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Mistress Slytherin

Chapter 15

Harry twitched.

"Seriously?" He said under his breath. Draco was lounging beside him a practiced expression on his face that only just managed to hide his absolute boredom.

"I get the feeling that he's punishing you." Draco said mildly.

"For falling asleep?" Harry said twitching as the door opened and his eyes critically took in the next victim/person.

"For falling asleep for four damned years." Draco said dryly. "Of course he's had to cancel all his plans and start from scratch." Draco reasoned. Harry sighed inwardly and remained cold and aloof on the outside as he stood gracefully and moved towards the girl.

"You're fat." Harry said wrinkling his nose, the girl was already trembling and on the verge of tears- hell if he was going to use someone like her. "Come on girl where is your back bone hmmm?" He demanded his voice cold and sharp. The girl broke down into tears.

"I-I can-I can-!" She gasped.

"Well go on then show me what skills you could possibly have gained living the sedentary lifestyle you have obviously been living! Did you think this was a game? The Elite work directly under the dark lord, if you can't handle me then you have no hope of surviving five moments with him, prove to me that you are worth the time and effort, prove to me that you didn't buy your way onto my list which I might add sincerely pisses me off!" He snapped his voice like ice. "Where is your ambition? Your thirst to better yourself? Where is that drive that you will need to succeed? The Elite work hard my dear; they do not buy their title they earn it." She whimpered and he tossed down his quill. "Get the hell out of this office and don't even think to try again unless you can show me that you have something to offer aside from snot and tears." He said flicking his wand. With a flick she was soaring out of the room the doors slamming behind her.

"I think we should take a tea break." Draco said dryly. Harry sniffed.

"That girl had nothing to offer." Harry said with a sneer as he sat down.

"She had top scores on all of her tests and an application for a mastership in Charms." Draco noted evenly as he called for Harry's elves.

"Yes that's all good and wonderful but for a girl to show up for a position like ours physically unfit and dressed as though she was going to a ball only to blubber about until her make-up is smeared, she was bound to fail before she even walked through the doors. I simply made it entertaining." He said collecting his tea cup and biscuit.

"You were cruel, you probably scarred her for life- and since when have you ever cared if a person was fat or not?" Draco said wrinkling his nose.

"I don't." Harry said lightly. "I was able to pick out her greatest shame within two minutes of meeting her, the Elite must appear flawless to the public, our position is one that requires grace and power and a certain hardness that the world can't simply break. If she can't handle a few moments with my direct attention on her perceived flaws then she isn't qualified at all. However, if she returns having bettered herself, proved herself and understood herself, then we might be able to work with her. The first step is hers to take, what I want to know is if she will stumble or dance." Harry said taking a sip. Draco sighed softly.

"See, this is why I insisted that we wait for you to wake up before going through the extensive list of potential Elite members." Draco said mildly.

"Father intends for you to be learning Draco so that when the next wave hits they will have to go through you first in order to eliminate the useless ones." Harry said pointedly.

"Yes, I so look forward to that." Draco said mildly.

"You're far more enduring then I thought you would be Draco." Harry said smirking as he was reminded of Draco's enormous tantrums.

"I've had four years to learn how to stand on my own two feet rather then leaning on you Harry; I learned a thing or two." Draco said dryly. Harry's smirk faded.

"I'm sorry Draco." Harry said softly. Draco shook his head.

"No, don't be, I needed it, I needed to grow up, to face a few hard facts and understand that I shouldn't simply rely on you when things get hard." Draco said shaking his head.

"You know that you can though don't you?" Harry said concerned. Draco's expression softened and he nodded his grey eyes turning to him.

"I know, and it feels good, thank you Harry, it's been…rough." Draco said averting his gaze.

"I noticed." Harry said grimly. How could he not? The tension between Draco and his father was obvious and it made him angry. Lucius might have his torments, but he shouldn't be treating Draco this way.

"I'll call the next one in then." Draco said ignoring him. Harry nodded letting it go for the moment. He would revisit it when he had the chance.

#$% #$% #$% #$% #$% #$%

"Severus sent you roses." The dark lord said mildly as Harry slipped into the office wearily several boxes of files floating behind him. Harry frowned wondering if he'd misheard.

