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A lone tear escaped a green eye. Pant, pant, gasp. Another tear. The man's heart was thumping rapidly against his chest. But he didn't stop. He couldn't. Pant. Pant. He kept his green eyes trained ahead of him; perhaps if he didn't turn around he could keep calm. Curiosity got the best of him and he turned his head around, eyes widening at the fearfully majestic sight. Oh, he was getting closer! Facing forward again, the man clenched his eyes tight, opening them again seconds later. He needed to keep his eyes open. He needed to see. Pant. Pant. But damn it all, it was getting harder and harder to breath. Had this sort of exercise always been so tiring? A growl from behind only made his heart beat bang its little arms harder against its cage. Oh, why did he have to touch it? Pant. Why did his curiosity get the best of him? Pant. He couldn't have left it alone, could he? Gasp. No, of course not. He couldn't resist himself, not when it was just there begging to be petted and stroked. A bead of perspiration rolled down his matted blonde locks. Gasp, pant, pant, obnoxious laughter?

Arthur sent a side glance to his husband who was running beside him, "Why the bloody hell are you laughing, git?!" He heard another angry growl from behind him and he tried to speed up his running which was a bit difficult given the slippery terrain. He tripped over a branch, cursing when he felt something scratch at his eye. Fear overtook him but he soon relaxed when strong arms picked him up and continued their flee.

"Because Artie," Alfred looked down lovingly at his husband, "I warned you that surface lions are completely different from sea lions." He giggled again and swiftly jumped over another branch, "Daddy lions don't take to kindly to people petting their cubs. I know I'd blow my top if someone were to mess with our baby."

Arthur grumbled to himself, far too embarrassed at the mess he'd gotten them into. Casting a glance over, Alfred's shoulder, he saw that the lion had slowed down. "I wasn't messing with it, I was petting it… didn't think it'd be an issue. At least he's slowing down…"

"Aww, already?" Alfred risked looking his shoulder, pouting slightly when he saw that the lion had given up his chase and was heading back to his pride.

"Don't look so disappointed!"

"But now I can't carry you," wined the blue eye prince.

The merman blushed but made no move to leave his husband's embrace, "You can keep carrying me. I don't mind. Actually, I think it may be for the best."

Alfred slowed down his run to a jog until he saw the familiar engraving on the wall encasing the lands of his summer home. The gates opened for them, guards exchanging amused glances at the state of their prince and the seaprince. Arthur buried his face at the crook of Alfred's neck in embarrassment, taking comfort in the man's strange scent of pine and gardenias combined with his own sea scent. It had almost been a year and the merprince had yet been able to rid himself of the sea water scent, though Alfred had always assured him that he loved that smell. Truth be told, so did Arthur. He loved that he could carry that bit of home everywhere he went.

"Oh, dear," murmured Elizabeta from her chair near the window. "Are you two alright? I knew I should've forced you two to take an umbrella."

Alfred laughed. "It probably would've come in handy but I don't think we have the heart to beat a lion with it."

"Ah." Elizabeta snuggled back into her chair and turned back to her book. "Wait, what?!" The Hungarian was going to ask more about this lion but prince continued onto the master bedroom. She forced herself not to follow, instead dove back into the book of poems Roderich had given her before she accompanied her charges to the summer home. The housekeeper bit her lip and blushed when she came across one that was marked especially for her.

"Kk, Artie," said Alfred as he carefully lowered his husband back to his feet. "You get out of those clothes while I draw us up a bath."

The merman pulled his hand away from his injured eye, wincing when the cool air hit it. "Do you know how," he teased.

"O-of course, I do!" Alfred as he made his way to their bathroom, "What kind of hero doesn't know how to work his own tub? Don't worry, it'll be very relaxing."

Arthur raised an eyebrow at the suggestive toned as he removed his clothing. He knew Alfred's methods of relaxing him and, while very nice indeed, he simply wasn't up for it this evening. Not after being chased by a lion in the rain and possibly damaging his eye. He decided to voice his thoughts, "Darling, I don't think I'm in the mood for something like that." He entered the bathroom in his undershorts and stifled a giggle behind his hand at the sight. Soapy white suds where threatening to spill over the tube and the air had the aroma of a whole bouquet of flowers.

Alfred smiled sheepishly, "Did I overdo it?"

"It's perfect." Carefully walking around puddles of water, Arthur picked up various articles of clothing from the floor and tossed them into a hamper. "Honestly, dear, it won't kill you if you put them in the right container. You know how annoyed Elizabeta gets when you leave your clothes all over the place."

