Hey guys! Here's a PruCan Hetalia fiction! AU for authentic! I'm just gonna go straight into the summary then the story okay?

Summary: In Hetalia there are five major kingdoms; Central, Western, Eastern, Northern and Southern kingdoms, each headed by a king and a queen. However three kingdoms are going through a shift in their royalty, the sons rising up to take over from their fathers. The princes of the Central and Southern Kingdoms already know who their queens are going to be, but the Crown Prince of the Western Kingdom does not… so a ball is held for him to find his queen, at the urging of his fellow princes. Human names used! 1880-1900's time frame.

Rated due to eventual smut (sex scenes), language and eventual male pregnancy and maybe some future violence... not quite sure yet.

All pairings (from major to minor): PruCan, USUK, OC/OC (US/Canada's parents), Gertia/Spamano (tied), France & Joan of Arc, (and VERY minor, in no order) RoChu, DenNor, SuFin, HongIce (?). Any others that pop up are unintentional.

Key: "Regular talking, emphasis", thoughts and songs, POV changes (though I doubt that there will be any at all but just in case) and finally *The Kingdoms of Hetalia* as scene changes.

*The Kingdoms of Hetalia*

Matthew (wearing his 'home' clothing of brown trousers and a loose white billowy shirt and a brown jacket) watched as his stepmother (wearing a simple, light cream colored dress with short sleeves and an apron), though he simply just called her 'mother', frantically went around the house, more specifically his closet, searching for a 'suitable outfit' for tonight's ball. While his mother was being completely excited over all this, Matthew was dreading this. He hated balls for that required him to dance, and though he was good at dancing—better than his stepbrother Alfred of whom he simply calls 'brother'—he loathed the activity. Much like he loathed singing, even though he too was good in that skill, once again better than Alfred. But then again, Matthew was trained on how to dance and sing and whatnot, Alfred was not; his brother was taught how to hunt, ride horses, how to handle a sword and a gun. Matthew wasn't one to complain about the situation of his life but he sometimes wished to go to the same lessons that Alfred goes to instead of his own.

But sadly he was the youngest son in his family, which required him to automatically become what the Hetalians call 'boygies', singular form 'boygi'. A boygi was literally a son who is to be raised as a daughter. In this world a son is all good and great for keeping genes under the family name and attracting respectable women and a daughter was good for uniting two families or strengthen bonds, being that respectable woman for attractive sons to woo. In Hetalia if a family had more than one child and has not produced a daughter, then the youngest son is to be raised as a daughter—a boygi.

Sadly, Matthew was forced to become a boygi when his papa married his mother and his new brother was older than him by a stupid one year. He twirled a strand on his mid-back length hair, which he tied back in a ponytail, in his hands as he watched hit mother scamper about. It was an unspoken rule to have a boygi grow out his hair to be longer, not that Matthew had to do much; his hair was already getting a bit past his shoulders when he became the boygi of the family.

Once again, Matthew wasn't one to complain about his situation, but he still wished to continue his training as he once did when he was an only child. "Ah, I think I found it." His mother gasped softly as she pulled out a brand new, still wrapped up suit, that Matthew had shoved in the back of his closet. "This one will work lovely for tonight."

Matthew sighed and looked at the door just in time to see his brother walk into his bedroom. "Mom, I ordered the carriage for us in town. It'll be here at eight." He was wearing him 'home' outfit as well, similar to Matthew's, except his jacket had fur along the neck and it was much heavier than Matthew's.

"That late?" His mother asked as she laid out the suit onto the bed beside Matthew.

"Yes. He's busy with all the other families until then."

"Uhh… we'll be the last ones to arrive for sure."

"Just like always mom."

The two chuckled together. Alfred looked a lot like his mother. They both had the same blonde hair blue eyes, except hers was longer that she usually kept in a tight bun and she was much shorter than her son. Alfred got his tall genes from his father, God rest his soul. Alfred then looked at stepbrother and then at the suit laid out beside him. "Oh, what a nice outfit Mattie. You'll turn heads for sure."

"Let's hope so." Their mother responded as she went back into the closet to look for some suitable shoes. "I don't want both my sons to be spinsters."

