Rushing down white marble halls as golden rays of light penetrating the walls signifying the falling sun as doors burst open. Droping upon a knee "father, Lucifer he has started as you have feared. What do you wish of me to do of this?"

"Go forth and stop this childish rebellion of his"

"As you wish father." With that standing to my feet, running towards the balcony diving off spreading out snow white wings caring me to the battle.

With the sound of angelic steel clashing I grip my blades. Just as Beelzebub comes spiraling down smashing me into a building turning it to pure rubble. As I stand pulling the hilt of a blade in my shoulder warmth runs down my back. As the dust clears I see my newly found enemy wielding a glimmering spear ready to throw. Sending the dagger flying towards its desired target it's clashed to the ground from a spiraling spear. As they hit the ground are blades meet in a furry of slashes sending showers of sparks in all directions. Blades now locked looking into one another's eyes "Why Beelzebub, my brother why would you fallow in his shadow of destruction this is paradise why ruin it!"

"Paradise it may be for some but others its misery now move there is a head I wish to keep! Now move!"

"I can't do that you know this!" As that last word left my lips I send my knee into his ribs crushing him into a pillar where I then smash the idle spear through his shoulder and pillar trapping him

"Now stay there I must deal with the root of the problem I have not time for you games, I am sorry brother but this ends here"

Flying off once again as scarlet warmth runs my arm as my eyes meet the whirling pool of chaos. Entering, instantly clashing blades from all directions I search franticly for my desired opponent to finish this battle and put to rest all the needless blood shed here. As my eyes catch a glimps my back is slashed. Digging a sword into the ground then launch to Lucifer to meet his blade before he finished a defeated one.

"Move you've done enough I'll take him from here"


"Think what you wish but Father is with me, he empowers me and has left you."
"Who cares im done with you "

Lucifer jumping back raises his bladed as it consumes all this light surrounding and slashes down sending an impenetrable wall of energy hurling towards me. With no time to move I raise my blades meeting the wall as it pushes me back. Losing my footing I push harder trying to match no over power this light, still be pushed back I close my eyes as my a golden light pours from my body, I break the energy wall causing shock waves which level the field. Horrified Lucifer stumbles, wasting no time I launch a fury of counter attacks over powering my brother I break his blade and send him crashing to the ground. Where I continue to bind him.

"Why brother is this what you wanted to cause so much suffering among our family."

"It makes no difference you have won for now"

" For now this is not for now brother you have started a war with no winners, although I pleaded with him you punishment is set to be casted into a pit which not even the brightest myriad could penetrate. With that I love a beloved brother and so many of my siblings, and you believe that to be a victory no brother you are mistaken. The other will be here soon to take you away. Till then lay there and think of what you've caused and the pair you created."

Standing to my feet I walk off leaving him to himself, seeing a glow of light father appears before me as tears run down my eyes like raging rivers he envelopes me.
" Their my child you've done well, until he sees whats right he shall stay there, In the pit."