"Sorry. Now come on, let's get in!" He slipped off the last bit of clothing and all but jumped into the tub. Arthur shook his head as he tugged off his own remaining clothes and slipped in as well. Leaning against his husband's strong chest, the merman sighed contently. The hot water instantly relaxed his sore muscles with every lap it made against his skin.

Taking a large shell shaped dish, Alfred filled it and carefully poured over Arthur's hair so that he could wash it. Skilled fingers worked the soap into the golden locks, gently rubbing at his scalp to massage away the head ache he knew his love was starting to develop. The blue eyed prince smiled when he heard his little merman purr at his administrations. When he finished washing Arthur's hair, Alfred picked up a small sponge and worked lavender soap into it before running it across his husband's shoulders, down his back, paying extra attention to his chest area and collar bone. Picking up the dish again, he filled it with clean water and watched the suds race down the pale smooth planes of flesh.

Unable to help himself, Alfred used the pad of his index finger to trace along the trails the water took down his husband's back, followed closely by his lips. He smiled into the flesh that still carried that wonderful smell of the sea when he heard Arthur give a satisfied groan. Arthur lazily turned his head to meet those lips head on. They ignored the sound of rain beating harder against the window as the concentrated solely on each other. Alfred forced himself to calm down. His Artie had said that he wasn't up for anything exciting and he was going to respect his husband's wishes. Coaxing him back into his chest, Alfred ran his hands down Arthur's arms and brought them slowly up his toned stomach where they rested momentarily in thought.

Through his relaxed haze, Arthur knew what Alfred was thinking. After weeks of trying, the blonde had grown dishearten when he realized that he hadn't impregnated his beloved and despite Arthur's insistency that there was no anatomically possible way for him to do so, he had insisted they keep trying. Had you asked Arthur a year ago if he had any plans for children he would've told you no. They would've only gotten in the way of his and Feli's hobby. Not to mention going to the surface would've probably been out of the question had he had a child to look after. Yet, now that he had everything that he wanted, including a wonderful husband, he couldn't help but share in Alfred's disappointment that he hadn't been proved wrong. But he knew better. There was a way. He just wanted to keep it a surprise. The couple jumped when a burst of lightening illuminated their bathroom.

"Woah," exclaimed Alfred, "Is Bobby ok? That didn't look nice."

Arthur shrugged; "I'm sure it's just his weekly sto-" He was cut off by another flash of light followed by a violent crack of thunder. "Huh, perhaps big brother is upset…"

Alfred pulled Arthur closer and rested his chin on the blonde's head. "Why do you think that is?"

"Maybe one of my other brothers did something. Wouldn't surprise me if Murphy lost another mount."

"Wonder what Luddy and Feli are up to. It's been a while since they've come up to visit; what's it been? Like a month or so?"

"One and a half months." Arthur saddened at the thought that his best friend hadn't come up to see him.

"Don't worry, babe. I'm sure Feliciano hasn't forgotten about you. Remember? Luddy told me the last time that they were also trying to conceive."

"That's right!" The merman immediately perked up at remembering.

A trail of bubbles trailed after anxious cobalt blue tail as the merman swam back and forth. Thoughts kept pouring into his mind, 'Are we ready for this? Isn't it too soon?' Ludwig was pulled from his thoughts when Vash swam out with a cheerful Feliciano. His eyes were immediately drawn to the roundness of his belly. "…So it worked? Are we…"

"Yeah," answered Vash without looking up from his clipboard, "The blood and your, ahem, and you were successfully accepted by the vessel." He handed the file over to his assistant and took the bag she was handing him, "Thanks Lilly."

The mermaid smiled bashfully at her older brother and looked at Feli's roundness with glee, "I hope everything goes smoothly Mr. Feliciano."

"Grazie, Bella." Feliciano giggled at the look his husband sent him but shrugged it off. "Is that bag for us, Dr. Zwingli?"

"Hmm? Ah, yes." Vash handed the bag over to Ludwig who peered into it curiously. "In there you will find books that will explain how to care for the vessel. How to tell if complications arise-"

"Complications?" Ludwig pulled put the book and tried to find the chapter on that. "What complications?"

Vash waved his fears away, "Complications are really rare and if they do occur it's almost always really easy to take care of them. The important thing is to make sure that the water temperature is exact. Also, the vessel must remain in your pouch for exactly 8 hours at two intervals. Whose pouch doesn't really matter but it helps with the bonding."


"Haven't you…ah, right." The shorter blonde swam up to Ludwig and probed at his lower abdomen before reaching a few centimeters below the line where his torso met his tail. With experienced fingers he gently pulled away the flap to reveal his pouch, "See? All you have to do is tug at this and the vessel will slip right in. Don't worry," he said when he saw the apprehension on Ludwig's face, "the pouch is more malleable than it looks and when you two take turns keeping it warm, it'll shrink back to normal."

