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For the record, the basics of this story line do not belong to me. It is a re-write of amypop's story "New Wolf in Town", and I wrote it because I liked her actual story, but the way it was written, its grammar, paragraphing and spelling, was truly horrible (No offence to amypop. I have no idea of who they are, age or nationality, therefore I cannot claim they are a bad writer, just that I feel like those parts need (a lot) of extra work).

The characters rightfully belong to J.K. Rowling (The Harry Potter universe) and Stephenie Meyer (The Twilight Saga). The storyline belongs to the user 'amypop' here on

Please read amypop's "New Wolf in Town" as well and give them the credit they deserve.

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Haley had just defeated Lord Voldemort and was slowly limping back to the castle when Fenrir Greyback, the fiercest of all werewolves, pushed her to the ground and bit her. "Ha, I wonder what the wizarding world would think of their saviour now, Potter," snarled Fenrir. All Haley could do was twitch in pain as the werewolf death eater ran away. Then she passed out unconscious.

*****************************Haley's dream world*****************************

Haley eyed the two approaching figures warily as one began to speak.

"Do not fear, child. My name is Lady Artemis, the Goddess of the Moon. This is Lady Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love" greeted Lady Artemis.

Immediately, Haley dropped to a bow.

"No need for that Haley," said Aphrodite. "As you know you have just been bitten by a transformed werewolf, something that normally would turn you into one as well. However we gods have taken quite an interest in you, so with our blessings you are instead going to become a Lycan, ruler of all shape shifters, demons and other dark creatures. This change will also affect your abilities and senses in a way that will make them quite a few times stronger than those of a regular werewolf or any other creature. One more thing that will change is your looks. The subtle things will change just like they would for a vampire, so while you were above average before you are definitely going to be drop dead gorgeous when we are finished with you." she said with a wink.

"When you wake up, you will find yourself completely healed, your healing will be a lot faster than even a vampire, and they are known to be more or less indestructible due to rapid healing combined with their hard skin. You will also be able to change into your Lycan, or Wolf form, at will like a shape shifter rather than being bound to the Curse of the Moon like so many of Lady Artemis' children."

At this Haley rose from her – still half-bowing – position and asked Artemis "Your children? What do you mean by that?"

"It means that I created the first Werewolf. She was such a lovely one; she always sneaked out during the Full Moon to talk to me before I changed her so she would be able to get out easier. Then one Moon she never came. The humans, her own family and friends, had caught her while changing and out of fear they tortured her until she lost her mind. I never saw her after that, but I know she got away from her captors by either killing them or turning them. After that she and those she infected have been on a rampage, always seeking out humans for the sake of revenge for the pain they caused her. Does that answer your question little one?"

"Yes my Lady. Thank you."

"You will also receive my children's gift to be able to make others like you, but it will only work on one major condition. Both of you must be fully willing to share the gift, if you are unwilling to give it will kill them and if they are unwilling to receive nothing will happen. They will receive the gifts belonging to Lycan, no others, meaning increased strength, improved senses, enhanced looks and just like vampires certain traits will be magnified to the extreme. Lycan are the rulers of the shadows, the royals of the dark. They move in the shadows and are rarely seen by the light. Queen you will be, queen of the darkness, all shall bow to you and yours."

"Translation of the last bit is that Lycan are blessed with the ability to control shadows as well as Shadow Travel, the ability apparation was based on. It's almost like apparating but without the discomfort, the risk of splinching yourself or the range limitations. It is also completely soundless," Aphrodite said, "you will also be blessed with a few gifts of the gods."

At these words seven shadows materialized out of nowhere and a wide eyed Haley found herself face-to-face with a total of nine toga-clad people.

"I believe I shall go first," Aphrodite claimed, "I, Lady Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, Beauty and Sexuality, hereby bless you with the ability of charm speak, the ability to entrance people with your voice only."

Next Artemis stepped up. "I, Lady Artemis, Goddess of the Moon, Hunting, Wilderness and Childbirth, hereby bless you with the Power of the Moon and the ability to talk to and control animals"

"I, Lord Poseidon, God of the Sea, Earthquakes, Horses and Storms, hereby bless you with the power to control Water, Storms and Earthquakes, although I would appreciate it if you let the ones I cause more or less stay as they are…" an old man with a twinkle in his eyes that easily rivalled Dumbledore's said.

Beside him was another old man, but instead of twinkling, his eyes almost seemed to shoot lightning bolts when he gave Poseidon a mocking glare. "Brother, how many times do I have to tell you, it's not fair to steal another's speech? Anyway, I, Lord Zeus, King of the Gods, as well as God of the Sky, Lightning, Thunder, Law, Order and Justice, bless you with the ability to fly without the aid of that cleaning gear you seem so fond of and to control the Weather, Wind and Lightning. You will likely only be able to do so for a few hours per day. And just like my brother over there, please don't cancel out the big ones I cause, it would ruin all the fun…"

"Father, don't stray too much from the topic, you know we don't have that much time." The young man standing next to Zeus said, stopping what he knew would otherwise have been quite a long rant from his father.

"I, Lord Apollo, God of the Sun, Music, Poetry, Plague, Oracles, Medicine, Light and Knowledge, yadda yadda, hereby bless you with the Power of Foresight and the ability to control any fire, including that fiendfyre you had problems with a few hours ago. And yes, the list of titles is highly annoying to repeat all the time."