"Roses." He said wondering if there was some trick to it.

"Yes I burnt them." The dark lord said shifting his parchment slightly. Harry frowned.

"Were they for the ball? I though Lucius was handling the preparations…" Harry trailed off with a frown.

"No you daft boy, haven't you noticed yet?" The dark lord said setting his paperwork down with a snap. Harry wondered what he should have been noticing that he wasn't. "Oh dear…you really haven't noticed." The dark lord said dryly.

"What haven't I noticed?" Harry said irritated, it was only ten in the morning by normal standards but he was running on three days worth of busy via the time turner.

"Never mind." The dark lord said returning to his paperwork. Harry frowned.

"No really I'd like to know, I know I've been busy but if I've missed something that you needed me to know-"

"It isn't something you need to know or even worry yourself with. How are the recommendations for the Elite recruits going?" The dark lord said changing the topic abruptly. Harry frowned but shook his head inwardly. The dark lord always did have his quirks.

"Utterly useless, out of the three thousand I've already interviewed only ten barely make it, I was thinking that I'd put them through a month of intense Elite training to weed out the useless ones. I have the files ready if you'd like to see them; the others were either rejected completely or noted as possible candidates for another time. I organized them by how many years I think it would take for them to be ready, there were only twelve of them- which reminds me, I stopped by the Auror division earlier- it's ridiculous down there, paperwork everywhere, nothing's organized- something must be done." Harry muttered his attention already drawn to a file he was holding.

"Then do something about it." The dark lord said with a smirk. Harry glanced up.

"I thought that was Lucius' division." He said mildly.

"Actually it was Bella's, Lucius is a strategist and wonderful during war time but he doesn't particularly need an army under him during these peace times does he?" The dark lord said mildly.

"You want me to take over the Auror program?" Harry said dryly.

"Be ambitious- I know that I can rely on you to make the proper decisions, if you need help I am here but I think it is time for you to make a move that puts you in a spotlight and reminds people that you are in charge when I say your in charge." The dark lord said smugly. Harry thought about that for a long moment before nodding.

"Fair enough, Merlin knows I can't just leave it a mess like that, it would drive me mad having to pass it every day in the lift." Harry said with a sniff. The dark lord chuckled softly as his gaze returned to his paperwork. Harry's eyes caught on the burnt stems sticking out of the rubbish bin for a moment before he shook his head and returned his gaze to his work.

#$% #$% #$% #$

"Draco I'm asking you-"

"It doesn't matter; the dark lord's instructions are final." Draco said stonily. Part of him was enjoying this, his father brought down at long last because he didn't bloody well know a thing about Harry and his tastes. It was like balm to the sting he'd been dealt for the last four years. "I am not to help you with this." Draco said with a casual shrug. Lucius looked furious and a little bit panicked. "Don't tell me you've waited until now to even plan the bloody thing?" Draco said with a sneer. "Too busy with your boy toys I suppose." He said with a sniff. Lucius opened his mouth his wand twitching-

And then they felt him.

Ever since he'd woken Harry was like an oncoming storm, his magic, which had only been a promise before was a reality now and alerted anyone who cared to know that he was coming. Sure enough Harry strode through the door eyes trained on the book he was holding.

"Those aren't Elite robes." Lucius said sharply. Draco could have laughed out loud at the way Harry's gaze lifted. Harry was irritated by his lack of knowledge and his temper was short.

"Ah yes, the ones you sent are too small- I'm not fourteen anymore, if you need my measurements that's fine." Harry said quirking an eyebrow. "However I should warn you father hated the ones you sent me, he said they didn't suit me at all. I thought they were lovely but then I'm four years out of the fashion loop." Harry said with a sneer before returning his gaze to his book. Draco could have sniggered at the look of horror in his father's eyes. It was obvious the man hadn't put much thought into it.

"Of course." Lucius said flicking his wand to gather the measurements.

"I'll have some books sent over on the last few years of fashion if you'd like." Draco said lightly.

"Could you?" Harry said glancing up from his book. "Severus is very good at explaining the political aspects of the last few years but he couldn't tell me a thing about fashion or societies circles." Harry noted.

