This is my first fan fiction, so be nice to me and enjoy.

I don't know how I get myself into this, but I do know that I don't want this to end. How is something we doing is so wrong, but it feels so right? That one of those things I don't know yet.

I remember that I never wanted to be in love or know love since my parents' divorce when I was young, but then, he came into my life. I never forgot how I met him, or how I feel weird when look at me with his dangerous smile of his and those red eyes he had I don't want to leave. I remember a white hair man with red eyes and shank-like teeth and I know that he's different from the men I met. I want to be with him as he's want to be with me, but I can't and he knows it.

"Please, Don't go." I stand there, crying as he put last box in the moving van.

"Maka. As much as I don't to, but I have to." he closed it.

"This is not fair! I love you! Please" I cry even more until I hug him. "Don't leave me." He hug me back

"I love you too, but I'm sorry, Maka." He pulled me back from our hug. "Just promise me that you're still going to the coolest student I know and fall in love with."

You see, the man I'm in love with, was my music teacher. This is my story how I fall in love with my teacher named Soul.

I know it's short and maybe a bit boring, but read the next chapter and leave review. Please.