"Mom…" Alfred groaned as he rolled his eyes.

"Alfie, you are already twenty and you don't even have a loved one, and poor Mattie is already nineteen and following your footsteps. You both need to settle down, preferably before you both turn twenty-two."

"I still have two more years, and Mattie's got three. We're good." Alfred said in their defense, winking at his brother as he finished his sentence.

Matthew, beside himself, smiled. "It's okay if I don't get married. I'm fine where I am now."

"Matthew Williams." Mrs. Jones said as she reappeared out of the closet, holding a pair of white, high healed (three inches) ankle boots. "You will be social at this ball. No sitting in the corner and watching everyone else dance tonight. Find some nice man will you?" Matthew sighed and looked out the window. "For goodness sakes, it's not like you're straight." His mother added.

"Mother!" Matthew said flabbergasted, his eyes wide as he looked at her. Alfred chuckled as he sat down beside his brother.

"She has a point." Alfred added.

"I don't believe this." Matthew said as he held his head in his hands.

"You better believe it, son." Mrs. Jones said as she started to take the outfit from its clear wrap. "Just find a nice man, please. It's a duty as a mother to make sure her daughter or boygi gets married."

"Please don't say that word… it sounds like a racial slur."

Alfred's eyes softened. "Well… it did begin as a slur."

"I know."

"But don't worry bro. If anyone says that to you and means it as a slur or even threatens you, the hero will come and save you!"

"Cut it out with that hero crap Alfie. You still got the better half of this family."

"Oh come on Mattie! You know that I wouldn't mind changing places with you if I could."

"As if. I know you love hunting and playing with guns. I know you Alfred F. Jones."

"Enough you two." Their mother scolded just before their argument really took off. "Now I know that the carriage won't arrive until later at night, but that does not mean we can't start getting ready now. Go eat something, take your baths and start getting dressed."

"Yay! Food!" Alfred laughed as he jumped from the bed and ran out of the room.

Matthew sighed and stood from the bed smoothly, the way his training had taught him; slow graceful movements, keep your back straight, hands held before you. "I just wish that papa could have been here."

"I know sweetie." His mother mused. "But papa is out on business in Central and he won't be back until dinner tomorrow."

"I know…"

"Come now. Let's go eat before your brother eats it all."

*The Kingdoms of Hetalia*

The Crown Prince of the Western Kingdom groaned as he fell back onto an ornate chaise lounge, an arm slung over his eyes as his younger brother continued his little 'speech' to his brother.

"You must stop sleeping around brother. You are to find a wife tonight. If not the Council will not let you become king and will instead give the title to me." The Council being a group of six advisors to each of the kingdoms, two of which coming from the Northern Kingdom since their kingdom was divided into two due to a civil war a few years back. However they were still collectively known as the Northern Kingdom, there was simply the Northeastern and the Northwestern courts.

"They won't give you the title just like that brother." The Crown Prince responded. "They'll give you the title of Crown Prince and a set time for you to find your own wife."

The prince stopped and looked at his older brother. His brother, Gilbert (wearing his dark blue uniform, the prince wore his own uniform except his was green in color*), was always one to not be serious. He was known to flirt and woo men, women and boygies and sleep with them for a night, two at most and then leave them for the next one. Though he was serious when it came to his country, when it came to his own personal matters and his image, Gilbert didn't care much for anything. That was where his younger brother, Ludwig, comes into play. It was his job to pick up after his brother and try to amend things that the Crown Prince had screwed up. Ludwig knew that his brother loathed the idea of getting married, for being married would mean that you would have to be faithful to that one person—no more late nights and flirting with anyone new. If it were up to Gilbert, he would become king without needing a queen, but a queen was required to handle the people; while the king's duty was to the country, a queen's was to listen to the people where the king cannot and work on internal affairs.

Ludwig sighed and sat at the end of the lounge chair, his hands in his lap and his eyes on his hands. "One day brother… you will fall in love with someone and you'll realize that what you're doing now—what you're feeling now—is stupid."

"Says the man in love with one of the castle maids." Gilbert responded.

