nuh enuff...Yuh cya duh much more dan dat, but ongle eff yuh understand clearly, an be willing to duh waah need

Peter Parker: So, what do I have to do?

Madame Web: Dat yuh muss figure out fi yuhself. Mi cyaa always gi yuh di answas yuh need. Yuh muss decide fi yuhself. Yuh willing, Peta?

Peter Parker: ...I don't know

Madame Web: Den dat a weh yuh should start

As Peter tries to understand what he's supposed to do one thought started to come up after seeing Gwen's possible future

Peter Parker: …You mentioned something. About a returning foe. Someone I know

Madame Web: Yuh wish to kno?

Peter Parker: Yes…I-I have to know. Just this…Please

Madame Web: … Him an enemy wid di powa to inflict an corrupt dem deh him touches. An di more him moves fi him poison wi infect an spread fi him evil pan di world. An yuh played a part inna fi him motives eva since yuh cross paths. Seeking to end yuh inna any way him cud. Wid di madness of fi him green mask

Hearing that part, Peter is immediately shocked and in disbelief as he knows who it is she speaks off. Shocked that he could be alive

Peter Parker: …How…HOW!? He was dead! I saw him die!

Madame Web: Him survived, an him nuh dun. Him an ambitious man wid no remorse or regret. Him wi duh as him pleases, cuz a man wid an ambition like fi him wi nuh be broadcast dung suh easily. Him wi duh as him pleases cuz a man wid an ambition like fi him wi nuh be broadcast dung suh easily

Peter Parker: No…No…NOOOOO!

Madame Web: Peta-

Peter Parker: He lives. He started this. Started all of this. Everything that happened. And you're telling me he's alive!?

Madame Web:

Peter Parker: …I was supposed to be with Gwen that day. While I lose everything, he escapes with no consequences. And after seeing what could have happened to Gwen…That he would do this…Just ruin everyone he ever speaks to…How can a man like that live with himself?

Madame Web: A man who feels no consequences a man who does as him please. Mi husband an mi encountered dem yah people before. Dis a wah mi mean wen mi say powa corrupts. Dat man represents di very corruption dis world plagued wid, an dat corruption wah bred evil inna dis world

Peter Parker: And he will do it again. And I have to fight him. What would that mean for Harry? What would I even do in a position like that?

Madame Web: Moments cya affect di outcome. Doesn't matta wah di outcome. Wah ongle mattas di outcome yuh desire, but like everything else there consequences. Eff yuh did to face a man like dat den wah outcome yuh wudda desire from it?

Peter Parker: …I'd stop him. I'd do whatever it takes to make sure he won't hurt anybody else

Madame Web: Even eff it means killing him?

Peter Parker: …I don't know. I don't want to know. But…is there any other way?

Madame Web: Dat yuh muss find di ansah yuhself

Peter Parker:

Madame Web: Prepare yuhself, Peta. Fi there more challenges to face inna yuh future

Peter Parker: …Will I make it? Will I succeed?

Madame Web: Dat all depends pan yuh alone. Don't foresee di outcome yuh tink cud happen. Tink of di outcome yuh desire fi it, but understand wah it means fi a choice to mek

Madame Web approach and placed her hand on Peter's shoulder. Comforting him with hope that he would make the right decisions from now on as he looks at her

Peter Parker:

Madame Web: … Embrace it, an fight fi wah yuh willing fi

Peter Parker: …Why me? How can I even make the right decisions if I allow something like this to happen?

Madame Web: It wah mek it ave to be yuh dat things need to be weh it should. It wah mek yuh chosen to bear di mark of di spida

Peter Parker: Me? Chosen?

Madame Web: Of all di moments dat spida cud ave bitten yuh di one it pick. It cud ave bitten anyone, but fate choose yuh. There a reason wah mek? It cud be. Perhaps yuh ave a purpose here from di very beginning. There any reason wah mek yuh nuh fi ave been chosen?

Peter Parker:

Madame Web: Don't lose sight dat yuh ave purpose here, Peta. Yuh more dan wah yuh believe yuh. Sometimes it doesn t hurt to aks fi help. Neva forget dat

Peter Parker: …I'll try

Parker House: Entrance

Nico changes the channel on the remote, as they show news report of today's funeral and the mayor's announcement. With Nico appearing concerned and May worried as she arrived with two cups of coffee. Sitting next to her and gives her a cup

May Parker: Here you go dear

Nico Minoru: Thanks, Aunt May


Nico Minoru: Oh that's good

May Parker: Hmm...I'm worried

Nico Minoru: About what?

May Parker: This...How worse it's now getting

Nico Minoru: It'll get better. I know it

May Parker: I hope so. I wouldn't want any more surprises for today

Nico Minoru: Yeah...Good thing. Wonder when Peter's coming back?

