Energy Sakura

He frowned as he tried to reach the square button that would open the metal door that kept him within the room. His fingertips just barely touched the silver panel that surrounded the dark blue button. Even on tiptoes, he still couldn't reach it. Backing away from the door, he glared at the button as if it was the reason why he was too small to reach it.

He needed something longer than his arm, he decided. Something that he could use to reach the button with. He did a quick scan of the room. There was nothing but a bed, some toys (blocks, crayons, paper, and a black Tiger plushy), and a small table with two chairs attached to it.

His bottom lip sticking out slightly in a pout, the child sat on the cold, metal floor. At least he had the black leather body suit that protected against the cold of the metal. He knew that if he could just reach the button, the door would open and he could get out of the small room. Those strange monsters with the varying clothes-the ones that very much resembled him-always pushed it and the door would open a second latter. He just needed something... long. Something like...

His dark brown eyes lit up as an idea come to him. Standing and running over to his bed, he reached under it and pulled out his scythe.

The scythe was two or three heads taller than him, it's shaft a gray- blue and the blades a rich silver. The main blade was the length of his forearm and curved slightly downward. At the end of the main blade there was a barb that twisted up. The second blade on the other side of the scythe resembled a silver fin.

He grinned to himself as he turned back to the door. Using his scythe to lengthen his reach, he used the front blade to reach the button, and with a little swing, pushed it.

Nothing happened.


Dr. Yoko's red lips twitched slightly up into a smile.