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A Loss and a Gain

A young boy with black hair and another with blonde hair, the young sons of Odin Allfather, Loki and Thor, followed their father, an aged man with only one eye, the other covered by a small patch, through a Vault deep within Asgard. Following him down the hall where all the relics were kept, towards a glowing blue casket at the end, listening to him recount how he had come in possession of such an object, listening to him speak of his war against the Jotuns, the Frost Giants.

"Once, mankind accepted the simple truth," he began, "That they were not alone in this universe. Some worlds, man believed, to be home to their gods. Others…they knew to fear. From a realm of cold and darkness came the Frost Giants, who threatened to plunge the mortal world into a new ice age. But humanity would not face this threat alone. Our armies drove the Frost Giants back into the heart of their own world. The cost was great," he absently touched his missing eye, "And in the end, their king fell. The source of their power was taken from them. With the last great war ended, we withdrew from the other worlds and returned home, to the realm eternal. Asgard. And here we remain as a beacon of hope. Shining out across the stars. And though we have fallen to man's myths and legends, it was Asgard, its warriors, that brought peace to the universe," he looked down at the glowing blue casket, a trophy he'd taken from the Frost Giants, "But the day will come, when one of you will have to defend that peace," he turned to his sons, both of them staring up at him with smiles.

"Do the Frost Giants still live?" young Loki wondered.

"When I'M king," Thor grinned, "I'll hunt the monsters down and slay them all!" he made excited movements with his arm, as though swinging a sword, "Just as you did father."

"A wise king never seeks out war," Odin told them, "But he must always be ready for it."

"I'm ready father!" Thor shouted.

"So am I!" Loki agreed.

Odin smiled, walking past them, the two exchanging a look before dashing after him, each taking one of his hands, "Only one of you can ascend to the throne," he looked between them as they neared the door to the Vault, "But both of you were born to be kings."

"Loki!" a small girl called as she pushed open the doors to the Vault that held all the most powerful relics of Asgard, smiling when she saw Loki and Thor standing there...with Odin, "Oh!" she bowed her head, curtseying a bit with her small brown dress, "Allfather," she said respectfully.

Odin eyed her with his one eye, not quite contemptuously, but...close. It wasn't that the girl was irritating or anything it was just...she was the child of Thor and Loki's nurse, not that her status truly mattered, whether she was a servant or not, it was more...her familiarity with Loki that bothered him. It was Loki's own familiarity with her that made him wary of the girl. He had been truthful in that Loki was born to be a king...a king who would take a servant as a wife would not be viewed by the people well.

It was a custom for them that the wives of kings be beneficial to the realms, to strengthen them or unite them, Thor and Loki had to be available, they had to marry well. Often the daughters of kings could be used as peace keepers, their marriages creating treaties of peace between kingdoms and realms. And, while the 9 realms were at peace for the moment, there would always be tensions. The fondness that Loki appeared to have for the girl was startling to see. Though he had to respect his son for truly bonding with the Asgardians of every status. Thor was quite...prideful, which was fitting for a boy such as him, for the legacy he would inherit. Thor was his first-born and the most likely candidate for the throne. Thor seemed more annoyed by the young girl than eager to be around her like Loki. He knew that it was likely more because the girl was...well, a girl. He was much the same with little Sif, the girl who tagged along with him and his three other friends, trying to be a 'warrior' like them.

He saw potential in Sif though, the girl was brave and clever and strong and he had no doubts that she would make a fine warrior one day. A woman like THAT was a fitting partner for a king. His own wife, Frigga, was quite the same; kind, caring, clever, cunning, and crafty with a blade. She had bested him on more than one occasion when they would spar, though he liked to claim it was because she cheated. She knew a fair bit of magic, making holograms or projections of herself to trick him. He also knew that she used every asset to her advantage, especially her appearance. His golden-haired, blue-eyed, lovely wife was the epitome of the perfect queen.

Sif, was a bit different, dark-haired, but light-eyed, with all the makings to be a fierce warrior first and a queen second, yet loyal to her dying breath. He knew then and there as he watched her practice (more like force the other boys to show her) with a sword that Sif wold be the perfect companion for his eldest son. That just left finding suitable match for his youngest son...but Loki seemed rather...fixated on the girl before them.