"I see, so it's like a kangaroo." Ludwig coughed at the merman's confused looked, "Never mind. Danke, Doctor."

"You're welcome. Now if you excuse me I have to go see, Emma."

Feli pulled away and looked around excitedly, "Emma's here?

"Yeah. She and that idiot are here for their own vessel's checkup. It's almost time for that one and they want me to give a look over before they set their incubator at the last setting. But you'll read all about that in the reading material I gave you."

The two mermen watched as Vash and his sister moved to another room before departing. Ludwig made sure that Feli swam extra carefully back to their apartment in Atlantica, now that they had precious cargo in their possession. It had taken about two months after they decided to add their names on the waiting list to receive their vessel and a few weeks more to successfully create life within it. Now all the two excited parents to be needed to do was wait a few more months before they could hold their child. Or, as Feli longed, children.

David winced when he saw the flash of light above the water from his window. He hadn't meant to make Robert angry. He sure as hell hadn't meant to upset his other brothers and the last thing he wanted was to upset Feli. It wasn't at all his intention. But seeing that-that…fish eater so happy with his friend when they came over for dinner hadn't sat well with him. Taking a drink from his flask he folded his tail in so that he could rest his arms on top of the mound it created. 'Why the bloody devil fish do I have to feel this way,' he thought bitterly to himself. Perhaps it was the drink that had blurred the line between being a gentleman and a brute or perhaps it was the he was a gentleman where Ludwig was, what did Lovino call him? Ah yes, a potato bastard. What with his stupid perfect muscles that put all of his siblings and him to shame, well maybe not Robert or Christian...but still! And his stupid hair that was the perfect shade of gold, again shaming his own dirty blonde hair. And those damn cerulean eyes…why did Feli have to stare at them with such adoration? Why did they echo the sentiment when his own green ones all but begged to be looked upon in such a way? "Damn it, it's not fair!"

"The hell it's not." Christian swam over to his young brother and sat across from him on the window sill. "What on earth possessed you to-are you drinking?"


"Give it."


"Now, David."

"I bloody said no, you git! Hey! Give me that back," cried David indignantly as he reached over for his sieged drink.

"I'm not giving this back until you explain to me what on earth possessed you to act the way you did at dinner. As I'm sure you can tell, you've angered big brother to a point he's taking it out on the surface dwellers." When David stubbornly crossed his arms and failed to meet his eye, Christian snorted in annoyance, "Please don't tell me you still have that ludicrous crush on Feliciano. David, that ship has sailed a long time ago before you were even aware of its existence. You need to move on, mate."

"And if I don't want to?"

"You're the one who pushed Feli towards him. Kyle told me about your philosophy and I must say that I was pretty proud of you. What changed?"

David sighed and extended his tail so that the fin rested on his brother's orange and white scales. "Seeing them together did. I thought I could handle it but…I just can't. Them moving was supposed to help but it only made it worse because I couldn't see him and tonight, after seeing him so damn happy and after what they announced, how the hell could you expect me not to freak out."

Christian raised a bushy dirty blonde eyebrow, "Freak out? You call flipping the table and punching Ludwig freaking out? David," he exclaimed reaching out for the younger's shoulder, "you can't do things like that because you're jealous. That isn't prince behavior."

"Oh, but sneaking out of the palace, selling your and your friend's voice for a pair of legs and then risking the well being of sea life as we know it is?"

"I didn't say that, David. All I'm saying is that you are a prince and as such you should treat our guests with respect. Ludwig is a good merman and he-"

"He's not even a real merman! His tail is fake," muttered David.

Christian frowned, put off by his brother's rude interruption. "Be that as it may, he has made an excellent transition from having two legs to not. His strict doctrine has molded the younger mermen into fine soldiers. Better than the ones the previous trainer at the Academy trained."

David rolled his eyes, "Whatever."

"You know, little brother, there are plenty of-"

"Don't say it."

"-fish in the sea." Christian chuckled and ducked when his little brother tossed a pillow at him. "But seriously, you need to move on, brother. Oh, I know! Why don't you come down to the Australian reaf with me? A new governor needs to be appointed and Bobby wants me to go down and take care of it. You should come, help clear your head and what not."

The young merman flicked his tail in thought, "How long would we be gone?"

"I'd say a few months."

"Then we'll come back home, right?"

"Of course. So what do you say?"

"Fine." David pouted when his brother left without giving him back his flask. Looking back out his window his pout saddened when he saw a familiar curl and a flash of blonde make their way home. Perhaps going away would do him some good after all.

