Tittle: Harry Potter and The Demon King (looking for a better name, help me if you can)

Author: Tsukino Atsuki (Akinos)

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Pairing: None yet.

Warnings: OOC, especially Harry and Naruto.

And while this is a crossover, you will mostly see Harry, as I write this with the thought of how his life will be much better with the help of Naruto, my verson of Naruto that is. Harry will not be over power with ninja jutsu and all that, in fact, he won't be using any justu at all. He will have his own power, just not what you will think.

This story will have 3 main topics: "Twin Boy-Who-Live", "Adopted Harry", and "Founders". Feel free to image what it mean.

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own either Naruto or Harry Potter.

Summary: His memory of the past was nothing but nightmare of fire and shadow, a past he has forgotten and no longer cared for. Yet, the past is something one can not simple leave behind, especially if that one's life is the reason of it all. His father wished for him to learn of them, but Hogwarts hold more secrets than what he cared about, and 'remember' may not be the best answer.

AN: I'm starting a new story again, this will be unlike any other stories out there, that I am sure, even if it is the same topic. So, keep reading even if the first few chapters are not interesting enough for you, you'll see the different later on.

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Chapter 1: How it all begins.

Peter Pettigrew was not a man of brave, kindness, or loyalty for that matter. What he prided in himself the most is his cunningness. After all, who could say that they had been able to fool the Older of the Phoenix, the Marauders, and even the oh-so-powerful Albus Dumbledore, into believing that they were a useless but loyal friend, when in fact they were the opposite? Only he could. He should have been a Slytherin, really.

That didn't matter now though, since he had just done one of the brightest things in his life, one that would surely bring him to a new level of power once the Dark Lord rules this world. With the Potters dead, his place by the Lord's side would be ensured; he would have anything he ever wanted, all his dreams would come true. Peter's laugh echoed loudly in the house he was hiding in, just a simple thought had already brought him so much joy, imagine what would happen when it come true. Unfortunately for Peter, his joy was cut in short when the door suddenly snapped open by a Dead Eater coming in to deliver the news of the Dark Lord's downfall.

The years after that had been hell for Peter, always running and hiding, not a moment of peace. He spent most of the time in his animal form, only went out to find food and other things, and only when he really needed it. Although, he got over his fear more and more, went out more and more, and he grew enough courage to start planning revenge. Of course, the Potters were his target. Their youngest son, Alexander Potter, is the boy-who-lived, the one who had defeated the Dark Lord. Peter remembered that child well, the one with the dark red hair from his mother and honey brow eyes from his dad, completely opposite to his brother, the one with black hair of their dad and green eyes from their mom. What was that boy's name again? Haret? Halord? It mattered not, the one important was Alexander, and he would have his revenge on that boy soon.

And revenge was what he got. After four years of planning and spying on the Potters and their friends, he was finally here, inside the burning house of those bastards.

Everything around him was on fire; the house was collapsing as he stood there, too bad there were no dead bodies around. For his perfect plan had been destroyed by a mere stupid house-elf. Peter had put up all the spells needed to stop them from escaping, had destroyed the fireplace, had the house on fire before they even wake up, and yet they still got away, all thanks to that damned house-elf. Curse it all. At least he still has a prize left behind by the Potters.

Peter looked down at the limp form at his feet, a cruel smile gathering on his face. The form belonged to a child no older than five with messy black hair and small body, said child was none other than James Potter's oldest son, Ha... What-ever-his-name-is. It took a while for Peter to believe what he saw was real, and the Potter really had left a son behind without a second thought. But once he was sure he was not imagining things, Peter was more than happy to curse the child with all the anger he had for its parents. What a good way to reduce stress it had been. However, now that he thought about it, what an un-believable sight this was. Who would have thought that someone like James or Lily would even do something like this? Neglect one son and favour the other. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

A small sound from his pocket, signaling him of his portkey would activate soon, sounded. Taking out his old watch, also the portkey, Peter looked at the time.

"Hn… One minute left, what to do? Should I kill the kid or capture him?" Too focused in his thoughts, Peter never realized the falling debris right above his head. By the time he looked up, it was already too late.

The debris crushed Peter and that is how he dies. A meaningless death if you even saw one, but it was thanks to it that the dark-haired child survived. For you see, right after Peter was dead, his hand let go of the portkey, letting it fall right in the body at his feet. Just in time for it to activate too. The child was taken away before anything bad could happen to him, leading to him later being found by an old man living in a house nearby. He was taken to an orphanage and, months after, was adopted by another man.

That, reader, is how our story begins.


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