Loki let go of Odin's hand and ran across the Vault, up the stairs, towards the girl with a cry of, "Kona!" grinning widely.

Odin looked down when he heard Thor scoff to see the boy rolling his eyes at his brother's antics, trying to appear 'mature' about it. He knew that, despite being a girl, Thor did have a soft spot for both Sif and Kona though, he defended them, even as he played tricks on them.

"What are you doing here?" Loki asked her, smiling.

"The sun is setting!" she cheered, as though it were the most amazing thing in the world.

"We must make haste then!" Loki took her hand and rushed out with her.

Odin had to chuckle at that though, the two were...close, and while that was fine for being children, he did hope Loki would remember that he needed to be more available when he was old enough to be wed. He knew that the two loved to watch the sun set and rise. He'd never before met two children as eager to wake with the sun as them. Thor himself could hardly be knocked out of bed before breakfast. Yet, whenever he wandered the halls, he would find Loki already awake, in their vast libraries, reading with Kona. He had learned that the boy had taught her to read and they often discussed books. He was quite...impressed with that, Kona was younger than Loki by three years yet the boy didn't seem to mind, they were close.

"What's so great about a setting sun?" Thor had to ask.

Odin smiled, he was sure that, with how often the sun set, it wasn't more the sunset but the company.


Three Years Later...

Loki sat beside a bed that Kona was lying on, his face pale, his eyes a bit red from tears he swore to Thor he hadn't shed...not that Thor could say much against him, he'd seen his brother weeping earlier. And for THOR to cry, it had to be terrible. It wasn't just terrible though, it was THOR's fault she was there.

It was all Thor's fault.

They'd been playing, or at least he and Kona were playing in one of the rare times that Thor actually tagged along with them, but Thor just had to take a gentle game and turn it into a competition and a challenge. And now Kona was paying the price for it.

It was a simple game of balance, walking over a fallen log that was just above some fallen rocks. All he and Kona were doing was walking across it, the tree was thick enough where they could safely cross or that if they fell to their knees they wouldn't fall off the side. But Thor had decided it was 'too easy' and had thought it would be more interesting if they 'fought' or sparred on the log instead. Kona hadn't ever had experience fighting, not the way that Thor did. Thor always truly fought, never play-fought, never did so with playfulness or gentleness. He literally started to fight on the log, had challenged THEM to face him.

So he had taken on Thor first, knowing his brother, he'd hoped he might be able to get it out of Thor's system. He hoped. But when he had lost and Thor challenged Kona...she understandably hesitated in agreeing and, when she'd tried to say no, Thor had baited her. He made fun of her until she gave in and agreed to face him down...and lost, badly. It was meant to be a mock battle with sticks, he and Thor had tried to use them like swords, Kona had opted for a longer, thinner stick, like a staff, because she knew that something like a staff could help with balance more than holding a single stick in one hand. It hadn't worked, especially when Thor had opted to do the same, to match her. Apparently he thought that, to prove his ability in sparring and how good he was at weilding weapons, he had to match his opponent in the weapon of choice. So he'd picked up a 'staff' as well, and he'd tried to go 'easy' on her, or so he claimed, but...things had escalated. He'd always known his brother had issues when it came to combat, how he got so into the fight that he often forgot that those fighting him weren't as skilled or as strong as him. In his mind, those fighting him ought to be worthy of fighting him and able to match him.

He'd gotten too into it despite Kona's hesitation and clear inexperience...he'd swung at her face, expecting her to duck, but Kona had leaned to the side, lost her balance, and fallen off the log, down to the rocks below. She'd hit her head, hard, on the rocks with a sickening crunch that he was sure he'd remember for the rest of his life. She'd hit the rocks so hard...she'd started bleeding and kept bleeding as they frantically tried to get her back to the healers. No...HE had gotten her back to the healers, he hadn't dared let Thor even touch her as HE carried her back.