May Parker: He should be back soon. I'm hoping to speak with you both

Nico Minoru: What about?

May Parker: This. With what has happened at your school...

Nico Minoru: You're thinking we should move schools?

May Parker: ...We may have to consider it being an option

Nico Minoru: You sure about this, Aunt May?

May Parker: That's why I need to discuss it with you both. So we can decide whether or not we should

Nico Minoru: ...I see

May Parker: ...I'm sorry dear

Nico Minoru: For what?

May Parker: I wanted you to have a normal school life. Were you feel belonged. Not like...this. This is not what I intended for you

Nico Minoru: Don't blame yourself for this, Aunt May. You couldn't have anticipated this, but I wouldn't hold that against you. I mean you took me in. A complete stranger and you brought me in with a roof over my head. You've done what no one I've ever met would do...and honestly, you've now become the only family I have left now

May Parker: Well...There's also Peter

Nico Minoru: Yeah. Him too

May Parker: Heheh

Nico Minoru: Heheheheh

May Parker: ...Thank you, Nico. But I still owe you something to make up for it

Nico Minoru: Well if you insist then some chocolates to go for this coffee

May Parker: Coming right up

May got up to bring some chocolates from the kitchen until a doorbell rang


May Parker: Huh?

Nico Minoru: Are we expecting anyone?

May Parker: I don't think so

Nico Minoru: Weird

May Parker: I'll see who it is

Approaching the front door, May opens to see that no one is standing. Confusing her

May Parker: W-What?

Nico Minoru: Who is it, Aunt May?

May Parker: There' one out here

May looks around and suddenly sees a dart on the doorbell

May Parker: What in the world?

May picks the dart out from the doorbell and examins it. Until suddenly she feels a pinch from her neck


May Parker: Ow!

May felt the pinch as she felt a needle and took it out from her neck. Surprised by this as she starts feeling light-headed

May Parker: W-What is...Ahh

Suddenly, she felt dizzy as she struggles to remain steady while entering back inside. Knocking down a nearby table as Nico sees her in surprise

May Parker: Uhh


Nico Minoru: Aunt May!?

May Parker: Uuhh...


Nico Minoru: AUNT MAY!

May suddenly collapsed on the floor as Nico quickly rushes to check on her

Nico Minoru: Aunt May! AUNT MAY!

May Parker:

Nico Minoru: What happened!?

Nico quickly examines her and finds a piercing mark on her neck and finds a dart on the floor. Picking it up and sees it with questions

Nico Minoru: this?


The unconscious May grabs Nico's arm with her eyes wide open as she attempts to warn her

Nico Minoru: Huh!?

May Parker:

Nico Minoru: Hang on! I'm gonna get you help!

May Parker: Loo...ok...Out!

Nico Minoru: What? What are you saying?

Kraven: Look out she says


Nico Minoru: Ack!

Kraven: You should have been aware of your surrounding. How poorly you have performed

Appearing behind Nico out of nowhere is Kraven the Hunter as he grabs her neck from the back

May Parker:!

Nico Minoru: What...the hell?

Kraven: I'll deal with you later



Nico Minoru: AGH!

Kraven threw Nico over the living room as she slams onto a wall. Crashing on the table and spilling the cup of coffee to the ground. The now paralyzed Aunt May watched in shock and concern for Nico

May Parker:!

Kraven: Fear not. She will live, but you. You will become bait for my prey. And he will come to me with such a vengeance more fitting. For the hunt

May Parker: ...!

Kraven: A shame you did not realize this whole time. What your dear nephew really is


Kraven: Agh!

Kraven's head was smashed with the cup as Nico is seen is the one that threw it as she gets up. Looking mad as her face displays red marks and red eyes. Taking both May and Kraven by surprise

May Parker:!

Kraven: Well this is new



Nico Minoru: YAH!


Kraven: ARG!


Nico Minoru: YAAH!


Kraven: UGH!


Nico with her strength grabbed and threw the sofa at Kraven as she rushed and kicked him across into the kitchen as she quickly grabbed the paralyzed Aunt May


Nico Minoru: GOT YOU! I got you!

May Parker:!?

Nico Minoru: I swear to you, Aunt May. I'll explain everything when- (pierce) ...

Kraven: ...Rule of the hunt. Don't turn your back on a prey when it's down, and never leave yourself distracted. Or wide open

Nico Minoru: W-What?

Nico felt a sharp pin on her sides as she picked up and see a throwing dart. Now covered in a chemical compound, as she slowly felt dizzy. Placing May down as she get's up and turn to Kraven. Who now gets up with a smile on his face, as Nico's hands turned to claws

Nico Minoru: Y-You

Kraven: Should have placed her down and finish the job. Perhaps you would have a chance of standing

Nico Minoru: YAAAH!

Kraven: HIYAH!


