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Hi! I know you are all impatient to get to reading but a few quick notes, firstly I wanted to make a note of the fact that despite being fourteen going on fifteen, Harry's consistent use of the time turner makes him a bit older, more like sixteen or seventeen however no one else will really see him that way. Another note, we all know how obsessive dear Voldemort can be over his Horcruxes, in this book we will see that the dark lord will stop at nothing to protect his horcrux- even if it hurts Harry in the process. And lastly keep in mind that we skipped a summer, this story starts just before Harry's fourth year as the preparations to leave for Durmstrang are being made. And yes I know some of you still hate Lucius, the age gap is too much for him right now but things will change a bit later, hold tight oh and did I forget to mention Severus? Oh dear Severus- he just couldn't stay skulking in the corners of my mind, nope...hehe you'll see. ;)








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Mistress Slytherin

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Chapter 1

Draco stood with his head held high as Harry stepped into the room. True to his word Harry Potter had managed to become the youngest potions master a century, Draco couldn't have been more proud of his best friend. Draco took a moment to look Harry over as a man who looked older than time its self droned on and on about the legacy of potions. Harry was taller by a good three inches than he had been the last time Draco had seen him and from where Draco sat Harry's face seemed to be slightly more angular as it had been, but despite what felt like ages since he'd last seen his friend, Harry was relatively the same. Draco pretended to pay attention to the ceremony but he knew he wasn't the first to feel that it went on forever. He glanced at his uncle Sev and had to hide a snort, the man's cheeks were pink and he was mouthing the words of the ancient looking potions master as he said them a look of fervor on his face, even the dark lord looked as though he was keeping from smirking at Snape's expression. When at last the old man stepped away from the podium Draco was relieved and bemused but mostely a giddy mess though of course he hid it well. Draco smirked proudly as Harry accepted his certificate of Mastery and signed his name on a separate document which would mark him as a potions master in any ministry around the world. For a brief moment he saw green eyes flicker towards where he was seated and brighten at the sight of him. Draco felt a sheepish grin cross his lips as he silently greeted Harry who smirked and bowed as the surrounding potions masters applauded.

Draco wished that he could simply rush over to where Harry stood and hug the older boy but he knew better, they both had positions to hold now. He waited beside the dark lord as the crowed thinned a bit and eventually Harry made his way over to them. Draco resisted the urge to throw his arms around Harry and grinned brightly as the dark lord stood and leaned in saying something too low for Draco to hear which made Harry flush brightly and grin in pride. Then, finally, at last the moment Draco had been waiting nearly ten hours for Harry turned to him and let out a laugh when Draco promptly embraced him.

"Draco!" Harry scolded mildly. Draco squeezed tighter before releasing Harry and pulling back.

"I'm not sure what to say first, Happy Birthday or congratulations." Draco said giddy with excitement. Harry grinned slightly.

"Either will do." He said haughtily before his sharp eyes caught sight of the circlet around his forehead and a grin spread across his face.

"Draco's improvements in the medical field have caused me to believe that he is ready for his title as an Elite." The dark lord said smirking at the intensified glow that immediately lit up Harry's face. Draco knew it was a gift to Harry as much as it was a prize he'd earned himself.

"It works like your watch does." Draco said proudly touching his finger to the center of the head band where a large round sapphire seemed to fade revealing the modified version of the time turner. Harry gazed at it curiously for a moment before frowning slightly and turning to the dark lord who smiled secretly and smirked. Harry returned the sly look and pulled Draco into an embrace.

"Brilliant Draco, simply brilliant!" Harry said grinning.

"Come along Bella's child, we have a few celebrations to attend to and the tailor will come early tomorrow to have the two of you fitted for your school robes." The dark lord said his cool gaze easily keeping others from trying to gain Harry's attention as he guided them through the crowd. When the dark lord wanted to go somewhere, he got there without much fuss.