It should have been difficult, Thor was bigger and stronger than him, he could have easily carried Kona, probably faster, but...he couldn't get himself to let her go, he couldn't make himself let THOR touch her, not after her being in the position she was because of him. He'd held her and carried her all the way back, practically flying he felt so fast, he felt strong too, the adrenaline pumping in him, the fear for her wellbeing, the need to help her. He was worried, he hadn't left her side since she'd been laid down on the beds and the healers had gotten to work. He had seen Thor off to the side, crying, apologizing to Kona but the girl remained asleep.

It was terrifying to see her like this, so pale, bruised on the side of her head, unmoving. Kona was always so full of life and smiling and moving and laughing...this wasn't like her. He didn't like this, he just...he wanted her to wake up, now. He really really wanted her to wake up now.

He reached out and placed his hand on hers as she laid there, squeezing it lightly, as though to offer her some of his strength, to help her get better faster. He hadn't taken his gaze off her, even when his father and mother had come to check on her. Kona's mother had died a year ago, but his mother was fond of her, had made sure that she would be cared for for all the years her mother had given to caring for him and Thor, it was the least she could do to care for the woman's daughter in return. He could tell his mother was worried for her, he was worried as well, the healers said that head wounds were more tricky than any other injury and that they wouldn't be able to tell what was wrong till she woke up.

He winced, they hadn't said that, they'd said IF she woke up.

But that...that was a thought he didn't want to think about. He liked Kona, she was one of his best friends. She was always so fun and she wasn't like the other Asgardians who favored battle, he thought it might have something to do with where she came from, with knowing she wouldn't be trained for such a thing that made her more gentle than others, she favored her mind, where others, like Sif, favored their prowess.

He looked down when he felt her squeeze his hand lightly, his eyes widening as she stared to blink awake, "Kona?" he whispered.

Kona froze at that, stiffening, gasping slightly, "L-Loki?" she asked, her voice starting to tremble before she started to get panicked, "Loki is that you?"

He frowned, seeing her getting upset, "Yes, it's me...Kona what is it?" he breathed as he felt her starting to shake as well.

"I...I cannot see you..." she looked around, "I cannot see anything! Why can't I see?!"

His eyes widened, "Healers!" he shouted, quickly getting onto the bed beside her, pulling her into his arms as she clung to him, starting to cry, scared...


Three Days Later...

Loki laid awake in bed one night, hearing soft sniffles coming from a room near his and Thor's, sniffles that broke his heart. He quickly got out of bed, unable to stand it, and moved to the door, slipping out of his room and down to the one at the end of the hall. He gently pushed the door open, but hesitated when it squeaked.

"You can come in Loki," the girl on the bed, her back to the door, called.

"How did you know it was me?" he whispered, entering, shutting the door as well.

"You are the only one who would care enough to see me."

He frowned, "That's not true Kona, mother cares, and father, even Thor and..." he trailed off when he saw her wince at the last name. She hadn't spoken to Thor in ages, ever since she'd woken to find out she could no longer see, "Sorry," he murmured, moving over to her bed, coming around the side of it to her face, tear-stained, "What's wrong Kona?"

She sniffled again, "It's dark," she told him quietly, not even looking up at his face, not directing her gaze up but just staring, unseeing, at his stomach, "It's always dark now. It...never goes away," he could see tears appearing in her brown eyes, eyes that were already starting to cloud over, "I...I go to sleep and it's dark and I start to dream that I can see and I wake up and I forget I cannot and...I cannot tell the difference between the dark and the...my eyes."

He looked at her, getting upset again, he knew it was hard for her to bear, to know that she would never be able to see anything agin, "Father is planning a surprise for you," he blurted out. He really was terrible when it came to keeping secrets around Kona, she had this one expression that she gave him that just...made him break instantly and blurt out everything he tried to keep from her. And while this wasn't that expression, he just...he needed to do something to cheer her up a bit.

Kona sniffled a moment longer and glanced up at him, well...directed her eyes towards him, "He...is?"

The Allfather didn't usually do something like that for anyone who wasn't his sons, but apparently, if Loki was to be believed, which she knew he was, as he was the best friend she'd ever had and he hadn't lied to her ever, then Odin was planning something for her now.

