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Ranma looked over the city as she flew high overhead. She marveled at the way the city looked so calm and peaceful from so far away. Truthfully she was glad to be back in Japan no matter what her father had planned. The way they had been traveling with an obvious destination in mind left no doubt that her father had yet another scheme up his sleeve. Realizing it would soon be dawn she banked away and headed back towards where they had set up camp for the night. She didn't know why she stayed with the lazy old man but until she found something better to do or she learned where her mother was she'd stick with him.

She landed silently in the small clearing in some woods outside the city where there was a tent and a small fire burning. A dark shadow got up as Ranma walked to the fire and it picked up a kettle of water that had been heating on the fire. Ranma took the kettle with a nod of thanks and the dark shadow seemed to grin before it flew towards Ranma and disappeared into her chest. Ranma concentrated a second and the dark shadow surrounding her own body seemed to suck into herself. Holding the kettle up she doused herself with the hot water changing back into her male form. Looking at the palm of his right hand he smirked at the softly glowing sigil embedded there.

As Ranma laid back on his sleeping bag waiting for his father to get up his mid drifted back to that fateful day that changed his life forever.


It had been only a day since Ranma had been cursed to turn into a girl with cold water. He and his father followed the Jusenkyou guide towards a village that might have the answers they sought to cure their curses.

"This sirs is village of Chinese Amazons. Be careful you no offend Amazon honor sirs, very bad thing happen you do that." The guide said as the entered the village proper. "You very lucky honored customers, today village hold tournament. Only best fighters compete, very big honor win contest." He said proudly. He realized belatedly that he was being ignored as Ranma and Genma were sitting at a large table heaped with food eating hungrily as they watched a purple haired girl face off against a much larger warrior.

"Aiyai! Stop sirs! You no know what you doing!" The guide waved frantically. The purple haired girl finished off her foe with surprising ease and turned to claim her prize as was her right as the village's strongest fighter. Her smile of victory turned to a scowl of anger as she saw two outsiders sitting next to the remains of her victory feast.

Ranma looked up as the Chinese girl started speaking quickly and angrily to him. The guide translated, "She want to know why you eat her victory feast?"

The redhead smacked the large panda on the back of the head, "Damn it Pops, you said this was a free buffet." Ranma tried to think of a way out. Turing to the guide, "If I beat her then the prize is rightfully mine then there will be no honor lost right?"

The guide nodded hesitantly, something was nagging the back of his mind about Amazon law and outsiders but he couldn't remember. Instead he told the purple haired girl Ranma's intentions and she agreed with an evil smile.

The two leapt to the challenge log and the crowd quickly pressed close to watch the redhead get her ass handed to her. Much to their surprise and the purple haired girl's as well, she was soon flying through the air. Ranma looked down to where the Chinese girl landed, none the worse for wear, and hopped down to finish 'her' feast. A flash of purple however stopped her and she turned to see the Chinese girl walking her way. Ranma grinned, maybe she was going to congratulate her for a good fight. To say Ranma was shocked when she received a kiss on the cheek instead of a handshake was an understatement. Ranma landed roughly on her butt in surprise as the guide they arrived with started screaming about Amazon law and kisses of death.

A hand reached down and grasped Ranma's right hand, lifting her to her feet. A tall ancient looking Chinese woman with long white hair and an amused smile met her eyes, "You should hurry and escape while you can young Ranma. Go fulfill your destiny."

Ranma was suddenly yanked off the ground by the back of her gi as her pandafied father grabbed her and hightailed it out of the village.

It was only later that night when they had stopped running that Ranma noticed the glowing symbol on her right palm. It vaguely resembled a yin yang only the teardrops were separated slightly and one was gold the other red. She realized quickly that the old woman in the village must have given it to her. The question was, what was it for? She rubbed at it experimentally. Whatever it was it seemed to be underneath the skin, almost like a tattoo. Ranma shrugged, like most things in her life up to now it was beyond her ability to control. If it caused problems in the future she'd try to get rid of it.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a battlecry and she dodged out of the way just in time to avoid having her head caved in by a bonbori. Ranma cursed under her breath as she realized it was the purple haired amazon from earlier.

"Shampoo kill!" she shouted and lunged again, narrowly missing Ranma again.

At least she knew the girl's name now. Ranma almost laughed when she realized her father had already taken off and abandoned her. She kicked out snapping one of Shampoo's bonbori out of her hands. Shampoo however used the opportunity to draw a Chinese sword from somewhere and press her attack.

