Chapter one

After the death of Voldemort, everyone rushed to the ministry to capture any supporters before they could escape. Harry Potter watched the Weasley's and Hermione leave after sorting out details in regards to Fred's body, then Harry sat outside on the steps leading to the castle. No matter how exhausted he was, he knew he wouldn't sleep, not yet. The images of the people that died kept going through his head, the injured were being treated, the worst sent to St Mungo's. Harry wanted to visit the injured, to thank them for turning up. He wasn't sure how it would go but Harry felt like he needed to speak with them. The only reason he hadn't gone in yet was he knew Madame Pomfrey would make him take a bed and Harry knew he's injuries weren't that bad and the healers had enough to do.

'I thought you left with the Weasley's.'

Harry turned as Kingsley sat beside him, 'There's a few things I want to do before I leave, but I'm going to stay at the Hogshead for a while. I already worked it out with Aberforth.'

'When do you think you'll be up to explaining?'

Harry sighed, 'Soon, I know it needs to be done. I gave you what was necessary for now, so can you give me a week or so?'

'I can wait that long.'

'Did you take him away?'

'Him as in Voldemort?' Kingsley saw Harry nod, 'Yes, he's gone. How did you stay so calm?'

'It was going to end for one of us Kingsley, I knew it, he knew it, he thought it would be me that would die. If I'm honest, I thought he was right, but I wasn't going to give up.'

'You're not the type to give up, that's why you will make one hell of an auror.'

'What happens now though?'

'Working on everything, but whatever gets organised, you lot, the ones you're age that fought tonight will be looked after. Now whether that's to return to Hogwarts and finish your last year or you get given your N.E.W.T.s, maybe even the jobs you want, I'm not sure just yet. It's too early to work on all that just yet.'

'I really don't want to come back here as a student, I don't think I would be able to concentrate. It would be hard on others, like Ron who lost Fred.'

'I'll take that into consideration, then talk to the new governors once we find people that did not support him.'

'I love this place Kingsley, I don't want another Lucius Malfoy ending up as one of the governors. So unless you think I'm too young or might be too busy, I wouldn't mind being involved in how Hogwarts is run. McGonagall and the staff that are here now deserve to be treated right. I would hate for anyone to try and say they were in the wrong by allowing the older students to stay and fight.'

'Maybe someone like you as a governor will be good, I'll work on it.'

'So onto a different subject, did they get everyone out of the ministry?'

'Yes, their locked up, the ones we know supported him or the death eaters. More things I need to work out, who I can trust then how to go about checking everyone.'

'You can trust me and if you give me a few weeks I want to keep going now we've got them on the run.'

'Look Harry, yes we could use aurors, use a lot of people, but you should rest for a while.'

'If we don't get them now we might miss our chance Kingsley. I'm fine, all I want to do is rest for a week or so.'

'Then I'll speak with Gawain, I told him he was taking the job as head auror, he's the only one with experience. Now there are two others, but that's all, one only just finished training, the other has only been an auror for two years. I can tell you now that they were all checked and they okay, good men.'

'I trust your judgement Kingsley. But are you sure you want to stay as minister, it's all political and paperwork?'

'For now I am, Gawain knows it might be temporary. At least if I'm in charge I can work on a few things.'

'After what I told you about Snape, what's going to happen to him?'

'After talking to you I spoke with Albus' portrait and he confirmed what was in that memory so he won't be punished, I'll make sure of that.'

'I might not like him but he deserves to be recognised for what he has been doing for years.'

'Yes, he does, had all of us fooled, including Voldemort. Blimey Harry, it's so hard to believe he's dead, our war is officially over even if there are still some out there.'

'I don't think it's really sunk in yet.'

'No, for you I suppose it wouldn't. So apart from becoming an auror, what are you going to do now you don't have to worry about him?'

'Good question, I never expected to survive so I never made plans. I'll just take one day as it comes, see what happens. Have you heard from Hestia and Dedilus?'

'I sent them a message, they will probably head back with your relatives tomorrow. You don't have to stay there anymore.'

'I know and I'm not going to see them again either, I just want to know that they are back, that's all.'

'Albus never told us much, but they didn't treat you very good, did they?'

Harry shrugged, 'They never wanted me, something Dumbledore said made them keep me though. It wasn't a nice way for a kid to grow up. I spent most of my time alone, locked up, I think that's why I'm fine with my own company.'

'You do seem that type, but did they ever hurt you Harry?'

Harry shrugged, 'The occasionally beating, when I told them about Sirius they left me alone, they saw the picture of him on the television. I said he was my godfather and he would be checking up on me occasionally to make sure I was happy. I never told them he wasn't a criminal.'

'Smart, the way Sirius looked in those pictures would make most muggles cautious. I know I should get back to work, there is so much to do, but this is the first time in years where I've just been able to sit and not think about what he's up to.'

'I get you there, I was always wondering about that.'

'And wondering when he was going to try and kill you again. How many times did you escape him?'

'Five, not including tonight, or last night. So have you told the muggle prime minister it's over?'

'Sent him a letter, that's all he needed to know for now. I'll contact him in time. Anyway, I should get to work, still so much to do.'

'I might come in, I have to see Madame Pomfrey.'

'Were you hurt during the normal fighting or was it him?'

'Him, he couldn't pass up that opportunity.'

Kingsley stood and pulled Harry to his feet, 'No, he wouldn't, but you got him in the end saviour.'

'Oh please tell me that's not true?' Harry groaned.

Kingsley chuckled, 'All true, Harry Potter, saviour of the wizarding world. Most people know you had help Harry, but he did keep trying to kill you, from the time you were a baby, yet he died. You have to understand why everyone thinks of you as their hero.'

Harry groaned again, 'People like Snape is a hero, the ones that turned up to fight knowing they could die, their heroes, the ones that died are heroes. I really didn't do that much.'

'Still modest, but you will just have to get used to it. Now come on.'

Harry sighed but followed Kingsley back into the wrecked castle, his thoughts on will Hogwarts ever be as it was, he hoped it would, one day.