He nodded...before realizing she couldn't see and sighed, "Yes," he answered verbally, reaching out to take her hand as he knelt before her, resting his chin on the edge of her bed, "He has got something wonderful planned, I know it Kona and...maybe it will help."

She was quiet a long while, so long he thought she might have fallen asleep with her eyes open...which he supposed was possible now, "Only it won't make tonight better though," she whispered.

"Is there anything I can do to make it better?" he offered, he really hated seeing her like this.

He blamed himself, if he'd been better, if he'd been able to drag the spar with Thor out a little longer, then his brother wouldn't have wanted to challenge Kona, he wouldn't have wanted to fight her or baited her so...though he knew Thor felt guilty as well, that if he'd not done what he had Kona would still be able to see. Thor had gone quiet the last few days as well, knowing that everyone was disappointed in him, that he'd let his pride get in the way of his good judgement, that he'd harmed an Asgardian, a defenseless little girl. But it would never parallel the guilt he felt himself. He was usually the one who could talk Thor out of things, it was HIS job to keep Thor in line and keep him from making blunders, and he'dfailed. He'd failed in stopping Thor, he'd failed in protecting Kona, and because of him and his inability to do anything right...she'd been hurt. It was his fault she was blind now, more than Thor's.

Because he could have stopped it.

There was no stopping Thor at the best of times, yet he always managed to get through to his brother before the end, most of the time. It was getting harder as Thor was getting older though.

"Kona?" he asked, seeing her hesitate to speak, knowing that her expression was one where she had a thought but was hesitant to say it. Servants weren't meant to be heard, but they'd always listened to her mother and she was his friend, why would he ignore what she had to say now?

She sighed, "Would you...stay?" she asked him, "I wake up alone and forget but...if someone is here, perhaps it will remind me."

"You want me to stay?"

She nodded, "I feel safe with you Loki."

He knew what that probably was. HE had been the one to get her back to the healers, to stay by her side as she healed and woke and cried. HE had been the one to not abandon her through it all, to care for her, to check on her. She would feel safe with him more now, not that she hadn't felt safe with him before then.

"Of course," he nodded,waiting till she scooted to the side, him lying down over the fur blanket of her bed to hold her as she sniffled and tried to sleep. He found himself drifting off as well, more comforted to have her in his arms than she probably was to be in them.

As a result...niether of them heard the door creak as it opened or saw Frigga peek her head in, smiling at the two of them. She was a bit gifted in telling the future, she knew Loki would comfort her, though it broke her heart to hold back from checking on the girl herself when she'd heard her crying. She just...she knew that Loki would be important to Kona in the future, he already was in the present, but also that Kona would be equally as important to him. She smiled, seeing them, and closed the door once more.



"The Allfather allowed you to come collect me?" Kona asked as she sat on the edge of the bridge to the Bifrost, her legs dangling off the side of it as she waited, smiling at the sunlight streaming onto her, her eyes closed, just...feeling the warmth of the sun on her face.

"Odin does not know I am here," Loki murmured, moving to sit beside her.

They were...quite a bit older than when they'd been children, full-grown, their own people but still together, still spending time talking and laughing and reading together. Truly when he wasn't with Thor, 'training' with him or trying to keep him out of trouble, he was with Kona, he was with her whenever he could be. Because she was hardly allowed elsewhere besides her rooms. How she had managed to sneak out without Odin knowing...well, he supposed she would. They had a bit of an agreement going, they helped each other.

He had taught her how to cloak herself in mist, keep herself from being seen by Heimdall, the keeper of the Bifrost, whom Odin had set as her watcher...

It was...odd, how quickly Odin's feelings on his time with Kona had changed when she had lost her sight. He sighed, thinking on that, on how it happened, on what had been discovered afterwards. When Kona had woken in the healing room...her sight was gone, completely, her eyes clouding over within a few days, keeping her from being able to see anything at all. Frigga had never been more disappointed in Thor for what had happened, she understood it was the playing of boys but for the girl to be hurt, to lose her sight, to be at even more of a disadvantage...she had only managed to keep Odin allowing her in the palace and around him and Thor by convincing her husband that she was able to care for Thor and Loki, as her mother had, that she could grow up and be someone that the boys would trust to watch over their own children...and now she could not.

