Ep.1. Girl Goku

"Waaah! Waaah!" a baby's cries could be heard a mere half second after she was born. But neither the doctors nor the mother knew that what the newborn was trying to say was: What the heck? How am I a baby? And who are these people?

This all started, to her,only some moments ago though to others it may well be several lifetimes.

"Hey, Shenron, wouldn't it be cool if I was a little girl? Haha, I wish I could," Son Goku joked, sitting in a realm that no other mortal had ever entered. Next to him was the great wish-granting dragon Shenron, whom Goku had been training with.

[GT never happened, but Goku still left to train with Shenron after finishing training Uub. However, he did not abandon his family, as he often visited them when he was with Uub and now with Shenron. He doesn't age though, so although he's a grown-up Pan is an old lady now and everybody else he used to know is dead.]

This odd joke had been brought on by his great-great-great-grandson, Son Goku Junior, whom Goku had met about a year ago when the 11-year-old boy had gone on a quest to find the four-star dragonball in the hope of it healing his grandmother, Goku's dear granddaughter Pan. Ever since the meeting, Goku had twice gone to visit his only living relatives as well as met the descendants of his rival/friend Vegeta, the now-deceased Prince of Saiyans.

Of course, jokes like that should not be told to Shenron of all people. "Your wish has been granted," he rumbled.

"Haha– wait, WHAT?!" was all Goku had time to say before everything became dark.

"Hey there, little one. I've decided to name you Sereri," the Saiyan woman with short-cropped black hair said to her first and only daughter, smiling at the newborn in a gentle way uncharacteristic of most Saiyans.

"Fasha, your daughter has a power level of 2, the same one as Kakarot had when he was born," a doctor informed her.

"So? Kakarot's already increased his to 20 and he's only two. Not to mention Raditz's power level climbing higher. If he hadn't been assigned that new mission last month, he would be training and become much stronger."

A little later, Fasha was about to leave for a mission. She held her daughter in her hands for what she did not know to be the last time. Kakarot was sitting on the edge of the crib next to her.

"Wow, tiny," the 2-year-old muttered, looking at his sister in childish curiosity that disappeared from most Saiyan children by the time they were five.

"Of course she is, she's just a baby," Fasha said, rolling her eyes. "Now, later today you two are going to go on your second mission, Kakarot, so I want you to take good care of your sister, all right?"

The baby started crying, which made Kakarot wince. Unfortunately, no-one could understand that what Sereri was trying to say was: Don't leave! You're gonna be killed!

Kakarot rubbed his ears as his mother cradled his younger sibling. Against her wishes, Sereri couldn't help calming down and started yawning. Glad that the little wailer was now quiet, Kakarot replied to his mother: "Okay."

While Fasha had been in labour, a bunch of Oozarus finished rampaging on Planet Kanassa, then returned to normal. But one weakened Kanassan warrior had survived, and caught the leader of the group off-guard. He hit the Saiyan warrior who had black hair in palm-tree-style spikes on the back of his head.

"Shit!" a Saiyan named Tora muttered, reacting quickly and shooting the Kanassan with a weakish ki blast. The fallen warrior still wasn't dead though.

"What the hell did you just do?" the Saiyan who'd gotten hit demanded, glaring down at the Kanassan. His vision was fading in and out, and he had a killer headache.

The Kanassan smirked even as he was dying. "You will now know what's it like to foresee the annihilation of one's own race, Bardock," he said, "I've passed on my ability to see the future, and you will foresee the Saiyans' end. You all will pay for the crimes you have committed in Frieza's name."

Bardock's response was to release a ki blast that killed the apparent lunatic.

Later, he was in a regeneration tank healing from his injuries. As the man floated in the greenish fluid, he suddenly felt like he was passing out as some kind of a vision appeared in his mind.

The blood-red ruby of its solar system, Planet Vegeta, exploded as a large ball resembling a little sun mixed with a supernova hit the planet.

As the fluid drained and he removed the gas mask from his face, Bardock pondered over what had just happened. Impossible. Heh, that Kanassan's hit must've made me delusional or something. He dismissed the brief experience from his mind and stepped out from the tank.

"Bardock, it appears you have outdone yourself once again. Your power level is definitely approaching 10 000," one of the doctors said, handing the scarred Saiyan a new spandex suit, a scouter and armour.

"At this rate, you might even surpass the King," another doctor stated.

