Author's Note: I'm not getting enough sleep. *yawns* And thanks to me being insomniac, I come up with the weirdest ideas ^_^ Anyway...the idea for the following story came to me when I talked to a psychologist. Somehow, we came up with the topic paranoia, and he told me the strangest things about it...that's what I made of his info.

Dedication: I dedicate this fic to my new Boss Alexandra, the wonderful woman who got me out of a department I hated and took me into hers, which I love :-) And to my girlfriend Lara, the one who holds my heart. Ti Amo, my One and Only! 3

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Stand By Me

Prologue: It's Gonna Be Alright

A tall, beautiful woman with long, dark green hair stood in front of the huge glass window, looking down in the room that lay behind it. She turned around when she heard slight thumping sounds approaching her and looked at the person. The newcomer was a rather masculine looking blonde female, even taller then the other woman; she haltered closer, leaning on two crutches for support. "Haruka." The green haired woman now spoke, earning a greeting in reply. "Hey, Setsuna." Haruka came to a stop next to her friend and looked into the room Setsuna had been staring in before. "How is she?" The question asked by the blonde was nearly inaudible, and her voice shook while her eyes started to glisten with tears – like they had done so often during the last weeks. "The doctors say that she'll be alright someday." Setsuna replied, placing a gentle hand on Harukas shoulder. The tall blonde closed her eyes for a moment, desperate to keep the tears from flowing. She looked into the room again where a beautiful, aqua haired woman sat, talking to one of the psychiatrists. "Someday, they say..." Harukas voice sounded even huskier than usual, and when she looked at Setsuna again, the tears ran down her cheeks. "And when will that be? When will she get the thought out of her head that I want to..." Her voice cracked, and a racked sob freed itself from her throat. Setsuna stepped closer and hugged her friend, careful not to hurt her right leg. "I don't know, Haruka." The green haired woman whispered. "I really don't know. But it's gonna be alright, I promise." "She tried to, dammit!" The unexpected yell caused both Haruka and Setsuna to flinch, and they returned their attention to the window again. Michiru was shouting at the doctor, and every word she yelled out pierced Harukas heart like a glowing knife. "Haruka tried to kill me! I just shot her because I want to live!" Haruka squeezed her eyes shut and turned her back at the huge window, not wanting to hear or see anymore of this. "I'm home." She whispered. Setsuna just nodded and watched how Haruka walked away – with the slow, tired steps of a beaten woman. Setsuna sighed and looked back into the room where Michiru talked to the psychiatrist. "Haruka didn't want to kill you, Michiru." The friendly man now spoke, smiling. "She loves you and always wanted the best for you. Don't you know that?" "She tried to poison me." Michiru pointed out. "She tried to kill me, and I know it. That's why I shot her. To protect myself." Setsuna shook her head and turned around to leave. It would take a lot more time to heal Michiru. Paranoia was a terrible thing...especially when the victim was afraid of the one who loved her more than anything.