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Chapter 7: A First For Everything

Bright light shone on Kuroko's face in the early morning. He slowly opened his eyes and waited for his body to adjust to the morning laze. Not a morning person but something inside him felt extremely refreshed and there was a familiar smell of eggs and bacon in the air. Kuroko stretched and got off the bed, making a quick beeline to the bathroom to freshen up. Later, he went downstairs and into the kitchen where food awaited.

Murasakibara greeted him with a frying pan in one hand and a spatula in the other, "Mornin' Kuro-chin~"

Kuroko rubbed his right eye sleepily, "Morning... You cooking breakfast?"

"Branch actually. Do you even know what time it is~?"

Kuroko looked outside the kitchen window, "I'd say...9? 10?"

The purple head rocked his head to the right and left, not really sure what time it was either. Kuroko sat down on one of the high chairs and just dazedly waited for food. Murasakibara didn't seem to mind serving him and damn he was really hungry. He gobbled up the fluffy scrambled eggs and hot juicy bacon in a blink of an eye. Next thing he knew, there was a tall glass of milk in front of him too. Then, came some bread pudding. To be honest, Kuroko was really REALLY hungry. Every food in his line of sight was eaten in a heartbeat and the purple head acted almost nonchalantly about it.

After 3 servings or so, Kuroko finally burped and sighed blissfully. Then, Murasakibara ate his 'branch', just staring at Kuroko, "Full?"

"Very. Thanks for the food."

"No problem~ Promised Aka-chin that I'd feed you and I did."

It finally struck Kuroko, "Where is Akashi anyway?"

Murasakibara shrugged, "He'll be back by noon. Left quite early."

Kuroko nodded absently. He stood up and walked briskly to the living room, "I'll be in the living room."

As soon as he was on the couch, Kuroko noticed his cellphone on the coffee table. There were 5 messages. There were 4 from Kagami and Aomine, 2 each; about sleeping and eating properly. The fifth was from Hyuuga, 'Good job getting rid of that guy. We got your report and the body's been taken care of. You can have the week off.'

Kuroko read the message over and over again, his mind not seeming to be able to compute the words. Since he couldn't reply Hyuuga's, he decided to reply to both Kagami and Aomine, 'I just woke up. I'm fine.'

Kagami replied instantly, 'Anything happened last night?' and Aomine soon after, 'Did he touch you? You know, like did you guys do it or something?'

The cop contemplated for a few seconds before texting his partners, 'No, but what if I plan on doing it with him?'

There was a tensed silence in the air as Kuroko waited for the replies. It took a while but after the first reply vibrated his phone, at least 7 others followed in intervals. Without having to actually open all the messages, Kuroko could partially read them. It was mostly from the guys back at the office, 'Be safe.', 'Use protection-', 'Lubing up is impor-', 'Top? Bottom?', 'Need condoms?', 'I got ache creams.' They were all definitely crowding his partners in the office. It was normal. They always had this weird habit that whenever Kuroko wasn't around Aomine or Kagami, he was in some sort of trouble and they would pester the duo about his whereabouts. They're probably reading his replies out loud or something.

Then, there were the capitalized, bold messages from Kagami and Aomine, 'WHAT THE FUC-', 'TETSU WHY WOULD-', 'FUCK, THAT BASTAR-'

Kuroko turned his cell phone off. The messages kept coming and the vibration was giving him headaches. He had the week off, no need to contact the office or vice versa. Suddenly, Murasakibara called out from the kitchen, "Kuro-chin~! Aka-chin coming home soon~"

The cop stood up and walked to kitchen, "Murasakibara, can I ask a favor from you?"


Izuki spun in his chair, "Hey is Kuroko a virgin?"

Kagami and Aomine pursed their lips. So did Hyuuga. They just couldn't tell. The red head started, "From the way he can casually touch and hug us-"

"Naked." added Aomine.

"-I assume he isn't." finished Kagami.

"Then...who was his first?" asked Hyuuga.

The duo shrugged. Aomine tapped his head with his left pointer, "He's never been too far out of our sight ever since high school so that's actually a really good question."

"Could Akashi be his first then?" Hyuuga interjected.

The group grew silent. Hyuuga eyed Izuki who then eyed Kiyoshi who eyed the two partners. Hyuuga gave the signal and immediately everyone nearby jumped on Aomine and Kagami. The two struggled futilely against the bodies pinning them, "Let us go!"

The chief shouted towards the ones near the door, "Shut this place down! Don't let Kagami or Aomine out of this building!"

"Chief you don't understand! This is Kuroko we're taking about!" Aomine shouted as he tried getting up.

Kiyoshi smiled as he leaned himself on Kagami's back, "Exactly, he'll be fine."

Akashi unlocked the door to his house. He walked in, took off his shoes, sighed and said, "I'm home."

He wasn't surprised when there were no responses. Murasakibara would have gone back to his bakery already and Kuroko, well he would've gone back to work supposedly. The red head had forgotten to inform the cop of the 'accomplishments' he had done for Kuroko so...well, maybe Akashi went overboard with the pampering but who cared?