"I suppose," Bardock replied without a hint of enthusiasm. Of course every Saiyan wanted to be the most powerful, but what really interested him was taking on missions even Lord Frieza's elite fighters were scared of and then coming out on top.

"Where is my crew?" he asked.

"They left, Fasha too. Lord Frieza ordered them to clear the civilisation of Planet Meat," the first doctor who had spoken answered.

"Then I'm going there now," Bardock declared as he dressed. Even if Planet Meat's full of weaklings not worth my time, he added in his head, knowing the population of said planet could be wiped out by almost any adult third-class Saiyan.

"Are you sure? You're not at 100% yet, and don't you wish to go see your new daughter? Not to mention Kakarot's been bugging us all day about your and Raditz's whereabouts."

"What power level was she born with?"

"Same as Kakarot."

"Hn. No thanks," Bardock said with disinterest. He wasn't much of a parent like most Saiyans, but he did hope that his children would get as strong as him when they grew up so that he could spar with them and be proud.

No! This can't be! Bardock had rushed off-planet immediately to catch up to his crew, but what he found on Planet Meat was nothing short of devastating.

His crewmembers, his friends and mate... they were all laying on the ground dead. Someone'd had to have ambushed them!

Bardock hurried over to his mate, who was laying on her side, and held her limp hand. "No... Fasha..."

A near-unbearable amount of guilt overcame him. Bardock had never been one for family, so he hadn't formed a close bond with either of his sons. And when he had heard that Fasha was pregnant with their third child, he couldn't help turning all of his attention to working more and more. But now, he regretted not cherishing the time he could have spent with her.

Bardock hadn't seen her for the past four months, as most Saiyan women who become pregnant take time off work for the last few months of their pregnancy to ensure their child would not be stillborn. Naturally, Kakarot had been overjoyed and had been with his mother the whole time, while Bardock and Radtiz were too busy (or, in Bardock's case, made himself too busy).

Bardock bent down and kissed his mate on the forehead, then stood up straight and looked around.

"Tora!" he exclaimed, racing to where his best friend lay.

The other Saiyan was in critical condition and definitely dying, but for now he was alive. Bardock cradled his comrade's head, and the injured man opened his eyes and managed to wheeze out: "Bar... dock... It was... Frieza... He wants us dead..."

"What?! Why?"

"Because of... you... You're apparent... ly be... coming too... powerful... We got ambushed... by Dodoria..."

"I never liked that guy. Don't worry, my friend. I swear that I will avenge all four of you," Bardock promised as his closest friend drew in his last breath. He set the man down and removed the armband from Tora's left upper arm and wiped Tora's face with it. The band was soaked completely with blood now, which enraged the scar-faced Saiyan even more.

"They all will pay," Bardock declared through clenched teeth, tying the bloody cloth around his head like a headband.

"Aw... Isn't that sweet," a mocking tone came from behind him. Bardock whirled around and his eyes widened when he saw Dodoria's elite squad standing nearby. Almost instantly a fight broke out, but Bardock dominated the elite-class fighters quite easily for a third-class Saiyan. Then again, he was no ordinary Saiyan to begin with.

Dodoria was furious that his squad got killed by a measly monkey, and launched a Super Mouth Blast attack at Bardock. The blast overpowered the Saiyan, throwing him against his mate's dead body.

"Haha! Fitting for mates to die next to each other!" Dodoria jeered, leaving the leader of this monkey gang to die.

But he was wrong. Bardock, although severely weakened, was not dead yet. He barely survived the attack and just about managed to get into his space pod to return to his home planet.

Throughout the short journey, Bardock had no choice but to accept that the Kanassan had truly given him the ability to see the future. The thing he had seen was not delirium but a vision. "That blasted fool! If he thinks I'm just gonna sit back or run like a coward, then he's got another thing coming! I will fight and defeat Frieza!"

Bardock arrived at Planet Vegeta and tried spreading the word of Frieza's plans, but no-one listened and everyone just carried on in their way. He went into a bar, hoping against hope that maybe someone there would actually listen to what he's saying.

"Listen everybody," he said desperately, "It's Frieza! He's coming for us!"

One man raised an eyebrow. "Us?" he repeated sceptically. "You mean you, right?"

"No, us!" Bardock snapped back. "You, me, everybody here... it's true. He wants us all dead. He's scared of us!" he looked down at the floor, his hand tightening on the doorframe as he leaned against it. The metal creaked loudly in the unnatural quiet that had fallen on the bar's occupants. "My whole crew is dead thanks to that freak!" he snarled softly.