"Of course." Draco said with a smirk.

"Oh and Lucius, do you know why Severus would have sent me flowers? Were they for the ball?" Harry said curiously.

"Uncle Sev sent you flowers?" Draco said grinning.

"Yes, father burned them- you know how he dislikes things cluttering the office." Harry said mildly.

"Probably a prank, he's been spending too much time with those Weasley boys, after the Order business he agreed to be their sponsor." Draco said mildly. He watched as Harry stilled his expression tightening slightly.

"Ah." Harry said mildly. "What a cruel prank then- no wonder the dark lord didn't want me to know." Harry said tightly the grip of his fingers on the book tight enough to leave his fingers pale.

"Harry?" Draco said cautiously. In his mind he slapped himself for his thoughts.

"Harry I have a request." Lucius said cutting in his eyes sharp. Harry blinked up at the man as though he'd forgotten that he was there.

"Yes?" Harry said curiously.

"The press has alerted me that they would like to see you in calmer settings; I would like to suggest visiting a museum tomorrow, I would be happy to escort you-"

Draco swallowed, his father's words made him sick. The man was so self centered 'I would be happy to escort you' as though it was a privilege! The man should be bowing, scraping before Harry!

"I'm afraid I can't Lucius, I'll be in meetings all day tomorrow, I've decided to reorganize our Auror division, what we have is so useless and outdated that the dark lord had practically forgotten that it is there. Besides as much as I would enjoy catering to the every whim of the press they aren't worth the time that could be spent working."

Draco wanted to laugh out loud; Harry was verbally slapping Lucius in the face without even knowing it. 'Every whim of the press' more like Lucius' every whim. But then his father needed to be knocked down a few pegs. If Lucius thought he would have Harry Potter on his arm as easily as any of the whores with money he'd been seeing lately then Lucius had another thing coming. If anything Harry's determination to be cold towards Lucius would keep him from noticing that the man actually wanted his attentions now. Besides, the dark lord had made it clear to Draco that he was to help to make this as hard as he could for Lucius; the harder the man had to fight for something the more he wanted it and the more likely he would be to keep it. But Draco wanted more then that, he wanted his father to treasure Harry the way Harry deserved to be treasured.

"Have the press follow you around tomorrow." Draco suggested lightly. "They hardly have the right to be making demands on you of all people, if they want pictures of you then they damned well better chase after you and learn first hand that the Elite aren't to be trifled with. You're a war hero, if they want your attention, they're going to have to fight for it- it might inspire some ambition in a few of the more lazy ones." Draco said silkily.

"They would only get in the way." Harry said wrinkling his nose. Draco knew that Harry had no idea how that habit of his could be so adorable; it caught Lucius' attention every time though Harry was oblivious to it. Even as they spoke his father had been raking Harry's form- Draco could admit to being mildly disturbed by this.

"My lord?" A smooth voice inquired. Draco glanced up and his heart pounded…ah yes…perfect timing…

Andre, the tutor that the Vampire clan had assigned to Harry was in a word exquisite. The man was tall, toned and pale in a nice way his eyes a glowing green. In some ways he looked similar to Harry, they could have been brothers, and apparently due to the position Harry held Andre was symbolically a brother. Andre was doting as well, after a few hundred years of living with Sasha the older man had come to dote on her and by extension Harry naturally. He was bloody beautiful and made Draco bashful just being in the same room as him.

"Ah, Andre, is it time already, my alarm didn't go off." Harry said with a frown. Andre smiled slightly and crossed the room sliding his fingers into Harry's inky black hair.

"No, I was simply hoping to catch you before you left again, the elves alerted me that you missed lunch, I was worried." Andre said with a soft expression. Draco sighed wistfully inside, what he wouldn't give to have Andre. Harry had no interest in the man that much was certain though Draco had no idea why not aside from perhaps the idea that Andre was Sasha's brother by marriage.

"I'm fine." Harry said a small amused smile on his lips. He seemed unaware of how close Andre was, it seemed to be a natural thing with Vampires, they had no personal boundaries, but then they were very sensual creatures as a rule.

