Author's Note: Hey guys! I know I have another story in progress with a pairing of Spock/OC too but this story is something of a fun thing I'm doing in my spare time until I come up with a new chapter for my other story. I'm going ahead and practicing writing a first person's POV since my other story is in third person. I want to experiment things here and there with my writing and I wanted to ahead and see if this story will work out or not. This will take place after the five year mission that the USS Enterprise takes. Please me know what you guys think!

The Other Woman

Chapter One

"It's okay, dear. I know what we are - and I know what we're not."
- Lang Leav

His eyes.

It was the first thing I noticed about him. He was different, everyone knew that. But to me, it was so much more. With his pointed ears, perfectly cut hair, proper attire and a composed control, anyone knew him to be Vulcan. Alien. An outsider. But his stoic eyes, there was a story behind them.

I watched him, memorized as his eyes regarded the crowd surrounding the perimeter of the main Academy Plaza. People cheered around me as everyone welcomed the Captain and his team from the USS Enterprise back from their long, unforgettable five year mission.

His eyes dark, his face a mask, but when his eyes shifted, catching the light, they looked ...human. I stepped forward, my eyes still trained on him, following him as he walked dutifully behind the Captain. His walk slow, deliberate. His steps taken so precisely with innate grace.

The crowd continued to cheer for the return of the heroines as their voices tried to outweigh the insults and unpleasant protests of a group of xenophobes.

"Who's that half-breed mutt kidding, acting like he belongs here ...disgusting!" A man yelled next to me. His companions began to wave their signs as they agreed.

"He's a decorated superior First Officer, show some respect asshole," I said through gritted teeth, my eyes never leaving his.

Then his eyes lifted slightly, as if somehow he had heard, as his eyes descended toward me, gazing long and hard. There is slight movement in the crowd surrounding me, making me lose sight of him. I feel something hard shove me to the side. Startled, I stumbled backwards, my hands outstretched as I keep my balance.

I watch disoriented as my scarf dropped to the ground. There is another movement in the crowd and I glanced up to see them depart as he made his way toward me. His shoulders straight, a cool and calculated visage on his features. He paused before bending down and retrieved my scarf before holding it out courtly toward me.

His eyes darken in contemplation as he stared at me with quiet intensity. The crowd is still cheering around him while the man and his companions glare with accusing eyes as if my receipt of this act of kindness somehow makes me an outsider too.

I gently pry my scarf from his grasp, taking advantage of my closeness to see the color of his eyes. Brown, his eyes are brown.

I stepped forward and tried to voice my gratitude, but he slowly inclined his head before rejoining his colleagues and is gone.


"Promise me one thing - don't take me home until I'm drunk," I voiced my plan to my roommate Lexi after my shift today.

I'm leaning against the counter, the blaring music and the bright and darkened shift of lighting was making it hard to grasp her features. But there's an unmistakable presence of a smile lingering on her lips as she raised her glass in agreement.

I slipped my short bright red wig off before running my fingers through my long, brown wave of hair. There's a tap on my shoulder and I turned around to see a man trying to order a drink. I waved my hand at him in dismissal, telling him my shift was over.

I accept the drink Lexi offered me as my eyes gazed over the crowded dance floor. Their movements looking almost unreal as their bodies were illuminated with the rapid flicker of the lighting turning off and on.

When my eyes flickered toward the tables surrounding the left side of the wall, my eyes instantly rested on a group of people crowding the small table. I recognized them. Their features were hard to miss, especially the Vulcan one among the group. They are all laughing, enjoying themselves as they become acquainted with their homeland again. But the Vulcan remained detached, his impassive eyes resting on his companions as he patiently stood by them among their conversation.

As the time wored off, his companions began to disperse as some joined the others on the dance floor and the rest began to steer themselves toward the bar. I grasped my drink firmly before making my way toward him, ignoring the curious glance Lexi was throwing at me.

I sat next to him and there's no indication of surprise in his face, much less recognition. But by the way his head tilted slightly to the side and the flicker of his eyes studying my face in rapid movement, I realized that he did actually recognized me. I smiled.

"You want to know something I've learned about you sir?" I asked as I leaned forward, my hair cascading over my shoulder. His respond was a simple arch of his brow. I inclined my head slightly to the side, my lips parting slightly.

"You're so calm and quiet. But there are things inside you. I see them sometimes, hiding in your eyes."

He blinked slowly, his deep eyes studying me. "Is this your preference of topic with new acquaintances? I had perceived humans to rather begin such conversations in a more ...formal manner."

I threw my head backwards as a rippled of laughter erupted from me. He regarded me, his eyes darkening in contemplation. I quieted myself down before meeting his intense gaze. "You have a point there." I bit my bottom lip, my fingers grazing chin lightly. "Here's a good topic. How's coming back feel like after being away for so long?"

He paused. "It has been a differential experience."

"Really? Different?" I pursed my lips, my eyes gazing around the room before resting on his again. "It's a funny thing coming home after so long, sir. Nothing really changes. Everything looks the same, feels the same, even smells the same. And then you realized what's really changed is you." I leaned closer to him, my eyes studying his features. "Have you changed sir?"

There's no movement on his face, no indication of emotions running through him. But there's a flicker of something passing through his eyes. I'm sure of it, but the lights, it made it hard to see. "I've done it again, haven't I sir? Am I making you uncomfortable?" I asked after realizing he wasn't about to answer me. I leaned back against my chair, my arm hanging loosely over my chair. "I'll do anything to make you feel better."

He blinked once, twice. "You should not carelessly offer such a proposition. Using the word anything can propel someone - "

"Maybe I would do anything for you," I interrupted him. His lips parted, inhaling, as if he wanted to speak again before he paused. His lips slowly closed again, his head tilting slightly to the side. I smiled. "Can you do something for me sir?"

He remained quiet. I continued. "Ask me what I want."

There was confusion in his eyes on my request but nevertheless, he did as he was told, all the while his unnerving eyes relentlessly gazed at me. I leaned toward him, my lips brushing against his cheek, my eyes fluttering close at feeling the warmth and softness of his skin.

"All I want is the taste that your lips allow."


There's a blur of movement between us. There is no time for me to warn him of my lack of experience. That I have never been touched by another. But no words are able to escape from my lips. Instead, his fingers tightened their grip on my neck, bringing me closer, his eyes meeting mine and there's an understanding in them when I gasped loudly.

His left hand tightened on my hip and his first, deep thrust propelled me toward him. His clothed chest flushed against my naked skin. He moaned - a sound low in his throat. His lips drifted down my neck, skimming across my skin softly and his tongue darted out to taste my flesh.

I closed my eyes as the throbbing pain began to expand and change to intense pleasure. As he began to thrust into me, deeper, faster, I find his lips. I brushed my tongue across them, tasting him. He tightened his hold more securely around my waist, the other gripped my thigh as he pinned me against his bedroom wall, my back arching against the cool surface.

I laid my head against the wall, moaning. I grasped his hair tightly as he guided my hips against his, controlling my movements. There's a moment when everything goes blank with the utter intensity of pleasure that traveled through my body as I cried out. He thrusted several more times, pulling me tighter against his chest as he came too. I collapsed against his clothed chest, whimpering, panting. He held me tightly as he leaned closer, placing his forehead against mine.

We say nothing.