What had surprised them was Odin's own reaction to it, he had taken Kona to a small well that he had visited once just before he'd lost his own eye, Mimir's Well. The keeper of the well, Mimir, had given him a taste of it once, of the waters of knowledge, with a warning that to gain something something else must be lost. He had agreed and then, days later in a battle with the Jotuns, had lost his eye. He had seen...a bit of a kindredness in the girl, having lost both her 'eyes,' he had hoped to make her life more bearable by offering her something to gain for what she'd lost. She had sipped from the waters...and gained not just knowledge, but foresight as well, having lost sight in both her eyes.

Kona had become one of the most powerful spækona's, or the seers, of their people, a fitting title given her name. She could look into the future and see what it held for someone, for a decision, for an enemy she had become one of the most valuable assets Odin had ever possessed, and he took great pains to keep her safe from where the enemies might attack her to try and put Odin and the other Asgardians at a disadvantage. Their enemies had failed so far but Kona was always being watched...

So he'd taught her the trick to hide herself for the times she truly needed to be free. In return, she had shown him a few ways in and out of Asgard that didn't require the use of the Bifrost. THAT had been interesting to learn, he had no idea how she'd managed to find it given she couldn't see. She'd actually found peace in her lost vision and managed to jest that just because she couldn't see didn't mean she couldn't SEE, a joke about her visions.

But even knowing all those other ways out, he often found her on the bridge, sitting in the rising or setting sun. It had been a tradition for them, to watch the sun rise and set together, but it had faded with her vision, what point was there to enjoy the scene if she couldn't see it?

"I thought I would find you here," he murmured, smiling as she linked her arm with his, resting her head on his shoulder as he looked at her, "Why do you always come here Kona?"

She smiled, "I can close my eyes," she did so, "And feel the warmth of the sun on my skin, and remember sitting here with you...and then, for a moment, I can imagine that I shall open my eyes and be able to see the sky again," she let out a little sigh and opened her eyes, her smile sad now as she remained blind to the world. She had accepted her blindness, but it did still make her sad at times.

She hadn't had much of an issue coping with it, Odin and Frigga had made sure her life was as comfortable (and protected) as it could be. It had been a shock for her, to go from servant to near royalty within the span of days, but she hardly ever asked for anything. She was given all she needed and anything more than that she found ways of returning or giving to others instead. Like her dress. He glanced down at it, it was a white dress, corsetted on the top but with flowing sleeves, golden in bodice, her sleeves were sheer, her skirt with a sheer covering, embroidered with golden stars, it was simple compared to the intricate dresses and outfits of their people, but it suited her. She had once said that what point was there to look so good when she couldn't see it, so she remained as simple now as she had been as a child. But she still looked lovely, it was his opinion that the gold of her dress had to have been spun out of her hair it was the same shade.

"We must go though," he whispered, hating to do it but knowing that the ceremony, Thor's coronation, where he'd pledge his dedication to protecting Asgard, was about to begin shortly and, while the hall was still being prepared, the guests had started to arrive, and they'd both be needed for the festivities. He helped her up, letting go of her hand to walk beside her. He knew that she hated when people 'assisted' her in her waking, she always walked slower and seemed tenser and quieter when they did...

But she grabbed his hand back, moving to link her arm through his, walking beside him, letting HIM help her, "Why do you do that too?" he asked

"Do what?"

"Let me help you," he remarked, "You hardly let anyone else...not even your attendants."

"Because I cannot be sure they will not lead me into a wall or let me trip," she shrugged, it was one fear she always had since losing her sight, she couldn't bring herself to let other people 'guide' her, she didn't know where they would lead her.

"But you believe I will not?"

"I know you will not," she smiled, "I trust you Loki. More than anyone. You are the only one who has ever been there for me, always."

Loki smiled at that, she really did, he knew it too, she trusted him the most, his mother second, Thor...well, probably him least given he was the cause for her loss of sight, but...she trusted him. And that...that felt amazing.