Ludwig blushed in response but he continued to look at his hands. It was true that Ludwig loved a boygi maid in the castle, his name being Feliciano, and due to that he was praying to God that Gilbert found a wife and becomes king for if it fell upon Ludwig, then he would not be allowed to marry his Feliciano, a lowly maid. If Feli had been even a low class baker or a chef and not an unpaid maid, then Ludwig would have been allowed to marry him. The prince was afraid that perhaps that would be the case, since he doubted that his ignorant, and idiotic big brother would be blind to his hopes.

But Gilbert did recognize his brother's hopes. He had even tried once about three months ago to fall in love with this woman called Elizabeta but soon found out that she was engaged (now married) to Lord Roderich. Gilbert sighed at the memory and he lifted his arm from over his red eyes to look at Ludwig who was brooding over the thought of having to marry someone else. Gilbert half rolled his eyes to the left before placing his arm back over his face. "… When's this ball suppose to start again?"

Ludwig's head perked up as he looked to his brother. "… Six sharp brother."

Gilbert groaned softly and nodded. "Yeah okay I got it. Go and make sure Antonio and Francis aren't going too crazy in the dancehall."

Ludwig smiled faintly. "Yes brother." The prince responded to the Crown Prince as he stood to leave the room.

Upon the door closing Gilbert turned onto his side and stared out the window of his room and study. He sighed and shut his eyes again, he mentally telling himself to be serious tonight. He needs to find a wife, not just for himself, but for his brother's happiness. If anything, Gilbert thought then, I'll just have to pick some random person and ask them to marry me.

*The Kingdoms of Hetalia*

Matthew sat in his chair before his vanity as three maids dealt with his hair. He was watching in the mirror as the maids curled his hair and put them into ringlets that came out from a bun, the hair cascading down his back. "You're going to look so beautiful." Mrs. Pearson said as she put on the finishing touches, a few hair beads that she put into the bun that fell down with the hair. On the beads were in the shape of spring flowers, considering that tonight's ball was for the spring solstice. Matthew looked at himself in the mirror. He was wearing a light blue vest atop of while three-quarters sleeve shirt with a small gray scarf wrapped around his neck and tucked under the vest. He wore tight gray pants, similar to what the women would wear as stocking but made for men (or more specifically boygies), that had a knitted pattern to it with those white high-heeled boots his mother pulled out for him earlier. He stood from the vanity and stood still as the three maids pooled around him, bending down so that Matthew could step into the skirt attachment.

Yes, skirt attachment. This particular one was bit more ornate than the ones he would wear for regular outdoor days. This one was a high-low skirt that had to be stepped into while others just simply attacked to the belt loops on the pants from behind. The one he was wearing now was light blue, like the vest, with a pleated front to it that stopped mid-thigh. On the back a small bustle was attached to the skirt to make it flair out a tiny bit while the rest of the silk fabric from the skirt flowed down to the floor, the hem of the dress dragging on the ground, despite the three inch heals Matthew was wearing.

He sighed and stepped back from the vanity to see most of his body in the reflective surface, Matthew adjusting his tan glasses. Every time he dressed up like this he could still not believe what he was seeing. The man was even wearing makeup, though it was just concealer and a bit of blush and gloss for a natural look and a bit of mascara to allow his already long eyelashes to stand out more. He looked like a girl. Granted he already had the figure and face of a girl, when he dressed like this, like a boygi, he just looked more like a girl. "Oh maple…" He whispered to himself as the maids fawned around him.

"Alright ladies." Mrs. Pearson, the head maid, spoke to the other two. "Make sure Lady Jones and Master Alfred are fine." Which they probably were. The two always get ready before Matthew. Alfred dresses by himself while Mrs. Jones just needs to have her bodice tightened and her skirt put on her for she can't do it herself. The two maids left to go help the other two while Mrs. Pearson stayed with Matthew. "How are you feeling Master Matthew?"

"… Sick." Mrs. Pearson gave him a look and he simply shrugged. "No one ever notices me. Even mother and Alfred forget I'm here or even whom I am at times. Only papa sees me."