"No, no, your health is my primary concern." Andre said slipping an arm around Harry's shoulders. "Come, take a break." Andre coaxed. Harry smiled faintly that small helpless smile he offered to Draco and Sasha mainly when they wanted something from him that he knew he couldn't refuse. Harry closed his book with a dull snap.

"Very well, a short one though, I have to sit in on a meeting later." Harry said allowing himself to be guided.

"Who was that?" Lucius hissed. Draco turned to his father; he'd all but forgotten that the man was there. Lucius looked ready to curse someone and Draco inwardly danced for glee.

"That was the Vampire prince." Draco purred. "Harry's quite taken with him these days. I suppose it makes sense, no one else is on their level politically, the dark lord's heir and prince, and the vampire prince…they do have quite a bit in common." Draco said lightly before standing. "Now, if you're quite finished wasting my time." Draco said shortly before collecting his books and things from the table with a flick of his wand. Really Lucius had caught him off guard demanding to talk to him immediately. Draco would much rather spend time with Harry and Andre. He smirked slightly. Oh yes, much rather indeed.

He strode out of the room without another word towards his father.

#$% #$% #$%

Lucius stepped off the lifts, it was strange, he'd hardly thought about Harry Potter during the four years he'd been asleep, now he couldn't get the boy out of his head. All morning he'd been all but frantic trying to figure out what the boy liked. How could he not know? Honestly after so many years of knowing the boy, spending time around him, working with him, and he had no clue. He didn't know the first thing about Harry Potter. None of his usual tactics were working either- of course Harry wasn't simply the idle rich boy, he worked day in and day out.

Lucius' breath caught in his throat as he lifted his gaze.

Harry was standing arms crossed and gaze hard, papers were littered about the room which he noticed was a good five degrees cooler than it should be and the Aurors- they had smartly fallen on their knees.

"Let me get this straight." Harry said his voice dangerously silken in quality. "You have been working in this department, some of you for twenty years and you have not solved a single case?" He said dangerously. "Your office is a mess, there is no chain of command and you haven't been doing anything since the war ended?" Harry said his voice stiff and cold. Lucius stared at Harry in shock; Harry had always had a temper Lucius had tried prodding it a few times himself though the boy hardly reacted when it was him. But this Harry Potter angry was indeed a beautiful sight. "You're disgusting. A joke!" Harry spat with so much venom that even the grown men had to flinch. Lucius smiled feeling a steady burn kick in, one that he'd always associated with that colder crueler side of himself.

"Please sir I have a family-"

Harry's gaze was cold enough to silence the man before he could beg.

"Oh I'm not going to kill you." Harry said softly, "but by the time I finish with this department you may wish I had." Harry said delivering his cold promise. "Not a single person here will eat or sleep until I am satisfied, your alternative is death." Harry said with swift and cold judgment. For a moment Lucius wondered if Harry had the authorization to make such a claim, but then the dark lord had never restricted Harry when it came to his crueler side, if anything he'd encouraged it. Some of the men looked absolutely terrified, Lucius leaned back against the wall and decided that he could stay and watch, the preparations for the ball could wait.


Harry frowned slightly. Now that he had the useless Aurors working he could spare a thought for Lucius. The man had all but been following him the last few days and it was unnerving Harry. A part of him, the part that saw how cold Draco was towards his father now, was furious with the man for letting it get this way, another part of him wanted to find out just why it was Lucius was pushing Draco away. But more then that he wanted to know why the hell Lucius was following him. Was the dark lord suspicious of him? Was Lucius suspicious of him? Surely they wouldn't go this far simply because Harry had pretended not to remember the other Harry Potter?

"Lucius." He said addressing the other man at last. All this circular thinking was going to drive him mad with paranoia. The man blinked obviously having thought that Harry hadn't noticed him standing by the wall. He pushed off from the wall and strode towards Harry a curious expression on his face.

"You are a good leader." Lucius said silkily. Harry tensed, he didn't need compliments from Lucius Malfoy of all people it only sought to frustrate him and hurt him reminding him that the man he loved could never love him in return.

"Cut to the chase Lucius, what do you want?" Harry said coldly- perhaps it was a little sharp but he was tired of making exceptions for Lucius. Gray eyes widened slightly before becoming carefully calm.

