Chapter 3 : The Chunnin Exam. Enjoy! :3

"speech" talking

-speech- thought

*speech* whisper/actions

Character Info

Hikaru Uzumaki, Age 13 (Jutsu : Weapon Summoning Jutsu, Subsitution Jutsu)
Suzaki Kuro , Age 13 (Jutsu : Weapon Summoning Jutsu, Subsitution Jutsu)
Sakuke Uchiha, Age 13 (Jutsu : Subsitution Jutsu, Sharingan)

The day of the Chunnin Exam came. Other Shinobi from other villages came to participate. Sensei Kakashi gave us the 'Heaven' and 'Earth' Scrolls. Sensei Kakashi explained that we have to collect another 'Heaven' or 'Earth' scroll from another team and bring it to the central temple ASAP. We'll fight 1v1 there, IF we collect both 'Heaven' and 'Earth' scrolls.

"All teams head to your starting points." Sensei Kakashi ordered.
"Hai!" All of us shouted at the same time, and we dispersed to our starting points.

Suzaki, Sakuke and I waited at our starting point for the gates to open. I saw some sweat on Suzaki's hands. And Sakuke was all cool-like, as usual.

"Hey, Suzaki." I called. She turned her head.
"We'll be all right." I said. She nodded. She looked more confident than before.
"Sakuke, what scroll did we recieve?" I asked.
"The 'Heaven' Scroll." She said.
"You're in charge of it, kay?" I said.
"Eergh...Fine." She replied, rolling her eyes.

The steel gates opened soon after that. We quickly dashed to find another team with the 'Earth' Scroll. After a while of running and sprinting, we found a team with the 'Earth' Scroll. They looked extremely strong. So, we decided to ignore them. But, they found us and engaged us.

"Hand over the 'Heaven' Scroll, and we will let you off with minor injuries." One of them said.
"Look, we dont want trouble, just leave us alone." Sakuke said. "Heheh, three 'ninja' who won't even fight. You can't call yourselves ninja." A female one said.
"B***h." I insulted.
"SHUT UP FOOL!" As soon as she shouted, she threw a barrage of kunai at us. I quickly summoned the sword my father gave me. It was big, but surprisingly light. I blocked the Kunai with ease, since the sword was quite broad.
"Hey, guys. That sword looks cool, after we own them and they cry to their mommas, can i keep the sword?" The last one asked.
"Whatever. Does your mother know you're playing with sharp things?" The female one insulted again.
"Don't be a jerk, jerk." Sakuke insulted again. We just kept insulting here and there, even Suzaki cracked a few. Until the other team made a move.
"TAKE THIS!" The female one shouted as she threw another barrage of Kunai and Shurikens. I could'nt block all of them in time, so we ran away.
"Get them you dumba**es!" The voice trailed off as we ran into the trees.

"I think we lost them.." Suzaki said as we parkoured on the trees.
"Nope. They're still chasing us." Sakuke said, with her Sharingan activated.

We just kept running until we decided to hide in the bushes. Hoping they'll bypass us.

*Shh...* I shushed our team. We looked up to see them still dashing on the trees.
*We're safe for now, we'd better get a move on.* Suzaki whispered as she looked at the opposite direction.
"Safe, MY A**!" The enemy team was standing above us.
"WHAT THE ****!" I cursed.
"HAH! **** IS RIGHT! Get em, boys." The female leader ordered. They overwhelmed us and tied us onto a tree, except Suzaki. She was brought to another tree.
"What do you think you guys are doing?" The leader asked the other two that seemed like total idiots.
"We dont wanna pass this chance to have some fun." One of them said.
"Pfft. Do whatever you want. I'll decide what to do after 20 minutes." The leader said.
"All right...heheh" I figured they wanted to rape her. I grabbed my backup Kunai hidden on my gaunlet and cut the rope. I got up, helped Sakuke, grabbed my weapon scroll and summoned my Blade. They already tried to undress Suzaki.
"Aah, s-stop!" Suzaki begged.
"HEY! GET YOUR FILTHY PAWS OFF HER!" I shouted as i charged right into them, knocking them off Suzaki.
"WHAT THE ****!?" The leader cursed. I released Suzaki and she jumped on me, then started to sob uncontrollably.
"Hey...Its all right." I tried to comfort her.
"Agh!" A familliar voice went through my head.
"Sakuke!" Both of us shouted when Suzaki got off me. Sakuke got TKO'd.
"Jerks..." I insulted them as i grabbed my blade and got up.
"NOBODY MESSES WITH MY FRIENDS! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I shouted as i charged in, swinging my blade mercilessly at them. I slashed through every weapon they threw at me. They ran out soon enough. They tried fending me off with taijutsu. Its a good thing my father tought me well. They surrendered when i held a Kunai at the leader's neck and my blade at the other two's necks.
"P-Please! Spare us! Take the scroll!" The leader begged. I took the 'Earth' Scroll.
"I don't want you JERKS coming even 5 meters close to my friends. GOT THAT?" I ordered.
"O-Okay!" As i moved the sword away from their necks, they ran off, looking REALLY scared.

