AC: This is a fanfiction of Kaijudo, a show I learn to like a lot. The prologue is a little fast but it will be better after this one.

Kaijudo: Rise of the Acolytes

Summary: At Quebec, Serge, who has an unusual high level of mana, will discover the secret of Kaijudo and will ally with a creature of the fire civilisation. He and his friends will have to fight against a Kaijudo separatist group who wants to destroy the source of mana. The first season is separate from the show but the story will converge at the second season after the return of the Monarch.

Season 1: Mana instability

It was a place where the shimmering deserts and rocky badlands, all surrounded by magma-belching volcanoes. The place was very hot...No...Extremely hot. So much that a human body cannot resist such day. A being was walking with heavy clothe around him to hide himself. The heavy clothe is dark green and red. The being was walking by the side of another one who was much taller and large, making the first one tiny. The big one was a little fat and he has a big short tail on his back. They walk together to the south. The tiny one has his body looking more to the ground and seems depress, without seeing the face.

"Are you alright?" Asks the big one with concern.

"I'm fine...Are the others ok?" Asks the little one.

"How should I know?" Says the big one not concerning for the others. He sees the little one sadder and he grunts a little. "Anyway, you have no reason to worry for them. You should know right now your friends are really tough."

"...I know...But...What if they can't overcome them?" Asks the little one.

"...Have faith in them." Says the big one.

"You're right...We have to keep going." Says the little one. He receives an encouraging tap on his back from the big guy.

They continue walking until they reach a cavern.

"So...This is the place?" Asks the little one.

"Yes...The mana cavern of the fire civilisation...According to the map I have some serious doubt about." Says the big one.

"Maybe the mana can be stabilise and ensure the survival of both world and reinforce the veil so the human actions won't affect this side." Says the little one.

"Let's go." Says the big one.

The duo enters in the cavern and a flash of light blind them.

Prologue: My sister secret

It was a hard morning for a boy in the city of Quebec. He wakes up and he shakes his head when he thinks about his dream.

"Urgh...That weird dream again...Was I in hell?" He asks. He looks at the clock and he sees it is soon time for class. He completely forgets about his dream.

"Argh...Gotta go to school!"

He stands up and he immediately changes himself and he walks at the direction of the kitchen when he takes his breakfast and also his lunch for school. He then runs outside to his school while shouting: "Don't forget your promise sis!"

It is a normal day to school for the kid and he is in his history class. He looks in his text book and read the chapter he needs to read and answer the questions. He reads for a while and he starts getting bored by this. He is not a boy who is a fan of school, but he is not a hater too. He prefers doing sports and history, but the subject is boring and doesn't have anything interesting compare to what he has usually. He is a boy of 11 years old. He has Caucasian skin but a little paler than the usual person around him. He has short brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a red T-shirt with a brown jean. He wears a necklace around his neck of silver color. His eyes are a little sleepy but he shakes his head and he continues his study.

The class continue until the class end by the ring of the bell. He stands up and he walks to the cafeteria and he just eats alone his usual spicy food. After this, he continues for the rest of the school day until the school ring and school day end.

He walks outside of the school and he looks there. He sees that the sky is blue in the air and the sun shine while is getting down, warning them that the day will end. He waits in front of the school, waiting for his big sister who tells him that she will bring him home. He waits for a while and nothing happen and he grunts in frustration. He only waited 2 minutes and he decides to return to his home. The boy isn't the one who likes to wait. He walks at the direction of his home and he starts grunting.

"My sister is always late or never shows up...I'll call her and give a piece of my mind." Says the boy. He takes out his cellphone and he calls his sister.


"-Hello?-" Asks the voice of the boy sister.

"Where are you? I was waiting for you in front of s-" But the boy was cut.

"-Not now Serge! AAHH! (BOOM) I'm busy...Gotta go!-" Says his sister.

The phone call end.

"Weird...She only calls me by my name when she is in trouble or hiding something from me and...Was that an explosion?" Says Serge uncertain. "Must be my imagination."