"Well you know Lady Jones has a point Mattie." Mrs. Pearson began, "If you were to just be a bit more social at these balls and not sit in a corner somewhere…"

"I don't like to dance so I don't want to be seen."

"How hypocritical of you Mattie." Again Matthew gave a shrug. He really didn't care if he was hypocritical. He just wants to be left alone. It was embarrassing for him to be a boygi, he was already extremely shy, and now to be dressed up as a girl and be raised as a daughter was just too much. Sure it was common in Hetalia, but it was still embarrassing. The maids came in and informed the head maid of the carriage's arrival. "Oh, is it that late already?" Mrs. Pearson gasped as she glanced at the clock in Matthew's room. It was indeed eight o'clock. "It is. Come along Master Matthew."

Matthew sighed again and followed Mrs. Pearson, stopping at the door to glance back at the stuffed white polar bear on his bed, resting up against the pillows. "See you later Kuma." He said to the bear before leaving his room.

*The Kingdoms of Hetalia*

Crown Prince Gilbert sat on his throne watching the couples dance below, he wearing a golden uniform with a red, medium length cape that went from his left shoulder to his right hip. Ludwig stood at his side nervously, wearing a silver uniform with no cape. The night was halfway done and Gilbert has still to rise from his seat and dance with someone. "Brother…" Ludwig began as he saw both Antonio (wearing a purple and golden hemmed uniform with maroon pants) and Francis (wearing a white, blue and red uniform) dancing with their fiancés.

Francis' fiancé was a woman by the name of Joan who is actually the first woman general in all of Hetalia. They are to get married in the next month since they have been engaged the longest.

Antonio's fiancé was actually Feliciano's elder brother. Lovino was not a boygi; in fact he was a maid much like his brother until the prince of the Southern Kingdom proposed to the unlikable maid. Antonio was the subject of Ludwig's jealously. Antonio, being an only child and thus the Crown Prince with no younger brother had the ability to marry anyone he wanted while he as just a prince (a secondary one at that) didn't have that ability. It was thought that second born princes lost most of their regency so they, if they needed to rise to the power of king, needed to marry someone of class, preferably middle and upper classes, to keep the power within the blood.

It was bullshit in Ludwig's opinion.

"Brother… please get up and dance with someone. This whole ball was thrown by the princes of the Central and Southern Kingdoms for you to find a wife."

"I will get up and dance with someone if I feel a connection with them." Gilbert responded stubbornly. He hadn't forgotten what he told himself earlier, but he said he was going to be serious about this. It was 'if anything' he'll juts pick someone randomly, but he wanted to try to find someone he can at least like.

"How will you know if you have a connection with someone from all the way up here?" Ludwig almost yelled in frustration but still making a rational point.

"Simply… when I see him or her my eyes will be glued onto them, and I will feel pulled to them instinctively. Just that alone will be means for a connection. I'm just awesome that way."

Ludwig groaned inwardly. "Brother, that only happens in fairytales. There is no way in hell that something like that would…"

His brother's words slipped into nothing (as did the music) as Gilbert's eyes fell onto a golden haired man—boygi—that just entered the dance hall with two others, a female and another, slightly taller, male. There three stood together at the entrance, marveling at the dance hall when the female grabbed the taller male's arm and pointed to Prince Arthur of the Central Kingdom. The male blushed and shook his head, about to go in the opposite direction when the female began to pull him in the direction of Francis' younger adopted brother/boygi sibling**. The other left at the entrance looked around for a bit before moving to an empty chair in a lowly lit corner and sat down, his gaze then moving down to his hands twiddling in his lap.

"… Just because you are the Crown Prince does not mean that you can just do whatever you feel like brother." Ludwig's voice slipped back into Gilbert's range of hearing, the music filling up the background. "You have responsibilities to follow and one of which is getting a wife before tonight ends—where are you going? Brother. Brother!" Ludwig watched as Gilbert left the throne without another word and marched straight through crowds, both dancing and those fawning over him, going straight to a boygi sitting in a corner.

