MY SECOND FANFICTION! WHOOO IM EXCITED! lol. I didnt finish my last one becuz i didnt have any ideas. I read a few naruto facfics and im inspired. so i had to write this. NYEH!

"speech" talking

-speech- thought

*speech* whisper

To the story! :D Im starting off years after the 4th Great Ninja War.

(Third Person POV)

It has been 20 years since the 4th Great Ninja War. Peace was spreading everywhere.

"Sigh, another day of being Hokage. I love my job." Naruto said joyfully as he finished his paperwork. A knock on the door made him sit up.
"Come in." He said. A black-haired child barged in. "Hey dad! How are ya?" The child spoke.
"Im doing fine, Hikaru. Why are you here? Dad has alot of work to do." Naruto answered.
"Work? I dont see any papers or scrolls on your desk! By the way, Mommy asked me to bring you your lunch box. You left it at home again."
"I-I did? I THOUGHT I had forgotten something." he said.
"Haha. You're always forgetful now and then." Hikaru said joyfully as he folded his arms.
"Don't you have class with Tenten?" Naruto asked.
"OH NOES! IM 25 MINUTES LATE! SHES GONNA KILL MEEEE!" Hikaru shouted. "Gotta run, bye Dad!" Hikaru waved as he took off.
"Haha. Kids these days." Naruto said as he went into his 'fantasy mode'.

(Hikaru's POV)

"Crap, o crap, o crap, o crap!" I mumbled as I dashed towards the training grounds. I reached the training grounds soon after.
"SORRY IM LATE!" I shouted as I bowed.
"No worries. We ate lunch while you were not here! And i was sure you would'nt mind sharing your portion with everyone!" Sensei Tenten said.
"WHAAAAAT?! YOU GUYS ATE MY LUNCH?!" I shouted in disbelief.
"Punishment for being late. Now lets get started." She said in a clam tone.
"Great...Im gonna train hungry again" I said as I joined my team.
*Psst, Hikaru!* Suzaki whispered.
*What is it, Suzaki?* I whispered back.
*I saved some lunch for you.* She whispered.
*Really? Thanks! You're a lifesaver.* I whispered. She blushed a bit.
"Okay, team! Time for some target practice!" Sensei Tenten said as she put up 3 targets for each of us.
"This'll be easy." Sakuke said.
"You always say that, yet you always fail miserably after that. Unlike your father." I teased.
"But.. I don't fail all the time..." She said. "Meh."
"Okay, okay kids, lets start with the basic Kunai and Shuriken throwing shall we?" Sensei Tenten ordered.
"Yes ma'am." All three of us answered.

We started to throw the three Kunai and Shuriken given to us by Sensei Tenten. I nailed the Kunais with all three of them on the bullseye. But, i failed at the Shuriken part with two of them on the grass while only one of them hit the pole. Suzaki got all six weapons on the targets, but no Kunai on the bullseye. Sakuke failed at the Kunai part, but she got all three Shurikens on the pole.

"Hikaru, good job on the Kunai part. Work harder on the Shuriken part." Sensei Tenten said. "Yes ma'am.."
"Suzaki, good job on both of them! Just work harder on your aim." She said. "Yes ma'am!"
"And Sakuke. You're good with the Shurikens, on your Kunai-throwing skills." she said. "Okay ma'am."

We continued training for seemed like 10 hours when it has only been 2.

"Okay team, We're done here. Just remember that we have a sparring match tomorrow so get your well-needed rest!" Sensei Tenten said.
"Yes ma'am." All three of us said. Before Suzaki and I left the training grounds, Suzaki gave me the lunch box with the food saved for me by her. I thanked her three times before i walked her home, as usual. I went to the Hokage's Tower to see my Dad. He usually takes me home or to Ichiraku's or some other restaurant or stall. I had a craving for mom's cooking tonight. I hoped that dad will take us home to enjoy mom's delicious cooking. I reached the top floor of the Tower. I knocked on the door that had a golden sign that said 'Hokage's Office'.