She sighed as they walked, a slight sway in her own, "Will you come visit me in my gilded cage afterwards?" she asked him.

"It is not a cage Kona," he frowned, "It is your chamber."

Her rooms were…enormous, probably larger than needed, something that had worried her as a child. She had spent weeks, months even, just trying to get used to the room, to the size and the placement of things. She'd come away with quite a few bumps and bruises as a result, had walked into things often, but eventually gotten used to it. Thor sometimes, as they grew, tried to goad him into moving the items in her room around, so that she'd trip or bump into them again, as he was known for his mischief. But he always refused, yes he liked to trick people, but not Kona, not really. True he would always try to sneak up on her, but he would never do anything to hurt her.

"It is as good as," she murmured, "I am a princess locked in a tower," she remarked, looking up at the palace, in the direction of it, as they walked, "Odin has me watched constantly, I am hardly ever allowed to leave my chambers, the only use I serve and value I hold is in my foresight, and…" she let out a breath, "I feel trapped Loki."

He smiled as he looked at her, nodding, he…sometimes felt that way too, like he was watched by his father more than Thor even when Thor was the one in trouble most of the time, like he wasn't allowed to do some things he wanted to do, like Odin valued them both in different ways…he was always looked at as the younger brother, by his title and station and little else, seen as the mischievous one.

"So let's leave," he suggested.

"What?" she laughed, smiling now, making his own smile widen.

"Let's leave Asgard," he continued, "We can take the Bifrost to any of the Nine Realms…"

"Oh but not Jotunheim," she cut in, a jesting note in her voice, "Far too cold."

"Alright, any of the other realms, just you and I, Kona," he started to nod, imagining it, "Where we can escape Odin's one good eye and…start a new life, together. We can find a home and people who do not know us and just…be us, be together."

She nodded slowly, "That is a wonderful dream Loki."

"It can be a reality Kona," he remarked, pulling her closer to him, winding his arms around her waist as he smiled down at her, "If you want…I will leave with you right now," he whispered, lifting her chin with a finger to press his lips to hers in a light kiss.

Kona let out a shaking breath as he pulled away a few moments later, her entire being tingling from his kiss, as they always left her. She and Loki had an…interesting relationship. They had been...courting, she supposed was the word, for a while now, but neither had exactly expressed the true depth of their feelings to the other. Hearing him speaking of running away with her, it warmed her heart so much, made her feel so…happy, happier than she could remember being, that he cared for her (she liked to think that he loved her) enough to leave everything behind to be with her, to be free with her.

But she shook her head, "We cannot, not right now."

He felt his smile start to fall, "Why not? Thor is first in line for the throne, Odin does not need me. I can leave whenever I like, and I can take you with me, we can escape."

"Asgard…" she took a breath, "Is the only home I have ever known," she said simply, "I…help protect it, with my visions, I…cannot leave until it is safe. We both know things are tense, especially with the Jotuns."

He had to nod at that, the Frost Giants DID still pose a threat to them, "Thor can protect Asgard from them well enough."

"Yes," she agreed, "But who will protect Asgard from Thor?" he fell silent, "I apologize Loki, I know you love your brother dearly but, surely evenyou can admit he is…that he is…" she struggled to find the words that wouldn't be offensive to him or make it sound like it was her own insecurities about Thor coming through, she had always felt more hesitant around Thor than any other given their history, but she DID care for him as her future king and Loki's brother.

"Arrogant? Reckless? Dangerous?" Loki supplied.

"Yes," she nodded, smiling again, "He is…not like you Loki. He is not wise and humble and patient. He is not ready to be king," she told him, "I have…seen what will come of it should he take the throne as he is and…it will not be good for Asgard."

Loki frowned, "Have you told father of this?"

"I have not," she admitted, "I…fear he will not heed my counsel."

"He has in the past."

"When it has not been about his first-born son," she reminded him, "I can say nothing and nothing can be done," she sighed, "I am sorry Loki," she squeezed his arm, "But we cannot leave."

He nodded, taking her hand and lifting it to his lips, pressing a gentle kiss to the back of it, no, they couldn't leave, not yet, not now, not with things the way they were.

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