Akashi loosened his tie before dropping himself on the couch. He stared at his reflection in the black screen televisyen, "Home alone again, huh?"

He was about to close his eyes, doze off for a minute or two until his phone decided to ring. Without checking the caller ID, Akashi picked it up, "Yes?"

"Tell Kuro-chin I am not cleaning your room if he messes it up~"

Murasakibara hung up. Akashi took the phone away from his ear and stared awkwardly at it. His room? In a mess? Tell Kuroko? The mafia boss got curious, stood up and quickly went upstairs to his room. There was the distinct smell of vanilla in the air. The closer he got to his destination, the stronger the scent.

He tried twisting the doorknob to his room but it wouldn't budge. There was a sound of something crashing to the ground and a small groan of pain. The red head mustered his strength and slammed his door open by force.

Shocked red eyes met shocked blue ones. The thin string of sanity Akashi had had become rigid from the sight in front of him. It was Kuroko, a naked Kuroko. Who had apparently fallen down on his knees; his body and face smeared with white cream that had splattered from the dropped bowl. There were strawberries on the table beside the bed and the blanket had been removed, leaving only the smooth surface of the bedsheet.

Kuroko stuttered nervously from being caught unexpectedly, "U-Um... I was supposed to be downstairs...greeting you and all with the cream but.. you kinda got back too fast a-a-and...!" With each word, Kuroko's voice got softer and softer, his face redder and redder.

"What's the occassion?" Akashi asked casually with a straight face.

Shyly looking up at Akashi, the naked cop said, "Just wanted to- to pamper you..." Kuroko fidgeted his lower body awkwardly to hide his hard on, "-a-and I'm..kinda horny right now..."

The string of sanity broke and Akashi was suddenly scooping Kuroko in his arms and throwing the cop on his bed. Kuroko wasn't given the chance to register what was going on because Akashi was already hovering above him, teasingly taking his clothes off. Kuroko watched the red head flex his upper body splendidly in the process. It wasn't helping his twitching cock one bit.

With his half naked body, Akashi smirked, "See something you like?"

Kuroko glared at him, "Don't be so full of yourself. Besides, that was all an act. Murasakibara said you like'em shy and begging."

"Ah, but was this an act~?" The red head grabbed Kuroko's weeping cock with expertised hands, drawing circles around the head with his thumb. Kuroko arched his back and cried out lewdly.

Akashi grabbed both of the cop's wrist and pinned them over his head while the other hand continued pleasuring the hard organ, alternating between slow and fast pumps, "Atsushi doesn't know what type I like. I didn't even know what type I like but I think I do now."

Between moans and harsh pants, Kuroko asked, "And...that...would be...?"

Akashi's hand suddenly stopped, he buried his face in the crook of Kuroko's neck and breathed his answer into the cop's ear, "You."

The mafia boss suddenly grabbed Kuroko's balls, rolling them intensely in his hand. That sudden move made Kuroko scream in pure ecstasy, further arching his back and letting out a continuous stream of melodious sounds. To Akashi at least. He continued teasing Kuroko, watching the cop helplessly writhe underneath him, body twisting desperately for more. Akashi started licking the cream that was already starting to melt on Kuroko's fiery hot abdomen.

Knowing how much the other loved vanilla, Akashi lapped some cream before connecting their lips. Kuroko let out a distracted moan as the familiar taste of the spice mixed with Akashi hit his taste buds. The cop responded positively to the kiss, giving in much more easily than he usually would. They kissed sloppily, long and hard, as though they wanted to push the other off the edge. Akashi's hand relented in torturing Kuroko's cock, it moved to where there was cream, smearing his fingers playfully with it.

Akashi released Kuroko's pinned wrists and used his free hand to grab the blue head's butt cheek. Kuroko's hands found leverage using Akashi's back. He closed his eyes as he clung onto Akashi, breathing hard despite not being stimulated anymore. The mafia boss snuggled into Kuroko's hair, "Is it your first time?"

Kuroko answered with an annoyed huff of breath, "What do you think?"

"I think..." Akashi trailed off, before cheekily sneaking one finger pass the ring of muscles. Kuroko twitched uncomfortably but didn't reject it. The red head slowly worked his finger in and out, loosening the tightness effectively before he added another finger. The red head continued, "..no matter whether this is your first, your second-..."

He twisted and scissored his fingers, listening to every hitch of Kuroko's breath, feeling every tightened or loosened grip of his fingers and even the small upward thursts the cop unconsciously did with his hips. He added the third finger and plunged deeply, brushing hard against Kuroko's prostate gland. In mid-scream, Kuroko clenched Akashi's fingers almost painfully. Akashi only smirked, "-or whether this is your last; your reaction towards me, the sounds you make and the beautiful faces you show, will be the same."

Kuroko immediately regained his composure and wrapped his arms around the mafia boss's neck, so he could whisper in Akashi's ear, "Then I don't care if this is your first either but you better fuck me as hard as your last."

