Chapter eighteen

'Is it true Draco?'

'Is what true?'

'That Potter was his mother that night?'

Draco sighed, 'Yes, I recognised her straight away. But you have to understand Severus, we did not know anything was going to happen, especially sex.'

'Yes, I realise that, but why did Potter chose his mother?'

'He thought she was beautiful and since she wasn't much older than we are when she died, she looked the right age. Harry thought she looked sophisticated, he even found a beautiful black dress that belonged to her. I never understood at first, but I realised why. Apart from her looks which she was beautiful, Harry got to see a little bit of his mother, how she spoke, how she moved. Don't you see Severus, he finally got to see his mother. You know he only has one very small picture of his parents, this gave him a small glimpse of her.'

'Yes, he would see what she was like. It is not something I wish to think about, you and…Lily.'

'It was Harry, not Lily Severus. I'm gay, so seeing a woman wasn't really the incentive I needed, but I kept saying it's Harry who happens to have nice eyes. Are you coming in to see my daughter?'

'Very well.'

Draco and Severus stepped into the room to see Hermione holding Lily, 'I knew it wouldn't be long. So what do you think of your goddaughter Hermione?'

'She's beautiful,' Hermione never took her eyes off the baby in her eyes.

Harry saw Draco nod his head towards Severus so he whispered to Hermione who smiled. She walked over to Severus and very gently placed the baby closer, so he cradled his arms and held the little girl.

'Just think Harry, she has an auror for a father, an auror for an uncle and Severus Snape as a protector, no one would dare hurt our flower.'

'That's for sure, most people take one look and Snape and run the other way,' Harry smiled.

'She will be safe, but you call her your flower Draco?'

'Yes, it suits her and her name.'

'I used to call Lily flower,' Severus stared down at the baby in his arms, 'Same hair as her grandmother.'

'Yeah, it is,' Harry said softly then waved Draco over, patting the bed, 'Um, Hermione, Ron, Neville, we have something to tell you.'

'I was right, I knew it,' Hermione beamed.

'Knew what?' Harry asked.

'About you two.'

'Oh, well, yeah, we've been together for a few months. We thought we would see what happens and we actually get on really well and the sex is great. Oh that will be so good without a big stomach.'

'Ew Harry,' Ron grimaced, 'Fine, you two are together but no details please.'

'It's the details that…' Harry never finished as Hermione slapped her hand over Harry's mouth making everyone laugh, but Severus was still staring down at Lily.

'Severus, Harry and I would like to ask you something?'

'Yes, what would that be?' he slowly looked up.

'To be Lily's honorary grandfather,' Draco said.

'Grandfather, I do not understand.'

'I told you I preferred you to my father, you treated me better than he ever did and as Harry said, you were his mother's best friend, so to us, you would make a wonderful grandfather for Lily.'

Severus looked down at Lily but he did nod, 'I think he's moved,' Harry whispered, 'and I think I'm shocked.'

'You never got to see the real Severus, but he used to play with me when I was little.'

'Do not go spreading that around,' Severus said then very slowly and gently placed Lily into Draco's arms, 'I will leave you with your daughter, congratulations Draco…Harry.'

'Thanks Severus,' Draco smiled.

'Yes, thank you…Severus,' Harry smiled.

Harry, Draco, Hermione, Ron and Neville watched Snape sweep out of the room, 'He was polite,' Neville said.

'He sounded so moved,' Hermione said.

'If you three weren't here I think he would have showed more. Severus doesn't show his true self very often. So uncle Ron, are you going to spoil her?'

Harry smirked at his friend, 'You said uncle Ron remember Ron.'

'I remember and yes, I am. So you two, it means we will get to see…Draco more often.'

'He lives with me,' Harry grinned then wrapped his arms around the blond, 'We weren't sure how this would go, but with Lily we figured it was worth a shot.'

'I suppose it would be better for Lily. So do I get to hold her?'

'Sure,' Draco gently placed his daughter into Ron's arms, then sat back on the bed with Harry. When Harry decided to lie down, Draco did as well. They put their arms around each other, kissed each other and kept staring into each other's eyes. Hermione smiled before turning her attention back to her goddaughter, Neville smiled at the two men on the bed, then he looked down at the little girl with pale skin and dark red hair, Lily Potter.

