Ep.2. Let the adventures begin! (Again...)

"Haha, gotcha!" 8-year-old Konna laughed, jumping down from a tree branch onto her brother's back.

Her hair was jet black and shoulder length with shortish palm-tree-style spikes at the front [like Kid Gohan in Android saga], and her dark brown tail was waving cheerfully. She was dressed in a blue gi with a white belt, a matching soft collar round her neck and red wristbands, and a dark red string was tied to her head to keep her hair back.

Goku chuckled, trying to shake his sister off. He wore the same outfit, but the gi was a slightly darker shade of blue, his wristbands were dark red and he had no collar or string.

"No, please! Stop it!" the 11-year-old laughed as he got tickled so much he fell to the ground.

For the past 7 and half years, Konna and Goku – formerly known as Sereri and Kakarot – had lived at the mountains in a small hut with their adoptive grandfather Gohan. The first few weeks Goku had been hard to handle the way he never listened what he was told and would go off alone in the wilderness. But then one day he fell into a ravine head first.

Gohan, with Konna on his back in a large fruit-basket, went looking for the naughty little ragamuffin and was devastated to find him seemingly dead. But by some miracle, Goku had survived and Gohan rushed him to a hospital. Thankfully, the only damage that seemed to have happened was that he lost his bratty behaviour and became a model child. Ever since that incident, Goku had been a sweet and obedient little boy.

A few years later, Konna managed to save Gohan's life when she remembered that he would get squished by her or Goku's Oozaru from. She cried at the top of her lungs that night and managed to wake Gohan up in time. Afterwards, the old man made sure that both children did their "business" before bed so there would be no need to go out at night at all.

"Kids! Dinner's ready!" the elderly human's voice called from the direction of the hut.

"Race ya!" Goku said at once, getting up and racing off. Konna, however, didn't fall off like he had expected. She just hung on until he stopped at the hut's door, then jumped down and ran inside.

The little family ate lunch, Gohan not even batting an eye at the way the siblings devoured enough food to feed four adults each.

This is the best, Konna thought. Although she had at first freaked out about being a baby and a girl, she now was happy that had happened. Her new childhood was not one of solitude, and it wasn't as if boys and girls were all that different. Not as children, anyway.

"Can you show us the Kamehameha again, Grandpa?" Goku asked when he had finished his sixth plateful of food. He was referring to how a few days ago, as the next stage of the kids' martial arts training, Gohan had showed them a move that required a lot of energy and skill. Their grandpa had been teaching them some martial arts for the past two years or so, since he had noticed that both of his adopted grandkids had a definite talent for it.

"Sure, why not?" Gohan replied, picking up a glass of water from the table and drinking it empty.

"Excuse me, anyone home?" a voice called, and a knock could be heard at the door.

As quick as lightning, Konna was out of her chair and by the door opening it. She saw a familiar person – a 15-year-old girl with blue hair tied up in a ponytail wearing a short pink dress with 'Bulma' written on it.

The 8-year-old grinned, but then rolled her eyes when Goku came behind her saying: "Konna, you're not supposed to open the door to strangers." Memory loss or not, Goku still was pretty protective of her.

"Hello there, young lady. What are you doing all the way out here?" Gohan asked, coming over.

"Hello. My name is Bulma and I'm looking for a dragonball," the teen said. She then snapped: "Hey!"

Goku had gone behind her and was poking her back with his red stick called the Power Pole, a special object Gohan had given him some years ago although he was happy to share it with Konna.

"Goku, that's rude," Gohan lightly scolded his grandson.

"What happened to your tail?" Goku asked Bulma, ignoring his grandpa.

Konna facepalmed. Did I really seem that clueless when I met Bulma? Well, at least he knows the difference between boys and girls, and there isn't a redo of the thing with the fish and the car.

"What do you mean 'what happened' to it? I don't have a tail!" Bulma exclaimed, looking at the boy crossly. Stupid kid... Does he think that fake tail makes him look cool or something?

"Sorry about that. Goku, remember that I don't have a tail either?" Gohan said.

"Yeah... But I thought yours just fell off or something," the naive child replied.

