His mother was sitting in the middle of the room, in a chair that was bolted to the floor.

"Momma?" Travis asked faintly.

She scowled at him. "Bad boy. What are you doing here?"

Travis took a breath. "I wanted to ask why. That cult, the burning of Alessa… what you almost did to me. Why? Why did you do it?"

"Foolish boy, it was the only way. The people in the mirrors told me so."

"The people in the mirrors?"

"Yes. They told me when you were coming. They told me that you and the Gillespie girl would be bad children. And you were. You ruined everything!"

"She was in pain," Travis said evenly. "I couldn't let her suffer. I had to help her." That much he knew, had always known.

His mother saw people in mirrors? Was that just because she was crazy? Or was it something else?

"They know everything, the people in the mirrors do," his mother was saying, with something like pride. "I could step inside their world, but I could never stay.

You bad boy, why did you break it?"

"Break what?"

"Their world, their way of life, their home. You broke it!" She stood up suddenly and began walking towards him. "You bad boy!"

Travis just braced himself, shifted his feet and when she came too close, hands reaching for his neck, he took hold of them as gently as he could and pushed her backwards.

"You're crazy, Momma," he told her softly, "and I'm a man now."

And the world shifted and things faded and he was in a different room now.

"Why are you standing there, son?" His father's voice echoed from behind him. "It's not healthy."

"You're not healthy Daddy," Travis said, before turning around.

His father was hanging from a rope, but not like Harry or Vincent had. His rope was around his neck. Though there was no doubt that he was dead, his eyes watched Travis.

"I couldn't live without her Travis. Do you understand?"

Travis remembered frequent hospital trips and long nights in unfamiliar rooms with strange smells. Travis almost yelled that no, he don't understand. But then he remembered Cheryl and for a moment he wondered what would happen if something happened to her that he couldn't help her with, something that she couldn't be saved from.

Travis made a silent promise to himself that he would not end up like his father. Speaking of which… he looked up at him and met his father's eyes. "You're wrong. But I do understand."

His father lifted his head, which was impossible. "I'm not going to apologize."

"I know." Travis said softly. But you should. "I forgive you anyways."

The rope snapped and he dropped like a broken puppet and went though the floor.

Travis looked down at it, and-

Travis woke up.

Cheryl was sleeping next to him, her head resting against his shoulder. Her hand was neatly bandaged, and the look on her face was peaceful.

Travis looked down at her a moment before chuckling.

"What?" asked Vincent from his other side.



Travis sighed. Vincent hadn't changed much. "This guy I know. He says that the best cure for nightmares is to have a pretty girl sleep next to you."

"Really? I must remember that. Did it work?"

Travis thought back. "Yeah, I guess it did."

The weight on his shoulder shifted, and Cheryl sat up.


"You're awake now?"

"Yeah." She lifted up her bandaged hand and looked at it, before sighing and looking back at them. "It's not over, is it?"

"…Claudia's still out there," Vincent said.

"But she did help us in the end," Travis reminded them.

"That's true." Cheryl smiled for a second before frowning again.

"There's the rest of the Order too," Vincent muttered, hands pressed together. "Many of them aren't quite as crazy as Dahlia, but-"

Travis lowered his head, thinking.

"What is it?" Cheryl asked.

"…probably nothing. I heard it in a dream, and it was a crazy person who said it."

Vincent looked from one to the other. "It might be important. It's not like we're normal people in a normal town, after all."

Travis sighed. "Something about… my mother. She saw people in mirrors, and they would tell her things. It was a place she could enter, but not stay. And she blamed me for the destruction of something- something important to them."

They sat in silence for a moment, thinking over this.

"It might not mean anything," Travis reminded them. "She was crazy."

"More so than Dahlia," Vincent agreed. But he was frowning thoughtfully. "Still…"

"Cheryl Mason?"

They looked up to see a nurse walking closer.

"Yes?" asked Cheryl quickly as they all stood up.

"Your father's awake and ready to see you."

Cheryl sighed in relief, and the others had similar reactions as she asked the nurse to show them the way.

"That's a pretty nurse," Vincent muttered as they began walking. Travis wasn't sure if he was supposed to be hearing this or not. "And she's blonde. I like blondes."

For a moment, the photo from his house flashed in Travis's mind, and he smiled, almost bitterly, but mostly sad.

Yeah, I bet you like blondes, he thought as Vincent sped up to go chat with the nurse.

Cheryl gave him a weird look before rolling her eyes and slowed down so she and Travis were walking at the same pace. "What a weirdo," she whispered to him.

Travis shrugged, before wincing.


"Just remembered that I was on a job before this all started. Once I've checked on your dad, I need to go finish it."

"Oh," Cheryl said. "How long will it take?"

"About a day. Luckily, I don't have anything else for a while. Do you need a ride or something? I can come back quickly if you need me to."

"…you don't need to come back. But there's still some things left unfinished, so… it might be a good idea."

"Okay, I'll come back then."

Cheryl smiled.

They walked along in silence for a bit. For the first time in what felt like a long time, it was a content silence.

The nurse had an amused look on her face as she chatted with Vincent, who looked as happy as he ever was.

"What are we going to do now?"

Travis shrugged. "Get ready, I guess. See what we can find out. About what's going on, about who was involved in what happened back then, who was involved this time." He paused for a moment. "Find Claudia. Straighten things out."

Cheryl nodded, determination in her eyes.

After a moment of silent walking, she looked at him again, a different expression in her eyes. "Hey Travis."


"When you get back, do you want to go get some coffee together or something? On the way into town, I saw a nice looking place."

As he watched her smile up at him, some gears in his mind began turning and making squeaky noises. "I like my coffee black," he said.

"Sounds good to me. Come on, I'll even pay for yours."

"No way, I buy my own coffee."

"So you'll come?"

Talk about a mischievous smile.

Why not? It's been a long time. And it's not like anyone is waiting for me.

"Sure," Travis said. "I'll go with you."


I feel I must repeat the fact that this is an AU. Thus, I could pair Vincent and Lisa if I wanted to (I kinda do, actually, but she's dead, so unless Cheryl gains ultimate powers and begins messing with the time line, I won't.) Or Vincent and Cybil. There's a crack pairing. I like crack pairings. Unless they interfere with canon couples. Anyway, I like to change the age difference (using time travel mostly, but sometimes AUs like this) between Travis and Alessa/Cheryl and pair them together. Maybe it's just because Origins was the first Silent Hill game I ever played, but (shrugs).

And yeah, I left some stuff open ended. I was playing with ideas for a sequel for a while, but real life is currently too busy for me to focus on my original projects, let alone my fan projects.

Thanks for reading to the end, thank you for all the reviews, and I hope you enjoyed!