It was getting late, so we decided to find a place to camp out. Sakuke was out cold, so i had to carry her. Suzaki found a huge tree with a hole under it. We camped in there for the night.

"Its been three hours and shes STILL knocked out. Just how hard did they hit her..?" I asked myself as i ate a rice ball. Apparently Suzaki had fallen asleep on my shoulder. -Shes snuggling on me.. Sigh, she looks cute when shes sleeping.-

"Hi..karu.." "Hmm..?" I looked at Suzaki. She seemed peaceful. -Must be her..-

-The Next Morning...-

(Suzaki's POV)

I opened my eyes, feeling the glare of the sun. My eyes adjusted to the glare soon enough. I remembered what position i was in, and i didnt want to get out of it.

"H-huh, wheres Sakuke?" I asked myself. Hikaru woke up right after i asked.
"*Yawn~~* Where's Sakuke?" Hikaru asked. I shrugged.
"Hey lovebirds." A voice from ouside greeted us. A girl game into view, It was Sakuke.
"We're not lovebirds, Sakuke." Hikaru defended.
"Meh. Anyway, since we have both the scrolls, we should head to the centre and fast, before someone steals them.
"Agreed. Let's go." Hikaru said, i nodded.

We headed to the centre ASAP. I tripped and fell when we were running.

"Aah!" I screamed. Hikaru and Sakuke ran back to me.
"You okay?" Hikaru asked.
"Y-yeah im fine.." I said as i lifted myself up. "Aaah!" I screamed as I felt a sharp pain on my left foot.
"Looks like you twisted your ankle, Suzaki." Sakuke said.
"Come on, Suzaki. Get on." Hikaru said as he gestured for me to get on his back. "U-Umm..O-O-Okay.." I stuttered as i got on Hikaru's back.
"I-I hope im not too heavy..." I said, feeling embarrased.
"Light as a feather, Suzaki. No worries!" Hikaru said. I blushed at the compliment. We kept at a steady pace, stopping at times to take a break.

We reached the Central Temple without engaging in any battles. Sensei Kakashi and Sensei Anko greeted us there. They asked us for the scrolls then they gestured for us to go wait inside. Hikaru and Sakuke took me to the Nurse's office before heading to the waiting room.

"We'll go get some drinks. have a good rest, Suzaki" Hikaru said as they went down the corridor.
"Okay, Suzaki. Your ankle will be good to go soon." The nurse that was on duty said. I nodded. Hikaru and Sakuke came in a few minutes after that.
"Here's your drink, Suzaki. They only had Biocarbonate Energy Drinks. I heard its good tho." Sakuke said as she handed me a can. We opened our cans at the same time.

-2 Hours Later...-

The other teams with both 'Heaven' and 'Earth' Scrolls came in the Temple quickly. We had to wait another 20 minutes to wait for the other teams to heal up. Another really boring sesson later, Sensei Kakashi and Sensei Anko gathered us at the Temple Arena.

"Cool." Hikaru said, admiring the Arena.
"This is where we'll start Stage 2 of the Chunnin Exam." Sensei Kakashi said.
"We'll pair you with your opponents soon. For now, take a short break." Sensei Anko said.

5 minutes later, every team that sucessfully retrieved both 'Heaven' and 'Earth' Scrolls gathered at the spectator's balcony.

"Okay everyone! The first match will be..." Sensei Kakashi said as he read the pairings list. "Hikaru Uzumaki and Konabi Sarutobi" "Konabi, huh." Hikaru said as he walked downstairs to the arena.
"Do your best, Hikaru!" I cheered.

(Hikaru's POV)

Konabi and I stood at opposite sides, and waited for Sensei Kakashi to shout 'Start!' or 'Begin!'.

"You may surrender anytime you wish." Sensei Anko said.
"Begin!" Sensei Kakashi shouted.

I summoned my Blade, and Konabi took out a custom-made Kunai.