"U-huh. Did it?" Konna added, for once pretending to be dumb instead of really being somewhat stupid.

"No. I never had one," Gohan chuckled. He then turned to the visitor. "Anyway, would you like to come in?"

"Sure," Bulma replied, a secret smile making its way on her face. I'll just follow them to the dragonball, then grab it and get outta here.

But that didn't happen, for Konna had the orange crystal ball with four red stars in a small pouch tied to her belt. Gohan had given it to her when he gave Goku the Power Pole.

"Wow, your treasure's glowing!" Goku exclaimed, pointing at Konna's pouch. Everyone else looked at it in surprise, and Konna untied it from her belt before opening the cloth to reveal a dragonball.

"That's the four-star dragonball!" Bulma exclaimed.

"Really? Grandpa found it and gave it to me," Konna replied with a smile.

Gohan nodded. "That's right," he stated with his hands behind his back.

"Can I have it? Please?" Bulma asked, bending down to Konna's level.

The little girl frowned. On one hand, I should give it to Bulma since she never did get to use them for herself. On the other hand, I don' wanna give it away. It's mine and still really special to me. "Mmm... No."

"What do you want it for?" Goku half-asked, half-demanded.

"I'm collecting them. See?" Bulma answered, bringing out two more dragonballs but with a different number of stars than Konna's. "If all seven are collected, a legend says that the great dragon Shenron will appear and grant any wish."

"And what exactly are you going to wish for?" Gohan asked.

"A perfect boyfriend!"

Gohan and Konna sweatdropped at that. Sounds selfish, but harmless, the old man thought.

"What's a boyfriend?" Goku asked, cocking his head. Bulma ignored him, instead repeating her question to Konna.

"The answer is still no," the little girl said firmly.

"How about you come with me, then? Once I got my wish, you can have your dragonball back," Bulma suggested.

"Really?" Goku and Konna asked, both of them actually believing her.

"Of course," the human girl lied.

"Okay, lets go!" Konna said excitedly, running outside. "Time for an adventure!"

"Wait, I'm going too!" Goku said at once. Everyone went out of the hut. His sister looked at him blankly, so he explained: "You can't go without someone to look after you."

Konna's eye twitched in annoyance. "Can too!"

"Can not!"

"Can too!"

"Can not!"

"Can too!"

"Can not!"

"O-kay... How about this? Both of you go. And Konna, Goku is right. You're too young to go about alone," Gohan said, stepping between the squabbling siblings and getting them to stop their argument.

The little girl huffed, placing her dragonball back into the pouch. If only they knew...

"It's sorted then! Lets go!" Bulma said, taking a small finger-like object from a small square metal case. She clicked its button and threw it onto the ground. With a puff of smoke, a small car appeared.

"Aah! She's a witch!" the Son siblings chorused, Konna having forgotten about capsules and Goku not knowing about them.

"I'm not a witch! That was a capsule!" Bulma exclaimed, scowling. This is gonna be a looong trip...

The trio set off, Gohan wishing them safe travels and making his grandkids promise to return straight home after the adventure.

About two weeks passed, during which Konna was – in a sense – reunited with some of her old friends.

First the trio came across a turtle, whom the siblings helped to the ocean. Turtle's friend, Master Roshi the Turtle Hermit, gave them a highly rare Flying Nimbus cloud in exchange and offered to become their martial arts teacher once he heard his former student Gohan had been teaching them. (Bulma got a dragonball in exchange of showing him her panties while the siblings were flying around on their cloud.)

Next the three travellers met Oolong the transforming pig, who had been terrorising a village by making himself seem big and dangerous. Goku caught him on Flying Nimbus when he tried to fly away once the jig was up. Later, Bulma fed him a candy that would make his stomach hurt whenever anyone said "Squeak! Squeak!", so that the sly pig wouldn't be able to run off. And so he had to join the trio in travelling.

Next at a desert, the Desert Bandits – a long-haired teenage boy named Yamcha and his transforming cat comrade Puarr – ambushed the group to steal any money and capsules they had. But Konna and Goku were able to fight them off twice, first on an empty stomach and later when they were full. Thanks to Yamcha's fear of girls, he ran off both times at the sight of Bulma. But the Desert Bandits made up their minds to follow the group at a distance to try and snatch the dragonballs.