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Harry pulled his cloak off tiredly, every bone in his body ached with the need to sleep though he knew he wouldn't be able to. He changed into his pajamas and wearily made his way to Draco's room intent on speaking to Draco about his father.

The moment he saw Draco though he didn't have the heart to bother him- Draco had fallen face first into the covers and was sound asleep. Harry snorted as he spied a bit of drool already forming at the corner of Draco's mouth. With a few flicks of his wand Draco's clothes were changed and his limp body was sliding under the covers. Like this Harry could almost imagine that Draco was still a little boy again and he smiled at the image as he slipped his wand away and used his hands to tug the blankets up tighter around Draco who shifted. The dim light caught on the large sapphire on his circlet and Harry swallowed as a tugging feeling pulled at him. Would he be able to feel Draco now? The same way he could feel when the dark lord was approaching? Harry frowned and brushed his fingers across Draco's brow. Sliding over the ridges of the circlet. He gasped slightly when his fingers pulsed with warmth.

A low rumbling growl behind him distracted him and he smiled as Sasha padded into the room nudging his thigh for attention. Harry pet the enormous tiger idly before making his way to the door and slipping it shut behind him. He slipped into the large library and sighed as he all but fell into his chair Sasha curling up beside him with a purr.

"I thought he could use the help." The dark lord said mildly. Harry smiled and watched the man take a small sip of his drink.

"Rowena Ravenclaw's diadem." Harry said smiling slightly.

"I gave it to Draco at the beginning of the summer before he left for Asia, of course it doesn't look like her diadem." He said smirking.

"But I could feel it right away." Harry said with a frown. The dark lord's smile faded slightly and his eyes turned to Harry's forehead where the scar sat. The dark lord reached over to the side table and pulled out a large velvet box.

"Each member of the Elite will have a circlet, no one will think twice about Draco's." He said handing the box to Harry. "Of course each of you will be gifted with something else as well as your circlet, for example you were given the pocket watch, Draco was given a specialized set of tools used in healing." The man said as Harry cracked open the box and pulled out the delicate band where a star fire diamond sat in the middle. Harry frowned down at it for a moment.

"You're hiding something in plain sight." Harry said tracing the stone idly before his finger lifted to his scar which would be cleverly hidden by the metal work. "And you're hiding something behind something." Harry said glancing up carefully. The dark lord never answered his questions about this; sometimes it frightened him, the scar on his head, the sudden visions at times of what the dark lord was doing and now Draco's diadem.

"They are my own form of protection." The dark lord said firmly, solidly and in a way that told Harry that he wouldn't be getting any more answers. Harry sighed and nodded before reaching up and carefully settling the diadem over his head nearly gasping when it sank down fitting perfectly under his hair and snugly against his head.

"Draco managed to complete nearly half of his training in just this summer alone." Harry said touching his fingers to the metal curiously. "He's the same person though." He said smirking slightly.

"He isn't spouting riddles if that's what you mean." The dark lord said smirking. "Rowena's diadem was made by her personally some of its power has been lost over the years, corroded by time." Harry nodded in understanding.

"Most enchantments and spells fade immediately after the death of the witch or wizard that cast them- the fact that it still holds any power at all is a testament to how powerful she was." Harry said nodding slowly.

"The diadem was nearly dead in power when I found it." The dark lord said taking a sip of his drink.

"You did something to revive it then, to give it back some of its power." Harry said his mind whirring. Unfortunately his goal to gain his mastery by the end of the summer had left him with little inclination to study much else; he hadn't done any work in spell theory for nearly a year.

"A small amount of power." The dark lord admitted. Harry frowned and shuddered slightly to think of how powerful the diadem would have been when it was first created. Harry bit his bottom lip.

"Does any one else know about this?" He said touching his fingers to the place where his scar sat. The dark lord's eyes flashed slightly.