Matthew was spinning his thumbs around each other when a pair of shiny white shoes appeared in his line of sight before him. Alfred wasn't wearing white shoes. He was wearing a blue suit with black shoes, and these were male shoes so mother wouldn't be wearing these (she was wearing a light pink dress with long sleeves and bows around the bodice; you can't even see her shoes under the fabric of her dress). Matthew raised his violet eyes up and was instantly shocked to see the recognizable gaze of red orbs staring back into his. Matthew gasped softly, not out of fear but out of wonder at the redness of the Crown Prince's eyes. The two stared at each other for a few moments when suddenly Gilbert smiled—not smirked—at Matthew and extended his left hand out to him. "Care to dance?"

Matthew was one that hated dancing, he was usually one to turn down anyone, even a king, but he numbly lifted his right hand into the extended one, Gilbert's fingers curling around Matthew's and both of their clammy hands met. Matthew rose and Gilbert led the other into the center of the dance floor, the crowds parting and watching with intrigue as the band slowly stopped playing. When the Crown Prince and the golden blonde boygi got into the center of the floor and settled into a waltz dancing position, the band started playing a slow waltz song… Dreamcather***.

Gilbert began to lead the way immediately, bringing Matthew back and forward on the dance floor, no one else around them dancing as they were watching the two interact. The swaying movements of their bodies seemingly flawless as the music continued, as it rose the dancing became more energetic, the duo moving around the floor, their bodies close to each other. Matthew knew he was blushing throughout the whole thing for his eyes have not left the Crown Prince's and the longer he looked into them the more emotion he felt from the other. Gilbert was better at keeping his composure, though he did feel like blushing as well. He was staring into the eyes of one of the most beautiful people he's ever seen, and his violet eyes were so enchanting. It was sucking the life out of him.

The song came to an end much to quickly for both of them to have liked and they came to stop, Gilbert still holding onto Matthew's hands in his own. "… Would you like to see the garden?" Gilbert asked his nameless partner.

Matthew knew of the Crown Prince's background, he knew how low this man could be, but yet he nodded, despite himself, and took the crook of Gilbert's arm when it was offered to him, as the future king led him out into the garden.

The dancehall when the duo left was in shock. No one, and this was a fact, no one has ever seen their Crown Prince act like that with anyone. They knew then that their future king has fallen in love. Ludwig sighed happily for his brother. He just hoped then that the one he had fallen for is really kind and unlike his older brother. He was lost in thought when he felt a small, soft hand touch his own. Ludwig turned and saw Feliciano standing beside him. The maid bowed, his green dress with the white apron rustling as he did so. "Ve~ Your Highness, forgive me for touching you, but the Crown Prince has ordered me to tell you that no one is to enter the garden." The maid finally raised his head and looked up at the prince through those closed eyes of his.

Ludwig felt his heart thump in his chest when he realized it was his love that had touched him but as of yet he cannot do anything. Hell, not even Feliciano knew of the prince's true feelings. "Yes I understand." Feliciano bowed again and was about to leave when Ludwig's voice stopped him. "Have you talked with your brother yet?"

The maid's eyes opened slightly in shock, which Ludwig took a mental picture off for it was so rare to see those beautiful amber eyes of his. Feliciano bowed his head. "Yes sire. Before the ball began."

"Oh I see. Make sure that you spend time with him before he leaves. Who knows when you'll be able to see him again."

The maid smiled greatly then. "Ve~ Thank you Your Highness." With one last final bow he turned and walked away to return to his duties. Ludwig sighed and proceeded to do the job his elder brother entrusted with him.

When he arrived at the doors to the garden, Mrs. Jones and Alfred were about to go into the garden. "Excuse me you two." Ludwig began as he walked around them and stood before the dual doors. "I was asked to not have anyone enter the garden at the moment."

"What? By whose orders?"

"Aw… but I wanted to see…"

Came the responses together. The first came from Alfred, not at all excited to see his brother dancing with the Crown Prince (he even left Arthur's side to investigate); the second came from Mrs. Jones who was excited to see her stepson actually being social, and with Crown Prince Gilbert at that. And now, Prince Ludwig was there talking with them. "By the orders of my brother that's who." Ludwig answered Alfred.