That afternoon Ron and Hermione were telling everyone about Harry and Lily, they even mentioned how Snape was. But the moment they said Lily had dark red hair, Ginny ran out of the house saying she could be Lily's mother, her hair makes sense. Ron ran after her but it was too late, she had disapparated.

'Why did you run after her Ron?' Arthur asked.

'It won't make any difference. It was Ginny that got Harry so angry that he went into early labour. But when we were there Harry and Draco told us they decided to be together, it mainly started so Lily would have both her parents, but now they live together. I hate to admit it, but Harry's happy with Draco. I was going to tell Ginny after we finished telling you about Lily.'

All the Weasley's realised that Ginny was about to find out that she really had lost Harry and it was her own fault. None of them liked the idea that Ginny was hurt, but the moment she asked Harry to terminate, they knew then Harry would never let her back into his life.

Ginny couldn't stop smiling as she hurried through the wards, she pushed the door open and the sight before her made her stomach drop and her heart break. Harry and Draco were lying on the bed together, arms around the other and they kissing passionately. She closed the door, walked away, she realised she had made the biggest mistake of her life, she lost Harry and now he had his own family which didn't include her. Ginny Weasley had lost the love of her life, the man she had loved since she was a little girl, Harry Potter.

A week later Harry and Draco walked through the atrium, Harry with Lily in his arms. They headed straight up to the auror office, standing at the door watching the aurors go about their work.

'Harry,' Padma screamed as she raced over, 'Oh look, dark red hair, like your mum.'

Harry and Draco chuckled, 'Yep, just like my mum.'

'So you brought a future auror to see where she might be working,' Gawain smiled.

'We hope she wants to play quidditch, she kicked me like she would make a great player. I think my insides are still bruised,' Harry smiled down at his daughter, 'Oh Neville, Luna came to see us, thanks for telling her. But you wouldn't guess what she did.'

'With Luna, merlin only knows,' Neville smirked.

'She cried, the moment Harry told her Lily's full name, she cried. I don't think Luna has ever cried before.'

'She never has, as far as I know. Blimey Harry, you make Luna cry, you two make snarly old Snape speechless, you seem to be shocking a lot of people.'

'Like Harry said, it keeps life interesting.'

'Um, Harry, can I talk to you for a minute, in private.'

'Yeah, sure, so how about uncle Gawain holds Lily.'

'Uncle Gawain,' Gawain smiled then took the Lily girl into his arms while Harry followed Ron into the conference room.

'What's up?'

'Did you see Ginny the night Lily was born?'

'No, I haven't seen her since that day in here, why?'

'The moment I said Lily had dark red hair Ginny said she could be her mother, the hair meant she was supposed to be her mother. Before I could stop her she ran outside and apparated away.'

'Then she would have gotten an eyeful. Not long after you lot left, Draco fed Lily, bathed her then while she slept we were lying on the bed kissing, I wanted to do more but my stomach, but it didn't stop some hip movement, from both of us.'

Ron rolled his eyes, 'Details mate, but yeah, she probably saw you two. Mum did say the following day that she was quiet, spent all her time in her room. I need to know though mate.'

'Know what?'

'Are you gay?'

Harry nodded, 'Yeah, that's why we decided to get together. I never realised and I know you won't like this but I need to explain. When Ginny and I had sex, it was okay, but that's it. I thought at first something was wrong with me, but she seemed to enjoy it. So I couldn't work out what was wrong. The night I fell with Lily, even though I was a woman, I enjoyed sex for the first time. So Dra and I talk and I realised with my life I never had normal thoughts like most boys.'

'You don't need to explain, Hermione already did and it makes sense. So it's all good, I just have to get used to the ferret.'

Harry knew Ron was kidding around, so he hugged his friend before they went out to see Lily who was now in Padma's arms. Harry slipped his arms around Draco and they stood watching their daughter being passed around by these elite wizards and witches. It proves even the toughest can crumbled under a flower. She had a strange beginning to her life, but Lily Luna Malfoy Potter was going to be surrounded in love and protected by all, especially the saviour, her father, Harry Potter.

The end: