Canton, Ohio 1944

Evelyn adjusted the hats in the window display as she hummed along with Lena Horne's Stormy Weather on the radio. When the music suddenly stopped, she turned around. Ezra stood with a disapproving look.

"You tryin' to run off my customers again?"

"Sorry, Ezra. The music just helps me focus."

"How hard do you have to focus to put a few hats on a stand?" She unplugged the radio and put it behind the counter. "This stays in the back if you wanna listen to it."


"Do me a favor. We got a shipment of buckles in last week, and I can't find the box..."

"I'm on it," Evelyn said.

As she passed the counter, Ezra held out the radio for Evelyn to take with her. She was grinning as the girl took it from her with a smile.

"Thanks, Ezra."

"Get outta here," Ezra said with a grin.

The store room was a mess, and they both knew it would take Evelyn a while to find the box. She plugged in the radio and waited a moment for it to warm up before music filled the air again. She took the time to do some organizing as she searched, and she eventually found what she was looking for.

She carried the box back into the front and stopped in her tracks when she saw two men. One face was familiar. Eliot. The other man, she had never seen before. He was dressed oddly, but he was gorgeous. She realized that she was staring, and tried to cover.

"Hey, Eliot."

"Hey, Evelyn."

"Ezra, I found the box." She placed it on the counter.

"Thanks, honey."

"Evelyn Hartley," Eliot said in introduction, "Dean Winchester."

Dean stepped forward and shook Evelyn's hand. His mouth was tilted in a lopsided grin.

"Nice to meet you," Evelyn said.

Ezra let out a chuckle. "You didn't shake my hand, handsome."

"So," Evelyn said, ignoring her, "you a friend of Eliot?"

Dean turned and looked at Eliot. "I don't know. Am I a friend of Eliot Ness?"

"He's a hunter," Eliot said. "From the future."

"No kidding?"

"I assume you need some clothes," Ezra said. "Come on."

Dean and Ezra disappeared behind a heavy curtain as Evelyn opened the box. Eliot came over and leaned one arm on the counter.

"I've seen that look before," he said.

"What look?"

"Don't play dumb, kid. He's a hunter."

"So I heard."

"Don't go down that road."

"I'm a big girl, Eliot. I can take care of myself."

"Sure, like you did with that last creep."

"Live and learn. Besides, who says anything is gonna happen? So, I think he's attractive. That doesn't make us married."

Eliot grabbed a newspaper and sat down to wait when Ezra came out.

"He's almost done," she said. "Gave me a hard time when I showed him the suit."

A few minutes later, Dean stepped out of the curtain. His face was hesitant, like he wasn't quite sure about the clothes. Eliot gave a whistle, and when Dean saw his reflection in the mirror, he smiled. He looked great. Ezra smoothed her hands over the shoulder of his jacket.

"Okay, Ezra," Eliot said, "we need your help. It seems we're hunting a time traveler."


Evelyn went about her work while Eliot and Dean filled Ezra in on what they had found out. She knew all about hunting and the world it revolved around, but Eliot made sure she stayed behind the scenes. She just listened.

"He was wearing a ring," Dean said. "It had some kind of symbol on it."

Ezra walked toward the counter, and Evelyn knew what she was coming to get. She reached beneath the counter to a stack of old books and pulled one out, handing it to Ezra, who winked at her. Evelyn smiled. She glanced toward the guys and saw Dean smiling back at her. She tucked a strand of her reddish-brown hair behind her ear and lowered her head, getting back to work.

"Skim through this," Ezra said, handing the book to Dean.

Dean began flipping through the pages. He finally found what he was looking for.

"This is it," he said with his finger on the page.

Ezra stepped closer and took the book. "It's the infinite hourglass."

"That's the symbol I saw on his ring."

"Yeah, that's the mark of Chronos."


"Chronos. The god of time," Ezra said.

"Alright," Eliot said, "so, this Chronos is killing in threes? Why?"

"Could be he's killing folks for his time juice," Ezra said.

"Alright," Dean said, "well, how the hell am I gonna ride him back to 2012?"

"Well, you could let him grab you, if you don't mind him using you for gasoline."

"What's the point of getting back if I'm a raisin? There's gotta be a way."

"Look," Eliot said, "let's just stick with what we know. Ezra, see if you can find something in all this junk that will kill a god."

"No trouble at all," she said sarcastically. "Come in a few hours, see what me and Evelyn can scrounge up."

"Dean, you said you fellas found his house? Well, let's go see if it's been built yet."

Ezra helped Dean into his coat and gave him a gun, already holstered. He followed Eliot out of the store. When they were gone, Ezra walked behind Evelyn.

"Handsome fella," Ezra said.

"Is he? I hadn't noticed."

"Don't kid a kidder. I saw your face. And I saw his."

Evelyn's eyes went to Ezra at those words, and Ezra smiled.

"Uh huh. But you didn't notice."

Ezra began to walk away. Evelyn tried to focus on what she was doing, but the fact that both Eliot and Ezra noticed her reaction to Dean left her feeling vulnerable.

"Hey, Ez..."

"Yeah, hon?"

"You ever date a hunter?"

"A few."


"And... they leave... a lot. Especially this Dean guy. He's not even from our time."

"Yeah. Maybe you're right. Thanks."

"Any time, honey."