"Come in." My dad's voice came from inside. I opened the door to see dad finishing up some paperwork.
"Hey dad, where are we eating tonight?" I asked as i walked towards the table.
"Your mom said she's cooking tonight. Why don'tchu head back home first. I'll come by later." He said.
"Okay. See you at home, Dad." I said as i left the room. The clock read 5 o'clock. I went to the park to eat the food Suzaki saved for me. I quickly finished the three rice balls in the lunch box. I threw the plastic container in the recycle bin as i exited the park and headed for home. It took a 20-minute walk before i reached the Uzumaki residence. The house looked beautiful as usual, with its white paint job and three stories with balconies on the top 2. I went inside the house after staring at it for a while.

"Im home." I said. "Welcome home, son! Hurry and wash up, its dinnertime soon." Mom said.
"Sure mom. i'll just take a shower while im at it. Today's training was BRUTAL!" I said as i went to my room.

I plopped into my bed lied down for a while. I put my sling bag on the table and got a pair of shorts and a black T-shirt my dad used to wear. I took a clean towel and had a shower. After my shower, i went downstairs to be greeted by a delicious smell. Seems like mom was cooking my favourite, Miso Ramen.

"Aww yea." I said as i helped mom bring the food to the dinner table.
"Now all we need is for dad to come..." A voice saying 'Im home!' interupted her. "Oh, your father's home already!"
"Hey Hinata, sweetie, how are you doing? Whatchu cook?" Dad asked. "Your favourite, Ramen." She answered.
"WHOO! I'll come down as soon as i finish my shower." Dad said as he dashed upstairs.
"Where's Hiruto?" I asked. As soon as i saw my younger brother's seat empty.
"He's sleeping, why dontchu wake him up? He's been sleeping for over 3 hours." Mom said.
"Okay." I said as i went to the living room to see Hiruto sleeping on the couch, the TV still on. I shook him while asking him to get up.
"Get up, Hiruto." I said. Not even an eye flutter. I guess i'll have to use the 'technique'.
"HIRUTO THE HOUSE IS BEING INVADED BY ROGUE NINJAS!" I shouted. Hiruto immedietly jumped up.
"WHAT WHERE WHO WHEN WHY?! Uhh...Where's the rogue ninjas?" He asked, confused.
"Gotcha! Hahaha, Mom told me to wake you up. Its dinnertime and dad's gonna finish your portion." I joked.
"Come on, bro. That one won't work on me again." He answered with a smug smile on his face. I shrugged.

Dad was already on the table slurping on his ramen. Mom got some napkins and sat down to eat. We started to eat as we sat down. Dad started another pointless conversation to keep things 'unawkward'. Before i went to bed, i thought about tomorrow's sparring match.

"Hope i don't have to fight Suzaki.." I said. The door opened silently and mom came in.
"Are you thinking about tomorrow's sparring match?" She asked.
"Yeah. I just hope i wont get paired with my BFF." I answered.
"That girl named Suzaki?" She asked again.
"Yeah. Why?" I asked.
"I talked to her mother a few times and i think she likes you."
"What. The. WHAT?! Wait wait wait. You mean 'like' as a friend?" I asked.
"Don't think so. I mean like, as in she has a crush on you." mom answered.
"Wut." I was dumbfounded. I didnt even know that Suzaki had feelings for me. I thought we were just normal friends.
"Have fun tomorrow. Good night, Hikaru." Mom kissed me on the forehead before leaving my room.
"Yeah. Good night." I answered. Mom left the room soon after.

I closed my eyes and thought of Suzaki. She's always giving me special treatment. I felt dumb not knowing she had a crush on me. I just kept thinking of her until i felt the familliar feeling of slumber.

Thats the first chapter! :D Hope you like it! BTW, im not planning to add any 'lemon' scenes. Im too young to even see those. but im just like MEH WHO CARES! IM GONNA READ SOME LEMON FANFICS ANYWAY LOL.

Chapter 2 coming REAL soon.