"Cool Kunai." I complimented.
"Your blade is awesome too." Konabi complimented back.

(Third POV)

Konabi and Hikaru engaged in battle. Konabi started off with taijutsu. But failed as Hikaru skillfully blocked and dodged every single attack thrown at him. She resorted to using her Kunai, but failed as Hikaru knocked it off with his sword. Konabi took out another Kunai and threw it at Hikaru. He dodged the Kunai thrown at him with ease, then Konabi made a Fire Element seal.

"Fire Style, Fireball Jutsu!" A giant ball of fire flew at Hikaru.
"WHAT?!" Hikaru shouted. He quickly dodged the giant ball of fire, but it hit his arm anyway.
"Agh! Damn!" Hikaru cursed as he held his arm.
-Oh no, at this rate he'll...- Suzaki thought. "Jutsu, huh. I'll play along." Hikaru said as he recovered.
"Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Hikaru created 5 clones in total. Four of them Distracted Konabi while the last one helped Hikaru create Rasengan. Hikaru focused his Chakra and created an energy ball, the Rasengan. -W-What..? Rasengan? The 4th Hokage's Jutsu?!- Konabi thought. -The Rasengan.. Naruto, have you teached Hikaru the jutsu already?- Sensei Kakashi thought. After the Rasengan was finished, all the clones dissapeared.
"Get ready to lose, Konabi!" Hikaru shouted as he charged right at Konabi. "Eat this!"
"Wait! I surrender!" Konabi shouted. Hikaru stopped in his tracks, the Rasengan centimeters away from her.
"Are you sure?" Sensei Kakashi asked.
"Y-yes!" Konabi stuttered. Hikaru made the Rasengan disperse after Konabi surrendered. She dropped onto her knees and started to shiver with the thoughts of her being hit by the Rasengan.
"I won!" Hikaru shouted as he lifted both arms into the air. All his friends and fellow participants cheered.

He happily walked up the spectator's balcony. He recieved countless cheers from his friends and his fellow participants, especially from Suzaki and Sakuke.

"Cool jutsu, Hikaru!" Sakuke said, giving him a high-five.
"Congratulations, Hikaru!" Suzaki congratulated.
"Sakuke Uchiha and Kira Inuzuka." Sensei Kakashi called.

Sakuke and Kira went down to the balcony, preparing for battle.

"Begin!" Sensei Kakashi shouted. They immedietly charged at each other, a kunai at hand. They used Taijutsu for the first few minutes, kicking and punching at each other. Kira resorted to using Ninjutsu first.

"Fang over Fang!" Kira shouted as she and her dog started to spin and turn into a dual human-canine tornado. She didnt waste time at charging at Sakuke.
"Agh! Dammit!" Sakuke cursed as she got hit. "Ready to surrender?" Kira asked, looking confident.
"No. In fact, im just getting started." Sakuke said as she activated her Sharingan.
"Hmm..? Those eyes.." Kira said, confidence lost. -Lets try fang over fang again.-
"Fang over Fang!" The same trick didnt work, especially when Sakuke skillfully dodged it, as if the attack was from a Kunai.

She made a few handseals, kunai still in hand.

"Fire Style, Burning Ashes!" Sakuke made a burning smokescreen which cancelled Kira's sense of smell and vision. This gave Sakuke the advantage. She attacked Kira from her blind spot, kicking and punching as Kira struggled to look for Sakuke. When the smoke cleared up..

"Fire Style, Fireball Jutsu!" Sakuke threw the giant fireball at Kira, finishing her off.
"Aagh!" Kira screamed as she got burned.
"Sakuke wins!" Sensei Kakashi shouted. "Medics, take care of Kira." Sensei Anko called.

Sakuke returned to the balcony, recieving countless cheering from everyone.

"Great job out there, Sakuke!" Hikaru congratulated, giving her a high-five.
"Congratulations, Sakuke!" Suzaki congratulated.

"Suzaki Kuro and Hiro Rock." Suzaki went downstairs, looking nervous. Hiro prepared for battle.
"Begin!" Sensei Kakashi shouted.

Hiro swiftly kicked and punched mercilessly at Suzaki, who desperately tried to block his attacks. She was backed up onto the wall, feeling helpless as Hiro jump-kicked at her.

"Aah!" She screamed as Hiro hit her stomach. she trembled and dropped on her knees, one arm supporting her while the other clutching her stomach. Suzaki tried to get up, but Hiro, seeing her not giving up, kicked her across the arena with great force, sending her flying to the wall, leaving a huge crack.