"Should I even ask how you knew to add that?" asked Haley

"Like I said, I'm the God of Oracles, meaning I have the ability to see the future" Apollo replied with a smirk.

"I, Lady Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, Warfare, Divine Intelligence, Architecture, and Crafts, bless you with Wisdom, a strategic mind and the technical knowledge of most common crafts and architecture." The next goddess said before Haley had a chance to say anything back to Apollo.

"Athena? Do you have any connection to Athens? My relatives went there once." Haley curiously asked the goddess.

"Well yes, I happen to be the Patron Goddess of Athens, I beat the old man over there," Athena smiled as she pointed at a flustered Poseidon, "in a competition of who could produce the best gift for the people of the city before it was named. Like a salty spring could win against my olive tree."

"Athena, I know you are answering her question, but remember what Apollo said about time. Every second here drains our powers, have some consideration for Hecate will you. I, Lady Hestia, Goddess of the Fireside, Architecture, and Family, hereby bless you with the power to summon food and Greek fire."

"I, Lady Hecate, Goddess of Magic, Crossroads, Herbology, Ghosts and Necromancy, hereby bless you with an affinity for all types of Magiks, but you will have to train these affinities yourself, as well as the knowledge of what plants can harm or help and how." The tall woman (kind of) who stood close to the child-sized Hestia said. She then added "All the abilities you receive from us have to be trained if you desire a full mastery. None will be easy, but if the Fates will it you shall have assistance on the way."

Next in line was a god with the appearance of yet another elderly man, but this one Haley somehow felt a connection to. "Are you Death?" She asked the man before he opened his mouth.

"In a sense, yes, my dear Mistress of Death, I am. I'm not surprised you recognize me. Tell me, how do you like my gifts so far?"

"The cloak has saved my life many times now, and to see my family once again… I cannot thank you enough, my Lord. The wand recognized its new mistress and helped me defeat Tom. Your gifts have served me well."

"I am glad to hear that. I, Lord Hades, King of the Underworld as well as God of the Dead and Riches, hereby bless you with the power to call the shadows of the dead to you, to help and to teach, without the limitations of the one you call the Resurrection stone. I also took the liberty to upgrade the objects the mortals have come to call the Deathly Hallows. You will always know where they are and be able to call them to you. The cloak will be able to withstand all but the most powerful spells, and can enlarge to fit more people. You however will always see a faint blue glow coming from the cloak if it is used. The stone will help you in calling the dead, it can even call me, although I may not always have the time to visit, and the wand will not change its allegiance unless you are killed or wish for it to call someone else master. If you do, it will instead have two masters, you and the other person. If the other person is defeated or killed you will regain full mastery, it will not pass on to whoever killed the one you shared the mastery with. I think that was it." Hades finished.

"Thank you, my Lord." Haley's head was swimming by the time the gods were finished. One by one they faded away until only Hades was left.

"One more thing, my daughter. When you awaken, immediately turn into your Lycan form and head to the Forbidden Forest and plan your next move."

And she was alone.

Haley woke up an instant later and easily, without really knowing how, shifted into a four-legged form and ran off towards the forest in full speed. To someone standing beside her it would look like simply disappeared, leaving only a gust of wind in her wake.

By the time she reached the centre of the forest she called some water from a nearby spring to form a flat reflective sheet of ice.

She was faced with a beautiful pitch black wolf, standing at least 5 feet tall with her own glowing emerald green eyes looking back at her.

'Well this could take a while to get used to.' Haley thought. 'Now, time to see how normal me looks like'

After changing back to her 'normal' appearance she couldn't help but gape at her reflection. The black hair she was used to was still there, still cascading down to her waist in those unruly curls she loved. The eyes were still that soul piercing emerald green that everyone said were identical to her mother's. But at the same time they were different. The hair seemed to shine, and the eyes had a certain glint that could rival Poseidon on a good day. All in all, the girl in the mirror was her, but there were those small alterations that made her look almost otherworldly beautiful.

She also noticed a necklace she most certainly didn't have before, and a quick inspection proved it to be the Stone of Resurrection, set in a delicate cradle of silver wire.

"Damn, I did not see that one coming"

Still in a bit of a shock from her new appearance Haley decided that showing herself to Hermione, Luna, and mostly Ron, would be tricky. For now she would either have to make a living in the forest somehow, in the muggle world or in one of the more remote Potter Manors.

'Potter Manor it is. Now I just have to decide on which one…'

There is one thing few knew about Haley Potter. The Gringotts vault she gained access to when she was eleven was not the main Potter vault. It was simply one of the smaller trust vaults. A few weeks after Haley turned seventeen she visited Gringotts again under a strong glamour charm. The goblins saw through it, but even they respect someone with enough money and power, and were able to recognize the Lady Potter and Black as someone who possessed both.

Thus Haley now had access to all Potter and Black vaults, and in the main Potter vault she had found a self-updating map of every Potter Manor there is. She now took out the map and searched for somewhere remote, where the ministry would leave her alone.

Her eyes landed on a small spot in USA, almost at the border to Canada.


Sounds perfect.

This story has been pushed up six years to correspond to the Twilight timeline, so the Battle of Hogwarts was fought in the night between May 1st and 2nd 2004. The full moon was on the 4th-5th, on the 2nd the mood vas 93% visible so in my opinion werewolves are unable to fully change but still pretty close to it if the moon is more than 90% visible…

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