"You mean does Lucius know what his son is wearing on his head?" The man said smiling wryly. Harry glanced away. He hadn't seen Lucius since that night in Paris; he'd stayed hidden away, enjoyed a relatively peaceful summer and had tried to ignore the pictures of Lucius in the paper always with some other woman or man. A part of him wanted to continue ignoring the man completely; a great part of him was planning to do just that in his stay at Durmstrang.

"Yes." Harry said turning his face away.

"Lucius is clever you know that I'm sure he has theories about it however he would never admit to those theories aloud, they are dangerous and he knows it." The dark lord said smiling thinly. Harry nodded slowly. That was one of those veiled warnings again. Harry had pushed to his limit for the night.

"How is he?" Harry asked after a moment. The dark lord's eyes roved towards him and a frown settled across his lips.

"I had assumed at one point that this was a simple infatuation, it seems that I was incorrect." Harry resisted the urge to flinch.

"It's one of those things that deal with feelings; even people who have it don't understand it." Harry said rubbing his eyes tiredly.

"As I understand it people who have it know what it is quite well even if they aren't willing to admit to it, I believe they call it love." The dark lord said with a slight sneer. Harry couldn't hide his wince that time.

"Love is weak." Was his immediate reply.

"And foolish." The dark lord said softly. "However nothing is ever that way with you Bella's child, your adoration of Draco for example has driven you to becoming stronger." The man said tilting his head to the side in curiosity.

"Yes well it is obvious that I don't stand a chance with Lucius and this infatuation I have is useless to me." Harry said snapping a bit. The dark lord huffed.

"Cranky boy." He said smiling thinly. Of course it had been a very long past few days. "Perhaps it will fade child." He said dryly.

"It's ridiculous for you to try to give me advice on love when you are incapable of the emotion." Harry said testily. The dark lord shrugged without regret.

"I do try Harry." He said smirking. Harry relaxed a bit and let out a sigh.

"I'm going to bed." He said standing slowly wincing as his body ached.

"You've been using the time turner too often." The dark lord noted. "Your body is having a hard time adjusting." The dark lord said his eyes sharp.

"I stopped using it already; no other Harry's running around for now." Harry assured. The dark lord nodded his head slowly.

"You never did ask for it." The dark lord mused as Harry was about to slip from the room. Harry frowned.

"For what?" Harry asked curiously.

"You're birthday gift you daft boy." The dark lord said snapping his fingers. Harry's eyes widened as a familiar crate appeared. Harry grinned brightly as the dark lord handed the crate over to him. He opened it carefully his eyes wide with wonder as he pulled out the set piece by piece.

"The tale of the demon prince and the angel." Harry breathed looking over the artwork with a trained eye.

"There once was an angel named Lucifer who fell. He fell and he fell and he fell, from heaven to a place that was created simply because there was not a prison vile enough to hold him for his crimes. Lucifer took a fourth of the angels who were loyal to him and they fell and fell and fell." Voldemort said with a nod.

"And Lucifer changed; his white wings were stained black with the ashes from the fires of hell." Harry said softly. "His eyes stained red with the blood of the angels he'd destroyed in his last battle with god." Harry said glancing up at the dark lord who smirked.

"Lucifer's name was stripped from him for he was no longer the bearer of light as his name suggested." The dark lord said softly. "But the devil was vengeful."

"He had a son." Harry said tracing the pattern on the delicate cup gently.

"A son whose wings stayed white, but whose eyes were red. The child was blameless, and the little angel grew in anger of god who would not let him return to heaven." The dark lord said his eyes burning with thought. "And so the child grew into a world of vengeance and hatred, he learned to enjoy the pain of others, he learned to torment and curse. He learned to hate." The dark lord said softly.

"But he also knew how to love." Harry said tracing his fingers across the ash smudged wings.

"One day he met a woman while walking on earth. There was something about her that attracted him yet every time he drew near to her she fled from him." Harry said softly.

"The prince of hell tried to impress her, he gave her gifts and sang beautifully enchanting songs that only those in Lucifer's choir could know but none of them worked to woo her. He followed her and pursued her for a long time before she finally looked at him." Voldemort said mildly.