"I simply got off on the wrong floor; I saw people on their knees and grew curious." Lucius said shrugging. Harry snorted.

"You got off on the wrong floor." He said incredulously. "Though I suppose seeing people on their knees would be enough to pique your interest from what I've read of the last four years you've had a great deal of people 'on their knees' for you haven't you?" Harry said lightly. He'd meant to sound joking but an insult was an insult no matter how he dressed it. Lucius hadn't missed him one bit and that stung.

"I was waiting for the right one." Lucius said calmly.

"Waiting for the-" Harry cut himself off. He couldn't allow this, couldn't allow Lucius to rile him up. But it was still too much. "I know that my opinion is little more than dirt at this point to you Lucius but whether you like it or not I will make this observation. You care so much of yourself and so little about anyone else that you are destroying the people that care about you. I have this great and terrible feeling that by the time you find that person that you desire who fits your great expectations and ideals, that this person will be incapable of loving you the way you want them to simply because you are incapable of matching their expectations. In short Lucius, you think too highly and too frequently of yourself, even I find it hard to be around you when you behave this way and I loved you once." He admitted his voice cold and hard with the truth. Lucius stared down at him pale and furious.

"Did you?" The man said softly. "Could you still love me?" Harry felt his breath catch in his throat and blood rush to his head making his ears ring.

"You impossibly cruel man." He breathed. And then; "No, I'm the one being the fool, you've made it perfectly clear where I stand and here I am insulting you to your face." He said shaking his head. "I have no right, I never have." Harry said with a soft huff. He stiffened when he felt the familiar presence in the room and turned before Lucius could speak.

"Ah Harry, it delights me to see this floor active again." The dark lord said lightly as he strode towards them his cane tucked under his arm in a familiar way. The dark lord frowned at the sight of Lucius and rose an eyebrow. "May I ask why you're dawdling Lucius?" He said lips drawn into a thin line. Lucius was pale and his expression carefully blank.

"Forgive me my lord." He said some of his anger coming out through his voice. He bowed sharply and strode to the lift as though he was running away.

"Playing with the bugs again my lord?" Harry said smiling thinly. The dark lord didn't look the least bit regretful.

"I wanted to see you take control of the situation, it isn't my fault the two of you decided to have a private conversation in public." The dark lord said neatly. Harry sighed softly.

"My temper." He said dryly.

"You are exhausted, in three days you've managed to catch up on at least a year and a half's worth of work, as impressive as I find that, your health is far more important." He said sternly. "If I don't see that you are getting the rest that you need then I will take your time turner." The dark lord said seriously. Harry stared at him in shock.

"You're kidding right?" He said stiffly. "I may be your son but I'm now of age you can't-"

"You may be of age but you are still my son." The dark lord said his voice booking no argument. "I've given you the freedom you needed, the independence I knew you would seek. Your health is a concern to me Harry, I understand that you are now physically capable of doing far more than the average human, however, I will not allow you to push even that limit." The man said firmly. Harry breathed slowly and deeply forcing himself to keep calm. "I understand Harry, you know I do." The dark lord said softly. Harry felt himself flinch. That was the truth, the dark lord did understand.

"I never thought I'd see the day when you would tell me to stop working." Harry said wryly.

"I never thought I'd see the day when someone's health was important to me." The dark lord said with a snort. "Ah well, knock these fellows into shape and then take the day off, you have access to the funding you know what to do." The dark lord said with a wave of his hand. Harry smiled thinly, it was true the man was giving him a lot of freedom in his ministry, and was trusting Harry in a way that he didn't trust others.

"Yes my lord." He said bowing slightly. The dark lord smirked.

"Ah, and I thought you should know, Severus is on his way up, he's been training those Weasley boys he seems to think they're ready to be Elite." The dark lord said mildly. Harry felt his breath catch.

"Can we do that knowing their history?" Harry asked softly. The dark lord smiled thinly.

"Anyone can do anything if they work hard enough." The man said lightly. "Don't go easy on them." He added with a nod. Harry bowed slightly.

"Yes my lord." He said softly.