He hears an explosion nearby and he sees it. People start to panic, they are not use to this in the town and they run away from the source of explosion. Serge isn't the kind to run away from something or even thinking about how dangerous it can be. He runs at the direction without thinking and he sees a big fireball rising in the sky and Serge looks at it impress.

"I wonder what is going on there." Says Serge. He continues at the direction of the explosion and no one sees him because they only think of running away while the police siren can be hear far away and coming closer.

Serge passes near an alley and he runs in there and he reaches the middle part and he sees something he didn't expect.

He sees green lizard man wearing blue samurai armor and a samurai helm. He has a pair of scissors that seems really sharp. He is a little taller than an adult human.

At the other side, Serge sees his sister with a blue glove on her right hand and looking at the green lizard samurai. She is an adult woman of 22 years old. She has long brown hair attach on her back with a blue ribbon. Her eyes are chocolate color. She has Caucasian skin. She wears a blue T-shirt and a marine color skirt.

In front of her was another monster of blue color. His hands and his feet's are blue anchor. He is twice tall than a normal human and he has big muscles on his arms and legs. He has 2 blue horns over his shoulders and moving behind him and going in the air. On the center of his chest, he has a darker blue ending with a red mark. His head is blue and purple with a green eye at the middle of his face.

"Hydro initiate! Beat that guy up!" She shouts.

He moves his anchor hands and throws a long splash of water and it hits the lizard and he flies against the wall.

"..." Serge watches this amaze and also angry about his sister not telling anything about it.

His sister raises her gauntlet when the lizard attacks her and a blue transparent shield appears to protect her and repulse the lizard. The blue one moves from behind and he attacks the lizard with the anchor and the lizard disappears in red fire and nothing is left behind. His sister looks around.

"Dammit...He escapes." She grunts. "Took too much time to think again." She sighs. Hydro looks at the direction of Serge and he suddenly jumps in the air.

"Oh oh." Says Serge. He turns around to run away when Hydro lands in front of him and pushes him next to his sister who looks at him.

"Serge!" She shouts when she sees him.

"Amelie...What the hell is going on here?" He asks furious.

"Bro...Hydro...Return to your home." Says Amelie. She then sends him back and he disappears.

"Answer me sis...It was so cool and you didn't tell me about it!" Shouts Serge. "Fighting a master with another monster with a magical glove. This is why you are always late or you do not show up when you promise me to come...Why didn't you tell me the true? It's so cool!"

"Little bro..." Amelie puts her hands on a bottle behind her when Serge didn't look. "This is not something you should-" She was cut when her brother finds a glove.

"There's another glove on the ground there!" Shouts Serge.

He runs at the direction of the black gloves that only covers the palm of the hand and takes it. He puts it on his hand when Amelie tries to stop him and the simple glove suddenly changes into a red glove similar to the one of his sister but red. It is now entirely covering his right hand.

"Wh- How did you do that?" Asks Amelie surprise. She puts her bottle back where she take it since she has to know more about it.

"Do what? I just put it and it turn that way...There's another one there and two there!" Says Serge.

Amelie then runs and look at the direction but she hears sirens of the police force nearby.

"We have no time for this...Come with me!" She shouts at Serge. She takes his arm and they run at the north direction and evade the police.

They run for a while until they get out to the main street where they walk for a while. Amelie tries to take out the glove but she cannot take it out of the hand of her brother and he cannot stop it. Serge wanted to ask lots of question but Amelie stops him from asking anything. They continue walking until they are in front of an antique shop where they stop walking.

"Let's go inside." Says Amelie.

They enter in the shop and walk until they meet the shop keeper. He looks at them. He is an African man with dark skin covering his body. He has black short hair. He also has dark grown eyes which are very deep. He is wearing black T-shirt and a black pair of jean. He is also wearing a belt with a dark symbol of a skull on it.

"I need to go to the temple." Says Amelie when she looks around and see no one.

The man says nothing and he walk at the direction of the door leaning to the back and the siblings follow him. The man puts his hands on the wall and a secret door opens at the end of the wall.