"'Give me your heart then!'" She cried in her fear and anger. "'Give me your heart for mine is broken and there is nothing to fix it!' She wept." Harry said softly. "And so the demon prince, hell's prince cut out his heart and gave it to her."

"At first she could not believe it and she held the heart in her hands in shock and awe. Yet while she stared at it, while her heart finally stirred in her, white wings turned black with the ashes and the taint of hell." The dark lord said.

"She looked up at last ready to accept the demon prince's love and found that the demon prince was no longer the prince she knew. He had forgotten how to love." Harry said softly. "The demon prince returned to hell and was worshiped for the cruelty and perversions he created, and for many years he stayed that way, fighting battles, causing harm and destroying everything in his path. Until one day he felt a tug. Curiously he followed that tug and found that it led him to the human world, it led him to the girl."

"She was nearly sixty human years older now, and had never loved another after him. She had studied hard and learned the art of necromancy only for this purpose- to give back what she had stolen. She smiled when she saw him and cut out her heart greeting him with her last words."

"'I give you my heart.'" Harry breathed his eyes wide as he traced the words.

"The devil prince accepted her heart as a sacrifice and curiously returned his own heart to his breast beside hers." The dark lord said softly.

"Immediately a change began." Harry said quietly. "The ash fell away from his wings and the blood faded from his eyes. For hers was the secret heart of an angel."

"The demon prince immediately despaired and replaced her heart- but he made a mistake. He gave her his heart and took her heart as his own. An angel's heart in a devil's body, a devils heart in an angel's body." The dark lord mused aloud. "The two were cursed, never allowed to return to heaven, never allowed to return to hell, so they remained on earth and built a family of their own."

"The infamous family Sang- the first vampire clan." Harry said softly nearly dropping the tea cup. The dark lord's smirk widened.

"It took you long enough to figure it out." The smooth slightly accented voice startled Harry and he turned sharply his blade out and ready his wand ready with a curse glowing at the tip. A small petit girl with white curled hair and large very red eyes smiled shyly at him. Her skin was pale and her lips naturally full and red her teeth behind them white with two sharp incisors. Harry blinked slowly.

"You- you wrote me that note?" Harry said startled.

"You assumed it was a love letter." The girl said walking gracefully around the chair. "How cocky you are, but then that is part of the reason why I adore you." She said with a tilting laugh. Things started to click in his head.

"Sasha!" Harry said with a small gasp. Harry had only told one person about that letter and that person had been Lucius Malfoy that day in the park, the day the circus had rolled through; the day Harry had met Sasha the tiger. The girl grinned widely.

"Clever." She purred.

"I have been talking with the Sang family for nearly thirteen years now, they are rather notoriously set in their ways and unwilling to ally themselves with just anyone. Until that is, Mari here scented your blood, once again my heir you have proved to be invaluable." The dark lord said with a dark smirk. Harry snorted slightly.

"Scented my blood? You mean-?"

"The Sang family does not simply steal blood the way rogues do or those mad ones who can't handle the mix of blood that runs through our veins. We find companions, people whose blood calls to us and we offer them a phrase, the oldest phrase." She said settling on the arm of his chair.

"I give you my heart." Harry said softly.

"Why thank you." The girl said. "You've just sealed the bond." She said with a smirk. Before Harry could think or move his head was being tilted back and teeth were sinking into his neck. The pain was first, an agony that spread through him like fire, as bad as the cruciatus curse maybe even worse. He wanted to scream from the agony of it, but the scream wouldn't come. His body relaxed and his mind felt as though it was drifting through a cloud.

Take it…

Something was pushed to his mouth and Harry groaned.

"It's alright Bella's child drink." The familiar voice was cloaked in safety and Harry groaned before swallowing. The potion, whatever it was, was bitter and coppery, warm and thick. Harry sighed as he drifted into a slow drunken slumber aware only of safety and warmth.

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