"Heh. This is too easy." Hiro said.
"Suzaki! You can do this!" Hikaru and Sakuke cheered. "Don't let that b**tard beat you!"
"I CAN HEAR YOU!" Hiro shouted. Suzaki took this chance and tried to attack, but Hiro swiftly kicked her back again. Suzaki tried to get up with blood oozing from her mouth. -I'll have to use...It.- Suzaki made some complex handseals, bearing the pain.

"Crystal Style, Divine Pathway!" Suzaki crystalised the moisture in the air, creating a jade crystal pathway.
"W-What?" Hiro sounded scared. He lost confidence, but dodged the attack anyway.
"Crystal Style?!" Sensei Kakashi shouted, as if he's seen them before.
"Crystal Style, Jade Crystal Blade!" Suzaki crystalised the moisture around her arms, creating a crystal-katar attached to them. She attacked Hiro swiftly and quickly. Hiro desperately tried to dodge Suzaki's attacks, as he cant block them.

"I SURRENDER!" Hiro shouted as he was backed up onto the wall. "Suzaki wins!" Sensei Kakashi shouted. Suzaki undid the Jade Crystal Blade jutsu from her arms. She walked back up the spectator's balcony to recieve alot of cheering.
"Hey Suzaki, where did you learn that?"
"Suzaki will you teach me how to do that?"
"Suzaki, will you come to my house and teach me to create those pretty crystals?"
"Please! Give me some space!" Suzaki shouted. She blushed when it went awkwardly quiet. She quickly joined her teammates at the other side of the balcony.
"Cool jutsu, Suzaki!" Sakuke and Hikaru complimented, both giving her a high-five.
"T-thank you!" Suzaki, who was no used to being complimented, blushed as she thanked her friends.

The day ended soon enough, the Chunnin Exam, Stage Three is starting tomorrow. Sensei Anko and Sensei Kakashi sent everyone home.

(Hikaru's POV)

I walked with my team towards the exit of the Chunnin Exam forest, thinking about Suzaki's Crystal Style.

"Hey, Suzaki?" I called.
"Yes?" She looked at me.
"How did you learn the Crystal Style?" I asked.
"Well, umm..." We stopped, and Sakuke was all ears.
"What? Spill it!" Sakuke demanded.
"Hey. Stop demanding, Sakuke." I defended. "" Suzaki hesitated.
"Nevermind, Suzaki. If its a secret, you don't have to tell us." I said. Although i really wanted to know.
"I-I..." She stuttered. "Its okay, Suzaki." I said.
"We have to get back before we get left behind." Sakuke said, pointing at the teams ahead.
"Agreed, lets go." We followed the other teams, catching up.

We met with Sensei Tenten at the exit, and she congratulated us for our wins. She offered to treat us to some sushi, but we politely declined, even though Sakuke really wanted some. So, we all just went home. I walked Suzaki home, as usual. I held her hand, still hoping she dosen't mind me holding her hand. We didn't talk much.

After dropping her off at her home, I went straight home, as i was exhausted. Mom cooked a wonderful dinner, as usual. I went to sleep at 9:30 pm.

(Third Person POV)

Suzaki went inside the house, closing the door as she went in.

"Im home.." Suzaki said. She took off her boots and walked down the corridor. She didn't notice the Rogue Ninjas lurking in the shadows.
"Hello..? Anyone home..?" She shivered as she walked down the corridor. -They must be asleep. Calm down, Suzaki.- She thought to herself. She looked inside the living room, only to be ambushed by three Rogue Ninjas.

"Aah! Who are you people?!" Suzaki panicked as they jumped at her. She swiftly dodged their pounce, and tried to escape the building. There was another rogue ninja standing at the doorway, blocking her only means of escape. The side exits are all blocked by the rogue ninja. "Someone! Hel-" She failed to finish her sentence as she was knocked out cold. The rogue ninja tied her up and covered her mouth with her Headband.

The rogue ninja made their escape. Little did they know, Sakuke was spying the entire time. She wanted to give Suzaki an apology gift for demanding that she tell her her secret of the Crystal Style. She quickly made her way to the Uzumaki Residence, found Hikaru's bedroom window and knocked on it.

(Hikaru's POV)

I was waken up by an annoying 'tap tap tap' sound on the window. I looked at the window to see Sakuke gesturing for me to open the window. I opened it and Sakuke jumped inside, her boots in her hands.