Nico Minoru: ...!

Kraven: ...Got you

Nico Minoru: Agh...Ah!

Suddenly, Nico's sides were starting to bleed, as Kraven slashes her with a new and advanced knife as it changes color. Turning Nico's head spinning as she couldn't stand properly with her vision starting to blur. Barely seeing the knife in Kraven's hand as she suddenly falls down on her knees

Nico Minoru: What...What the!?

Kraven: Courtesy of Doctor Octavius. My new knives are equipped with a new chem-coating system. I install a cartridge of a chemical of my choice and the blades distribute it with a clear-cut. What you have inside you now is enough to put a rhino to sleep. I have not fully studied you yet. Your species is unknown to me, and I feel very interested to know more, but you are not my prey. So until then


Nico Minoru: Ghk...

May Parker: ...No...

Kraven: Fall asleep little one

Nico Minoru: Grh...Hh...


Kraven activate's his blade's coating system and stabs her on the sides as the chemicals from it starts affecting her body as she collapses to the floor. May who is still paralyzed witness in shock and horror for Nico's safety. Struggling to move and unable to reach Nico as Kraven walks towards her. Grabbing her head and lifting her up as tears start to show

Nico Minoru:!

Kraven: Do not cry, elderly one. She still lives, and I have no use for the dead if it does not give rise to my prey

Nico Minoru: W...Why...?

Kraven: Why you of all people? Simple, and I'll make it short for you

Kraven moved closer and whisper to her ear

Kraven: Your

May Parker: ...W-What...?


May Parker: Ghk?

Kraven: Now rest elderly one. Save your strength. For when your nephew comes

May is suddenly shocked and in disbelief after hearing Kraven's words that her nephew is Spider-Man. Then Kraven then used his blades and made a cut on May's neck. With the chemical in her system, May's eyes begin to close slowly as she struggles to fight it off to no success. With her visions blurred and her eyes slowly closing. Thinking about the one image in her mind

May Parker: ...Peter...

The Wake: Inside

Inside the now empty Wake nightclub, Silvio Manfredi along with Sable and Meiko met with the leaders of the Lotus Shadow, the Mighty Stallion, and the Heat Barons. Discussing the possibility of the Mayor's actions and what would mean for them. With Mitchell Han and Willis Wong sitting on the bar drinking

Silvio Manfredi: So, you all understand the possibility for them to arrive

John Powell: Sure do, boss

Christopher Chen: Well this is going to be a headache

Marcus Quentino: Since when does that stop us?

Meiko Yin: Understand the situation here, gentlemen. Having them here would help with our operations from within and us gaining leverage, but would also put you all at risk along with our operations

Sable Manfredi: This will in turn expose us in the open, and all of our connections would jeopardize everything we've worked for

Christopher Chen: So we'll reorganize then. We got people we can hire for

John Powell: But we're gonna have to change how we operate

Marcus Quentino: We still got them GoldBytes for transactions

John Powell: Not everybody uses GoldBytes

Christopher Chen: Yep. Doesn't matter how many times we showed them

Silvio Manfredi: Let's not rush this yet. Until we find out what she's announcing tonight we'll have to sit tight and wait. Let's see what her moves will be

Mitchell Han:

Meiko Yin: Is something in your mind, Han?

Mitchell Han: …Is it really a good idea to bring Peter in this after what just happen?

Willis Wong: He's not wrong. Don't know about you but I'd prefer he set this one out after what happened to his school

John Powell: Kinda agree with them. I mean this still feels wrong that we have to keep putting him to work

Marcus Quentino: No doubt about that. That was still messed up

Sable Manfredi: But he's still committed. And after this is done, we can let him go afterwards

John Powell: And if the kid gets killed what then?

Sable Manfredi He won't. He's been trained by Meiko after all

Christopher Chen: But if he does get killed?

Sable Manfredi Enough…The decision has been made. Peter will still be a part of it and that's final. We proceed as normal and we'll discuss more details after the meeting. Any more we wish to discuss?

Christopher Chen:

Marcus Quentino:

John Powell:

Willis Wong:

Mitchell Han:

Sable Manfredi Good. Dismissed

Somewhere in New York

Coming out of the bus, Sally is seen walking down the street completely upset. Walking towards a small and old apartment building and head inside

Inside Small Old Apartment: Main Hall

Sally walks in the main hall, which appeared slightly uncleaned as an old janitor tries to clean the floor while he greets Sally while he puts up an "Out of Order" sign. Making her feel worse or today. Sally walks up to the stairs two floors up and passes a number of doors until she reaches hers

Sally Avril: …Home sweet home

Inside Small Old Apartment: Avril's Apartment

Entering her apartment, Sally comes home to her apartment which appeared somewhat a mess. Some parts looking partially clean. Looking at the table nearby to see a plate of cooked food, with a note written from her mother before going to work

Sally Avril: …Mom…Couldn't stay abit longer, huh?

