Harry Potter: Shadow Raven

Chapter Eight: Quidditch Quarrels

A/N: Alright, some things need to be said. First, HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE. Second, my mistakes. Chapter three, Diagon Alley, I said Snape deducts points from Ravenclaw in the flashback part. School hadn't begun yet, so I think I'll just call it an impulse as he might have seen the Ravenclaw Head of House. The other mistake was in chapter seven, The New Seeker. When Harry is catching the Snitch, I meant to say he caught it in six minutes, but before that I put eight. I blame the fact that I was eating dinner. With that, lets continue...


It was two weeks before the first Quidditch match of the year, and the Slytherins with their secret weapon were not going to lose any time soon.

That morning, during breakfast, the post-owls flew in. Crimson, along with two owls Harry believed were school owls, were carrying a long rectangular box.

They set the box down in front of Harry, who was shocked to say the least. Nevertheless, he and his friends cut their breakfast short and went to the common room to open the mystery package. Once they got to the common room, Harry opened it and was amazed.

There, in all its glory, was a Nimbus 2001, a year before the model hit the stores.

"Is this really for me? A broomstick, a model that won't be released for another year. This is way too good." said Harry, who felt like he wanted to do a couple of back flips out of pure joy.

All Draco and Blaise could do was look, as they were lost in their own thoughts.

Harry checked his watch, bringing the others out of their musings. "Whoa, we need to move, or we'll be late for Charms!"

They took off for class after Harry put his new broom away.


One day before the Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Slytherin, and the Silver Slytherin Trio (as people have taken to calling them that) couldn't be more exited if they tried.

Harry's Quidditch training sessions had gotten harder and more frequent, but it was worth it. Now, he could do practically anything on a broom that he set his mind to. Barrel rolls, dives, smooth acceleration. The new Gryffindor Seeker, Crystalline Summers, didn't stand a chance.


It was the morning that the Quidditch match that would kick off the year that Harry felt like he was going to throw up the bacon he was eating. 'What if I don't do well? What if I catch the Snitch when were more than one hundred-fifty points behind? What if-'

Harry was brought out of his waking nightmare by Marcus, who told him that it was time to go.

He said goodbye to his friends, who in turn said good luck, and went to the locker rooms.


The stands quickly filled up with students and staff, and Lee Jordan of Gryffindor started the announcements.

"WELCOME TO THE FIRST QUIDDITCH MATCH OF THE YEAR!" he began after casting a 'Sonorus' on himself. "THE MATCH WILL BE BETWEEN THE SLYTHERIN SNAKES AND THE GRYFFINDOR LIONS! ON YOUR MARKS-" Madam Hooch started positioning the balls.

"GET SET-" the balls were about to launch in the air.

"FLY!" the balls flew up into the air, everyone zooming through the air. But none were faster than Harry.

"And it's Katie Bell from Gryffindor passing the Quaffle to Johnson! Johnson throws to the hoop- Oh, blocked by the Slytherin Keeper Marcus Flint."

There were boos and irritated hisses coming from everyone but the Slytherins, who were clapping and laughing at Gryffindors pathetic team.

Meanwhile, while all that was going on, Harry spotted the Snitch near the Ravenclaw stands. He swiftly but inconspicuously flew over to it, making sure that Summers didn't see him.

So much for that plan.

The Gryffindors chose this day to notice subtle things, and were screaming like Banshees at Crystalline to get the Snitch. She flew fast on her Shooting Star 2000 (the latest model of the brand) towards Harry and consequently, the Snitch. But by the time she had gotten close, Harry had already began a speedy dive to the ground. Everyone was on the edge of their seats. Even those on broomsticks seemed to have dropped everything to watch.

He felt the wind rustling his jet black hair and feathers, his wings itching to come out, his heart racing faster than a bullet. He didn't even notice Summers chasing after the Snitch as well. He felt weightless. If drugs are addictive, than flying, with wings or broomsticks, was Harry's high.

He raised his hand high in the air, the Golden Snitch trying feebly to escape his grasp. The Slytherins all went wild with deafening cheers. He looked at the Gryffindor team. The only ones who weren't glaring daggers were the Weasley demon twins, Fred and George if he recalled. They were studying him. He would talk to them later.

Lee seemed disappointed when he announced "Harry Potter, the first year Slytherin Seeker has caught the Snitch! Final score is one hundred-ninety to thirty. Slytherin wins!"

The rest of the Slytherin team flew down to meet him, and the Gryffindors just landed without a word. Well, except the Weasley twins, they were muttering to each other and throwing small looks at Harry. Yes, he'll defiantly need to talk to them.


When they went back to the common room, they had the mother of all after parties. Someone was able to sneak into the kitchen and get the House-elves to make them some pastries. There was even a cake that read "Slytherin pride".

Finally, after five hours of games, partying, and pastries, Harry needed to go to sleep. The adrenaline rush the game had given him had completely left him at this point. He took a quick shower, changed into his pajamas, and fell into a dreamless sleep with a small smile on his face.

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