Then the group came across Fire Mountain, where the Ox King ruled. In exchange of Goku finding his lost daughter Chichi and Konna bringing Master Roshi from his island to help get rid of the fire, he allowed them to get the dragonball. Unfortunately, it required quite a bit of digging since Master Roshi ended the fire by using a huge Kamehameha wave (which encouraged Goku and Konna to try it, and they managed to make a thin and yellow version of the light blue energy beam). Impressed, Master Roshi reminded the two about his offer.

Also, Chichi had taken a liking to Goku and thought Konna was a sweet little kid. She managed to get Goku to promise he'll come back and ask her dad for her hand in marriage. Overhearing this and remembering the confusion it had caused in her old life, Konna walked over to the two and asked: "Is that food?"

"No!" Chichi said in indignation. "Marriage is two people making their love official and living happily ever after!"

"Oh. I thought it was food," Goku said, scratching the back of his head with a carefree grin on his face.

This made his admirer tear up. Her bottom lip trembling, Chichi asked: "You mean... you don't wanna marry me?"

Goku lost the grin and waved his hands in a calming gesture. "Sorry. I didn't know what it meant when I promised. But uhh... Grandpa says a promise should never be broken so... Since I already promised, I guess I will marry you."

"Really? You mean it?" Chichi said happily.

Goku shrugged. "I guess..."

Konna was struggling to not laugh the whole time. At last she couldn't hold it and burst into giggles. The two 11-year-olds looked at her in surprise, having pretty much forgotten that she was there.

"Hey, what's so funny?!" Chichi demanded, putting her hands on her hips.

"What's going on here?" Bulma asked, walking over with everyone else (including Yamcha and Puarr, who had by now joined the group).

"Daddy, this boy is my future husband," Chichi said to her father, pointing at Goku.

Everyone's except the three kids' mouths dropped open in shock and confusion, which made Konna laugh even more. Eventually, Bulma asked if Goku even knew what marriage meant, so he explained the whole thing.

"Dear, I don't think it's a good idea to marry someone just because they promised to. You two barely even know each other," the Ox King said.

Chichi was about to throw a tantrum, when Konna (who had finally stopped laughing) spoke up: "Chichi, do ya wanna come with us? Then you and my brother can get to know each other and decide if you two should get married or not."

"That's a wonderful idea!" Chichi exclaimed, hugging the younger girl. And so the unusual group now consisted of three kids, two teens, a pig and a floating cat.

A few days later, the group came to a castle where – according to the dragon radar Bulma had built when she started her journey – the last dragonball was. But soon after they were let in, they got trapped and knocked unconscious by sleeping gas. The group woke up in a stone-walled bunker that had nothing in it besides them. The people who had tricked them were Emperor Pilaf and his two assistants.

Goku, Konna and Yamcha tried to break out, but all they got out of their efforts were bruised knuckles and hurting feet. Hen Goku suggested using the Kamehameha wave.

"Lets use it together," Konna said to Goku, crouching into a fighting stance and he did the same. "Ka... Me... Ha..." the two young Saiyans chanted, cupping their hands and using their ki (life energy) to form a little ball. To the spectators' surprise, the ki balls turned from the weaker yellow colour to their rightful light blue. "Me... Ha!" The balls surged forward, joining together into a strong beam.

Once the smoke had cleared, everyone could see a hole on the wall big enough for Konna, Puarr and Oolong to fit through. Through it they saw that, although it was night, something was flashing some distance away and a huge green dragon appeared in a long line of golden light.

"They've summoned the dragon!" Chichi said, clasping her hands in front of her in worry.

"We've got to stop them now!" Bulma said a little loudly, making Goku and Konna (whose Saiyan ears were far more sensitive than humans') wince. "They're going to wish for something evil." I should never have started this stupid quest. All I wanted was a boyfriend.

"Oolong, Puarr, us three have to go stop those people before they can make their wish," Konna said, going to the hole and starting to push herself through.

