Epilogue: Home Again

During the next two weeks, Michiru continued her therapy and took the medicaments the doctors gave her, much to Harukas relief. The blonde visited her lover as often as possible; she would've come every day, but Michirus doctor wouldn't allow that. It could "affect the healing-process", like he had put it, angering Haruka to no end with that. The blonde had threatened him to whack him over the head with one of her crutches, then had decided otherwise. Now, Haruka sat in her living room and patiently waited for Setsuna to change her bandage. The guardian of time and space was on the phone, talking to Michirus doctor…but from what Haruka could hear, they weren't really talking about Michiru, but more likely about going out next Saturday. Finally, Setsuna was finished and practically floated into the living room. "I can't believe you have a date with Michirus psychologist." Haruka spoke amused. Setsuna stopped dead in her tracks and shot a glare towards her blonde friend. "Did you eavesdrop?" she then asked, placing her hands on her hips. "I would never!" Haruka replied as innocent as possible, a halo appearing over her head. Setsuna smiled and shook her head. "We also talked about Michiru." She then said, sitting down next to Haruka. "She'll be allowed to come back home next week." "Really?!" Haruka yelled out, nearly jumping up with joy. Setsuna managed to stop her by putting both hands on her shoulders in the very last second. "Haruka, don't! Your stitches will break up again." Haruka forced herself to keep sitting; instead of jumping, she threw her fists in the air as if she was in triumph. "Yay! Michiru will come back home!" the blonde cried out, causing Setsuna to eye her warily. "Haruka…you didn't drink the whisky from the kitchen again, did you?" she then asked. Haruka stopped cheering and looked at Setsuna, with fake shock. "No! Of course not." The green haired woman just sighed and started to change the bandage while Haruka went off into daydream land, thinking about how it would be when Michiru came back home.

The door to the apartment opened, and Setsuna entered, carrying the traveler's bag Michiru had been allowed to use in the mental asylum. Michiru herself followed shortly after the taller woman; she walked into the apartment pretty fast, since she wanted to see Haruka as soon as possible. "Haruka! We are home." Setsuna called out. The very next second, the bedroom door opened, and there stood Haruka, wearing nothing but a bathrobe, leaning on her crutches. Hot tears were shimmering in her teal eyes, and when Michiru saw this, she could feel how the same thing happened to her. "Haruka…" she whispered. Setsuna discreetly moved into the kitchen, leaving the two lovers alone. "I missed you so much." Haruka now spoke. Michiru moved closer to her, and the two of them embraced. Michiru buried her face in Harukas chest, a racked sob shaking her body. Haruka closed her eyes and gently put her arms around the aqua haired woman, rubbing her back. "I missed you too." Michiru replied, hugging her girlfriend close. She could feel Harukas body warmth through the material of the bath robe, and that made it clear to her how much she had missed her lover during the last weeks. Although Haruka had visited her often, it hadn't be the same; the cold visiting rooms hadn't allowed any intimacy at all, and now Michiru longed for Haruka, for her lips and her touch. "Please…" the aqua haired woman now whispered, "please…just kiss me." Haruka grateful fulfilled her lover's wish, and while they kissed, they made their way into the bedroom, Michiru kicking the door close while Harukas crutches fell to the floor, completely forgotten. The two of them fell down on the bed, and Harukas last thought was "Thank God she's home again." And then, the blonde fell into a whirl of passion and love and couldn't think anymore for a very long time.