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Let Me Go

Chapter 1

I never thought that it would end this way.

Me so young.

Everyone happy.

And so many things left undone…If I could go back and at least finish a few things, I would.

I'd tell Hermione how amazing she is. How without her- I would have never gotten anything accomplished.

And Ron- what a great best friend he is and how without him, I would have never met his family and known what it was like to be a part of one.

I'd tell Mrs. Weasley that I loved her like a mother.

And Mr. Weasley how he was like a father to me.

I would apologize to Ginny a thousand times because she never deserved how I treated her.

And I would tell Malfoy something. I'm not sure what, but I would say something.

Maybe apologize, or thank him.

Or maybe thank his Mother for saving me.

I just wish I had more time before I died.

But I was dead and I had to move on; my Mother and Father were waiting for me. With Sirius, and Remus, Professor Snape and Professor Dumbledore. They were all waiting for me and I was going to join them. That is if my name will ever be called.

"Harry Potter." I was snapped out of my thoughts to see the woman behind the large desk looking right at me. "You may come forward now."

I was seated near the edge of the room beside the one window pane, everyone looked at me when my name was called. Not that I could blame them, I was the last to get here and yet my name is the first called. Not that I minded, I was eager to move on to the afterlife already.

Calmly, I stood up and gave my chair to a little girl and looked around at the large room, hopefully for the last time. I wanted to get out of Purgatory as quickly as possible. Everything was sparkling gold and white; even the chairs were white and stiff. Not uncomfortable but certainly not meant for long periods of sitting. The ceiling arched high with gold decal and carvings lining it. As I approached the desk I realized just how large everything was in comparison.

"Harry Potter. You died to protect a constellation of people from Voldemort." The woman read out from a paper. The name plate bolted to the front if the desk named her as Receptionist. That's it, no name or anything. Unless that was her name. "Is that correct?" She was a young woman, no older than twenty five but she spoke as if she were centuries old. Maybe she was, who knows? No one's said anything to me since I got here, not even a hello.


"Do you go into the afterlife willingly?"

Willingly? What does she mean by willingly? I'm dead! It's not like I chose this option! I shifted uncomfortably and looked down at the sparkling white flooring. My dirty trainers stood out like sore thumb against it.

"You must accept your death before you can go further." She stated emotionlessly. It was as though she were reading off of a well rehearsed script, which irritated me for an inexplicable reason. Can she show a little sympathy to me? I died defeating Voldemort-well I died after I defeated Voldemort-come on a little empathy wouldn't hurt.

I took a deep breath and tried to come to terms with everything; though it was very hard. So much had happened in a short space of time- it was hard to wrap my mind around everything.

Then, as I started to come to terms with my own death and let go of the world, something stopped me. It was a faint sound at first, but it was enough to halt my acceptance of everything. I stopped and concentrated on the sound. What is that noise?

"Fucking Harry Potter!"

What? Who was that?

I looked up at the woman to see her raise an eyebrow expectantly at me. Did she not hear that? Is she deaf?

"Fuck you!"

I'm moving on to the afterlife! This is a solo trip! No tag alongs!

"Damn you Potter! Damn you to Hell! First you save everyone, then you fucking DIE!"

Unconsciously, I stepped away from the desk and closer to the voice shouting. Who would shout about me like that? I'm dead! Damnit, you give your life to save everyone and some people still have the audacity to curse you.

"Why did you die?! Why?!"

It's not like I had a choice here. I didn't exactly choose for the bridge to give out below me you know.

Suddenly I was no longer in the large white room but looking down through a glass at a blurred figure below. It was a guy, he was crying on a cot, and the room was messy. The sheet was a tangled mess halfway on the bed, the pillow was abandoned on the ground and it looked like a cup was broken in the middle of it all.

"I hate you, Potter!"

"Well gee, that's nice to know- since I saved you and all." I muttered darkly as I peered down at him, trying to figure out who it was exactly slurring my name hours after my death.

The guy rolled over and looked right at me.

Draco Malfoy stared me in the face. "F-f-fuck…Potter…?" He whispered, gawking.

I don't think I've ever seen his face this repulsive before.


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