A couple of minutes later, Sally heated the food and quietly watches television while eating. Sitting on the couch quietly and almost finish her food, until she sees a channel of the funeral that's been taking place, with Liz Allan's photo being shown. The sight of her late friend immediately brought back memories of her time when she's alive and what had happened today with Jason. Immediately bringing her to tears as she angrily throws the plate around. Causing her to cry and angrily scream




Somewhere in Queen's: Near Parker House

Walking back home, Peter is seen in his thought. Wondering what Madam Web said to him

Peter Parker: …Chosen…Me…Heh. How was I even chosen…? How can I? Do I even deserve it after what happen? I don't even know anymore

Outside Parker House: Front Door

Walking towards the front door Peter was about to open the front door, but suddenly notice the door unlocked. Pushing it he sees the lock damaged and feeling worried

Peter Parker: W-What…? No

Parker House: Entrance

Inside, Peter sees the table on the floor with some furniture damaged and turns and sees the kitchen a complete mess with food on the floor. Leaving him completely worried

Peter Parker: Aunt May!? AUNT MAY!? NICO!? NICO! AUNT MAY!

Peter quickly rushes around the house to see what's going on until he heads to his room

Parker House: Peter's Room

Peter rushed into his room and is taken by surprised to sees his Spider-Man costume placed on his bed. With a note on it that says "Come and find me, Spider-Man", with a piece of fur attached to it as Peter seems to recognize it

Peter Parker: K-Kraven!?

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hello again. I'm back

Sorry it took so long. I had to make a number of changes to get it right, and a case of writer's block because there are certain scenes that I needed to get the flow right in terms of dialogues and scenes

Another I wanted to work on is my own personal "What If" scene. With the scene involve Madam Web and the "Golden Web" Peter used to see possible futures. Using parts of the actual canon and the routes I came up with a certain number of possible futures. One of the things that I wanted to play with is how different moments affect the outcomes of their future. It's no just the words that can affect the changes, but the moments and the decisions that plays into it. One being an example is Chapter 6. As you would remember, Peter was supposed to follow Gwen when she leaves Empire State University and therefore the outcome was Gwen can either be alive and paralyzed or she would have died like in the comics, but instead he chose to follow Miles Warren and the briefcase and therefore her outcome changed. Same with Liz Allan, which had she been alive it would have gone two directions. One was Peter and Liz would get back together and they start getting serious and would in turn have them get married in the future, or she would grow bitter and would form Alchemax that would one day bring the world to collapse and she would rebuild the world with Alchemax in full control. Same with Mary Jane Watson, as in her possible future there are four outcomes. One being that she returns to her hometown of Pennsylvania and continues to be an actress, the second she remains in New York and continues to become an actress and the two would remain as friends, the third outcome would be the same as outcome two but they would start being serious and start dating were they will get married, and the fourth outcome which would slightly be the same as either outcome two or three except Mary Jane will encounter an evil being, which originally I thought about Mephisto but who knows, as it starts corrupting her and she becomes the "Goblin Queen". Choices can affect the paths of that person and different moments and choices can set a person's path in stone. But that depends on those choices that it can go anywhere. Reason for Madam Web's involvement is because she knows that Peter would make a choice and it can go either way for him, and that in turn would bring the world to ruin if he chose wrong. No future is predictable if out keep on assuming that things would go the way you want. Life doesn't work that way and there's no guarantee if the outcome you wanted would go what you'd expect

The Gwen Stacy being paralyzed was actually based on a pic I saw from Deviantart, and I actually like that idea that I wanted to use that. Her outcome would go the same way as in the comics except for one part. Since from the comics Spider-Man aimed his webbing on her leg, but what if he aimed at a different part of her body? Like the chest, she would still land and hit on the ground, but the webbing on her chest would slow to the point where she survives the fall, but her spine is damaged. Ultimately, her future in that moment would allow Gwen to birth cellular regenerative medicine, and Peter and Gwen would still be together. Personally, I'm fascinated with the idea of a paralyzed Gwen Stacy

Also, what will happen to Black Cat? That I can't spoil just yet, but damn it will be something to see

And lastly, we have the introduction of Phillip Stacy. The older brother of Gwen Stacy. His role is going o be something that will put him at odds with his father, George. The aspect is should the law serve the people or should it serve the system? This will have both of them at odds which I already had an idea for

As the next chapter shows, Peter will confront Kraven who now knows his identity as Spider-Man. And what also could mean for Mary Parker now that she knows his identity. So yeah. A Peter as Spider-Man vs Kraven the Hunter next chapter

Will get it done as soon as I got the setting right. So, thanks for all for waiting this long and I hope I can do better. Until next time