Ranma grudgingly began to admit the girl was good. She might even win if Ranma didn't break her no hitting girls policy, after all that's what started this whole mess. Shampoo suddenly lunged with a sword swing that Ranma hadn't anticipated and braced for the cut that could quite possibly sever an arm. The sigil on Ranma's hand suddenly flared with light and a dark hand shot out and grabbed the sword from Shampoo's grip. Shampoo gasped in surprise and backed away slowly, her eyes wide.

Ranma looked down to see a pair of arms reaching out from her mid torso holding the sword. As she stood in awe the arms came further out followed by a body and then legs. It looked as if someone had made a silhouette of Ranma's girl side and sprinkled it liberally with twinkling stars. The figure dropped the sword and took a defensive position next to Ranma. Ranma began to recover only to have a second figure pull itself free from her followed by a third.

Shampoo had been backing away the whole time this was happening and realized she was not only outnumbered but had no idea exactly what she was facing. She'd heard tales of demon possession from her great grandmother and knew she didn't have the experience or the tools necessary to stop a demon. Turning, she ran for the first time in her life.

Ranma gathered her wits to examine the three shadow Ranmas that seemed to have been spawned from her. She hesitantly reached out to touch one as it looked at her curiously. Suddenly it was if she was seeing things from two directions at once. She could see herself looking at the shadow self and vice versa. Pulling her hand back the sensation stopped.

"Can you understand me?" Ranma asked slowly.

The shadows all looked at her then to each other, one shrugged and as a group turned to her and nodded.

"What are you?" Ranma asked as she leaned over to examine one more closely. It was like staring into the night sky. There was no solid surface to really rest your eyes on so your vision tended to slide off it.

One of them scratched its head in a puzzled expression, another shrugged its shoulders and shook its head. The third crossed its arms and seemed to look at the ground, frowning.

Ranma laughed at the unreality of it, "You don't know either do you? Hmm, well you came out of me, I wonder if you can go back in?"

The three silently seemed to discuss this with each other and came to some sort of conclusion. The middle one leaned over and put its hand on Ranma's chest. Its hand sank in and suddenly it seemed to get sucked in the rest of the way and disappear. Ranma gasped as she was suddenly flooded with a replay of the last few minutes from the shadow's point of view.

"Whoa! That was different. So can you come back out?"

A hand reached back out of Ranma and gave an ok sign before going back in.

Ranma looked down at her hand and a smile appeared on her face, "Let's see what else you guys can do."


That had been almost three weeks ago now. Ranma had tried multiple times to bring out his anti-bodies, as he called them in his male form, without success. Apparently his shadow powers only worked while he was a girl. It had been worth losing part of his manhood for the power he thought. Together him and his anti-bodies had learned that they could fly and phase through solid objects at will. And with an anti-body wrapped around him he could do all that as well. But only as a girl.

Ranma mentally shrugged, they made good scouts and had warned him repeatedly of Shampoo's sneak attacks as they had made their way back towards the sea of Japan. He could fly, something he'd always dreamed of as a kid. So what if he had to be a girl to do it. It could have been worse, he could have been cursed to turn into an animal of some sort like his father was.

He heard the sounds of his father waking up and got ready for the usual wake up and spar routine. There was another obvious side effect of the sigil. Ranma no longer needed sleep in either form. Hence the night flights. He wondered again what his father would say if he was to find out about Ranma's new talents.

The tent flap opened and Genma stepped out into the early morning air. Taking a deep breath he turned to his son and picked up a ready bucket of water. Ranma had to hide a smile as he felt the water hit him. His father was too predictable these days.

Sitting up Ranma spat water out of her mouth, "What'd you do that for old man?!" Ranma shouted in her best anger voice.

"Get up boy. We're breaking camp." Genma tossed the wet girl her backpack.

Ranma frowned, wherever they were headed it must have been important enough to skip morning practice. She briefly thought of using her anti- bodies to break camp but was still wary of letting her father know about them. Grabbing a breakfast candy bar from her pack she started putting things away as she ate.

Soon they were on their way having waited long enough to heat some water before going. "So exactly where are we going anyway Pops?" Ranma asked as they made their way through a suburb of Tokyo called Nerima.

"We're going to see an old friend of mine, Soun Tendo. It's time we fulfilled a pledge between our two families that's existed since before you were born." Genma explained.

"Really? And what would that be, a promise of free food for life?" Ranma teased.

"No son, we're going to meet your fiancé." Genma replied.


Just then it began to rain.