"Be careful," Goku said, handing her his Power Pole through the gap. "And take this. You might need it."

"You who have summoned me, I will grant one wish," the dragon said in his deep voice.

Pilaf smiled slyly. "I wish–" he began.

Thinking fast, Konna stuck the Power Pole on the ground at an angle and said: "Power Pole, stretch!" The red stick did so, quickly bringing her in front of the dragon and the three villains. Oolong and Puarr had bumped into her when she stopped, causing them to hang onto her shoulders when the Power Pole stretched.

"AAAAHH!" the transformation animals screamed.

Saying the first thing she could think of, Konna yelled at the top of her voice: "TO HAVE A SECOND FLYING NIMBUS!"

"–to be the undisputed ruler of the world," Pilaf finished. "Hey, what the?!" he exclaimed when he noticed three of the people he had trapped standing right in front of him.

Flying Nimbus flew to them from who-knew-where and stopped in front of Konna. It glowed golden, then split into two.

"Your wish has been granted," Shenron said as his red eyes temporarily brightened, then vanished in a flash of light. Using her new yellow cloud, Konna flew up and caught the four-star dragonball before it could go to some distant corner of the world like the other six. It and the rest of the dragonballs were now balls of stone.

"I'll get you for this," Pilaf muttered angrily, pressing a button on a remote that made the gas reactivate inside the cell.

"Hey, stop it!" Konna said annoyedly.

"Don't tell me what to do!" Pilaf exclaimed angrily, and brought out a capsule from his pocket. It turned into a machine, and one of his assistants (a dog with clothes on) got another machine out too. The two orange machines had oval glass-doors and hands and feet.

Pilaf and his assistant climbed into the machines while the other assistant (a human teenage girl) ran off to put the now-snoozing prisoners into a new room. Oolong shook in slight fear and tried to run off, but got knocked out by the girl and dragged off. When Puarr tried to help his fellow transforming animal, he got knocked out by a kick too.

"Hey! No-one hurts my friends and gets away with it!" Konna yelled, her tail lashing like an angry cat's. She charged forward and tried to hit the machines with the shortened Power Pole, but they didn't break. After some fighting, Pilaf managed to catch her off-guard and hit the back of her head, knocking the child unconscious.

"–na! Konna! Konna!" Through the darkness, the 8-year-old could hear a distant voice calling her name. She opened her eyes and was met with the sight of her brother and friends looking at her in worry.

"She's awake!" Bulma and Chichi said at the same time.

Still groggy, Konna just looked at everyone blankly. She then got picked up by her brother in a hug. "I was so worried..." he mumbled.

"Wha-what happened?" Konna murmured.

"We got knocked out by sleeping gas again, and you took a pretty bad hit to the head. Goku almost went ballistic when you got tossed in here unconscious," Bulma answered.

Konna just nodded and looked around. They were in a new room that had steel walls and a glass-like see-through ceiling.

"Greetings," a voice said, and Pilaf's face appeared on a screen that was in one of the upper corners of the room. "You may have ruined my plans, but you will die for your crimes. There is no escape from this room if that's what you're thinking. The walls are triple re-enforced steel, much stronger than the other cell I had you in. The ceiling is made of the same strength material. Now to the death part. When the sun rises, this room becomes an oven. And you will cook in it."

"We're going to die," Bulma sobbed after hearing the evil plan.

"N-no, we're not," Konna said, still a little groggy. She couldn't remember how, but she knew for sure that they had got out in her old life. So there had to be a way!

"Don't worry about it. I'll figure something out," Goku said, pushing her down when she tried to get up. "You just rest."

Turning around, Goku looked at the walls in concentration and crouched into his usual stance while cupping his hands. "Ka... Me... Ha... Me... Ha!" The light blue beam shot from his out-stretched hands, but when the smoke cleared everyone looked at the undamaged wall in despair.

"Now what?" Oolong asked in a hopeless tone.

"I could try my axe. It can cut through anything," Chichi suggested. She removed the sharp blade from on top of her helmet and threw it like a frisbee. But it made only a barely-noticeable cut into the steel. Frowning in disappointment, the bikini-armour wearing girl picked it up and put it back on her helmet.