"Little bro...Follow me please." She says. He follows his sister in a long corridor and cavern. "Ok...I think I have to explain things to you now little bro...You see the 2 creature's right?" Serge nods. "Those are being that come from another dimension."

"More precisely...A parallel dimension." Says the man with his deep voice before being silent again.

"You finally say something today." Says Amelie. "...Those creatures live in another world. What you have seen me using is the Kaijudo. It is an art to use energy inside my body named mana to summon those creatures or to create the shield like you've seen me do it. The mana can also be used for spells. I cannot explain everything in detail because I'm...not the type to explain well...And this man here is not someone who will really help me." She says looking at the man who says nothing. "There is something that stops the creatures to come from the Kaiju realm to the human world. I am working with the member of the temple as one of the duel masters of this temple."

Serge looks around and he sees floating lights moving around in the cavern and the corridor becomes bigger and they are in the main room.

"The glove you are wearing the Gauntlet. It is the glove used for summoning creatures. It is the tools where you use the mana for anything you need or you cannot use the mana." Says Amelie.

"Speaking of which...Where are the gloves you were supposed to bring?" Asks the man.

"One of them manages to steal it and I only obtain the three remaining and the one stuck on the hand of my little brother. He didn't use his mana to transform his glove into the gauntlet."

"I see." Says the man neutral with a hint of surprise. "Bring him to the infirmary so I can analyse his mana."

"Where are the creatures appearing here if they are not supposed to?" Asks Serge.

"There's 2 reasons for that...Some of the enemy are humans who can use the art like us...And the veil is starting to get weaker...Quebec is also victim because it is a section of the world with a weak spot on the veil that can easily create a breach. Some holes can appear time to time in the town and we always manage to seal it." Finishes Amelie.

"Sis...That's why you didn't tell me right? Because it is a very big secret you've told me." Says Serge.

"That is right...The reason I'm telling you all this is because of the gauntlet situation." Says Amelie. "It cannot transform that way without using the mana to transmute it. It also has some signification that we need to see first."

"Then I have super power like you?" Asks Serge.

"Every humans have mana in them. Not everyone has it at the same level thought." Says Amelie. "We are at the infirmary."

"Infirmary...I'm fine." Says Serge.

"It is only to observe you." Says Amelie.

Serge sits on a table and the man takes a machine and he passes it in front of Serge. Serge looks at it and he wonders what he is doing when he suddenly stops.

"Alright...I find the reason the gauntlet is active right now." Says the man.

"Already?" Asks Amelie.

"It is a clear cause. He has a very high level of mana...Way much higher than normal and it is not contained in the body of Serge." Says the man.

"Let me check...! Is...Is it humanly possible to have such...Such high level of mana!?" Asks Amelie surprise.

"It just happens...Anyway...This is something that cannot let go free or without training...Serge...We want no...We have to make you one of the members of the Kaijudo." Says the man.

"Eric! Are you sure?" Asks Amelie.

"I am sure...If we let him walk around without controlling his mana...It can turns really bad. His level of mana is still immature. When he'll grow older...His mana might attract the enemy or the creatures of the realm and even break the veil. He will be a target in the future." Says Eric.

"Me...Here...YEAH!" Screams Serge.

"...Fine...If it is for his protection." Says Amelie.

"Thank you mister...Sis...I'll be with you for a while and we have no more secrets." Says Serge.

"Well...That is a very good side." Says Amelie.

"Yeah...But we have to return home or our parents will be worried." Says Serge.

"True...Eric...I'll be gone for now...We'll be back tomorrow so Serge can start his training." Says Amelie.

"Alright." Says Eric.

Amelie takes some bandage and covers the right hand of Serge, in the gauntlet until it cannot be see.

"Mom and dad can't see this." Says Amelie.

"Alright." Says Serge.

The siblings walk away while Eric looks at the result.

"His mana is very high...And very dangerous if he uses it on wrong hands." Says Eric.

AC: This is the end of the prologue

Chapter 1: Kaijudo training.