There was silence for a few seconds before the entire room broke into laughter. "Bardock gets his tail whipped and it's the end of the world, right?" one man jeered.

"Yeah," a woman added, "Why would Lord Frieza destroy us anyway? We're some of his most valuable fighters!"

"Fools... you're dead," Bardock whispered, before his face tightened and he roared: "FOOLS! YOU'RE ALL DEAD! He's on his way!"

"You don't really expect us to believe that, do you?" another woman asked, sounding amused.

"Fine," Bardock spat. "Believe what you want to believe. But I'm going to try and stop him." Most of the bar's patrons turned back to their previous conversations and activities.

Bardock headed for the medical bay. It would be about five hours before Frieza showed up, so he could afford one hour in a regeneration tank. As he went past the room that held the newborns, he stopped.

"What's Kakarot doing there?" he wondered out loud, before remembering something he had heard through his scouter the last time he spoke to Fasha shortly after she had given birth. Oh, right. He and Sereri were meant to go to some backwater planet together. Kakarot was originally going to go alone, but Fasha didn't want Sereri to be alone on her first mission like Raditz and Kakarot were so she's going too.

A vision suddenly overtook the most powerful Saiyan on the planet, and he slumped against the hall's wall.

A man clad in an orange gi with a blue T-shirt under the top part and a matching belt and wristbands was standing on a planet that had blue-turquoise grass and a green sky. If one ignored the paler skin tone and the lack of scar on the cheek, it would be easy to mistake the young man to be Bardock. There was no doubt – he was Kakarot.

Next to him stood a small Saiyan boy with his black hair in a bowl cut wearing Saiyan armour, another short creature who was bald and resembled Saiyans but lacked a tail, and a young woman who couldn't be anyone other than Sereri.

Opposite the group was Frieza, smirking evilly and pointing at someone or something near them. He lacked the horns and had no armour on and his skin was a little different, but it was definitely Frieza.

"No! He was defenceless!" Sereri screamed, filled with fury.

"You have no honour, killing someone when they can't even fight back!" Kakarot shouted in outrage.

The vision fast-forwarded to the Saiyan-like creature being blown-up by Frieza, and Kakarot transformed. His hair spiked up like a flame as a golden aura surrounded him and his eyes turned teal. The colour black was replaced by gold, and the Saiyan let out a ferocious yell that made Frieza tremble.

"What– what are you?!" he yelled, trying and failing to hide the fear from his voice.

"I am Son Goku, protector of Earth and one of the last Saiyans alive. I am the hope in the darkness, the strength of the weak! I am a Super Saiyan!"

The vision changed again, this time showing flashes of Kakarot's and Sereri's lives. Them meeting the bald Saiyanoid [Saiyanoid=humanoid, but for Saiyans], learning how to do an energy attack, playing in some woods with an old man watching, fighting a green alien that was definitely a Namekian, and the old man picking them up from their space pod and throwing them in the air while calling out two names that made the little ones laugh.

Bardock snapped back into awareness the second the vision ended. He smiled, but it was a grim one. "So... our youngest son will avenge us, Fasha. If I fail, our race will not be forgotten and Frieza will still be defeated."

He entered the room, making Kakarot jump. The 2-year-old whirled around, ready in a fighting stance. When he saw who it was, he dropped the stance and cocked his head with a puzzled expression. "Father? What are you doing here?" the toddler asked.

"Kakarot, your mother is dead," Bardock replied, not being one to sugar-coat things.

The little boy's eyes widened and he could feel tears forming. He shook his head, whimpering: "No... you're lying. She... she can't be dead!"

Bardock crossed his arms and waited without a word. Kakarot started fell to his knees and started hitting the ground. "No... No, no, no, no!" he kept going like that for about ten minutes, a few tears managing to escape and trickle down his cheek.

"Get up, boy," Bardock said, knowing there wasn't much time. "You and your sister are leaving immediately."

That made his second-born's head snap up. "What? Why?" he demanded, standing up and drying his tears.

"I am going to challenge Frieza to avenge your mother and the rest of the crew. But if I fail, then at least someone will be out there to finish the job."

"No way! I wanna help!"

Bardock growled quietly. Kakarot shut up at once, hearing the warning loud and clear. He sniffled and turned to look at his sister.

Unknown to the two, Sereri had heard the whole story. She at once started trashing about and crying, failing to make actual words with her baby mouth. No, don't! If you do that, you'll die too! You have to come with us!

