Paris had been great. They had all returned back to the school playground the following morning. Had hugged and promised to all stay in contact before bidding each other farewell and going on their ways. Maddy was to return to her own house and Rhydian to his and they would be meeting up later and staying at Maddy's for the week. This is how the holidays were spent. One week at Maddy's and one week at Rhydian's. The six friends met nearly everyday and there were sleep overs at one place or another every week. The holidays had been great but now in the last week college supplies and the uniform had to be bought. They would be setting out on Saturday morning. A 5 hour coach journey from Newcastle to London. So the whole family could go. The house they were staying in had been called and the necessary arrangements had been made.

Maddy and Rhydian had decided that the wedding would happen after college had finished. But they spent every possible moment together and cherished the time they were given.

Shannon and Harry had bonded on the last night of Paris. When they had returned home they had gone straight to their room. They had been making out when Harry pulled away. When Shan had questioned him he had just looked down unable to answer her that he wanted more. Shan had smiled and lifted his head to look at her.

Shan:"Harry I'm ready." Harry looked shocked.

Harry:"Shan you don't have to. I told you I'll wait. And I will. Please don't think I'm pushing you." He looked down angry with himself.

Shan:"hey Averwood. No one is pushing me to do anything. I've been thinking about it for a while. And well I thought why not Paris. I mean it is the city of love." Harry's head shot up and Shan could see his eyes light up.

Harry:"Shan are you serious? And are you sure? Like 110%?"

Shan:"not 110%...a million%." She laughed.

Harry pulled her towards himself and fused their lips together. Slowly they unclothed each other and made slow passionate love. They fell asleep holding each other with huge smiles of pure content on their faces.

Meanwhile Tom and Ava had been talking in their own room.

Tom:"Ava?" Ava finished brushing her hair and came and sat in front of Tom on the bed.


Tom:"I have something I need to tell you."

Ava:"what is it?"

Tom:"well the thing is I... Well erm I... What I'm trying to say is I erm..."

Ava:"Tom what is it? Is everything ok? Do you wanna right it down?"

Tom:"no. It's inly right if I say it to you. It's just hard to say it that's all."

Ava:"is everything ok?" Ava was becoming worried now. She was close to tears.

Tom:"look Ava the thing I'm trying to say is that I... I erm... Well erm... Oh I can't do it." He looked down defeated.

Ava:"you want to break up?" Tom's head shot up. The held back tears escaped down her face.

Tom:"what?! NO!"

Ava:"it's ok Tom. I get it."

She got up of the bed. Tom tried to grab hold of her hand but he missed and she walked towards the door. He jumped of the bed and as her hand was about to turn the door knob he held her upper arms and turned her around and pushed her against the door so she couldn't escape.

Ava:"Tom get of me let me go."

Tom:"first you have to listen to what I have to say."

Ava:"I heard what you have to say. Just let me go."

She was fighting against him and his grip on her was loosening.

Tom:"AVA I LOVE YOU! Ok there I said it. I love you." She stopped fighting and his hands dropped to his sides. "That's what I wanted to say. I just didn't want to get it wrong. I wanted everything to be perfect that's why I was scared. But look where that got me."

Ava:"you mean it? Your not just saying it so I stay?"

Tom:"no. I've wanted to say it for a while but I could never find the right time. I just thought it's our last night in Paris so why not. I mean this is the city of love. So why not tell the person you love in the city of love."

Ava:"say it again."

Tom:"I love you Ava Grey." She threw herself into Tom's arms.

Ava:"I love you to Thomas okanawe."

That night they had gone to sleep wrapped around each other and happiness was their cocoon. It seemed Maddy and Rhydian's romance had rubbed of onto the other 2 couples and they'd finally all moved one step forward in their relationships.

During the holidays the friends had gotten closer than ever. The families had met up and got to know each other. Emma was still afraid of being out in the woods in a full moon so they had all agreed it was best to stay in the den. Rhydian and Maddy didn't mind as much anymore as the den was so big and they would play around in the tunnels. The results had come through and everyone had done great. Mia had finally thrown a house party and all of the classmates had been invited. They'd all had a great time.

It was Friday afternoon. Tomorrow they would be setting out for the next stage in their lives. They were all nervous but excited. Everything was packed and ready to go. They all spent the last night with their respective families before heading to bed. They all drifted of to sleep wondering about the next day.

This time tomorrow they would be sleeping in their new house. They would meet new people and make new friends. Their would be new adventures but they all knew their pack would be stronger and firmer than ever and they still had their secret to protect.

Tomorrow they would meet the people of Anubis house...

My 2nd book is called house of wolfbloods house of Anubis. It's a continuation from this story. I hope you will all follow that book and enjoy it as much as you enjoyed this one :) thank you for sticking with me and my book. Thank you for all your support. And thank you to my sister Julia aka wolf200 I couldn't have done this without you. You pushed me to write and told me to believe in myself. You believed in me when I refused not to. So this whole book is dedicated to you. I hope you enjoyed the tova part I stuck it in their especially for you. Thank you all of you. I love you all xxx

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