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Felicity sighed.

She couldn't wait to get home.

The work day had been hard and she only wanted to rest. Fighting crime in Starling City was not easy.

She looked at the floor number where the elevator was. 16th floor, since she was in the 1st floor she still had to wait a lot. Climbing the stairs was out of question because she was too tired. Since a week ago Felicity felt more tired than usual but it was understandable. After all, she hadn't much time to sleep and when she had… well, Oliver had other plans.

Thinking about Oliver warmed her heart and made her smile. Two years agora they had, finally, told each other their feelings. Felicity remembered that moment as if it had been two hours ago.

They had a mission where she had to pass for a powerful and rich woman. All of that to get a drug lord. Everything went well, Felicity played her part perfectly and not even her talking too much compromised the mission. The worst happened after. When detective Lance was handcuffing the criminals, one broke free and fired at Felicity. She had never seen Oliver looking more desperate than in that day, unless you count the day where the Count Vertigo kidnapped Felicity. When she fell on the floor, with the blood staining her white dress it was as if someone had take from Oliver the air he breathed.

It was just a big scare but that day completely changed Felicity and Oliver relationship. When she insisted that what happened wasn't his fault, that it was normal to have incidents in these types of mission and that it had been her choice to participate, Oliver kissed her. He kissed her and that kiss still took her breath away today.

"I'm sorry; can I ask what floor you're going to?" A male voice woke Felicity from her thoughts.

Felicity turned around and came across Andy from her old IT department.

"Hi Andy, how are you?" She answered cheerfully, "I'm going to the 18th."

Andy smiled and approached her. As the elevator had not yet arrived, Felicity was leaning against the wall as she hugged against her chest the package Diggle had given her. Andy put his arm on the wall and his face was a few centimeters from hers.

"You look nice today. I mean, you always look beautiful, but today… I don't know," he said smiling sexily, which made Felicity's stomach turn, "You got a light that attracts everyone."

Felicity tried to smile but Andy's proximity was making her uncomfortable. Maybe the stairs weren't such a bad option now…

"Andy… personal space, ever heard about it?" She said dryly. She didn't want to be rude, but the fact that a man other than Oliver was so close to her was agonizing. Especially if that man was Andy, who had a reputation of being a little pushy.

When Felicity saw more people moving closer to them she breathed relief. Andy finally dropped his arm from the wall and walked away five centimeters to her left. She still could feel his breath and his eyes locked on her.

As a savior, the elevator doors opened and Felicity almost ran to the inside. Placing herself in a corner she waited for the elevator to go up. Andy stayed near the door and between them were at least thirty people.

Riding an elevator wasn't one of Felicity's favorite things. Her head felt heavy and dizzy and her stomach felt like it cowered inside her body. Felicity tried to give no importance to her discomfort and relax. Today she had a surprise for Oliver. Since a month ago Oliver has been urging Felicity to move in with him. Two years have been divided between her apartment, his house… and sometimes their offices. Felicity blushed and thanked God the fact that people were facing away from her. The truth was that no one imagined what usually happened in Oliver's office. Okay, perhaps Diggle imagined but to him, since he saw her as a little sister, Oliver and Felicity just talk about the weather when they are together.

The doors opened on the 16th floor and the elevator is almost empty. Since they didn't had nothing planned for tonight in terms of The Hood, Felicity thought it would be a good night for a romantic dinner and to tell him that she, finally, accepted to move in with Oliver.

Only Oliver closest family knew about their relationship. Thea has become one of Felicity's best friends. She loved her "sister in law" and often gave her good advice regarding Roy. Roy was a strange kid but very much in love with Thea. Moira… what to say about Moira? When Felicity thought Oliver's mother would accused her of being a gold digger and only being interested in money and success, the reality was another.

Moira received Felicity as a daughter and when she asked why she was treating her so well, Moira only replied that Felicity made her son happy and smile.

The door opened on the 18th floor and Felicity left the elevator.

The package was heavy and the tiredness already hung over Felicity. She entered her office and looked at Oliver's.

The shock was instantaneous. Never did she think that time could freeze, but it did.

On Oliver's office floor was a black coat. Oliver was sitting on top of his desk and sitting on his lap was a woman. A woman in a black bra and black panties. Laurel.

Felicity had always felt outclassed by Laurel. After all, Laurel had always been Oliver's greatest love. Felicity couldn't say that she never questioned herself why Oliver was with her. Was he just waiting for a better time to stay with Laurel and in the meantime he was with Felicity?

The package fell on the gray floor and echoed in her ears. The last thing she saw before turning around and running was Oliver pushing Laurel away from him and calling after Felicity.

Never did Felicity thought she was capable of running the emergency stairs in her 10 centimeters heels. But perhaps the rage, anger, hurt and bitterness were like a fuel for her to run.

Felicity could hear Oliver running after her and calling her name, but not even that made her stop. She knew that if she stopped she wouldn't be able to hold the tears that were stuck in her throat. She couldn't stop because she was afraid that everything that passed in these two years became just an illusion and a lie. She didn't want to stop because she didn't want to give voice to her doubts and uncertainties.

The evening cold air touched her scorching face and she ran across the street without looking at where she was going.

Too late did she hear Oliver distressed screaming her name, with Diggle running after him. The brakes squealed on the pavement and everything happened like a movie.

The car tried to stop but the speed that it came with, didn't make it stop on time. The metal touched Felicity's body with such force that she flew over the car roof, she fell and rolled to a stop with the asphalt scratching her face.

The pain was intense and the last thing she saw before losing consciousness was Oliver's desperate eyes beside her.

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