Before Alfred could speak his mother spoke up. "I was so excited to see my little Mattie dance with someone. He's usually so shy you see. It looked to me as if the Crown Prince might have fallen in love with my stepson."

Ludwig smiled softly at that. "It would seem so. In all my years of knowing my brother I have never seen him act like that. He probably is just wanting to know your stepson better and in a quieter place, hence the closing off of the garden."

Alfred scoffed softly, crossing his hands before his chest. "As long as he's not—"

Mrs. Jones slammed her foot onto her son's and Alfred winced in pain, bending over as his mother smiled at Ludwig. "Thank you for talking with us. I shall hope to see you again in the near future."

Ludwig, being like Mrs. Jones and ignoring Alfred's going-to-be-insult, smiled at her. "It is my pleasure. I shall hope to see you soon as well."

"Have a good night."

"As do you."

With that Mrs. Jones pulled her son away and back to Arthur while Ludwig stood before the dual doors, he turning to glance out the windowed doors and into the dimly lit garden to see two dark figures walk throughout the pathways surrounded by fountains and flowers.

*The Kingdoms of Hetalia*

"So what is your name?" Gilbert asked as he lead his dancing partner slowly throughout the garden, his free hand on top of the hand that is resting on the crook of his elbow.

"I-It's Matthew W-Williams." Matthew stuttered. "My f-family calls me M-Mattie though."

"Mattie?" Gilbert asked whilst chuckling softly. "It's cute." Matthew chuckled and nodded. "… Would you mind if I called you Birdie?"


"Hm-hmm." Gilbert sounded as he nodded. "You just remind me of a bird. Soft, fluttering… sweet and kind."

"We only just met Your Highness."

Gilbert raised a brow at him. "So you know who I am?" Matthew nodded once more. "Are you a fan of my awesome self?"

Matthew giggled at that and used his free hand to cover his mouth as he laughed. "The opposite really. My brother told me I should stay away from guys like you."

"And yet here you are."

"And yet here I am." Matthew agreed.

There was a few moments of comfortable silence as the two arrived at a large fountain of a three horses rearing, water shooting out from between them. "You are very beautiful Birdie." Gilbert said in compliment as he held onto Matthew's hand.

"Thank you." Matthew said as he watched Gilbert's thumb pass back and forward over the back of his hand. "You should see me without this getup…" He chuckled out. It was no secret that most boygies were insecure; it was the way that they were raised. It was always something, Matthew's was that he felt he is never seen as just Matthew but seen as Matthew the boygi and even that is a long shoot to be seen.

"I'm sure you're even more beautiful when you act like yourself." Gilbert said then, his eyes true and sure.

Matthew was a bit shocked to hear that from the Crown Prince's mouth, but he was glad to hear it anyway. "Thank you again Your Highness."

"Call me Gilbert. Or Gil if you prefer."

"Gil?" Matthew tested it out.

"Yes?" The two had unconsciously leaned into each other, their foreheads almost touching. They were looking into each other's eyes again, their breathing becoming irregular. In the background, muffled by the walls of the castle, music could still be heard from where they are in the garden. "Want to dance again?" Gilbert asked, a smirk on his face.


*The Kingdoms of Hetalia*

That night when the dance ended and every party-goer went home (Matthew after saying a nice, sweet goodbye to Gilbert), Mrs. Jones, Alfred and Matthew arrived home. Alfred entered through the door first, his tiredness finally reaching him for in the carriage ride back he was scolding Matthew for being alone with Gilbert for all that time, both Matthew and Mrs. Jones ignoring him. Alfred went straight up to his room in a groggy state while Matthew's mother pecked him on the check before heading upstairs with one of the maids to help her take off her shirt and untie her bodice.

Mrs. Pearson walked up to a smiling Matthew and placed a hand on his arm. "Come now, Master Matthew, it's time to go to bed."

Now Matthew wasn't one to sing, but he just felt like it. With the instrumental playing in his head, he began to sing "I Could Have Danced All Night"****.

Bed! Bed! I couldn't go to bed!

