9. Malchik Gay

"Handsome, tender, soft

why do you look right through me?

Thinking, no, I can't deny my feelings growing strong"

- "Malchik Gay" by Tatu

"Then it's a good thing that we're here, eh?"

Everyone in the room jumped even Loki. Hotaru looked up and Loki saw her eyes light up at the three women that came into the room. He recognized the power that surged through them and groaned when he recognized them. Usagi let out a squeak and jumped to her feet before throwing her arms around Seiya. Loki watched as Mamour let out a sigh and his shoulders tensed.

Seiya spot him and snorted. "Loki, what the hell are you doing here? You're not so fond of Midgard if I remember correctly." The Moon looked between him and Seiya as he rolled his eyes and wanted nothing more than to rip out Seiya's vocal cords, but Hotaru still held his wrist in one hand and he doubted that Hotaru would appreciate it.

"Well if it isn't the guardians of the stars," he said as he tilted his head lightly. He recognized Kakyuu standing beside Seiya and smiled. "Princess."

"Prince Loki, it's good to see you."

Hotaru looked at him with a raised eye brow. "A prince."

"Former prince," he said to her as he took her hand off his wrist. He didn't enjoy the warmth that her skin gave him. "You know the princesses?"

"Of course we do! We fought side by side against Galaxia! A fight that your father refused to join in," Yaten said, jabbing a finger at him. Yaten's golden eyes lit up when she met Hotaru's and Loki had the sudden urge to step between the two of them. "You grew up nicely, Hotaru."

"Oh, uhm, thank you," Hotaru said as Loki let out the breath he had been holding. Hotaru had no clue about mating rituals and he hoped that she never would. Or at least he wouldn't be around to see her discovery of them. Through from his understandings, Loki thought that the mating rituals of the mortals were rough and undignified, especially from seeing the movies that he watched with Hotaru.

Yaten let out an huffing sound when Uranus elbowed her in the stomach. "Haruka!" Neptune yelled as Seiya let out a bark of laughter.

"I told her not to flirt with Haruka's little angel," Seiya said, "She deserved it."

Yaten glared at Seiya as Loki watched Hotaru turn bright red. Loki coughed. "Well, what do you know about the Unfamiliars?"

"That they're not as dead as you would like to believe." Taiki said. "They've been hiding out in the coldest parts of space to heal and grow in numbers. Their queen is alive and well. She's stronger and there's been the rumor that…she's been stealing star seeds."

The moon girl went stiff and Loki felt actual fear when she saw the look that went over her face.

"Usagi, it's going to be okay. We're stronger now," Jupiter told her as she wrapped her arms around Usagi. Loki watched as Hotaru became pale and her palms sweat against his skin.

Loki knew of star seeds. It's what made Hotaru's power glow when she healed and basically her life carried in a small crystal in the middle of her body. Without it, Hotaru couldn't use her power to be reborn. Loki found the idea stupid and wasteful. Without a body, star seeds were useless, but if you could create a body. A body that he could control…

Now there was an interesting thought. He looked over at Hotaru and imagined ripping her body to shreds to get at her star seed and use some magic to give her a new body that he could control. He wouldn't have to worry about her loyalty to the Moon or anyone else.

She would be his.

Loki hummed to himself at this thought and let out a little grin. Hotaru looked at him and he frowned immediately. Her eyes widen and searched his face. He hated when she did that. It was like she was trying to get to his soul.

"We can't just sit here! Who knows how much time we have left?" Uranus said. "We have to attack now."

"That's what they want," Loki said. "The Unfamiliars love a good battle." Much like that fool, Thor. "If you go and attack them directly, they will rip you to shreds. I am concerned, who is their queen? They have never been organized before."

"That's why we should be worried," Taiki said, breaking eye contact with Loki.

Loki let a smirk grow on his face. "You don't know, do you?" He got up and offered his hand to Hotaru. Hotaru looked up at him and her eyes searched him. She sensed his calm, he suspected, she grabbed his hand and he felt Uranus scowl in his direction, but he kept his eyes on her. You're safer with me than you are with these, fools. Loki wanted felt the burn to whisper this into her ear, but he knew she would jerk her hand away from him the moment those words fell from his lips.

"And you want to start sprouting off false warnings and charge into a war that you know nothing around," Loki said, "how childish. Princesses, give me a week and I will be able to research more about these Unfamiliars and then we'll know what we're dealing with."

Mercury sighed. "Loki is right, we do need to do more research. Where do you want to start, Loki?"

"You can't be serious," Yaten said.

"There are some books in Asgard." Of course, he was going to have to slip through a few guards and Thor to make sure he got through without notice. He wondered if he could convince Pluto and Hotaru to help him. "And we could start where the monster died. Hotaru, don't you have that test tomorrow?"

Hotaru nodded and he helped her up. He watched from the corner of his eye as Yaten narrowed her eyes on him.

Yaten grabbed Hotaru's other hand that was still on the table. "Hotaru, you should come tonight for the concert. It'll help you relax and it'd be wonderful to catch up with you."

"I'll think about it." Hotaru said as she smiled at Yaten. She looked back at Loki. "We never did get groceries, did we?"

"I'm sure we have some ramen." Loki said as they walked away from the group.

"Wait, where are you two leaving together?" Yaten asked as Loki turned to look over his shoulder.

"We live together," Loki said as he saw Yaten's green eyes light up.

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