That was all it took for Akashi to unzip his pants, to take out his confined hard on, to hook Kuroko's legs over his shoulders and to thrust completely into the cop's warm, cream-smeared hole. Akashi laced his fingers with Kuroko's, pining them on both sides of the panting blue head. He waited for Kuroko to adjust and patiently endured the constricting walls encasing his cock. Even Akashi was panting harshly above Kuroko.

The red head made eye contact with the cop, begging for permission to let loose. Kuroko's response was a roll of his hips with a choked cry, burying Akashi deeper into him, sliding the head against his prostate. The mafia boss didn't wait any longer. He started thrusting in and out slowly but Kuroko's constant lewd cries drove Akashi to increase his pace, thrusting deeper, harder.

There was pain. Kuroko felt it, some sort of heavy pressure in the pit of his stomach but it slowly went away until all that was left, was nothing but hot pleasure. He opened his eyes that he didn't even remember closing, only to stare at Akashi's face. The red head looked...disheveled in the best possible way. Kuroko felt wonderful to be the one responsible for making Akashi look the way he did. He lifted his hips and started meeting the red head's thrust, further heightening the pleasure they felt.

They were both pampering each other and that was how they showed it. Kuroko didn't remember when he came because Akashi never stopped. Even after he had filled Kuroko's sore hole to the brim with his hot cum, the mafia boss would rest for 3 minutes(?) before continuing their make out session. The red head was not yet sated and Kuroko would've been exhausted but he simply wasn't. They kept on going. In many different positions too. Kuroko was taken from behind, from his sides, leaning against Akashi's closet mirror, on the floor and Akashi's favorite position by far because they did it twice, was Kuroko riding him.

The last position they were in was the one Kuroko had rode Akashi the second time. Once Akashi came inside the cop for the umpteenth time, Kuroko released his final spurts and fainted on top of the red head. Akashi cradled Kuroko and kissed his forehead. Okay, so they just had sex. For the first time. Really, really long first sex. And Akashi, he could not stop smiling. He held Kuroko closer, pressing their sticky bodies together and simply...laid on the bed. It was night time anyway. Then it hit Akashi. It was already night when he had forced Kuroko to watch the way his tight hole swallowed Akashi. That was...a really long time ago.

Akashi cursed softly, "Holy shit, what day is it today?"

Midorima sighed heavily, "Akashi, are you serious? The REASON he had all that energy was BECAUSE he's fully rested and fed. What you two have done has basically wasted it. Now, we're back to square one except that all he needs now is just a short rest and later, food. Please don't have me repeat myself. No sex until-"

"I got it I got it. But he's the one who started it.."

Akashi could see Midorima practically massaging his temples, "Just. Don't. Do you have any idea how panicked everyone was when you didn't contact us yesterday?"

"Atsushi wasn't."

"Because he knew and decided not to tell anyone."

Akashi pointed out, "Well, technically, it's mine and Tetsuya's honeymoon, so-"

"I'm done talking with you. Sometimes, I can't believe I work for you."

The mafia boss sneered, "You love me. Don't deny it."

"Carbs. Feed him carbs. That's all."

They both hung up without any goodbyes. It was always like that. Next, he had to contact the man that had left 45 missed calls, 28 texts and at least 30 voice mails on Kuroko's phone. When Hyuuga picked up, Akashi slowly explained what had happened. There was nothing to hide about their actions. They were both pretty open about it but maybe Akashi should have kept some of the details out.


Akashi flinched away from the speaker but he was still smiling, "Yes yes I know. I promise to ease up next time. How's your end doing?"

"How are we doing?! I had to restrain the two idiots in my apartment!"

The mafia boss couldn't help but laugh, "Alright, I owe you big. Just let me have him until Sunday, then he's all yours. I won't touch him until he asks me too."

A small voice spoke behind Akashi, "Hyuuga's not letting you touch me?"

The red head was sitting on the bedside. At hearing Kuroko's voice, he turned and saw the cop's adorable bed hair with sleepy, groggy eyes. God, he could just pounce on Kuroko right there and then. Unfortunatey, he was still on the phone with Hyuuga. The chief sighed and told Akashi, "I heard his voice. Let me talk to him."

He passed the phone to Kuroko who took it without question. They were still naked and lazy so when Akashi crawled under the covers, Kuroko didn't hesitate to snuggle closer and rest his head on the mafia boss's chest. Akashi wrapped his arm instinctively around Kuroko too. He could still hear Hyuuga talking on the other line because they were so intimately close to each other. Kuroko was given the orders to text or call his stupid partners before they start tearing down Hyuuga's apartment and there were a chorus of random health advice from the background.

When it got too loud, Kuroko put the phone down and passed it to Akashi.

Sweet, sweet silence washed over the room. All they could hear were the sync sound of their calm breathing. At one point, Akashi asked, "Sleep?"

"Sleep." Kuroko replied, half-dazed and already partially lost in dreamland. He slept with a smile. He slept in the arms of the man he loved.

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