My head's too light to try to set it down!

Sleep! Sleep! I couldn't sleep tonight.

Not for all the jewels in the crown!

Mrs. Pearson and the other maid smiled at each other as they began to lead the happily singing Matthew up the stairs.

I could have danced all night!

I could have danced all night!

And still have begged for more.

I could have spread my wings

And done a thousand things I've never done before.

They pushed him into the powder room and behind a screen where they began to help him undress so that he would wash himself down.

I'll never know what made it so exciting,

Why all at once my heart took flight.

I only know when he

Began to dance with me I could have danced,

Danced, danced all night!

As the maids exited the screen, they sang a bit as well, mostly to each other.

Mrs. Pearson began it, singing, "It's after three now…"

The other maid sang, "Don't you agree now…"

Together they sang, "He ought to be in bed."

Afterwards Matthew began to sing again, the two maids singing in the background and Matthew washed himself down.

I could have danced all night!

I could have danced all night!

And still have begged for more.

I could have spread my wings

And done a thousand things I've never done before.

Matthew came out from behind the screen, now wearing a nightgown that the maids had left for him. He was now being led to his room as he continued to sing, the maids still singing the background, asking him to go to bed.

I'll never know what made it so exciting.

Why all at once my heart took flight.

I only know when he

Began to dance with me.

I could have danced, danced, danced all night!

Upon entering his room, the maids had pulled back the covers and he slipped under them, grabbing his stuffed polar bear and hugging it to himself. As the other maid left the room to go check up in Alfred, Mrs. Pearson tucked Matthew into the covers, singing as she did so. "I understand, dear. It's all been grand, dear. But now it's time to sleep."

She patted Matthew on his head and walked out of the room, shutting off the oil lamp which then cascaded the room into darkness, except for the slight light coming though the window of the balcony; the moonlight, the town lights below and the castle in the slight distance all giving the room a soft, romantic light. Matthew waited to hear absolute silence in the hallway, which it didn't take long, before he sat up and began to look around his room as he sang softly.

I could have danced all night,

I could have danced all night.

And still have begged for more.

I could have spread my wings,

At this point Matthew glanced out the window and saw the castle in the distance. He stood up from the bed, abandoning Kumajiro on the bed, as he slowly walked over to his balcony, slowly opening the doors and walking out into the crisp, night air at springtime.

And done a thousand things I've never done before,

I'll never know what made it so exciting.

Why all at once my heart took flight.

As Matthew reached the last line of the song, he forgot that the rest of his family was trying to sleep, as his voice grew louder and more excited on his balcony, his hands on the railing as he sang out into the night towards the castle. "I only know when he, began to dance with me, I could have danced, danced, danced… all night…!"

As the song ended Matthew sighed happily to himself. He was in love he realized. He was in love with the Crown Prince of the Western Kingdom… Gilbert Beilschmidt. Suddenly a window down the way opened and Alfred's head poked out. "Mattie! I'm tryin' to get some sleep! Sing some other time!" With that the windows slammed shut and the distinct sound of a lock clicking reached the love-struck teen's ears.

Matthew giggled softly and sighed once more, this time a name escaping his lips as he leaned onto the railing, his head in his hands. "Gil…"

*The Kingdoms of Hetalia*

Finished with chapter one! Gil's so sweet in this story, it's almost OOC but it really isn't. Also this isn't a song-based fanfiction. It has a max of 3 songs in here that I know of and this is one of them.

*These uniforms mentions are the exact same ones from the anime. Just so you know, that's why I didn't put too much description in them.

**Arthur's story will be explained later (I.E. the reason why Ludwig isn't a boygi when Arthur is, though I think it's easy to guess why just by the word "adopted").

***An actual waltz song. Look it up because it is beautiful. Here's the version I used from YouTube. Just type in the address then to that back space, copy this and delete the space: watch?v= pjz8ZZU5Ibo

****"I Could Have Danced All Night" from the musical "My Fair Lady". It's really good if you haven't seen it. Also tidbit, the maid in "My Fair Lady" is Mrs. Pearce and I named the maid in this story after her—Mrs. Pearson!

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