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"Mommy, mommy!" Tommy's scream woke Felicity and Oliver from their restful sleep.

The bedroom door opened and a small five year old came through the door running and ducking under his parents' bed covers.

"Tommy, what's wrong?" Felicity's voice was cut off by the bursting of a thunder. The light illuminated the room and the bed where little Tommy shrugged in his father's chest.

"I'm scare…" Tommy whimpered.

Felicity looked at Oliver and smiled slightly. Tommy was an amazing child. An authentic copy of Oliver. Nothing scared him, and everything was an adventure. But like all heroes, Tommy also had an Achilles heel. Thunderstorms.

Felicity lay down beside Oliver and put her arm around her husband and son.

"It's just noise, sweetie. A noise caused by a shock wave generated by heating and supersonic air expansion. It can't hurt you here." Felicity explained quietly to her teary child.

Oliver turned his body and placed Tommy in the middle of Felicity and him.

"I know, mommy, but… can I sleep here?" He asked, lifting his head slightly to look at his mother.

Felicity smiled and stroked his dark blond hair.

"Sure you can."

"Daddy, can you tell me a story?" Tommy always asked Oliver to tell him a story at night. Oliver was his great hero, even thought the kid didn't know his father was the Arrow that everyone admired, him included.

"What story do you want, buddy?" Oliver asked with a sleepy voice.

"The dragon one." The first time Tommy saw Oliver's scars, he cried. To Tommy, the scars meant Oliver was hurt and in pain like Tommy felt when he fell and scratched his knee. With patience and easy, Felicity and Oliver explained to him that Oliver's "wounds" didn't hurt and that they had been made long time ago, when Oliver was a young boy.

Felicity smiled in the darkness remembering what Tommy said back then.

"Was it a dragon? You fought against a dragon on the island, didn't you?" He had asked in his innocent voice.

Tommy only knew that his father had spent some time on an island. He didn't know that his grandfather had lost his life on that trip or the horrors that Oliver went through. Apart from having Oliver's looks and character, Tommy had also inherited Felicity's intelligence. For a five, almost six, years old child, Tommy was extremely intelligent and perceptive.

When Tommy asked if Oliver had fought a dragon, the only way Felicity and Oliver found to not disturb Tommy's innocent mind was to agree with the dragon's story.

So, yeah, Oliver had fought a dragon.

"Once upon a time…" Oliver began, pulling Tommy and Felicity closer. "There was a boy who wanted to travel. Every day he asked his parents to travel so he could search the world and find new adventures."

"How was he called?" Tommy asked sleepy.

Oliver looked at Felicity and she smiled.

"Oliver…" Felicity answered.

"Like daddy." Tommy said, closing his eyes.

"One day, on his birthday, his parents let him travel. They gave him a boat and he left to discover the world. After a few days sailing the sea, the boy found a small island full of trees."

"And he left the boat and went to explore the island." Tommy murmured.

"Yes, but the island had a big dragon that was sleeping and didn't want to be disturbed. But Oliver, like the explorer he was, ended up making a lot of noise and he woke the dragon."

"Like me and aunt Thea do?"

"Yeah, like you and aunt Thea do when you wake up uncle Roy." Felicity whispered, running her fingers through her son unruly hair.

"And just like uncle Roy, the dragon was very angry. He wanted to sleep and Oliver didn't let him."

"Then the dragon bit Oliver." Tommy said, sitting on the bed, excited.

"Tommy, you have to lay down to sleep…" Felicity said, pulling him to her chest. The child hugged his mother and yawned.

Oliver smiled and hugged them, continuing his story.

"The dragon was very angry at Oliver and, like you said, it bit him. But Oliver, who was really smart, made a sword of things he found at the forest and fought the dragon." Oliver excitement was contagious and Felicity had to restrain herself to not laugh, or else she would wake Tommy.

"He fell asleep…" Felicity said softly.

"Daddy, is really strong… my hero…"Tommy whispered in his sleep.

Oliver smiled, hugged them closer and kissed his head.

"As you are mine."

"Wake up, wake up!" Tommy said, jumping on his parents' bed.

"Tommy, stop…" Felicity murmured sleepily. She just wanted to sleep more five minutes.

"Uf…" Tommy said being caught by Oliver, who ruffled his son's hair.

"Good morning, buddy. Let me look at you. I think you've grown a bit since yesterday." Oliver smiled and lifted Tommy, watching him.

"I know. I'm growing, like you daddy. I'm already six." Tommy said proud, pushing his chest out and putting his hands at his waist.

"Happy birthday, little guy." Oliver laughed. "Now, come on, let's make breakfast and let mommy rest."

Tommy stopped jumping and hugged his father's neck.

"Does the baby want to play with me?" He asked serious. Felicity was five months pregnant with a girl and Tommy couldn't wait to be able to play with his little sister. Every time Felicity had back pain or nausea, Tommy would ask if the baby was coming out to play with him.

"Not yet. A few more months and then you can play with her." Oliver said.

"Do you have a name for her yet?" Felicity asked, sitting on the bed.

Tommy dropped his father's neck and jumped on the bed, hugging and kissing his mother's face.

"Happy birthday, sweetie."

Tommy gently stoked Felicity's belly with his tiny hand.

"What about Emily? Do you think it's cute?" He asked, lowering his head and talking to Felicity's belly. The baby moved and Tommy laughed looking at his mother.

"Seems like she like it." She said, patting his head.

Oliver came inside the room with a green box without a lid, on his hands. Tommy didn't notice his father behind him because he was absorbed talking to his sister in Felicity's belly.

"Tommy… we have a surprise for you." Felicity said, smiling and stroking his face. Tommy lifted his head and looked at her. Felicity pointed to Oliver and the child sat up on the bed.

"What is that?" He asked smiling and curious.

Oliver came near him and put the box on the bed in front of Tommy.

A head rose out of the box.

"A puppy!" Tommy laughed.

A German Shepherd, with yellow and black fur. Around its neck was a green collar with a small ribbon. The puppy put its front legs out the box and licked Tommy's face.

"He likes me!"

Tommy's joy was contagious. Felicity and Oliver laughed at his happiness.

Tommy picked the dog carefully and put it in his lap.

Oliver sat down next to Felicity and pulled her to his chest. She hugged his waist and lifter her face, kissing his lips lovingly.

"Come, come here…" Tommy said, putting the dog on the floor and running around the room.

"You have to name him." Oliver said, smiling with his son's happiness.

Tommy stopped and sat down on the floor. The dog ran to him and sat down beside him, tilting its head and staring at the kid.

"Um… I'm gonna call you Arrow. You run fast and you have a green collar. Arrow, as my other hero, do you like it?" Tommy asked.

The puppy barked happily and jumped on Tommy, licking his nose.

"Daddy, mommy, he likes it. Arrow likes its name." He said wiggling on the floor with the pup.

Oliver hugged Felicity and looked at his son. His heart filled with love. Every day Oliver smiled. He knew that even though tomorrow would be a day full of complicated decisions and ruthless criminals, if he had his son and the love of his life next to him, he could face everything with courage and never give up.

Outside the house, hiding on a tree, was someone watching them.

"Found you, Green Arrow."

"How far should a person go in the name of true love?"
― Nicholas Sparks

"To give and not expect return, that is what lies at the heart of love."

-Oscar Wilde

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