She got picked up by the tanned Warrior and Kakarot floated into his father's arms. Managing to keep from wincing in pain, Bardock took the children to the launch pad and placed them into the pod that had been prepared for them. Then, without a word, he sent them off-planet.

Frieza's taken our loyalty and paid us back with our own blood. But he will pay for it.

The baby girl kept crying the whole time until sleeping gas over took her and her male counterpart, sending them into a deep slumber.

Bardock returned to the medical bay, spent half an hour in a regeneration tank, and then had to immediately fly off if he were to face Frieza on time. He had no trouble slaughtering all the aliens sent his way.

"FRIEZA! Come out and face me!" he bellowed once the last few had been executed.

The evil tyrant came out of his large ship in his hover chair, smiling in amusement. First King Vegeta, now him. Really, these monkeys are getting way too arrogant for their own good. But then again, it's not as if they will exist any longer.

"We're done, Frieza! You hear me? We don't work for you anymore!" Bardock declared.

Frieza responded by putting up his index finger, a crimson ball of ki forming at the tip of it. The ball grew and grew until it was like a small sun, and then got tossed at the planet and Bardock while the evil tyrant laughed.

Bardock remained where he was, and charged up his strongest attack, Riot Javelin. "Here! Take this!" he screamed, throwing the attack as hard as he could. But it got absorbed by the Supernova and Bardock himself was within seconds beginning to burn alive.

He was smiling, however, and one last word came from his mouth: "KAKAROT!"

On Earth one year later, an old man named Son Gohan found the two little Saiyans' pod. He jumped into the crater and got closer to investigate the strange large object. What he did not expect to see when the pod's door opened was two little toddlers, one only a baby and the other not much older, blinking up at him.

"Who're you?" the older child demanded with suspicion, and Gohan could at once see he was a boy.

"Hello. My name is Gohan. And who might you be?"

The boy opened his mouth to say he was the second-born of Bardock, a Saiyan Warrior, when his sister's happy exclamation cut him off.

Kakarot looked at her and was surprised at the overjoyed look on his sister's face. After her distressed wails earlier that day (Or was it a year ago? Space-travel was confusing.), the last thing he expected to see was her treating a total stranger like a family-member she has missed.

Of course, he couldn't know that that was exactly why she was reacting this way. Grandpa! Grandpa! Grandpa! Grandpa! Sereri kept yelling in her mind.

"Aw, you're so sweet," Gohan chuckled, reaching out to pick up the baby.

Kakarot glanced back and forth between them, and sighed. I guess we can trust him. He does seem really nice. I think he could help us find a place to stay.

Gohan picked up the baby girl and held her up as she giggled. Her tail unravelled from around her waist. "A tail? Well aren't you a strange one? But you know, I'm a little strange too."

This made Kakarot smile, but it was wiped off his face immediately when he remembered that his parents and their crew were dead. Forget the planet, he only cared about those close to him.

"What's with the long face, lad?" Gohan asked.

"Nothing," Kakarot almost snarled, then regretted it when Sereri shot him a glare. He sighed. "It doesn't matter."

"... Anyhoo, what are your names?" Gohan asked, changing the subject.

"Who cares?" Kakarot said, feeling that their names were meaningless if they were the only Saiyans left.

Hmm... Poor lad, must've become an orphan. And this little girl must be his sister, Gohan thought. He then picked Kakarot up, surprising the boy. "How about I give you two names, then? You can be Goku and this little one can be Konna."

Sereri couldn't help laughing at the idea, and even Kakarot cracked a smile. Gohan started throwing the two up, catching them before throwing them upwards again while calling out their new names. The two little Saiyans laughed happily.

To be continued...

I called baby girl Goku Sereri coz that's the name she was given by Fasha, whom I'd chosen to be the three kids' mum since it's easier than having an OC. Both of these things are to make sure there's no confusion with all the names.

For this fic to make sense, I decided that Goku was (in canon) 2 years old when he was sent to Earth and thus 3 years old when he hit his head. It was his second mission, as his first one was to some other planet where he didn't hit his head and went Oozaru the first night there, therefore returning to Planet Vegeta in about a year's time. The main reason for this is that I wanted girl Goku (who will be referred to as Konna from now on) to be a bit younger than Goku, and the other one is that it made no sense to me that a 1-year-old (even if he's a Saiyan) can survive such a big drop with minimal damage.

I hope you will let me know if this fic is worth continuing through reviews.