~A few weeks later~

Heroes don't pout. Princes don't pout. He knew he shouldn't have gotten his hopes up when his beloved ran to the bathroom when he woke up. He also knew that asking if morning sickness was a sign that they had successfully created life for the hundredth time would only earn him a scowl. The scowl would be soon followed by a string of colorful words before slurring off by dry heaves and the sound of content's being emptied from the stomach. Alfred knew this and yet here he was pouting as he rubbed soothing circles on Arthur's back while the blonde leaned his head miserably against the porcelain bowl.

"I'm sorry," whispered Alfred guiltily. Running his fingers through his husband's hair he continued, "I just really thought we were pregnant this time." Arthur sniffed and wiped his mouth with a moist cloth as he flushed the toilet. He picked up his tooth brush and began to brush in effort to rid his mouth of the bitter taste.

Alfred watched sadly, "I said I was sorry, Artie. Please don't be mad at me." He stood up and pressed himself against Arthur, ignoring the way he glared through the mirror. "Don't be mad."

Spitting out his tooth paste and rinsing his mouth out, Arthur placed his tooth brush next to Alfred's before turning around to face him. "I'm not mad because of that. I'm upset because you keep insisting that I am going to get pregnant. I'm a man for Poseidon's sake! Merman or not, we simply cannot get pregnant!" Sighing, Arthur took his husband's hand in his and led him back to their bed, "Not in the way you're thinking."

"But Francis said-"

"That blasted frog," Arthur shook his head in annoyance. "He may have had good intentions but I can assure you that he isn't always right about things like this."

"We can't have kids, then?"

"I didn't say that, dear." The merman pulled Alfred back under the sheets so that they could cuddle before Elizabeta would enter and force them to start the day. "I'm just saying that it isn't going to happen the way those wankers told you."

"So…I can't get you pregnant?"

"For the last time, no." When Arthur saw Alfred's face fall he took his cheek into his hand and gently tugged so that he could face him. "But we can have children."


"Every year Mother Leviathan lays about thirty vessels. These are kept in a safe place deep within Atlantica," continued Arthur.

"Leviathan?" Alfred pulled away and stared at his husband in wonder, "I thought Leviathan was a sea monster. She's isnt?"

"I should say not," sniffed Arthur. "Father once told me that his ancestors allowed humans to believe that because if they knew what she really was then the whole merfolk race would be diminished."

Alfred rolled onto his back to process what his love told him. "So…if Mama Levi lays these eggs and you guys just fertilize them or whatever," he made a face, "does that mean you guys are all related?"

"No! They're not eggs they're vessels. I'm not entirely sure on the particulars but all I know is that the mother takes her blood and drizzles over it over the surface after the father…does his thing and then Vash keeps it in the Nursery until he confirms that there's life within it. When that happens the parents are allowed to take it home and then well, they wait."

"Who's Vash?"

"Vash Zwingli is the Mother Leviathan's guardian and caretaker as his ancestors were before him. Only he is allowed inside the nursery to retrieve the vessels, well him and my brother, Robert. But that's only because he's the sea king."

"Ok, how do we get a vessel?"

"Well…remember how Robert thought Feli and I, uh," Arthur sat up and looked away with a cough, "It would seem that he got over zealous at the prospect of getting nieces and nephews and took the liberty of adding my name to the list."

"So you already have a one to your name?" When Arthur gave a slight nod with a warm smile, his husband cried out, "Oh boy! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!" Alfred stood up on the bed and started to jump up and down excitedly, "We're going to be dads! Hear that Maxy?" Max jumped from his cat tree and onto the bed to join his master. "You're going to have a baby brother or sister!" Dropping himself back onto the bed he pulled Arthur close, "When do we get the egg?"

"The vessel is on its way as we speak, Kyle is bringing it. We're going to need materials to build a special incubator. I don't have a pouch…I don't think," he pulled his night gown up to his waist and felt around his abdomen. "No, I don't. So we're going to have to be very careful about keeping it warm until its time for it to hatch."

Footsteps outside their room alerted them that Elizabeta was here to help them get ready for the day. With a sudden wave of mischief, and just because he loved ruffling his husband's feathers, Alfred cast Arthur a side glance, "Hatch, huh? You mean like an egg?" He ducked a well-aimed pillow and ran past a confused Hungarian, laughing obnoxiously in his wake.

"Honestly, he can be such a git sometimes," grumbled Arthur with annoyance before smiling fondly, "wouldn't have him any other way." He stretched and got up. "Is my brother here yet, Lizzy?"