"Great. There's no way out of here," Oolong grumbled. He then noticed Goku looking up at the night sky. "Hey, what are you staring at, kid?"

Goku didn't hear him. He was fixated on the round bright full moon. His heart was beating more and more rapidly. Suddenly, the pupils of his eyes disappeared and his face began morphing into a snout while his body grew.

Everyone except Konna screamed, while she simply focused on trying to stand without looking up at the moon. Goku carried on unwillingly transforming, dark brown hair covering his entire body as he grew to be about twenty feet tall. The walls crumbled, the Saiyan's body growing too big for the prison.

"We have to move!" Yamcha said, grabbing Bulma, Chichi and Konna while Oolong and Puarr clung to his shoulders. Everyone hurried out of Goku's giant feet's way. The monkey known as an Oozaru ignored them, mindlessly destroying what was left of Pilaf's castle.

"We've got to stop him," Bulma said once the group had gotten some distance away. "Look at the destruction he's causing."

"What happened to him?" Chichi muttered, staring at her "future husband" in wide-eyed horror.

"This must be what Grandpa meant," Konna murmured, having completely forgotten about the Oozaru transformation after Gohan's life had been spared. "A monster comes at full moon. He said Goku and me must never go out at night because of it."

Everyone looked at her, the teens and animal-people feeling sympathetic while Chichi couldn't get a coherent thought through her mind.

Their attention was taken from the tailed giant ape when they saw a plane taking off from the ruins of the castle. The plane flew high enough to escape the monster, but Goku happened to notice it and immediately opened his mouth. A bright red blast of ki shot from his mouth at the plane, hitting the wig and causing the plane to spiral down and crash in the distance.

Unfortunately, Goku still kept destroying everything. "We have to do something before he notices us!" Bulma said. She slapped her fellow teenager's arm. "Do something!"

"Hey, I am not getting anywhere near that thing!" Yamcha protested. But at the death glare the bluenette gave him, he caved. "Fine, I will think of something... Hey, Puarr, you could turn into giant scissors and cut his tail off. Maybe that's what's causing the transformation."

Puarr did as his best friend asked, and Yamcha's idea worked! Goku, now naked and tailless, shrunk and shrunk until he was practically back to the way he had been in the first place.

The next morning, Goku woke up to find he had no clothes on and he was laying on a pile of rubble. The others were snoozing near him under a dead tree. With the sun's rays in their eyes, everyone started to wake up.

"Whoa. What happened here?" the spiky-haired boy asked, walking over to them. But before anyone could answer, Chichi screamed.

"Ew, ew, ew!" she screamed, snapping her eyes shut and turning around. "Put on some clothes!"

"Where are my clothes?" Goku asked. No-one answered, and after some "persuasion" from Bulma Oolong stripped to his underwear and gave Goku his black pants and sleeveless white T-shirt.

After calling over the two Flying Nimbus, Goku and Konna decided on calling the original Nimbus and the copy Cirrus. Goku placed his Power Pole back into its case on his back, and the siblings hopped on.

"We're gonna go ask Grandpa if we can train with Master Roshi for the tournament he told us about," Goku said. He then looked at his fellow 11-year-old. "Chichi, do you still wanna travel with us or do you want us to drop you off at home?"

The black-haired girl thought about it, then nodded to herself as she made up her mind. "I'm coming with you. You're weird, but people at my home village have said I'm not a typical little girl so I guess we can still be fiends. I don't know about marriage, though."

"Great! Hop on!" Goku said with a grin, and Chichi jumped onto the cloud and wrapped her arms around him to make sure she wouldn't fall off. With a chorus of "Bye!" the three children were off.

To be continued...

Whenever I put an Author Note into the text, it's between these brackets []. These ones () are part of the story, not my comments.

Because of chronologically being about fifteen decades old and a girl, Konna (i.e. female Goku) is going to be somewhat different from her male counterpart. By now she's accepted and happy about her new life, because any identity problems she had at the beginning got mostly sorted over the 7 years she and Goku lived on Earth. Mostly...

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