"Suzaki's been kidnapped!" She said in a frantic tone, her Sharingan activated.
"Is it one of your pranks again?" I asked as i rubbed my eyes.
"Im serious, Hikaru! some rogue ninjas from the Land of Wind came and kidnapped Suzaki!" She said.
"WHAT!?" I shouted. I heard the door open and my Dad walked in.
"Hikaru, I thought you we're asleep. What are you-" He said as i interupted. "No time to explain, Suzaki's been kidnapped!" I said, wearing my usual Ninja Outfit.
"Serious? How did you know?" Dad asked. Apparently, he didnt notice Sakuke.
"I told him, Hokage-sama" Sakuke said. "I wanted to give Suzaki an apology gift for an earlier incident and i found her being taken away."
"I'll help you find her. It might be dangerous." Dad said. "How many ninjas were there?"
"About 20-30. I think they didn't want to risk being defeated easily. I also found out that they were mostly Chunnin and Jounin." Sakuke explained.
"Whats going on?" Mom came in. "Why are you all looking frantic?"
"Suzaki's been kidnapped! I have to go after her!" I said as i got my slingbag. Dad already wore his usual Hokage outfit with an orange coat with red and yellow flames on them and the words that says 6th Hokage.
"Be safe, Hikaru, Naruto, Sakuke." Mom wished.
"Thanks mom." I thanked her and we quickly left the house.

Using Sakuke's Sharingan, we located the Rogue Ninja nearing the boarder.

"Crap! I miscalculated! There's over 40 ninja!" Sakuke said, alarmed.
"40 or 400 I don't care!" I shouted as i summoned my blade. Dad was already in his Nine-Tails chakra mode. That yellow glow sortof made him look cooler.
"Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Dad and I summoned 5 shadow clones. I created the Rasengan with one of the clones while Dad created his Wind Style, Rasengan. We charged in, attacking the Ninja.
"Crap, they found us! All ninja ATTACK!" The leader shouted.

(Third Person POV)

Naruto summoned Kurama's tails to hold 9 more Rasengan, and he charged in, hitting the enemy with his Rasengan. Hikaru looked for Suzaki with Sakuke's help. Sakuke found 10 Ninja surrounding Suzaki in a 'kill circle', like when elephants form a circle to protect their young inside. The leader had Suzaki inside the circle. Naruto had almost finished defeating the 30 ninja that attacked, while the last of them defended their hostage. Hikaru and Sakuke tried finding a way in, but it was impossible. Thats when Hikaru forgot that he has Wind Style moves.

"Wind Style, Air Wave!" Hikaru shouted as he created the last handseal, and threw a wave of Wind to the enemy, penetrating their defenses. Naruto had just about finished and rejoined with Hikaru and Sakuke. The enemy trembled in fear of the 6th Hokage and they ran off, including their leader.

"Suzaki!" Hikaru shouted as he ran towards Suzaki. She was still out cold. Hikaru picked her up and gentured for his father and friend to go back to the village.

(Suzaki's POV)

I opened my eyes, feeling like as if im being carried by someone. I looked at the person and saw Hikaru. He looked down as he carried me into the village. I looked away in embarassment.

"You okay, Suzaki?" He asked.
"Y-yeah.." I replied, looking at him again.
"Do you have a fever or something? Cuz, your face is all red." He asked.
"W-well.. i-i... umm..." I stuttered.
"Looks like your friend seems fine, Hikaru." A voice from the back said. Hikaru turned around and i saw the 6th Hokage.
"I think she's just tired, Dad." He said.

They brought me home in Konoha. I was still being carried by Hikaru and i enjoyed it. He looked tired.

"H-Hikaru..? Y-you can put me down now.." I said, still feeling embarrased.
"Okay." He placed me down gently.
"T-thank you, Hikaru, Sakuke, Hokage-sama" I thanked.
"No worries!" "Its fine." "No problem!"

As i went inside, i saw my parents standing at the doorway. They immedietly hugged me.

"Oh, Suzaki! Thank god you're safe!" Mom said.
"Thank you so much, Hokage-sama." Dad thanked Hikaru's father.

(Hikaru's POV)

Sigh...Im glad that Suzaki's safe. Sakuke went home, and Dad took me home. I felt really tired now, and i wanted to just plop on the bed and sleep. I wasen't really looking forward to the Chunnin Exam tomorrow..

Well, that ends this FREAKING long chapter! I thought the Crystal Style was kewl, so i gave it to Suzaki! Since she dosen't have any attack jutsu yet. Well anyway, i wasted my sleeping time doing this, SO PLEASE ENJOY! :D

Chapter 4, The Finals

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