The Girl with the Purple Eyes

1. Wicked Games

"Bring your love, baby

I could bring my shame

Bring the drugs, baby

I could bring my pain."

-"Wicked Games" by The Weekend

"Are you alright?" A woman asked. A woman. A mortal woman. Loki thought about reaching out and crushing her windpipes, but when he lifted up his hand, pain shot through the marrow of his bones and his chest refused to expand to take large gulps of air. Broken. His body felt fragile. Pathetic. Weak. He gritted his teeth as he looked passed the mortal woman and stared up at the cloud.

"What happened?" A voice repeated.

Loki looked back at the woman.

She was strange. Her eyes. Yes, it was the eyes that seemed so strange to him now.

He laid in a field of green. Or an ocean of green with a woman standing over him, dressed in a ridiculous outfit. He remembered falling into the cold abyss with his brother staring down at him with wide, hurt eyes. How dare he look at me like that! Loki gritted his teeth and gasped for air, forcing his broken ribs to expand. He felt like his lungs were being poked at with tiny needles.

The woman sat next to him. What was it about those eyes that he recognized so much? He tried sitting up. Purple eyes. That meant something to him, he knew.

"Stay down there, you need to heal. Hold still." Pale hands drifted over him. He felt a cool small hand on his jaw. Warmth filled his face and he saw a purple glow.

"Are you mortal?"

"I'm about as mortal as you are," the woman with purple eyes said. "You kind of fell out of the sky."

That explained why everything hurt so much. The warmth made his eyes heavy as he tried to focus on her. Purple... Purple... Ah yes, in one of his books about magic back at home- No, back at Asgard, he read something about purple eyes belonging to...

It's…the mark…of Saturn!

"Princess," he said with a grin before he let go and fell asleep.

"Hotaru, I love you to death, but I'm going to question your sanity if you're going to help strange men that fall out of the sky," a woman said as Loki sat up. "He reeks of dangerous magic."

He was in a white room with the window open to let in a calming breeze. He blinked a few times, trying to remember what happened. The Bifrost bridge broke, Thor came in with his new love of humanity, Odin looked down at him, Thor tried to grab him, and then… and then… he shook his head. He fell on…


The accursed planet that his brother so adored. He groaned and sat up, wincing at what felt like sharp needles in his sides. Shouldn't he be bleeding? He looked down at his body. He wore mortal clothing, he flinched at this, and saw only bruises that ached at movement, but the worst of the pain was gone.

"He needed help, Rei. I couldn't just let him die. Usagi will agree with me."

"Well… but we don't even know where he's from. You know what Setsuna said about aliens coming down recently. The whole thing in Texas is a bad omen."

"You don't know that he had anything to do with that."

"That's it!" A woman shouted and pierced his ears as he groaned. No matter what realm, women's voices were much too loud and screechy. "You don't know that he is or he isn't."

"I'm dangerous and you and the other senshi let me stay."

"You're not a homicidal maniac!"

"Technically, I was."


Loki grinned. He had not dreamt that. He fell into the arms of a princess of Saturn. The last princess of Saturn if memory serves. Loki read books upon books on the people of Saturn, especially the royal line because of their power. Purple eyes were a signature of Saturn's royal line. The other woman downstairs must have been one of the other princesses that protected the queen of the Moon. He tried to name them, but his head throbbed and he laid back down.

He frowned. He knew that the loyalty to the Moon princess was strong, but he could dissuade her. She was born a mortal after all and all mortals could easily have been swayed.

Hey guys, long time no see. Since I'm madly in love with comics I went to see Thor and all those movies. Fell in love with Loki. No, don't ask me why I love the villain.

Anyway, I'm writing this in drabble form. I've already written about twenty chapters of this so updates will come about every two days. When school kicks back up it'll be once a week.

Pairings: LokixHotaruxYaten, MamourxUsagi, and all the usuals. Not changing my mind. You'll see the other avengers later on in the story. Have fun and enjoy the story. I'll update on Sunday.