"War. War. War! What is life without war!" I thought.

With a knock at the door, in walks a shabby, plump, paled skinned man, bringing in tea and scones. Walking towards me with a glare of revenge, he hands me a scorching cup of tea and a hockey puck of a scone.

In plotting the war, we discuss;

"But, how do we get to sanctuary?" asked the prince of the devil.

"We will figure it out…maybe we will cross the river of fire."

As we inspected the fiery lava pit, we perceived large blackened stones embossed in the pit. In the distance, we recorded in our minds, the light dead ahead.

"Sanctuary…" I whispered.

This small cavity of fluorescent light covered by red cloudiness, being overpowered by the smell of death. Much like a sunrise, the image of sanctuary becomes animate in our judgment. Still burning into my mind, much like fire, the thought of "War, war, war!"

As we approach the rocks to pass the fiery pit, we see the future of ruling everything. We are so close I can almost feel the power radiating through my fingertips.

While walking closer to the fluorescent light, the power became stronger and stronger. Continuing on the path to power, we lost several fallen soldiers on the adventure across the large, blackened stones embossed in the pit. Next came the 100,000 mile high mountain to sanctuary.

"Are you sure this is what you wanted?" asked the prince with a questionable, terrified look on his face, as I gave him an evil glare.

As we finally stepped foot into sanctuary we soon realized that it would be even more crucial than expected. We marched with heads held high and would not let anything get into our way.

All of the fallen angels marched up those several palace steps to start fighting for the rights they "deserve". When I flashed the guards at the double doors a beastly look is when everything started. All bloodshed combat broke loose in the land of sanctuary.