"Not yet, sweetie," answered Elizabeta as she drew out some clothes for her prince, "But I heard from the Idiot that a merman with a baby blue tail was spotted just a few minutes ago so I'm sure he'll be here in no time."

Arthur and Alfred waited in their back yard, the later literally jumping out of his seat when he caught sight of his brother in law and a smaller, kind of angry looking, blonde roll over the boulders and into the natural pool. Vash swam carefully up to his prince, in his hands a special carrier to transport the vessel. He gave specific instructions to the two prospective parents about the process involved and told them that he would wait there until they finished. A blushing Arthur was carried back inside along with their precious vessel while an uncomfortable Vash sat in the pool with his companion. Gilbert and Matthew, who arrived back at the palace a week before Alfred, Arthur and Elizabeta, asked questions in regards to Ludwig and Feliciano over breakfast which Kyle happily answered.

"They moved out of the palace a few months ago," explained Kyle while munching on toast, "Ludwig didn't feel comfortable living there after finding out about my brother's uh.." he took a another bite of toast, "any way, he's been doing very well at the Atlantica Academy as a junior military trainer. My big brothers are very pleased with his work."

Gilbert rolled his eyes but grinned, "Yeah. My bruder told me he got a job there. Glad to hear that he's fitting in alright. He is right?"

"More or less." Kyle reached out for more preserves for his toast, "Did you make this yourself? It's really good."

The albino puffed his chest out with pride, "Heck yeah, I did! My Birdie handpicked the berries from his garden and I made them into preserves."

Kyle looked up to the sleeping bird in Gilbert's hair, "You're birdie? Wow! Land creatures are sure talented."

"Kesesese~ I meant, Matthew," clarified Gilbert as he brought an arm around his shy boyfriend. "My prince here has a very nice garden, don't you, Birdie?"

Matthew blushed at the compliment and hugged his bear to him, "It's something I like to keep up with. I also made that syrup there. Tastes really good with Gilbert's buttermilk pancakes." He watched as the merprince reached out for the small jar and poured some over his buttery stack, smiling when Kyle's eyes lit up. "Good, huh?"

"Very! I'll tell ya, mate, Connor and Murphy are going to wish they offered to deliver the vessel after I tell them how amazing this food is. Want some Vash?"

"I'm fine." Vash pulled out his pocket watch, a gift from Feliciano, to look at the time. "How long does human mating take?" He raised an eyebrow when Kyle spit out the orange juice he'd been drinking and blushed heavily. "What? It's an honest question. I do have others who need me."

A sudden awkward silence filled the four companions while they waited. Elizabeta sat down at the table across from Gilbert with a pout. She'd tried to sneak a peek into the couple's room but had found the door locked. Grumbling to herself she shoved a fork full of scrambled eggs into her mouth.

"You have long brown hair and green eyes," noted Kyle thoughtfully. Elizabeta, still chewing, pointed to herself in question. "Yes, and your skin has that golden sheen to it, not too dark, not too light." The Hungarian stopped chewing and narrowed her eyes in confusion. "Sorry, it's just that Roderich has been composing new songs lately for us and all of them have a fair maiden as their subject. They're really romantic and my brothers and I have been trying to figure out who he could've been talking about. Now I see."

Elizabeta blushed and smiled into her cup of coffee, "I'm honored."

The group continued to make small talk while they waited for Arthur and Alfred to complete their business. It wasn't until it was a quarter past eleven that they finally emerged, flush faced and grinning. Arthur carefully handed the carrier back to Vash who inspected it with a nod.

"Ok," said Vash as he secured the snaps back in place, "I will contact you as soon as I see life within it. In the mean time I suggest you build the incubator. Lukas has offered his assistance to make sure it meets all the requirements necessary."

"Wow, this sounds like a lot. I don't remember so much precautions being taken when my younger siblings were being incubated." Kyle giggled good naturedly as he rubbed at the back of his neck.

"It's only because this will be the first time a vessel will be taken care of outside of the sea. I won't be close to keep an eye on it but I trust that Prince Arthur and Prince Alfred will be just fine. So, long as the incubator is perfect and they stay on top of things." Both mermen waved their goodbyes and journeyed back to Atlantica, leaving the two prospective parents to prepare for their vessel's return.

Any guesses as to who the 'idiot' Emma's having a child with is? lol

So...I honestly have no idea how this is going to come out yet. Haven't planned it out as I usually do. To be honesty I'm not sure if I should stick to the movie or create another side arch like I did with The Angel of Notre Dame. We'll see how it goes. I hope that you guys will enjoy the biggest fear is disappointing y'all T_T.